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North Carolina Churches Served by Samuel Rothrock 


During his long career, Samuel Rothrock served twelve churches in Rowan County and four 
in neighboring counties. This map illustrates the approximate location of the churches he 
served in Rowan County and the dates of his pastorates. 


1. Bethel Church, 1872-1873 

2. Ebenezer Church, 1879-1885 

3. Luther's Church, 1841-1845, 1888-1889 

4. Lutheran Chapel Church, 1854-1855 

5. Organ Church, 1844-1866, 1867-1869, 1876-1888 

6. Salem Church, 1869-1875 

7. St. John's Church, Salisbury, 1833-1835, 1836-1839, supply 1844-1845 

8. St. Luke's Church, 1869-1875 

9. St. Matthew's Church, 1867 

10. St. Paul's Church, 1835-1843 

11. St. Peter's Church, 1855-1868, supply 1885-1886 
■g> 12. Union Church, 1833-1835, 1837-1842, 1844 

Churches served in other North Carolina counties: 

Frieden's Church, Guilford Co., supply 1867-1868 

New Bethel Church, Stanly Co., 1878-1879 

St. Paul's Church, Alamance Co., supply 1867-1868 

St. Stephen's Church, Cabarrus Co., 1844-1855, 1876-1879 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2014 

The Samuel Rot brock Diaries 

Volume II: Annotations and Commentary 

The Rev. Samuel Rothrock, D. D. 

The Samuel Rothrock Diaries 


Volume II 
Annotations and Commentary 


Harriet Arey Davidson 

Published by the Authority of 
Historical Committee 
The North Carolina Synod 
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America 

Published by the North Carolina Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America 

1988 Lutheran Synod Drive 
Salisbury, North Carolina 28144-5700 

Copyright © 1999 by North Carolina Synod, ELCA 
All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any means without the prior 
written permission of the publisher, except brief quotes used in connection with reviews, written specifically for 

inclusion in a magazine or newspaper. 

Printed in the United States of America 

First Edition 1999 

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 94-066007 
ISBN Number 0-9641126-2-0 
Rothrock Diaries Volume II: Annotations and Commentary 

Historical Committee 
North Carolina Synod 

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America 
1988 Lutheran Synod Drive 
Salisbury, North Carolina 28144-5700 
(7 4) 633-4861 


Archibald Caldwell Rufty 
A Great-grandson of 
Samuel and Amelia Arey Rothrock 


The Samuel Rothrock Diaries, Volume II: 
Annotations and Commentary 


Harriet Arey Davidson 


Historical Committee Members 

Clergy Laity 
Karl M. Park, chairman Martha W. Agner 

Paul B. Beatty, Jr., D. Min. Bernard W. Cruse, Jr. 

Ted W. Goins Gary R. Freeze 

Luther L. Knauff Catherine Safrit 

John P. Lingle Eleanor E. Sifford 

Rebecca Wagoner 

1997 Sub- Committee 

Karl M. Park Martha W. Agner 

George L. Rhyne 

Advisor to the Sub-Committee 

Martha Hines Morehead, Ph.D. 
Synodical Staff Liaison 
George L. Rhyne 

Mark Wm. Menees, D.D. Leonard H. Bolick, D. Min. 


Introduction ix 

Preface xi 
Key to the Annotations xiii 

1834 1 

1835 8 

1836 11 

1838 14 

1839 15 

1840 19 

1841 20 

1842 20 

1843 23 

1844 25 

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1846 30 

1847 3i 

1848 33 

1849 34 

1850 37 

1851 39 

1852 39 

1853 42 

1854 43 

1855 46 

1856 48 

18 57 5° 
[1857-1858] 50 

1858 52 

!859 52 

i860 55 

[1860-1861] 56 

1862 57 

1863 59 
1865 59 








5 5 





Ib 73 




/ j 

















T /~\ A 



_ O 






















The Will of 

Samuel Rothrock 


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The Historical Committee of the North C arolina Lutheran 
Synod is pleased to present this companion volume, The 
Samuel Rothrock Diaries, 1834-1893, Volume II, by Harriet A. 
Davidson. Mrs. Davidson has assiduously produced a work 
worthy of present and future acclaim regarding Lutheran 
people and places and a source for genealogical research in 
central North Carolina in the nineteenth century. We are 
indebted to her for her outstanding work and we are grateful 
to Archibald Caldwell Rufty great-grandson of Samuel 
Rothrock, who generously provided funds for the publica- 
tion of this Volume II in addition to funding the publication 
of Volume I. 

Harriet Davidson's interest in the Rothrock diaries dates 
back to 1968 when her son enrolled in Davidson College 
and her eldest daughter matriculated at Duke University 
three years later. On her frequent trips to the North Caro- 
lina piedmont, she visited the Rowan County Library in 
Salisbury where she discovered a typescript of the early 
books of Samuel Rothrock's diary. Samuel Rothrock's name 
already was familiar from family records that had been 
passed down to her. From her first examination of the type- 
script, it was apparent that these pages contained informa- 
tion covering three generations of the Arey family from 
which she is directly descended. Excitedly, she made in- 
quiries about other extant books of Rothrock's diary. Edith 
M. Clark, the knowledgeable and well-known genealogical 
librarian at the Rowan County Library, directed her to Ber- 
nard W. Cruse, Sr., an attorney of Concord, N.C. to whom 
she sent a letter of inquiry. In his reply dated 15 November 
1971, Mr. Cruse, Sr. wrote, "Some years ago, I found half 
of that diary near the Town of Gold Hill, N.C, so I took 
the part that I found to the Lutheran Archives at Salisbury. 
It is still there. For many years I hunted the other half. I 
called on all the members of the Rothrock family that I 
could find. I finally found it. It is in the possession of Hon. 
Archie C. Rufty. Mr. Rufty allowed me to have a copy made 
of the part that he has. I had my secretary to make four (4) 
copies. I placed a copy in the Lutheran Archives, a copy at 
Organ Lutheran Church, a copy with the Rowan County 
Public Library, and I have a copy." 

On Mrs. Davidson's next visit to Salisbury after discovering 
the typescript, she contacted the Reverend J. Wilford Ly- 
erly at the N.C. Synod. Under his supervision and with the 
assistance of Jenny Roberts, then archives secretary, she 
spent a very rainy October day making photocopies of the 

original later books of the diary which now are catalogued 
in Record Group NCS 1. 4.0.1 in the Synod archives. Si- 
multaneously, her husband, Dr. John D. Davidson, copied 
the typescript of the early diaries at the Rowan County 
Library. After returning to her home in Webster Groves, 
Mo., she doggedly made her own typescript and four carbon 
copies of all of the extant books of the diary, a project which 
took well over a year. When she finished, she kept the first 
copy for her own use, gave one of the hard-to-read carbon 
copies to Archie Rufty, and another very-hard-to-read copy 
to the Synod Archives in Salisbury. Ever since that time it 
was Mrs. Davidson's hope that someday the diaries would 
be indexed and published and made more accessible for 
public use. With the advent of the personal computer and 
modern day word processing, Bernard W. Cruse, Jr., son 
of the late Bernard W. Cruse, Sr., acting on behalf of the 
North Carolina Synod Historical Committee, meticulously 
copied and indexed the extant books of Rothrock's diaries 
and his account book. This work, The Samuel Rothrock Di- 
aries, 1834-1893, Volume I, was completed and published in 

In addition to recognizing Mrs. Davidson for her excellent 
and comprehensive The Samuel Rothrock Diaries, 1834-1893, 
Volume II, Annotations and Commentary, the Synod Histor- 
ical Committee would like to recognize all who so diligently 
worked to produce the two volumes of The Samuel Roth- 
rock Diaries, 1834-1893. Our appreciation goes to Betty Dan 
Nicholas Guilliam for her suggestion to Karl Park to contact 
Archie Rufty for funding of the publications; to Bernard 
W. Cruse, Jr., for his transcription of the diaries published 
in Volume I; to the Synod Historical Committee members 
for their devoted service; to Dr. Martha H. Morehead who 
served as technical advisor for the project; to the Historical 
Committee's subcommittee for Volume I consisting of the 
Rev. Karl M. Park, BW. Cruse, Jr., Martha W. Agner, and 
Bishop's Assistant George L. Rhyne; to the Historical 
Committee's sub-committee for Volume II consisting of 
the Rev. Karl Park, Martha W. Agner, and Bishop's Assis- 
tant George L. Rhyne; to Clyde Overcash for permission 
to use his sketch of the Old Pine Church; and to James 
Barringer for permission to use his photograph of Organ 
(Zion) Lutheran Church. 

Our deepest gratitude is extended to Archie Rufty for his 
support in this endeavor. Without his financial backing the 
diaries and annotations may never have been published. 

Karl Park, Chairman 

Historical Committee 

North Carolina Lutheran Synod 


The life and work of the Reverend Samuel Rothrock 
spanned virtually the entire nineteenth century. He was 
born in the first decade (1809) and died in the last (1894). 
Fortunately for us, he kept a chronicle of his daily activities 
in a series of unpaginated notebooks, averaging five-by- 
seven inches in size, some larger and some smaller, covering 
a span of fifty-nine years. In these small bound booklets, it 
was his custom to note names of persons, where he ate and 
where he stayed when away from home, his travels, his 
mode of transportation, ministerial acts (e.g., baptisms, 
marriages, confirmations, and funerals), as well as common 
activities such as barn raisings, corn shuckings, infares, and 
choppings. The dates covered by the extant books of Samuel 
Rothrock's diaries are as follows: 

I February 1834 to 26 October 1836 

II July 1838 to 21 March 1840 

21 November 1841 to 20 April 1857 
5 December 1858 to 15 June i860 
1 January 1862 to 28 March 1863 
30 April 1865 to 27 May 1866 
8 August 1869 to 2 July 1893 

Those books which comprise largely the earlier years, the 
period 1834-1863, are in the possession of Archibald Cald- 
well Rufty a great-grandson of Samuel Rothrock. The di- 
aries of the later years are in the Archives of the North 
Carolina Synod in Salisbury, N.C. 

Rothrock's daily entries, brief as most of them were, give 
the reader a peep-hole, and sometimes a window, into the 
happenings in his community, the Lutheran churches of 
that period, as well as into his personal and family life. He 
was a remarkable man when we consider the breadth of his 
many skills and abilities. Early in his career German was 
still the language of many of his communicants and he 
always preached two sermons — one in English and one in 
German. He also recorded in his diary the text references 
of his sermons. This makes it possible for persons today to 
know the Biblical text used at a forebear's funeral if Samuel 
Rothrock officiated. He served as the mediator of disputes 
between members of the church, between other members 
of the clergy, and between neighbors. He wrote wills, served 
as the guardian of orphans, attended the sick, dying, and 
condemned, and buried the dead. When he was not preach- 
ing or traveling, he was at home farming, butchering, re- 
pairing shoes, visiting with relatives, or serving as the local 
correspondent for the Lutheran Observer. 

Rothrock's work took him regularly to the neighboring 
counties of Iredell, Cabarrus, Lincoln, Stanly, Davidson, 

Alamance, and Guilford. During his student days, on more 
than one occasion, he walked to the Lutheran Theological 
Seminary at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (400 miles), and 
then back to his home in the Moravian settlement of Fried- 
berg, near Salem, North Carolina. As a young minister, he 
and his Pennsylvania-born wife, Mary Hoke Rothrock, 
travelled by carriage from Salisbury to Fulton County, 
Pennsylvania. On extended trips, he made comments in his 
diary on accommodations, daily mileage, and expenses in- 
curred along the way. This type of information is of value 
to social historians and quite frequently is most amusing to 
read. Rothrock's ministry spanned almost seven decades. 
As a young man he organized and built a number of church- 
es. During the 1880s many of these early churches built new 
buildings and Rothrock was there to assist in the laying of 
cornerstones and in the dedication of these second and third 
generation buildings. 

During the Civil War, 1861-1865, Pastor Rothrock made 
several trips to the war front where he sought out Company 
G, 6th Regiment, North Carolina State Troops, which had 
been recruited from Rowan County. There he visited his 
son, Lt. Lewis Hazelius Rothrock, preached to the soldiers, 
brought supplies to them from their families, and made 
arrangements for the identifiable dead to be exhumed and 
returned home for final burial. 

Only illness and war could prevent Rothrock from attend- 
ing the annual meetings of the North Carolina Synod. He 
served ten terms as president of the Synod, five terms as 
secretary and five terms as treasurer. Education was a high 
priority of his and he played a leading role in the planning 
and establishment of the Western Carolina Male Academy 
in Mount Pleasant, N.C., when it was established in 1852 
by the North Carolina Synod. Rothrock also had the honor 
of being elected president of the General Synod in 1849 and 
again in 1867. On the fiftieth anniversary of his ministry, 
fellow members of the North Carolina Synod presented 
him with a gold-headed cane. The University of North 
Carolina at Chapel Hill honored him with the degree of 
Doctor of Divinity at graduation, 1888. Dr. Rothrock "at- 
tended Synod" for the last time in May 1893. This 90th 
Meeting of the North Carolina Synod was held at "Luther's 
Chapel," now Lutheran Chapel Church, in China Grove, 
Rowan Co., N.C. 

Rothrock was a scholarly man and his education manifested 
itself in his legible handwriting and his excellent command 
of the English language. A few colloquialisms and an oc- 
casional word from middle English can be found in his 
writings. Throughout his Diary, he was consistent in his 
use of the old German script form in which a word con- 
taining a double "s" resembles "fs." His day-to-day entries 
were his private record and he made no effort to record the 
specifics of personal identities and relationships. He was 


not writing for the reader or scholar of the future. An ex- 
ample of his succinct formality is that he always referred to 
his spouse as "Mrs. R." or "my wife" and to fellow clergy 
as "Rev. Linn" or "Rev. Brown." In as much as Rothrock 
married twice and the diary covers several generations of 
pastors, some of whom had the same surname, it became 
obvious that it was imperative to document identities and 
relationships for present-day and future readers and schol- 
ars. Many of the persons mentioned most frequently by him 
were related by blood but most often by marriage. The 
image of the Diarist as a family man is lost without this 
type of documentation. 

Eighteen months of Samuel Rothrock's long career were 
spent in Pennsylvania, June 1835 to October 1836. This pref- 
ace would not be complete without a special word of thanks 
to Elwood W. Christ, Archivist, Region Eight Archives, 
ECLA, in Gettysburg, Pa. for his scholarly assistance in 
identifying persons and institutions that were a part of 
Rothrock's life during this brief and tragic period. 

The Samuel Rothrock Diaries, 1834— 1893, Volume I are an ac- 
curate primary source of information for Lutheran, local 
and social historians, genealogists, and others interested in 
that era of our history. The purpose of The Samuel Rothrock 
Diaries, 1834—1893, Volume II, Annotations and Commentary 
is to enhance the usefulness of Volume I by giving carefully 
researched and documented information regarding per- 
sons, places, and events about which Rothrock wrote in his 
terse diary style. The nearly one thousand annotations pre- 
sented here are a modest representation of what is possible. 

I hope this work will serve as an incentive and as a stepping- 
stone for readers and students of the two volumes to make 
their own additions to the annotations when historical facts 
are known and can be documented. Rather than feeling 
miffed if your ancestor or favorite institution was mentioned 
by Rothrock and was not annotated, I urge you to rectify 
the omission by submitting your own comments to me in 
the format which I have used throughout Volume II. For 

[page, day, month, year, subject, from Volume I] 

Annotation or comments followed by a reference 
to a book, Bible records, manuscript, personal 
communication, etc. along with name of author, 
page number, date of publication. Photocopies of 
pictures are encouraged. Please include your name, 
address, zip, and telephone number. Mail to my 
address below. Depending upon the response, I 
will make every effort to compile all well docu- 
mented information and see that the information 
is accessible to others. 

For whatever reason Samuel Rothrock kept a diary, be it a 
matter of personal discipline, introspection, or as a practical 
aid to remembering where, when, and what he preached, 
we and generations yet to come are the beneficiaries of a 
wonderful legacy. 

Harriet Arey Davidson 
450 West Lockwood 
Webster Groves, MO 63119 


Key to the Annotations 

Each annotation has been given a sequential number. This 
is followed by the page number and the date in The Samuel 
Rot brock Diaries, 1834- 1893 to which it pertains. 


i.[p.3, Sat. Feb. 1, 1834] 

The subject to which the first annotation, number one, 
refers is on page three of The Samuel Rothrock Diaries, 1834- 
1893 on the date Sat., Feb. 1, 1834. 


MB marriage bond 

WB Will Book 

mn maiden name 

b born 

d died 

g grave 

B (in census records) Black 

Bf (in census records) Black female 

W (in census records) White 

Wf (in census records) White female 

Wm (in census records) White male 

S (in census records) Attended school 

X (in census records) cannot read or write not 

r/w (in census records) cannot read or write 

m (in census records) married within the census year 

Names in census records are spelled exactly as the 
transcriber interpreted that record from the original 
census record. 


The Hartman-Linn House on Long Ferry Road, Rowan County, 

(endnote i) 


1. [p-3, Sat. Feb. 1, 1834] "Hartman's" was the homeplace of 

John Hartman ( "1843) and his wife Elizabeth Cathey 

Hartman. Their ante-bellum house on Long Ferry Road 
in Rowan Co., N.C. was started prior to Hartman's death 
in 1843. It was completed by his daughter Eliza Hartman 
Linn and now is on the National Register of Historic Places. 
Rothrock kept a preaching engagement there from 1 Feb- 
ruary 1834 until he "Preached my valedictory at Hart- 
man's..." on 28 March 1835, just prior to going to Pennsyl- 
vania. He usually preached there on Saturdays while 
keeping his bi-monthly Sunday appointment at Union 
Church. On alternate Sundays he was the pastor at St. 
John's, Salisbury. In addition to preaching at the Hartman 
home, he also "preached" at Abraham Arey's in the country 
and at Messrs. Vogler's, Beard's, and Murphey's in Salis- 

See endnote #110, Eliza Hartman, David R. Linn. 

2. [p.3, Sat. Feb. 1, 1834] Katharine Trexler Barringer was 
born 14 March 1780 and died 10 April 1855. She was the 
daughter of Laurence Trexler (1758-1815) who was born in 
Philadelphia Co., Pa. and moved to Rowan Co., N.C. 
where he settled on 268 acres located between the S. bank 
of Dutch Second Creek and the Yadkin River. On 10 De- 
cember 1799, Katharine Trexler married John Peter Barrin- 
ger who was born 1 January 1776 in Rowan Co. and died 19 
April 1827. He was the son of Peter Barringer, a German 
immigrant who arrived in Philadelphia 14 September 1751. 
(Warren 1972, 5) 

Tombstone inscription, Union Church cemetery: 

John P. Barringer 
D April 19, 1827 

A 51 y 3 m &c 18 d 
Katharine Trexler Barringer also is buried at Union Church. 
(Agner 1967, 1) 

Children of John Peter Barringer and Katharine Trexler 

1. Anna Mary, b. 6 June 1800, d. before 1825. 

2. Margaret, b. 26 March 1802, d. 5 April 1867, m. 29 

March 1820, Paul Kluttz, b. 21 October 1796, d. n 
January 1848. 

3. Paul, d. 10 September 1829, age 25 years, 11 months, 

10 days, buried at Union Church. (Agner 1967, 1) 

Baptismal certificate of John Peter Barringer who was baptized at 
Organ Church. This rare and interesting old document is dated 
January ijj6 and was hand drawn in color. 

is in the year, 1776, January ith Lawfully 
Born & begotten of Peter Barringer his 
wire, Anna Margreta, in Rhoan County state 

NCarolina, by the 
Sacrament of Baptism. Represented him Mr 
John Rindleman, Margareth his wife. 

(endnote #2) 

Annotations & Commentary (1834) 


4. Mary, b. 8 May 1806, m. 24 March 1828, Garrett 


5. Catharine, b. 6 December 1807, m. 26 March 1832, 

Henry Kestler (Kistler). 

6. Jeremiah, b. 22 April 1809, d. 29 November 1876. 

7. David, b. 22 February 1813, d. 8 July 1895, 4 

February 1834, Mary Ellen Arey; m.2nd Lydia 
Carolyn Hill. 

8. Mary Sally, b. 23 April 1815, d. before 1825. 

9. Mary Anna, b. 4 October 1816, m. 10 December 

1836, Pleasant Redwine who died before 1850, 
m.2nd, 1 November 1859, John C. Miller. 

10. Mary Sophia, b. 27 March 1818, d. 15 February 

1846, m. 1st Charles Hartman; m.2nd Milas 

11. Peter Laurence, b. 25 July 1822, estate adm. 1871, Rosanna Miller, b. 3 April 1824, d. 30 
October 1858, daughter of Henry Miller; m.2nd 
Oily C. Miller, b. 26 October 1824, d. 2 June 
1883, daughter of Peter and Sophia Miller. 
(Dickson ca.1970) 

See endnote #21)2, Katharine Trexler Barringer. 

3.[p.3, Sund. Feb. 2, 1834] Union Evangelical Lutheran 
Church, Rowan Co., N.C., is located on the Bringle Ferry 
Road, about five miles east of Salisbury. The congregation 
was organized formally by the Rev. J. Gottfried Arends in 
1774. Its people, however, had been active before that time 
and the church was known at different times as the "Dutch 
Pine Meeting House," "Piney Church," and "Pine Church." 
The earliest mention of Pine Church is found in court min- 
utes of 1771. On 6 June 1778, the warrant for a survey for a 
land grant was issued for a tract of 118 acres for this church. 
The land was deeded to the "Dutch Pine Meeting House" 
on 26 November 1793. 

In 1779, a building was built just north of the present church. 
It was constructed of hewn pine logs, weather-boarded on 
the outside and ceiled on the inside. There was a gallery on 

three sides, a door on the south end and another in the side 
adjacent to the graveyard. The elevated pulpit was on the 
north side. This structure was used for 100 years. The 
present church of brick was constructed in 1879. Samuel 
Rothrock was in attendance when it was dedicated on the 
first Sunday in December, 1879. The second building was 
forty by sixty feet, with a gallery at one end. Over the years 
there have been additions and improvements to meet mod- 
ern standards and the needs of the congregation. In 1910, a 
tower was built and a bell installed. The Sunday School 
annex was built in 1935 and a brick parsonage was completed 
in 1928. In 1951-52, the old church was completely renovated; 
two Sunday School annexes were constructed, two transepts 
and a new tower complete with a chime system were added. 
Samuel Rothrock served Union Church 1833-35 an d 1837— 
42. He is buried in Union Church Cemetery along with his 
second wife, Amelia Arey Rothrock, and two of their chil- 
dren who did not survive childhood. A large marble obelisk 
on the church grounds marks the area where the original 
Pine Church stood. One side of this monument memori- 
alizes Samuel Rothrock. (Morgan, et al. 1953, 349-51; Lip- 
pard 1974, 4-7) 

4.[p.3, Sund. Feb. 2, 1834] The "Mr. Arey" referred to here 
was Peter Arey. He was the son of Abraham Arey and a 
grandson of the German immigrant Petter Ihrig who ar- 
rived in Philadelphia aboard the ship St. Andrew on 9 Sep- 
tember 1749. Peter was born 15 April 1783 in Rowan Co. 
N.C. and died 20 March 1841. On 23 August 1807 he married 
Phebe Thomas who was born 23 August 1788 and died 5 
October 1845. She was the daughter of Jacob Thomas, Sr. 
Peter and Phebe had eight children who lived to maturity. 
As adults, four resided in Rowan County and four in Iredell 

1. Elizabeth, b. 22 May 1808, d. 2 September 1872, m. 

26 May 1835, Charles Barringer b. 9 August 1800, 
d. 29 August 1875. 

2. Benjamin, b. 3 May 1810, d. 12 February 1882, m. 19 

April 1836, Maria Phebe Hoffman Raynor, b. 31 
March 1815, d. 9 January 1876. 

3. Amelia Rosetta, b. 18 November 1812, d. 30 April 

1890, m. Samuel Rothrock, b. 26 November 
1809, d. November 1894. 

4. Mary Ellen, b. 19 October 1816, d. 28 December 

1887, m. David Barringer, b. 22 February 1813, d. 
8 July 1895. 

5. Milas, b. 23 February 1822, d. 18 July i860, m. 1st 

Mary Sophia Barringer Hartman, b. 27 March 
1818, d. 15 February 1846; m. 2nd 8 June 1847, 
Nancy Ann Smith, b. 21 December 1832, d. 26 
November 1803. 

6. Phebe, b. 11 May 1824, d. 28 February 1903, m. 4 

November 1840, Lewis Tobias Brown, b. 27 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

Mary Ellen Arey Barringer (i8i6-i88y), sister of Amelia Arey 
Rothrock (\.Y.w); and David Barringer, Esq. (1813-1894), 
brother-in-law and friend of Samuel Rothrock ('right/ 

(endnote #6) 

January 1817, d. 27 August 1866. 

7. Charlotte, b. 8 December 1827, d. 10 September 

1859, m. 17 April 1850, John Clark II, b. 16 May 
1819, d. 21 January 1859. 

8. Jane, b. 1 July 1831, d. 7 March 1910, m, 24 

November 1853, Dr. Littleton Wm. Coleman, b. 
6 January 1824, d. 20 December 1901. (Davidson 
1983, 29-41, 58) 

5. [p.3, Mond. Feb. 3, 1834] Throughout his Diary, Samuel 
Rothrock referred to his wife as "Mrs. R" whether the ref- 
erence was to his first wife or to his second wife. Rothrock 
married 1st, Mary Hoke on 30 July 1833. She was the daugh- 
ter of Conrad Hoke of Cumberland township, Adams 
County, Pennsylvania. An announcement of their marriage 
appeared in the Gettysburg Compiler Marriage Notices, 6 
August 1833. Her family probably was related to Col. John 
Hoke of Lincolnton, NC. Mary Hoke Rothrock died 21 
August 1836. 

See endnotes #2j, Col. John Hoke, and #66, Mary Hoke 
Rothrock, obituary. 

6. [p-3, Tues. Feb. 4, 1834] David Barringer was born 22 
February 1813 and died 8 July 1895. He was the son of John 
Peter Barringer and Katharine Trexler. On 4 February 1834 
he married Mary Ellen Arey who was born 19 October 1816 
and died 28 December 1887. She was the daughter of Peter 
and Phebe Thomas Arey. During their fifty-seven year 
marriage they had twelve children but only four lived to 
maturity. Of these four, Lucy Reid Barringer, who married 
Paul Monroe Phillips, was one of two to have children, and 
the only one to have further descendants. Seven tiny graves 
in Union Church Cemetery are mute testimony to the 
heartbreak which this couple must have experienced. David 
Barringer's formal education was meager and he educated 
himself by reading the Bible and many medical and law 
books. He was a farmer and also owned a roller mill. Carl 

Fred Phillips, a grandson, said that the best description of 
David Barringer he ever heard came from Dr. Gilbert H. 
Rowe, a minister who later became a bishop of the Meth- 
odist Church. "David Barringer was a most unusual man, 
he was a farmer, a doctor, a lawyer, and when the minister 
did not or could not get to church, David Barringer 
preached the sermon." On 18 December 1888, David Bar- 
ringer, then a seventy-five year old widower, married 2nd, 
Lydia Carolyn Hill. She was the thirty- six year old daughter 
of Abrarn Hill and Lydia Morgan and had been Barringer's 
first wife's nurse. Two children were born of this second 

1. Joicy Charlotte b. 16 October 1889, m. 24 June 1906 

Arthur Lee Poole (six children). 

2. David b. 24 September 1891, m. 29 September 1912, 

Laura Jane Agner (eleven children). (Davidson 
1983, 170-74) 

See endnotes #2, Katharine Trexler Barringer, and #4, 
Peter Arey. 

7-[p-3, Wed. Feb. 5, 1834] This reference could be to either 
John Beard, Sr. or John Beard, Jr., son and grandson ofjohn 
Lewis Beard. Both were ardent supporters of St. John's 
Lutheran church in Salisbury. Before Rothrock moved to 
Pennsylvania, he held prayer meeting monthly, usually on 
Wednesday, at Mr. Beard's in Salisbury. The will ofjohn 
Beard, Sr. is recorded in Rowan Co., N.C. Will Book K, 
page 7. It was probated in 1845. (Mitchell [1987] 1992, 33) 

8.[p.3, Sund. Feb. 9, 1834] The official name of" Holshous- 
er's" church is St. Paul's, Rowan Co. It was organized with 
seventeen members on 30 March 1830 by the Rev. John 
Lentz as a union church where different denominations 
worshiped at different times. Andrew Holshouser donated 
the land for the first church building and that is why it was 
commonly called "Holtshouser's church" early in its history. 
The church's first frame structure was located five miles 
south of Salisbury just off the old Concord road near the 
site of the present day St. Paul's Lutheran church. (Morgan 
1953. 333-34) 

9-[p.3, Frid. Feb. 14, 1834] "Widow Peeler" was Elizabeth 
Miller Peeler, a daughter of Jacob Miller. On 16 March 1810, 
she married John Peeler, who was born 11 August 1790. He 
was the son of Michael Peeler who was born 9 August 1740 
in Lancaster Co., Pa. and died ca. 10 March 1807 in Rowan 
Co., N.C. John Peeler's mother was Margaret Redwine 
Peeler. She was the daughter of Lewis Redwine [Ludwig 
Reithweill] who was born 1 November 1710 in Prussia. The 
exact date John Peeler died is not known but Rothrock's 
reference to "widow Peeler" tells us that he died prior to 
February, 1834. John Peeler's brother was Anthony Peeler, 
an elder of Union Church who died 24 September 1828. 
Their grandfather in common was Johannes Buller. "Wid- 

Annotations & Commentary (1834) 


ow" Elizabeth Miller Peeler died 23 March 1843 an d is bur- 
ied at Union Church. 

Children of John and Elizabeth Miller Peeler: 

1. Mary, b. 29 November 1811, d. February 1872, m. 26 

March 1834, Solomon Seaford, b. 2 October 1811, 
d. ca.1868, Scott Co., Mo. 

2. Solomon, b. 13 March 1813, d. 16 January 1886, m. 

America L. Smith, b. 14 July 1828. 

3. Caleb, b. 5 June 1814, m. Salome Rothrock. 

4. Sophia, b. 15 December 1815, m. Adam Casper 

5. Catherine, b. 21 February 1817, m. Johnson 

6. Margaret, b. 5 February 1819, d. 14 February 1863, 

m. 16 March 1841, John Lingle, b. 16 December 
1815, d. 11 February 1896. 

7. Moses 

8. Simeon D., b. 25 April 1822, m. Lucy Staples. He 

was a Methodist minister for 43 years. 

9. Leah B., b. 21 January 1824, m. Eli Shaver. 

10. Jacob, b. 23 September 1825. (Arnold 1984, 146, 


See endnote #138, Elizabeth Miller Peeler tombstone in- 

10. [p. 3, Mond. Feb. 17, 1834] Ague is a term used to describe 
an acute fever, especially a malarial fever characterized by 
chills and sweating. The cause of malaria and its transmis- 
sion by mosquitos was not recognized until the final two 
decades of the nineteenth century. The episodes of ague 
which Rothrock and his wife suffered were most likely due 
to malaria. 

n.[p.3, Frid. Feb. 28, 1834] Abraham Arey was the son of 
a German immigrant who signed his name as Petter Ihrig 
when he arrived in Philadelphia on 9 September 1749 aboard 
the ship St. Andrew. The first official documentation of the 
immigrant Petter Ihrig in Rowan County records dates to 
1759 when his name appeared as Peter Eary on "A List of 
Taxable Persons." The next mention of Peter is 4 April 1761, 
when "Peter Earry" was granted 658 acres of land on both 
sides of Crane Creek in Rowan County by Lord Granville's 
agents. According to David Rendleman's Early Land Grant 
Map of Eastern Rowan County, this land was about a mile 
distant from Union Church and separated from the church 
lands only by the property of Lewis Beard. Abraham Arey 
served two enlistments in the North Carolina Militia dur- 
ing the War for Independence. His military service made 
him eligible for a pension but in order to receive it he had 
to appear before the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions 
in Salisbury. There, on 24 August 1832, he stated, under 
oath, that he was "about seventy-three years old" and had 
been born in Rowan Co. Abraham was born in 1757 in 

Rowan Co., N.C. and died there on 2 January 1844. He was 
the father of Peter Arey (1783-1841). (Davidson 1983, 18-28) 

See endnote #4. 

12. [p.4, Tues. March 4, 1834] A gig is a light two wheeled 
open carriage drawn by one horse. 

13. [p.4, Tues. March 4, 1834] "Mr. B. Arey" was Benjamin 
Arey who, at that time, was studying for the Lutheran min- 
istry at Gettysburg Seminary. Benjamin Arey was born 3 
May 1810, Rowan Co., N.C. and died 12 February 1882 and 
is buried at Bethesda Presbyterian Church, Iredell Co., 
N.C. He was the oldest son of Peter and Phebe Thomas 
Arey, a grandson of Abraham Arey and a great-grandson 
of the German immigrant Petter Ihrig. Benjamin attended 
Gettysburg Gymnasium, organized in 1827, from 1831-33 
and graduated from the Lutheran Theological Seminary in 
Gettysburg, Pa. in 1836. At the Gymnasium he was a found- 
ing member of the college literary society known as the 
Phrenakosmian and served as its president in 1833. While 
he was a seminarian he met his future wife, Maria Phebe 
Raynor, the daughter of Nathan Raynor and Maria Phoebe 
Hoffman of Philadelphia. According to the 29 April 1836 
issue of the Lutheran Observer, Benjamin and Maria were 
married, "...on Tuesday evening, the 19th inst. in Philadel- 
phia.. ."[19 April 1836]. Maria was born 31 March 1815 and 
died 9 January 1876. 

After graduation Benjamin returned to North Carolina 
with his bride. He was licensed in 1836 and ordained in 1838 
by the N.C. Synod. During the years 1836-55, he served 
churches in Davidson, Davie, Stanly, Rowan, and Iredell 
Counties, N.C. In 1839 he organized St. Matthew s Church 
in Davie County and on 3 May 1840 he organized St. Paul's 
in Iredell Co. From 1837-55 he served St. Michael's in Trout- 
man. He was president of the N.C. Synod in 1849. In the 
1840 United States Census of Iredell County he is listed as 
Benjm. Airy and, out of a total population of 15,581, he was 
one of twenty-seven persons in Iredell who was designated 
as a "learned professional or engineer." In 1855, Benjamin 
requested dismissal from the Lutheran clergy so he could 
devote full time to farming and to providing a living for his 
then nine children. Two younger children were yet to be 
born. Rothrock and Benjamin Arey were lifelong friends 
and after Rothrock's marriage to Benjamin's sister, Amelia, 
they were brothers-in-law. (Davidson 1983, 94-104) 
(Breidenbaugh 1882, 92-97) 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

The abandoned remains of the old Benjamin Arey homeplace near 
Third Creek in Iredell County are located just off state route 2J59 
2.j miles north ofBethesda Presbyterian Church. The house is 0.5 
mile up the dirt road and is surrounded by barbed wire. A beautiful 
century-old holly tree is in the side yard. Samuel Rothrock spent 
many nights on his trips to Iredell County in this house, the home 
of his brother-in-law, the Rev. Benjamin Arey. 

(endnote #13,) 

14. [p.4, Thurs. March 27, 1834] Paul Miller was born 22 
December 1811 and died 24 February 1859, On 17 March 1834 
he married Elizabeth E. Brown who was born 4 June 1812 
and died 26 May 1895. She was the daughter ofjames Brown 
and Sarah Smith and a granddaughter of Michael Braun 
[1721-1807] and his wife Margareta [1734-1771]. Paul was the 
son of George Miller and a grandson of Wendel Miller. 
Paul and Elizabeth's children were: George Alexander; 
Henry M., born 1837 and died 22 November 1862, a casualty 
of the Civil War; Laura Clementine; Mary Ann Lavina; 
John Rufus; James Allen. (Miller 1985, 389) 

15. [p.4, Thurs. March 27, 1834] Mary Peeler was born 29 

November 1811 in Rowan Co.,N.C. and died February 

1872. She was the daughter of John and Elizabeth Miller 
Peeler. Solomon Seaford was born 2 October 1811 in Rowan 
Co., N.C. and died ca. 1868 in Scott Co., Mo. He was the 
son of Abraham and Margaret (Lenz) Seaford. Mary Peeler 
Seaford's younger brother, Caleb Peeler, married Salome 
Rothrock, Samuel Rothrock's sister. (Arnold 1984, 389) 

See endnotes #9, Elizabeth Miller Peeler, and #16, Salome 

16. [p-5, Tues. April 1, 1834] Jacob Rothrock [Sr.] was the 
father of Samuel Rothrock. He was the eldest son of Peter 
and Catherina Mueller Rothrock and was born 6 August 
1771 in the Friedberg Church community nine miles south 
of Winston-Salem, N.C. He died 7 December 1848. On 5 
November 1799 he married Esther Ziegler in Stokes Coun- 

ty. She was born 17 November 1777 in Shenandoah Co., Va. 
and died 22 August 1845 at Friedberg. Both are buried in 
Friedberg Moravian Church Graveyard, near Winston-Sa- 
lem, N.C. Jacob was a blacksmith. He and Esther had nine 

1. Infant daughter, d. 1801. 

2. Johann Jonas, b. 23 August 1804, d. 1807. 

3. Maria Magdalena, b. 5 May 1806. 

4. Jacob, b. 12 January 1808, d. 4 August 1835 in 

Indiana leaving a widow and one child. 

5. Samuel b. 26 November 1809, d. 2 November 1894. 

6. Christina b. 25 January 1813. 

7. Ludwig [Lewis] b. 26 April 1814, m. Rebecca 

Rudisill, 11 May 1840 in Lincoln Co., NC and 
moved to Missouri in the mid 1850's. 

8. Salome b. 25 December 1816, d. 27 December 1910, 

m. Caleb Peeler. 

9. Adam b. 3 March 1820, m. Elizabeth Whitlow 12 

January 1843 m Davidson Co. N.C The 
ceremony was performed by Samuel Rothrock. 
Adam moved to Weston, Oregon ca. 1847. 
(Rothrock 1978, 147) 

r 7-[p-5> Tues. April 1, 1834] Jacob Rothrock [Jr.] was born 
12 January 1808 in the Friedberg Moravian community near 
Winston-Salem, N.C. and died 4 August 1835 in Indiana. 
He left a widow with one child. (Rothrock 1978, 147) 

See endnote #16, Jacob Rothrock, Sr. . 

i8.[p.5, Tues. April 29, 1834] Rothrock was on his way to 
Wythe Co., Va. to attend the 31st Annual Meeting of the 
North Carolina Synod at St. Paul's Church, Wythe County, 
Va. Samuel Rothrock was licensed in 1833 and he was or- 
dained at this 31st meeting of the Synod. At the same meet- 
ing he was elected Treasurer of the Synod. In addition to 

Maria Phebe Raynor Arey (1815—1876), wife of the Rev. Ben- 
jamin Arey (left,); and The Rev. Benjamin Arey (1810- 
1882), oldest brother of Amelia Arey Rothrock (right). 

(endnote #13) 

Annotations & Commentary (1834) 


becoming a Synod officer, Rothrock, along with Henry 
Graeber, Jacob Scherer, Christopher Brown, and Philip 
Edelman, was chosen a Director of the Theological Sem- 
inary at Gettysburg for a one-year term. (Agner 1988, 112) 

19. [p. 6, Tues. May 6, 1834] Jacob Scherer was born 7 Feb- 
ruary 1785, in Guilford Co., N.C. and died 2 March i860. 
His younger brother was the Rev. Daniel Scherer who or- 
ganized a congregation at Hillsboro, 111. which was received 
into the N.C. Synod at this meeting. Jacob served as pres- 
ident of the N.C. Synod 1824 and 1835 and was one of six 
pastors to organize the S.W. Virginia Synod in 1842. Three 
sons, the Revs. Gideon, Simeon, and John Scherer became 
Lutheran ministers. Jacob Scherer's later ministry was in 
Texas and he is buried in Columbus, Tx. (Sketches 1966, 

20. [p.7, Frid. June 6, 1934] Esther Ziegler Rothrock was 
Samuel Rothrock's mother and Adam was his then four- 
teen-year-old brother. 

See endnote #16, Jacob Rothrock, Sr.. 

21. [p. 8, Mond. July 7, 1834] The "stone church" referred to 
by Rothrock was Grace Evangelical and Reformed Church, 
commonly called Lowerstone Church. It got the name 
Lowerstone from the geographical fact that it is two miles 
"lower" down the road from Zion [Organ] Lutheran 
Church. The early German settlers from Pennsylvania who 
settled along Second Creek were members of the Lutheran 
and German Reformed Churches. Although they were too 
few in number to establish separate houses of worship, each 
organized a congregation about 1745. Together they built a 
common house of worship which was called the "Hickory 
Church," naming it after the material of which it was con- 
structed. In 1792, the Lutherans of Zion [Organ] Church 
commenced construction of a stone church which they 
completed in 1795 and consecrated on Easter Sunday 1796. 
Disharmony arose among the congregations. In 1795, mem- 
bers of the Reformed congregation decided to " a 
stone house of worship exactly large enough to hold the 
Lutheran [Organ/Zion] Church." Actual measurements 
however indicate that the two buildings are within inches 
in size. The German Reformed congregation laid the cor- 
nerstone of their stone church in 1795. It was completed in 
1811. Both of these historic church edifices still stand today. 
(Hammer 1943, 63-65) 

See endnote #162, Organ Church. 

22. [p. 8, Mond. July 21, 1834] Savages Church or Savitz's 
Church was established about 1780 by either Adolf Nuss- 
mann orJ.G. Arends and was owned jointly with a German 
Reformed congregation. George Savitz, whose surname 
was commonly spelled "Savage," purchased a tract of land 
"here and there" and consequently became the owner of a 
large body of land near present day China Grove. The Rev. 

Grace Evangelical and Reformed Church. 

(endnote #21) 

Jethro Rumple wrote, "The Savitz family were of German 
lineage, and with the thrift, industry, and prudence of that 
race, they amassed a large amount of property." Over the 
years this church has had other names. At first it was referred 
to as Savitz Church, while the correct name for it at that 
time was Luther's Chapel. Then in 1866, when the corner- 
stone for a new brick church was being readied, the name 
was changed to Lutheran Chapel. The first church building 
was owned jointly with the German Reformed. It suppos- 
edly was painted red and was destroyed by fire by a "crazy 
man" because it was not painted blue. Samuel Rothrock 
served Lutheran Chapel, 1854— 1855. (Bernheim and Cox 
1902, 113-14; Morgan 1953, 1966, 237-38; Rumple [1881] 
1990, 206) 

23. [p. 8, Tues. July 22, 1834] Mary Hoke Rothrock had been 
in Lincolnton, N.C. since July 15. Rothrock visited in Lin- 
colnton while she was there and noted in his Diary, he was 
"All night at Col. John Hoke's." This reference to staying 
at Col. Hoke's makes one think that further investigation 
would reveal family ties between Mary Hoke Rothrock's 
family in Pennsylvania and that of Col. Hoke. A biography 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

of Col. John Hoke, Annals of Lincoln Co., N. C. by Wm. L. 
Sherrill, Charlotte, N.C., 1937, states that Col. John Hoke 
came with his family from Pennsylvania to Lincolnton ca. 
1797. He was a merchant and an owner of the cotton factory 
which he, James Blevens, and Michael Schenck built at "the 
Laboratory in 1819." The factory was destroyed by fire in 
1863 and it probably was the factory which Rothrock de- 
scribed in his Diary as "a great curiosity, displaying in em- 
inent degree the ingenuity of man." Col. Hoke's obituary 
in the 21 June 1845 issue of the Carolina Watchman states 
that he died 9 June 1845. 

24. [p. 9, Sat. Aug. 2, 1834] Leonard's Church in Davidson 
Co., N.C., is now known as Pilgrim Church. 

See endnote #188, Pilgrim Church. 

2 5-[p-9> Tues. Aug. 12, 1834] On 11 Oct. 1833, Samuel Roth- 
rock purchased a .349 acre lot, lot #49, in the great east 
square of Salisbury, N.C. next to John Utzman on Main 
Street from Thomas Mull, Sr. for $250.00. Rowan Co. 
Deeds: Book 32, p. 65. 

26. [p. 9, Sat. Aug. 23, 1834] Henry Graeber was the pastor 
of Organ Church (1832-1843) and was the president of the 
N.C. Synod when Rothrock "...called to see Rev. Graeber 
and took dinner with him." Henry Graeber was born 28 
January 1793 in York Co., Pa. and was educated in private 
schools and by tutors. After having studied medicine and 
practicing, he studied for the ministry at Gettysburg Sem- 
inary and held both M.D. and D.D. degrees. He was li- 
censed (1818) and ordained (1821) in Pennsylvania. From 
1818-27 ne serve d churches in Maryland; between 1827-32 
he had six churches in Lincoln and Catawaba Cos. From 
1832-43 he served primarily Organ, Rowan Co., and St. 
John's, Cabarrus Co., and intermittently served Luther's 
Church and Lutheran Chapel. He was president of the 
N.C. Synod five one-year terms and was secretary three 
one-year terms, 1832-41. Along with the pastoral ministry, 
he practiced medicine chiefly for the benefit of his parish- 
ioners and was an ardent supporter of Sabbath schools. 
Eight days before he died he preached his last sermon al- 
though he was extremely ill. The Rev. Henry Graeber died 
of "nervous fever" on n September 1843 and was buried at 
Organ Church, Rowan Co., N.C. After the Rev. Mr. Grae- 
ber's death at the age of fifty years, Rothrock was a constant 
friend of his large family and mentions them frequently in 
his Diary. (Sketches 1966, 77) 

See endnote #150, Anna Graeber. 

27. [,Tues. Sept. 2, 1834] This reference to "Gettysburg" 
is to the Theological Seminary of the General Synod of the 
Lutheran Church in Gettysburg, Pa. When the school 
opened its doors in September 1826, it had one professor, 
eight students, no buildings or property and less than sev- 
enteen hundred dollars in cash. Samuel Rothrock and Ben- 

jamin Arey, although not classmates, were among its early 

28. [p. 10, Sat. Sept. 20, 1834] Daniel Jenkins, a native of 
Maryland, was a classmate of Samuel Rothrock's at the 
Gettysburg Seminary. Jenkins was licensed in 1835 by the 
N.C. Synod but was never ordained. From 1833-36 he served 
Union, Rowan Co., Becks-Bethany-St. Luke, Davidson 
Co., and New Bethel, Stanly Co., 1833-36. In 1836, he moved 
back to Maryland. (Sketches 1966, 99) 

G.D. Bernheim makes reference to Mr. Jenkins and his 
revival system or "new measures" as Jenkins called it. It 
caused so much opposition among the clergy and laity that 
it became the subject of debate at a meeting of the synod 
in 1835 and the Ministerium passed the following resolu- 

"Resolved, That we countenance no distinction be- 
tween those Christians who are separately prayed for 
in public, and those who retire into their chambers for 

"Resolved, That if any licentiate should depreciate re- 
ligious instruction of youth by way of catechization, or 
otherwise, he can never be ordained." (Bernheim 1872, 

29. [p. 10, Sat. Sept. 27, 1834] St. John's Church, Cabarrus 
Co., N.C. is located six miles east of Concord on the high- 
way leading to Mt. Pleasant. Its organization dates to 1745 
but it was not until 1774 that the congregation obtained their 
first pastor, the Rev. Adolphus Nussmann who served until 
his death in 1794. The congregation's first place of worship 
was about two miles north of Mt. Pleasant, not far from 
Buffalo Creek. Hence the early church of unhewn pine logs 
with no windows, floor, or chimney was called "Dutch 
Buffalo Creek Church." The present brick building, built 
in 1845, is the fifth house of worship for this congregation. 
(Morgan 1953, 294-97) 

30. [p. 11, Mond. Oct. 6, 1834] On 18 September 1834, Samuel 
and Mary Hoke Rothrock went to the country to board at 
the home of Peter Arey. Two and a half weeks later, on 6 
October, Rothrock wrote, "Commenced my school." Ex- 
actly where he held classes is not known--perhaps some- 
where on the Arey plantation, or at nearby Union Church. 

31. [p.i2, Sat. Nov. 1, to Dec. 3, 1934] Samuel Rothrock's 
illness is recorded in Records of the Moravians in North Caro- 

1834 Nov.12. We drove to Jacob Rothrock, who had 
asked us to visit his son Samuel, a Lutheran minister 
in Salisbury and its vicinity, who lies sick with fever. 
This active fellow-worker in the vineyard of the Lord 
formerly belonged to the Friedberg congregation. Af- 
ter a very interesting conversation we returned home 

Annotations 8c Commentary (1834) 


toward evening. (Fries 1922, 8:4161) 

32. [p. 12, Sund. Dec. 28, 1834] "Hinklehite" refers to those 
who split from the N.C. Synod in 1820 and formed the 
Tennessee Synod. David Henkel (1795-1831) had been li- 
censed as a catechist in 1812 when he was barely seventeen 
years old. The Synod refused to ordain him in 1816. His 
catechist's license, however, was continued and renewed in 
1817. Just prior to the 1819 meeting of the Synod, the Rev. 
Philip Henkel, David Henkel, and another candidate for 
ordination metwith seven lay delegates at St. John's Church 
in Cabarrus, Co. and declared themselves to be the N.C. 
Synod. Then Philip Henkel, solely on his own authority, 
ordained the two young men. This ordination was never 
recognized by the Synod and the Rev. Philip Henkel was 
censured. In 1820, the Synod met in Henkel's own church 
in Lincolnton, N.C. At that session, he and his supporters 
withdrew and the following July they formed the Tennessee 
Synod. (Hammer 1943, 57-58) 

Even though David Henkel was not present for the orga- 
nization oi the Tennessee Synod in 1820, he was recognized 
as a charter member. He died 15 July 1831 at the age of 36. 
(Sketches 1966, 88-89) 


33. [p. 13, Thurs. Jan. 15, 1835] Nicholas Barringer was born 
ca. 1761-70 in Rowan Co., N.C. and his will was probated 
in the same county in February 1841. He was the son of the 
German immigrant Peter Barringer and wife Anna Marg- 
arete [mn. not known] and was a brother of John Peter 
Barringer (see endnote #2). Nicholas Barringer served as a 
deacon at Organ Church. The records of that church doc- 
ument his marriage on 4 March 1794 to Christina Peeler, 
daughter of Michael Peeler (born 9 August 1740, Lancaster 
County, Pa. and died ca. 10 March 1807 in Rowan Co.) and 
Margaret Redwine Peeler. Nicholas probably married twice 
and his second wife most likely was a daughter of Jacob 
Fisher. The possibility of a second marriage can be corrob- 
orated by the information quoted below under Eve Eliza- 
beth Barringer. Nine children of Nicholas Barringer are 
listed below. 

1. Mary Margaret b. 2 November 1794 

2. Peter b. 12 August 1796 

3. Michael b. 8 June 1799 

4. Charles b. 3 February 1804, m. Mary Redwine. 

5. Paul b. 11 September 1807, m. Lavina Miller. 

6. John b. ca. 1810. Moved to Union County, 111. 

7. Eve Elizabeth b. 2 April 1814, d. after 1870, 

Ambrose Eddleman, born ca.1801-1810. On 29 
June 1847, Rothrock preached his funeral at 
Organ Church. Their daughter Laura K.P 
Eddleman married Jacob A. Rendleman and she 
became the grandmother of David Atwell 
Rendleman, Salisbury attorney, who prepared 
the Early Land Grant Maps of Rowan County. 
In 1964, David Atwell Rendleman wrote to 
Billie Snead Webb, compiler of Randleman 
Rendleman Rintelman Reunion 1981, "...her 
[Laura K.P. Eddleman] family on all sides were 
early settlers in Rowan County; her 
gtgrandfathers were: Peter Barringer, Jacob 
Fisher, Peter Eddleman, and Peter Earry." 

8. Christina Louise b. 3 November 1816, m. Jacob 

Pless, d. before 1840. 

9. Moses b. 5 August 1820, d. 1 May 1874, m. Mary 

Catherine Brown, daughter of Jacob Brown and 
Catherine Roseman Brown. (Dickson ca.1970; 
Webb 1981, 65; Arnold 1984, 147) 

34. [p. 13, Sat. Jan. 24, 1835] The first parsonage at Union 
Church was not built until ca. 1889. It was a six room frame 
house constructed of material which was salvaged from the 
old church which was replaced by the present brick building 
in 1879. (Lippard 1974, 31) 

35. [p. 13, Wed. Jan. 28 to Fri. Jan. 30, 1835.] Peter Arey and 
his wife Phebe Thomas Arey had eight children at this time 
whose ages ranged from twenty-seven years to four years. 
Their third oldest, Amelia Rosetta Arey, became Samuel 
Rothrock's second wife on 14 Sept. 1837. (Davidson 1983, 

See endnote #4, Children of Peter and Phebe Arey. 

36. [p. 14, Sat. Feb. 14, 1835] Temperance Sermons were pop- 
ular and extremely necessary in Rowan County, N.C. Sup- 
ply was greater than demand for grain produced in the area 
and shipping it bulk was very expensive, leaving no profit. 
Consequently, it was not shipped out as such, but in the 
form of whiskey. Rowan consequently became one of the 
largest distilling counties in one of the largest distilling 
states in the Union. (Brawley 1953,113) 

An article by Ron Morris in the 1976 Bicentennial Edition 
of the Salisbury Post begins, "For several decades around 
the turn of the century Salisbury was known as the wettest 
and wickedest town in North Carolina." 

37. fp.14, Mond. Feb. 16, 1835] Simeon W. Harkey was the 
son of John and Sarah Harkey. He was born 3 December 
1811 in Iredell Co., N.C. and grew up in the congregation 
of St. Michael's Church near Troutman. He entered Get- 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

tysburg Seminary in 1832 and graduated in 1834 after which 
he was licensed (1834) and ordained (1837) by the Maryland 
Synod. From 1834-35 he ministered in Williamsport, Mary- 
land. {Gettysburg Seminary Alumni Record) 

38. [p. 15, Tues. March 3, 1835] This reference to "South- 
money" was made long before the time of the Confederacy 
and therefore, "South-money" should not be confused with 
money issued by the Confederacy. State bank notes were 
issued before and during the Civil War, 178 7-1864, but they 
were not widely accepted as legal tender. Most bank money 
ranged from $1 to $1000 dollar bills. Today these old notes 
which were issued by state banks are collectors' items. 

39. [p. 15, Wed. March n, 1835] Samuel and Mary Hoke Ro- 
throck boarded in the household of Peter Arey near Union 
Church during the previous six months. At this time they 
were moving to Salisbury where they stayed at Mr. Craw- 
ford's house for the ensuing two months. On 22 May 1835 
they once again returned to Peter Arey's prior to their de- 
parture for Pennsylvania on 30 May 1835. 

40. [p. 15, Frid. March 13, 1835] Thomas Mull's will was pro- 
bated in 1835. It is recorded in Rowan Co., N.C. Will Book 
H, page 660. (Mitchell 1987 [19921,372) 

41. [p.i5, Mond. March 23, 1835] There were no public 
schools in Rowan Co. until 1852. On 13 May 1852 it was 
announced in the Carolina Watchman, "The free schools in 
this town are now in operation". (Brawley 1953,150) 

42. [p. 16, Thurs. Apr. 16, 1835] Elizabeth C. Miller was the 
daughter of Henry Miller and a granddaughter of Wendel 
Miller. She was born 13 August 1813 and died 22 April 1852. 
She married Peter Trexler who was born 21 June 1812 and 
died 14 August 1872. (Miller 1985, 427) 

43. [p. 16, Thurs. Apr. 23, 1835] David Miller was born 28 
November 1813 and died prior to July, 1845. O n 2 3 April 1835 
he married Elizabeth Butner. David was the son of George 
Miller and a grandson of Wendel Miller. David and Eliz- 
abeth's children were David Alexander and John Nathaniel. 
(Miller 1985, 410) 

44. [p. 17, Frid. May 1, 1835] Samuel Rothrock was forced to 
miss the 32nd Meeting of the N.C. Synod at St. John's 
Church, Salisbury, because of illness. At that meeting, Ro- 
throck was elected to a two-year term as one of the five 
directors of the Theological Seminary at Gettysburg, Penn. 
For an interesting in-depth account of that meeting, please 
refer to: The History and Heritage of St. Johns Evangelical 
Lutheran Church, Salisbury, North Carolina through 1983. 
(Agner 1988, 115-18). 

See endnote #18, 

45. [p. 17, Tues. May 26, 1835] On the eve of his departure 
for Pennsylvania, Rothrock's last official act was to perform 

the marriage ceremony of Charles Barringer and Elizabeth 
Arey, daughter of Peter Arey. Charles Barringer was born 
9 August 1800 in Cabarrus Co., N.C. and died 29 August 
1875 in Iredell Co., N.C. He was the son of George Barringer 
[ca. 1775-1805] and his grandfather was Matthias Barringer 
[1743-1794]. His great-grandfather, George Henry Barrin- 
ger was born in 1723 and died in 1792. Charles Barringer's 
mother was Margaret Dorcas Nussmann [1775-1834]. She 
was the daughter of the Rev. Adolph Nussmann who was 
born 11 July 1739 in Muenster, Westphalia, Germany and 
Elizabeth Rintelmann Nussmann. Elizabeth Rintelmann 
Nussmann's father was Christopher Rintelmann, a member 
of Organ Church who, in 1772, with Christopher Layrle 
went to Germany in the hope of persuading a minister to 
come to their area. Adolph Nussmann accepted the call and 
became the first resident Lutheran minister in North Caro- 
lina. (Hammer 1943, 38-42) 

Elizabeth Arey was born 22 May 1808 and died 2 September 
1872. She was the oldest child of Peter and Phoebe Thomas 
Arey. After she and Charles Barringer were married they 
made their home in Iredell Co. Both are buried in St. 
Michael's Lutheran Cemetery, near Troutman, N.C. The 
couple had four daughters: 

1. Harriet A. b. 28 June 1836, d. 30 April 1915, m. 1 

November 1866, Alexander Clark. 

2. Margaret b. 13 January 1838, d. 3 September 1918, 

m. 16 March 1859, James Alanson ("Lance") 
White, b. 13 November 1832, d. 3 Oct. 1918. 

3. Jane Elizabeth ("Jennie") b. 9 July 1842, d. 9 April 

1924, m. Samuel Augustus Brown b. 19 August 
1840, d. 18 January 1920. Two of their great- 
grandsons became Lutheran ministers: Edwin 
Nosker Troutman, b. 10 May 1928 and Gerald 
Stevenson Troutman, b. 16 December 1933, 
bishop, Lutheran Church in America, 
Southeastern Synod. 

4. Charlotte A. b. 6 December 1849, d. 6 November 

1863. (Davidson 1983,59-93) 

46. [p. 18, Mond. June 1 to Mond. June 15, 1835] On their 
trip from North Carolina to Pennsylvania, Samuel and 
Mary Rothrock traveled three hundred forty-six miles in 
fifteen days, averaging twenty-three miles a day. An excep- 
tion to this was when they "Took the Steam boat here [Fre- 
dericksburg]... for Washington 65 miles in 3 hours." Their 
accommodations along the way ran the gamut from good 
to bad. The very bad included their being "tormented by 
bed bugs," those small wingless biting insects with broad, 
flat, reddish-brown bodies which emit an unpleasant odor. 
These vermin infest beds and upholstered furniture. 

On the fifteenth day, 15 June, the Rothrocks finally reached 
the home of Mary Hoke Rothrock's parents, Mr. and Mrs. 

Annotations & Commentary (1835) 



Map of Adams, Fulton, and Franklin Counties, Pennsylvania. Samuel Rothrock served churches in Fulton and Franklin Counties from 
late June i8j$ to 4 October i8j6 and made frequent trips to Gettysburg in Adams Co. where he and his wife, Mary Hoke Rothrock, visited 
with her family. Samuel Rothrock's decision to base himself in St. Thomas was a logical one. St. Thomas was centrally located fom the 
churches he served and visited in Franklin and Fulton Counties. This is illustrated by the triangle that has been superimposed on this map. 

(endnote #49) 

Conrad Hoke in Adams Co., Pa. The 1800 U.S. Census of 
Pa. (Index) shows a Conrad Hoke in Adams, Co. [p.8]. In 
the same census, a Conrad Hoke [p. 181] and a Jacob Hoke 
[p.161] were listed in neighboring York Co. 

47. [p.i8, Sat. June 27, 1835] The Rev. J.N. Hoffman from 
Franklin Co., Pa. was a 1832 graduate of the Gettysburg 
Seminary. Considering the very small size of the school, 
the young men who were seminarians at the same time 
surely were close friends. Hoffman served the First Luth- 
eran Church in Chambersburg, 1833-43. He also was in 
charge of Solomon's Evangelical Lutheran Church (Grind- 
stone Hill), 1833— 1835. Solomon's Church was of the New 
Franklin Charge and was located south-southeast of New 
Franklin in Guilford Township. (Stump and Anstadt 
1925, 138, 321, 401) 

48. [p. 19, Sun. July 5, 1835] The Rev. Augustus Babb of 
Reading, Berks, Co., Pa. attended Gettysburg Gymnasium 
and entered the seminary the year after Samuel Rothrock. 
He was licensed (1833) and ordained (1834) by the Virginia 
Synod and served in Augusta Co., Va., 1833-38. While Babb 
was a student at the Gettysburg Gymnasium he was a 
founding member of the college literary society, The 
Phrenakosmian, as was Benjamin Arey who served as the 
society's president in 1833. (Wentz 1964, 6) (Stump and 
Anstadt 1925, 380; Breidenbaugh 1882, 92-97, 332) 

On Thursday, 16 July, Samuel Rothrock and Augustus Babb 
"went to the country." Both young men probably were "in 
great perplexity of mind" as to where they ought to labor 
and discussed their future prospects. (Breidenbaugh 1882, 
92-97,332) Augustus Babb replaced the Rev. Nicholas J. 

Stroh at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in Mechan- 
icsburg, Cumberland Co., in 1846 and ministered at St. 
Stevens and possibly Mt. Zion of the New Kingston Charge 
during 1836-39. (Stump and Anstadt 1925, 131, 380) 

49. [p. 19, Wed. July 15, 1835] Rothrock spent most of the 
month after his arrival in Pennsylvania acquainting himself 
with the area churches and their congregations before de- 
ciding to base himself in St. Thomas, Franklin Co., Pa. 
There are no records to show what year St. Thomas Church 
was organized but Lutheran ministers had preached in St. 
Thomas or its vicinity before the beginning of the eigh- 
teenth century. The first church, a log structure, was built 
in 1807 by members of the Lutheran, Reformed and Pres- 
byterian churches, each having a one third interest in the 
building and grounds. In 1829, a second church was built. 
This was the structure in which Rothrock preached. The 
third and present-day church building was erected 1853-54 
by the Lutherans and Presbyterians, the Reformed mem- 
bers having disposed of their interest to the Lutherans. The 
cornerstone of the present-day St. Thomas Church is tes- 
timony to its past history. 

St.Thomas Union Church. 
Built by the Lutheran Congregation. 
& David Wilson 8c Brothers. 

English Presbyterians. 
Rebuilt by Charles Whealen, Arch. 

The fact that the church was a union church would explain, 
in part, Rothrock's frequent mention of clergy of other de- 
nominations in his Diary. (Stump and Anstadt 1925, 420) 
Rothrock held services at St. Thomas at least once a month 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

and regularly visited congregations in McConnellsburg (St. 
Paul's, 1835-37) > Mercersberg, and Chambersburg. On 
Wednesdays he frequently held prayer meeting at Butler's 
schoolhouse. The exact location of the schoolhouse is not 
known but circumstantial evidence places it in St. Thomas 
or nearby. The original parish register for the St. Thomas 
congregation lists a Catherine Butler as a member and Ro- 
throck, in his Account Book, noted transactions with "John, 
Jacob, J. S, and Mr., Sr." 

See Diary, Appendix A. 

50. [p. 19, Sund. July 19, 1835] The Rev. John B. Reck who 
preached on this Sunday in Mercersberg was not a stranger 
to Samuel Rothrock. Reck studied for the ministry under 
the Rev. Samuel Simon Schmucker of New Market, Va. 
and the Rev. Abraham Reck, his brother. In August 1835, 
as a licentiate, John B. Reck went to Salisbury, N.C., where 
he served St. John's, Salisbury, and Union in Rowan Co., 
and St. Michael's in Iredell Co. He was ordained by the 
N.C. Synod at their 23rd Meeting at Zion's Church, Bote- 
tourt Co., Virginia, in 1826 [Lutheran churches in S.W. 
Va., at that time were members of the N.C. Synod]. In 1831, 
he transferred to the Maryland Synod and was appointed 
missionary in the West, which meant Ohio and adjacent 
states. (Agner 1988, 104-9; Sketches 1966, 166) 

51. [p. 20, Sund. Aug. 9, 1835] The Rev. John McKnight was 
the Presbyterian minister at St. Thomas Church during 
Rothrock's pastorate. He "serviced St. Thomas Church 
from its inception in 1824 until 1836" when "the people of 
Campbellstown [St.Thomas] and its vicinity petitioned to 
be organized into a separate congregation." (Centennial 
1889, 248) 

52. fp.20, Frid. Aug. 28, 1835] Nicholas J. Stroh was ordained 
in 1826 by the West Pennsylvania Synod. The Rev. Mr. 
Stroh was the pastor at Memorial Lutheran Church in 
Shippensburg, 1830-39. (Stump and Anstadt 1925, 129, 

53. [p. 21, Wed. Sept. 16, 1835] It took almost six weeks for 
the news of the death of Jacob Rothrock in Indiana to reach 
his brother Samuel Rothrock in Pennsylvania. 

See endnotes #16 & 17, Jacob Rothrock. 

54. tp.23, Sund. Nov. 8, 1835] "All night at old Mr. Hoke's." 
This was near Mercersberg in Franklin Co., Pa. This Mr. 
Hoke probably was related to Conrad Hoke of Adams, Co., 
Pa. and possibly was Mary Hoke's paternal grandfather. 

See endnote #46, Conrad Hoke. 

55. [p. 23, Mond. Nov. 9, 1835] Rothrock wrote to his wife 
Mary Hoke Rothrock in Adams Co., Pa. She was staying 
with her parents, the Conrad Hoke's, and was expecting 
her first child. She continued to live with her parents until 

St. Thomas Church, St. Thomas, Franklin Co., Pa., 1970 photo. 

(endnote #49) 

suitable living arrangements could be made in St. Thomas. 
During this period of separation, Rothrock wrote to her 
frequently and visited as often as possible. 


56. [p.25,Sund.Januaryio,i836] Grossman's Church, today 
Salem Lutheran, was located about two miles north of the 
village of Marion, just off old Route 11. The original log 
structure had the distinction of being "one of the oldest 
Lutheran churches in this community, " and was built for 
the local Reformed and Lutheran congregations. The 
church that Rothrock knew was a brick structure, built in 
1828, which later was called the " White Church." Gross- 
man's probably was named after Jacob Grossman, a nearby 
landowner. (Stump and Anstadt 1925, 396-97) 

57. fp.25, Mond. Jan. 18, 1836] A barouche is a four-wheeled 
carriage with a drivers seat in front, two double seats inside 
facing each other, and a folding top. When Samuel and 
■Mary Rothrock travelled to Adams Co. the following day, 

Annotations & Commentary (1836) 

they used a vehicle of this type. 

58. [p. 25, Thurs. Jan. 21, 1836] "the furnace" probably refers 
to Richmond Furnace, just north of Loudon, Franklin Co., 

59. [p. 27, Frid. March 18, 1836] Rothrock's "German skele- 
ton" probably was his way of outlining his notes for a sermon 
he planned to preach in German. 

60. [p. 27, Wed. March 23, 1836] From the time of their ar- 
rival in Pennsylvania in mid-June, 1835, Samuel Rothrock 
boarded in St. Thomas and Mrs. Rothrock spent consid- 
erable time with her parents in Adams Co. At this time, 
they were setting up housekeeping in St. Thomas and an- 
ticipating the birth of their first child in August. 

61. [p.27, Sat. March 26, 1836] Universalists believe that all 
mankind will be saved and that righteousness and Good 
will triumph over Evil. Their Bond of Fellowship is a com- 
mon purpose — to do the will of God as Jesus revealed it. 
They believe in God as Eternal and All-conquering Love, 
in the spiritual leadership of Jesus, and in the supreme worth 
of every human personality. Universalism has been taught 
in one form or another almost since the founding of the 
Christian Church. The organized denomination was first 
established in 1770 in New Jersey by John Murray, an En- 
glish preacher. It was not until 1866 that Universalism was 
incorporated. Its plan of organization was adopted in 1870. 
[ World Book Encyclopedia, 1959] 

62. [p. 28, Mond. April n, 1836] Benjamin Arey of Rowan 
Co., N.C. soon would graduate from the Gettysburg Sem- 
inary and within a week he was to be married to Maria 
Phebe Hoffman Raynor of Philadelphia. Perhaps he came 
to ask his good friend Samuel Rothrock to officiate at the 
wedding or to invite the Rothrocks as guests. The Diary 
tells us that Samuel and Mary Rothrock were in St. Thomas 
on that date, April 19. It is quite possible that it was not 
advisable for Mrs. Rothrock to travel to Philadelphia, the 
bride's home. 

See endnote #13, Benjamin Arey. 

Lutheran Observer, 29 April 1836, p.9: 

Married on Tuesday evening the 19th inst., in Phila- 
delphia, by the Rev. B. Keller, The Rev. Benjamin Arey 
of Salisbury, N.C. to Miss Maria Phebe Raynor, of the 
former place. 

63. [p. 28, Tues. April 12, 1836] Preparatory to setting up 
housekeeping Rothrock was getting feathers for a feather- 
bed, pillows, dusters, etc. prior to moving into Mrs. 
Hoffman's house on 28 April. 

64. fp.29, Sund. May 8, 1836] "Rev. Weider" [sic], who 
preached at St. Thomas for Rothrock on this date was the 
Rev. Reuben B. Weiser, a classmate at Gettysburg Semi- 

nary. Weiser was licensed (1832) and ordained (1834) by the 
West Pennsylvania Synod and served the St. Thomas con- 
gregation from 1833 to 1835. Weiser serviced St. Johns' Luth- 
eran at Mercersburg where he is credited with having in- 
troduced English services to the congregation and St. Pauls' 
at McConnelsburg, Fulton Co., 1832-34. (Stump and An- 
stadt 1925, 148, 385-86) 

65. fp.31, Wed. July 27, 1836] The Rev. Henry Rowan Wil- 
son, Sr. was a Presbyterian minister who was born in Adams 
Co., "near Gettysburg." He was the pastor of "the church 
at Shippensburg" from 1823 to 1839. (Centennial 1889, 235) 

66. fp.33, Mond. Aug. 22, 1836] Rothrock made note in his 
diary of the fellow clergy who participated in Mary Hoke 
Rothrock's funeral services: "Revd. Mr. Harpel," who read 
the Liturgy, was Jeremiah Harpel, the pastor of the Evan- 
gelical Lutheran Church, Greencastle, Pa., 1835-37; J onn 
N. Hoffman, who preached in English, served the First 
Lutheran Church in Chambersburg, 1833-1843; "Rev. 
Ruthrauff of Greencastle," who preached the funeral ser- 
mon in German, was John Ruthrauff, Sr., "the first known 
pastor" of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Greencastle, 
1795-1833. (Stump and Anstadt 1925, 356, 386) 

Mary Hoke Rothrock's obituary; Lutheran Observer; 2 Sep- 
tember 1836: 

Died on Sunday morning, August 21, in St. Thomas, 
Franklin County, Pa. Mrs. Mary Rothrock, wife of Rev. 
S. Rothrock. Her sufferings were unparalleled, which 
she bore with christian fortitude and resignation. She 
died in the triumphant hope of everlasting life. Con- 
scious that her end was approaching, she expressed her 
confidence in the Savior, and her assurance of accep- 
tance with the Father through him at the same time 
exhorting all around to love and serve the Lord and 
prepare for eternity. Calling her husband to her bed, 
and folding him for the last time in her arms, she ex- 
claimed. "My dear husband! we must part, but it will 
be but for a short time," — and resigning her soul unto 
the hands of her Savior, she bid adieu to this vale of 
tears, to enter upon the enjoyment of a blissful immor- 
tality. On the following Monday, her earthly remains 
were conveyed to the tomb accompanied by a vast con- 
course of friends, whose sighs and tears gave evidence 
of their esteem and love for the deceased. May God 
abundantly sanctify this afflictive dispensation to our 
beloved brother; sustain him by his grace, and grant 
him the abundant consolations of the Holy Ghost. 

67. tp.33, Sund. Aug. 28, 1836] "Professor Jacobs" was Dr. 
Michael Jacobs who was licensed (1832) and ordained (1834) 
by the West Pennsylvania Synod. Gettysburg Academy 
opened its doors in 1827 as a preparatory school for Gettys- 
burg Seminary. In 1829, the academy added a scientific de- 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

These photographs were published in Palatine Progeny with the name of the photographer, A. Cronenberg, Wilmington, N. C. included. 
A number of prints of this photo of Samuel Rothrock are extant. However, until August 1982, no one had been able to locate a photograph 
of Amelia Arey Rothrock. An old trunk had been passed down through the Phebe Arey-Lewis Tobias Brown line to their descendant, 
Boinest Brown. The originals of the above photographs were found in that trunk. There were other photographs in the trunk, but only 
the pictures of Samuel Rothrock (right) and the lady pictured above bore the trademark of A. Cronenberg. This is strong presumptive 
evidence that the lady in the companion photograph is Amelia Rothrock (leyt). She is pictured holding a daguerrotype in her hand. It 
probably was a "likeness" of one of their children. 

(endnote #71) 

partment to the academy and Michael Jacobs, A.M., was 
placed in charge. Shortly thereafter, it became the Gettys- 
burg Gymnasium. In 1832 when Gettysburg Gymnasium 
became Gettysburg College Mr. Jacobs was elected Profes- 
sor of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. In addition to 
his work at the college, Dr. Jacobs served the Synod as 
Treasurer for three different terms of three years each and 
another term as President. ( Wentz 1965, 113) 

68. fp.34, Mond. Sept. 5, 1836] The news of Rothrock's loss 
spread quickly and within two weeks he had received a call 
from the Lutheran congregations in and around Salisbury. 
Putting aside his overwhelming grief he quickly made the 
decision to return to North Carolina. 

69. fp.35, Tues. Oct. 4, to Wednesday Oct. 12, 1836] Roth- 
rock was nine days travelling from Pennsylvania to the home 
of his father, Jacob Rothrock, near Friedberg, N.C. From 
St. Thomas to Chambersburg, he travelled in "Mr. Nead's 
dearburn [sic]," a kind of four-wheeled carriage with cur- 
tained sides named after its inventor, Mr. Dearborn. Before 

reaching his destination, he had ridden a stage coach, "rail 
road Car," a "hack" or carriage which is for hire, and a 

70. [p.35, Tues. Oct. 18, 1836] It was auspicious that Roth- 
rock found himself sharing the "mail hack with Dr. Haze- 
lius." Rev. Ernest Lewis Hazelius, D.D. was a native of 
Silesia, kingdom of Prussia who, early in his life, was con- 
nected with the Moravian Church. He became a professor 
at Gettysburg in 1830 and was one of Rothrock's teachers. 
In 1833 he went to Lexington, S.C. where he was a professor 
of theology and the president of the Southern Seminary for 
nearly twenty years. His influence upon Rothrock was such 
that Rothrock named his son born 10 February 1839, Lewis 
Hazelius Rothrock. (Bernheim 1872, 509, 531) 

71. fp.35, Nov. 1, 1836-July 11, 1838] Diary books which cover 
the twenty month period from November 1836 to 11 July 
1838 are missing. To lend continuity it must be noted that 
eleven months after Samuel Rothrock returned to Salisbury 
he remarried on 14 September 1837. The bride was Amelia 

Annotations & Commentary (1836) 

r 3 

Rosetta Arey, the sister of his good friend the Rev. Benjamin 
Arey. Rothrock was twenty-eight and Amelia was twenty- 
five years old. 

See endnote #4, Amelia Arey. 

Lutheran Observer, 17 November 1837: 

Married in Rowan County, N.C. Sept., by Rev. 

Philip A. Strobel, Rev. Samuel Rothrock, Pastor of the 
Evangelical Lutheran Church, at Salisbury, N.C, to 
Miss Amelia Arey, daughter of Peter Arey, Esq. 


72. fp.36, Mond. July 16, 1838] Samuel Rothrock and Ben- 
jamin Arey who heretofore had been good friends now "la- 
bored in the same vineyard." In addition, they became 
brother's-in-law on 14 September 1837 when Rothrock mar- 
ried Benjamin's sister, Amelia Arey, . The Rev. Benjamin 
Arey was licensed in 1836 and ordained in 1838 by the N.C. 

See endnote #13, Benjamin Arey. 

73. fp.36, Sund.July 22, 1838] St. Paul's Church, located five 
miles south of Salisbury just off the old Concord Road, was 
also known as Holshouser's Church. St. Paul's second pastor 
was Samuel Rothrock, 1835-43, followed by the Rev. Ben- 
jamin Arey, 1843-45. (Morgan 1953, 333-34) 

See endnotes #8, jj, 491, St. Paul's Church. 

74. fp.37, Sund. Aug. 5, 1838] The child baptized by Roth- 
rock was Benjamin and Maria Phebe Raynor Arey's first 
child, Theophilus, who was born 2 September 1836. The 
eldest and a family favorite, he was called "Offie" by his 
brothers and sisters. Theophilus died at the age of twenty- 
six in the Battle of Antietam Creek, near Sharpsburg, Md. 
His body was never found. (Davidson 1983, 104) 

75. [p. 37, Wed. Aug. 8, 1838] Christian Bringle, 1850 Census 
of Rowan Co.; #51: 

Christian Bringle 66 M NC farmer 

1 slave 

(Linn 1992, 4) 

76. [p.37,Thur. Aug. 9, 1838] Milas Arey was Amelia Roth- 
rock's brother. Throughout Rothrock's long life he was ex- 
tremely family oriented. Returning to Rowan to Amelia's 
large, loving, and accepting family and being closer to his 
family in the Salem area evidently was an important factor 
in helping him overcome the loss of his first wife, Mary 
Hoke Rothrock, two years earlier. 

See endnote #4, Children of Peter Arey. 

77. fp.37, Mond. 20 Aug. 1838] David Barringer was the hus- 
band of Amelia Rothrock's sister, Mary Ellen Arey Barrin- 
ger. He and Rothrock became brothers-in-law when Roth- 
rock married Amelia Arey. 

See endnotes #4, Children of Peter Arey, and #6, David 

78. tp.38, Frid. Sept. 28, 1838.] Philip A. Strobel, born 16 
September 1812, Charleston, S.C., was a contemporary of 
Samuel Rothrock and was newly ordained when Rothrock 
first mentioned him in his Diary. He was the son of Capt. 
John and Mary Grace Beard Strobel. He was educated un- 
der the tutelage of Dr. John Bachman, pastor of St. John, 
Charleston, S.C. and atthe Southern Seminary, Lexington, 
S.C. In 1837 ne was licensed by the S.C. Synod but trans- 
ferred to the N.C. Synod in 1837 an( ^ was ordained by that 
Synod in 1838. He organized and built St. Enoch Church 
in Rowan Co., 1835-41. In Cabarrus Co., he served Cold 
Water, 1837, and organized and served St. Stephen's, 1837— 
41. He served New Bethel, Stanly Co., 1838-41. In 1841, he 
transferred to the S.C. Synod. Again in N.C, he was prin- 
cipal and professor, Mont Amoena Seminary, Mt. Pleasant, 
1874—75 and a member of the Board, N.C. College in addi- 
tion to serving Organ, Rowan Co., and St. Stephen's, 
Cabarrus Co. In 1876 he transferred from the N.C. Synod 
to theN.Y. Synod. He died in November, 1882, and is buried 
in Dansville, N.Y. (Sketches 1966, 210) 

79. fp.39, Tues. October 2, 1838.] George Miller, a son of 
Wendel Miller, was born in 1782. He and his son Henry 
died 1 October 1845 within seven hours of each other. Roth- 
rock recorded in his Diary on 2 October 1845 that he at- 
tended to their funerals at Organ Church. (Miller 1985, 

80. [p.39,Tues. Oct. 16, 1838.] "Rev. Stork" who stayed with 
Rothrock was Theophilus Stork, son of the distinguished 
Rev. Carl August Gottlieb Storch, D.D. (1764-1831) who 
was the first president of the N.C. Synod in 1803 and who 
served St. John's Church, Salisbury, Organ Church, and 
churches in Stanly and Cabarrus, Cos. from 1788-1823. 
Theophilus, who anglicized his surname from Storch (Ger.) 
to Stork, graduated from Gettysburg Seminary in 1837. He 
was licensed in 1837 an< ^ ordained in 1839 by the Maryland 
Synod. Theophilus Stork was the first president of New- 
berry College, 1859-60, and was one of the founders of the 
East Pennsylvania Synod. (Agner 1988, 122; Sketches 
1966, 209-10; Wentz 1965, 406) 

A month earlier, on 18 September 1838, Samuel Rothrock 
wrote in his Diary, "Attended to the funeral of David Stork 
in Salisbury." The relationship of David Stork to Theophi- 
lus Stork is not known but the Rev. Theophilus Stork prob- 
ably journeyed to Rowan to attend David Stork's funeral. 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

Fashions for the Fall and Winter of 1844-45. 

The above business is carried on in all its various 
branches by 
B.F Fraley 
in as fashionable and durable style as it can be 
done in the Southern States, and warranted to fit 
well. He also keeps on hand ready made 
Coats, Vests And Pants 
for sale very low for cash, and a full supply of 
cloths and trimmings, which will be made to order 
cheap. Clothing cut on short notice. 
Note Bene: Persons wishing to learn the art 
of cutting garments, can be taught as he acts as 
agent for some of the most fashionable establish- 
ments in New York and Philadelphia. 

(Newspaper advertisement, Carolina Watchman) 

81. fp.39, Wed. Oct. 24,1838.] Benjamin F. Fraley, 1850 Cen- 
sus Rowan Co., N.C.; #524.542: 

Benjamin F. Fraley 41 M NC tailor 800 

(value of real estate) 

Jane P. Fraley 42 F NC 
Cameron E. 10 M NC 

JaneU. 9 F NC 

Roxanna O. 7 F NC 

60 acres improved land, 15 acres unimproved, 

valued $500 
20 slaves. 

(Linn 1992, 36) 

82. fp.40, Sat. Nov. 10, 1838.] George Vogler, 1850 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C.; #394.399: 

George Vogler 61 M NC gunsmith 3,000 
Mary Vogler 66 F NC 
Alpheus Seers 20 M NC B[lack] labourer 
2 slaves 

(Linn 1992, 26) 

Rothrock makes numerous references to Mr. Vogler. He 
stayed in his home in Salisbury and frequently held prayer- 
meeting there midweek. 

83. [p.40, Dec. 11, 1838.] Tombstone inscription, Union 
Church Cemetery: 

Elizabeth, wife of Allen Brown 
D Dec 9, 1838 A[ge.] About 42 yrs. 
Allen Brown 
D Aug 17, 1844 A 46y 7m 23d 

(Agner 1967, 16) 


84. fp.41, Sat. Jan. 26, 1839] St. Stephen's Church in Cabar- 
rus Co., N.C., is located two and a half miles from Gold 
Hill on the Concord Road. This congregation was orga- 
nized on Christmas Day, 1837, at the home of Mr. John 
Peck, with thirty-two members. The congregation's first 
house of worship was located where the cemetery is now. 
It was finished shortly after the congregation organized and 
was used until the 1880's. On 10 June 1883, the congregation 
celebrated the dedication of a building with a seating ca- 
pacity of four hundred. Rothrock served St. Stephen's, 
1844-1855, 1876— 1879. (Bernheim &Cox 1902, 141-42) 

85. [p. 41, Fri. Feb. 1, 1839] "Sick" in this case was Rothrock's 
euphemism for childbirth or confinement. Mary Ellen 
("Polly") Arey Barringer, wife of David Barringer, gave birth 
a week earlier on 25 January 1839 to her third child, Pleasant 
Edwin Barringer. This child died 30 May 1847 at tne a g e °f 
eight years and is buried in Union Lutheran Church cem- 
etery. (Davidson 1983, 174) 

See endnote #<5, David Barn 


86. fp.41, Sund. February 10, 1839] Samuel and Amelia Ro- 
throck named their first born son, Lewis Hazelius Roth- 
rock, after Dr. Ernest Lewis Hazelius. The Rothrocks had 
three children but Lewis was the only one to live to maturity. 
(Davidson 1983, 155-1690) 

See endnote #70, Dr. Ernest Lewis Hazelius. 

87. fp.42, Sat. March 9, 1839] St. Matthew's Church, Row- 
an Co., N.C., is located eleven miles east from Salisbury, 
on Bringle Ferry Road. In 1838, twenty young persons from 
this neighborhood were catechized and confirmed by the 
Rev. Henry Graeber. They then were organized into a con- 
gregation by the Rev. Benjamin Arey. John Hartman, Jacob 
File, Andrew Frick and Peter Klutz constituted the first 
council. The congregation worshiped in barns and private 
dwellings for a number of years. The Rev. Benjamin Arey 
administered the first baptism in the congregation in a barn 
on 16 April 1838. The child baptized was Michael Bame, 
son of Samuel and Anna Bame. St. Matthews 's first house 
of worship was a frame structure with a gallery on three 
sides and a high pulpit. It stood near the present building 
in what is now the graveyard. The building was dedicated 
on 27 July 1845 by the Rev's. J.D. Scheck, pastor, 1841-1843, 
Samuel Rothrock, Benjamin Arey, and Joseph A. Linn, 
then pastor of St. Matthew's, who was ordained at the same 
service. On 11 April 1882, the cornerstone was laid for a new 
church building by Samuel Rothrock and the Rev. Thomas 
H. Strohecker, pastor. This also was a frame structure, orig- 
inally 40 x 60 feet. A tower was built in 1910 and transepts 
were added in 1924. Rothrock served St. Matthew's, 1867. 

Annotations & Commentary (1839) 

(Morgan 1953, 325-27; Bernheim and Cox 1902, 138) 

[MB: Samuel Bame and Anna Hoffman dated 5 November 
1832.] (Holcomb 1981, 17) 

88. fp.42, Frid. March 29 to Sat. March 30, 1839] John Peck 
was an elder of St. Stephen's Church. He and Solomon 
Nussman were named elder and deacon, respectively, when 
the church was organized in 1837. 

See endnote #84, St. Stephens Church. 

89. fp.43, Frid. April 19, 1839] William A. Artz was the pres- 
ident of the Synod and the pastor of St. Paul's Church, 
Alamance Co., N.C. when the 36th Meeting of the N.C. 
Synod convened there on 29 April 1839. The Rev. Mr. Artz 
was born in Maryland on 1 June 1804. He was a member of 
the first graduating class at Gettysburg Seminary (1829) and 
was licensed (1830) and ordained (1831) by the N.C. Synod. 
Churches served; Friedens, Cobles, and Lows, Guilford, 
Co.; Richland, Randolph, Co.; and St Paul, Alamance Co., 
1830-52/54. In Rowan Co., Union, Lutheran Chapel, St. 
Matthew's, and Organ. Ill health at times interrupted his 
ministry and in 1867, he became inactive. He served seven 
one-year terms as president of the N.C. Synod and was a 
member of the original board of trustees, N.C. College, 
1859. He died 19 April 1876 and is buried at St. John's 
Church, Cabarrus Co. (Sketches 1966, 15) 

See endnote #489, St. Paul's Church, Alamance Co.. 

90. fp.44, Sat. May 11, 1839] J. D. Scheck was licensed (1827) 
and ordained (1830) by the S.C. Synod and was the first 
regularly called missionary of the S. C. Synod. "In two 
months the missionary rode nearly 900 miles, preached 
forty-seven sermons, and baptized twenty-six persons." In 
1841, he transferred to N.C. Synod and served Rowan, 
Cabarrus, Stanly, Guilford, and Alamance Co. churches. 
When he was the postmaster at China Grove, 1844-49, he 
renamed it "Lutherville" during his term but the name did 
not stick. He died in 1868 and is buried in the Old Lutheran 
Cemetery, Salisbury. (Sketches 1966, 182) 

91. [p. 46, Frid. July 19, 1839] Jacob Crim was licensed by the 
S.C. Synod in 1837 and served churches in S.C, 1837-39. 
He transferred to the N.C. Synod in 1839 and was ordained 
in 1841. In N.C. he served: Nazareth-Shiloh, Forsyth Co., 
1839-40; Becks-Pilgrim-St. Luke, Davidson Co., 1839-42; 
New Jerusalem, 1843-60, St. Matthew, 1845-61, Davie Co.,; 
organized and served Bethel, 1851-58, 1861-62, and served 
Salem, 1860-62, Rowan Co. He was a member of the first 
Board of N.C. College, 1859, and was president, N.C. Syn- 
od, 1864. (Sketches 1968,47) 

92. [p. 46, Thurs. July 25 to Sund. July 28, 1839] Coldwater 
Church was without a pastor when protracted meeting was 
held there. Coldwater Church in Cabarrus Co., N.C, is 
located near Coldwater Creek, two miles east of Concord. 

It began as a German Reformed congregation, and as such 
dates back as far as 1768, five years before Nussmann and 
Arends came from Germany. About 1782, the Lutherans 
belonging to St. John's Church, Cabarrus Co. and living in 
the neighborhood of Coldwater Creek, joined with the 
German Reformed and formed a union congregation. A 
building site was deeded to the union congregation by 
Adam Bowers but the hewn log church was not completed 
until about 1834. In 1814, Coldwater was admitted to the 
North Carolina Synod. Thirty years later, in 1843, a large 
number of the members withdrew and organized what be- 
came St. James' Church in Concord. This left the congre- 
gation too weak to keep a pastor and regular services were 
discontinued. In 1871, Coldwater was reorganized as a Luth- 
eran church and a new building was erected in 1880. (Bern- 
heim and Cox 1902, 103-4) 

93. [p. 47, Thurs. Aug. 8, 1839] Samuel Rothrock was thirty 
years old when he "voted for the first time." James Brawley, 
historian, described the candidate Charles Fisher as "per- 
haps one of the greatest leaders not only of Rowan but also 
of Western North Carolina." Fisher was born 20 October 
1789 in Rowan County. His father was Frederick Fisher, 
who emigrated from Shenandoah Co., Va. and was one of 
the organizers of Dutch Pine Meeting House [Union 
Church]. In 1814, Charles Fisher married Christina Beard, 
daughter of Lewis Beard and granddaughter of John Lewis 
Beard. He began public life as a Senator from Rowan in 
the General Assembly of 1818. The following year he was 
elected to the United States Congress to fill a vacancy. He 
was re-elected to the Sixteenth Congress and served from 
11 Feb. 1819 to 3 March 1821. In 1839, Fisher ran again for 
the United States Congress. He defeated his opponent, Dr. 
Pleasant Henderson, and served until 1841. (Brawley 1953, 

The Honorable Charles Fisher was a member of St. John's, 
Salisbury, and was among those members who worked at 
reviving St. John's congregation in 1822. (Agner 1988, 124) 

94. [p.47, Mond. Aug. 19, 1839] Caleb Peeler, the husband 
of Samuel Rothrock's younger sister, Salome, was born 5 
June 1814 and died 1 May 1897. His parents were John Peeler 
and Elizabeth Miller Peeler. Salome Rothrock was born on 
Christmas Day, 1816, and died 27 December 1910. The cou- 
ple had three children: 

1. Esther Carolina Peeler, b. 2 March 1841, m. 1st 

John M. Stafford; m.2nd the Rev. Wm. Alonzo 

2. Rosa Ann Peeler, b. 20 May 1844, d. ca.1863. 

3. Hasteline Virginia Peeler, b. 1 November 1849, m. 

P.I. Nifong. (Arnold 1984, 389,394) 

See endnotes #9, Elizabeth Miller Peeler, and #16, Jacob 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

95-[p-47» Thurs. Aug. 22, 1839] A spring house is a small 
building enclosing a spring or brook and is used as a place 
to cool milk. To daub means to whiten or whitewash. 

96. fp.48, Fri. Sept. 6, 1839] Rothrock was at St. Enoch's 
Church to participate in the dedication of its first house of 
worship. St. Enoch's Church in Enochville, Rowan Co., 
N.C., was organized by the Rev. Philip A. Strobel in Au- 
gust, 1835, at the residence of Mr. Philip Overcash. The 
congregation is an off-shoot from Lutheran Chapel 
Church. The first house of worship was a frame building 
which was dedicated the second Sunday in September 1839 
by the Revs. Wm. A. Artz, Samuel Rothrock, and Philip 
A. Strobel. The Rev. Philip A. Strobel was the pastor of 
St. Enoch's 1835-41. (Bernheim and Cox 1902, 140-41) 

97. fp.48, Thurs. Sept. 26, 1839] Hopewell Moravian 
Church is located five miles south ofWinston-Salem, N.C. 
on the road leading to Lexington. The land upon which 
the church stands was originally donated by Mr. Henry 
Rippel. There, he erected a school-house in which he and 
the Rev. Gottlieb Schober, in 1807, organized the first Sun- 
day school ever established in North Carolina. This was 
the beginning of the congregation that was organized by 
Rev. Schober in 1810. Schober became its first pastor and 
served it for twenty-six years, until 1836, without accepting 
any salary. Schober was a native of Germany. He was reared 
in the Moravian Church and remained a member all his 
life. Nevertheless, he was ordained in 1810 by the N.C. 
Synod and served N.C. Synod churches. He is credited 
with saving some Lutheran churches from disintegrating. 
One example is St.John's Church in Salisbury. (Bernheim 
and Cox 1902, no— 11; Sketches 1966, 186) 

98. fp.50, Sund. Nov. 17, 1839] The outcome of how the 
congregation voted on the issue of building a school-house 
is not known. The idea for a school was there but fifty-three 
years passed before Union Church would have school- 
house (1892). (Lippard 1974, 37-39) 

99. [p.5o,Tues. Nov. 19, 1839] Samuel Rothrock was a slave 
owner and " boy, Dan,...." in all probability was a slave 
owned by Rothrock. Slaves were considered chattel. They 
were movable personal property as distinguished from real 
property and an owner could sell a slave or hire out a slave 
for use by someone else. In this instance, "Dan" was hired 
out to Jacob Rothrock, Samuel Rothrock's Moravian father, 
for one year. The 1850 U.S. Census of Rowan County shows 
Rothrock as the owner of four slaves. Ten years later, at the 
time of the i860 U.S. Census (microcopy T-7, Roll 205, p. 
116) he was listed as having eight slaves and one slave house; 
one 26 year old female, one 21 year old mulatto female, one 
18 year old male, and five children ranging in age from eight 
months to five years, one child a mulatto. Rothrock was 
known to be a kind master who instructed his slaves in 
Christianity and baptized them. Nevertheless, shortly be- 

fore his death, he expressed his one great regret in life and 
is quoted as saying, "If I could live my life over, I would 
never own a slave." 

100.fp.51, Wed. Dec. 25, 1839] "...widow Danl Agner's..." 
was Rosina Basinger whose Rowan County marriage bond 
to Daniel Agener is dated 12 July 1802. Daniel Agner was 
the son of Henry Agner, Jr. and Elizabeth Erry [Arey]. 
Their Rowan County marriage bond is dated 30 September 
1775. Henry Agender [surname as on will] died 3 April 1798 
and Elizabeth Agender died 18 December 1812. Daniel Ag- 
ner received an inheritance from his father, Henry Agner, 
Jr. in 1806. According to the will of Elizabeth Agender, 
probated in 1813, the other children of Henry and Elizabeth 
Agender were son Samuel and daughters Margret Frailey, 
Catherine Brinkle, Annamary Brown and Elizabeth Hart- 

Rosina Agner is listed in the 1850 Census, Rowan Co., N.C; 

Rose Agner 61 F NC 300 (X) 

(Linn 1992, 21) 

She and her husband, Daniel Agner, are buried in the cem- 
etery at Union Church. 

Daniel Agner Rosa, wife of Daniel Agner 
b. Feb. 14, 1778 d. July 8, 1854 

d. Feb. 24, 1838 a. 67V 6m 2od 

(Agner 1967, 20) 

The progeny of this family has maintained, for six genera- 
tions, strong ties with the Lutheran Church and a number 
of its members have become Lutheran clergy or have mar- 
ried clergymen. They are descended primarily from Isaac 
Agner, son of Rosa and Daniel Agner, who married Chris- 
tena Mull, 18 July 1827. Notable examples are: 

Nancy E. Agner, daughter of Isaac and Christena, who 
married the Rev. Richard L. Brown, 27 January 1866. Their 
daughter Cora Ann Brown married Luther Vastine Fisher. 
Five of their sons, Herman George, Ray Richard, Roscoe 
Brown, Carl Hilbert, and Earle Hugh Fisher became Luth- 
eran pastors. 

John Franklin Agner, son of Isaac and Christena, married 
Lucretia ("Crissy") Hartman Cauble on 10 December 1857. 
Their daughter, Rosa S. Agner, married Nathan Brown. 
Their son, the Rev. Pleasant David ("P.D.") Brown, was 
pastor of St. John's Church, Salisbury, 1939-52. 

William Alexander Adolphus ("Dolph") Agner, son 
of John Franklin and "Crissy," married Ellen Virginia Bo- 
ger, 17 December 1896. Two of their grandsons, and great- 
grandsons of Daniel (1778— 1838) and Rosa Agner (d. 1854), 
became Lutheran pastors, the Rev. Terry Wayne Agner and 

Annotations & Commentary (1839) 


The "Old Stone 
House" built by 
Michael Braun in 
ij66. It is built of na- 
tive granite with 
walls three feet thick. 
In 1966 it was restored 
by Rowan Museum, 

(endnote 141) 

the Rev. Robert Glenn Young and a new generation of 
Lutheran pastors descended from this early couple is in the 
making. David Neil Young, son of the Rev. Robert Glenn 
Young and Barbara Beaver Young, has completed his sec- 
ond year at Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary. 
(Personal communication, Martha Withers Agner, 1995) 

J 8 Samuel Rothrock Diaries 


ioi.[p.52, Sund., Jan. 19, 1840] Cornelius Linebarrier, 1850 

Census Rowan Co., N.C.; #303.307: 

Cornelius Linebarrier 45 M NC wagonmaster 150 

Sally Linebarrier 42 F NC (X) 

Lucy Ann 17 F NC S 

Catharine 14 F NC S 

Delia 9 F NC 

John 7 M NC 

David 3 M NC 

William F. V12 M NC 

[MB: Cornelius Linebarrier & Sarah Glover, 21 March 

(Linn 1992, 20) 

102. [p.52, Thurs. Jan. 23, 1840] Sophia Peeler, born 15 De- 
cember 1815, was a younger sister of Caleb Peeler, husband 
of Samuel Rothrock's sister Salome Rothrock Peeler. "Wid- 
ow Jno. Peeler" was the bride's mother and Rothrock re- 
ferred to her frequently in his Diary by that title or simply 
as "Widow Peeler." (Arnold 1984, 389) 

See endnotes # 9, Children of John and Elizabeth Miller 
Peeler, #94, Caleb Peeler, and #919, "old lady Peeler. " 

103. fp.53, Thurs. Feb. 6, 1840] Christina was Samuel Ro- 
throck's twenty-seven year old sister. Adam was Samuel 
Rothrock's twenty year old brother. 

See endnotes #16, Children of] acob Rothrock, Sr., and #847, 
Adam Rothrock. 

104. fp.54, Mond. March 9, 1840] John Arey was Amelia 
Rothrock's uncle. Her father, Peter Arey (1783-1841), and 
John Arey were brothers, sons of Abraham Arey (1757— 
1844). John Arey was born 23 October 1789 and died 15 April 
1854 at the age of sixty-four. By trade he was a hatter. He 
married Nancy Holmes who was born in December, 1811, 
and died 7 March 1889. She was a daughter of Jesse Holmes 
and Nancy Owen. After her husband's death, Nancy Holm- 
es Arey married 2nd, 9 Sept. 1858, Col. William H. Smith 
who was a buggy maker and who had a blacksmith shop. 
(Davidson 1983, 52-53) 

1850 Census Rowan Co., N.C., #295.299: 
John Arey 
Nancy Arey 

Charles Kesler 

62 M NC hatter 2,000 
39 F NC 

18 F NC S [m. Milas Peeler] 
20 M NC S 

14 F NC S [d.1858, g. Union] 
10 F NC S [m. Albert 
5 December 1857] 

Tobias Owen 21 M NC 

John [Armstrong] 5 M NC [g. Union Ch.] 

Abram 2 M NC 

1 slave 

(Linn 1992, 19) 

One other child was yet to be born to John and Nancy 
Holmes Arey, Moses Arey who was born in 1853. (David- 
son 1983, 53) 

John Arey (1789-1854) was buried in Union Lutheran 
Church Cemetery next to his son, John Armstrong Arey, 
whose grave is one grave removed from that of Samuel 

John Armstrong, son of 
John and Nancy Arey 
D Apr 15, 1854 
A 64 y 5 m 7 d 

John Arey 
D Feb 2, 1854 
A 8 y 10 m 7 d 

(Agner 1967, 16) 

See endnote #SS3> Wm. H. Smith. 

105.fp.54, Sund. March 22, 1840 to Sund. Nov. 21, 1841] 
Once again there is a hiatus in the Diary. Some of the events 
which had a significant impact upon Rothrock and his fam- 
ily during this twenty month period have been reconstruct- 
ed from newspaper articles and family history. 

Married in Rowan Co., Caleb Peeler and Salome Rothrock 
on 30 April 1840. Carolina Watchman, 8 May 1840. 

Amelia Rothrock gave birth to a second son, Milas Luther 
Rothrock on 6 August 1840. 

Married in Rowan Co., Charles Hartman and Mary 
S[ophia]. Barringer on 1 October 1840. Carolina Watchman, 
9 Oct. 1840. 

4 November 1840, Phebe Arey [younger sister of Amelia 

(^LEFTj Phebe Arey Brown (1824— 1903), sister of Amelia 
Arey Rothrock ; and (vagwt) Lewis Tobias Brown (i8ij- 
1866), brother-in- law of Samuel Rothrock . 

(endnote #io0 

Annotations & Commentary (1840) 


Arey Rothrock] married Tobias Brown, Western Carolinian, 
issue 13 November 1840. 

Peter Arey (1783-1841), Rothrock's 58 year old father-in-law, 
died on 20 March 1841 and was buried in Union Lutheran 
Church cemetery. A two day dispersal sale of Peter Arey's 
estate was held on the first and second days of June 1841. 
Samuel Rothrock served as executor of the estate. (David- 
son 1982, 29-42) 

Tombstone, Union Lutheran Church Cemetery: 

Peter Aery 

Mar. 20 1841 
AE 57 y's 11 m's 
8c 5 d's 

Remember friends as you pass by 

As you are now so once was I 

As I am now so you must be 
Prepare for death and follow me. 


106. tp.55, Mond. Nov. 22, 1841] Samuel Rothrock's moth- 
er-in-law, Phebe Thomas Arey, widow of Peter Arey, was 
allocated 228 acres of land on Crane Creek, including the 
"family mansion as her Dower." Also, provisions, "wheat 
&c.," were allocated for her keep. (Davidson 1983, 41-42) 

107. [p. 55, Thurs, Nov. 25, 1841] Samuel Linn was a miller. 
Information from the 1850 U.S. Census of Rowan Co., 
N.C., tells us that Samuel Linn would have been forty- 
seven years old and his wife, Elisabeth, forty-five years old 
in 1841 and their son, Joseph A. Linn, twenty-one years of 
age. Samuel Rothrock maintained a close personal relation- 
ship with this family and served as mentor and role model 
for the Rev. Joseph A. Linn (1820-1864) and later for his 
son, the Rev. Josephus Adolphus Linn (1853-1923). 

See endnote #185, Samuel Linn 1850 Census. 

108. fp.55, Frid. Nov. 26, 1841] A shoat is a young pig that 
is able to feed alone. 

109. fp.55, Mond. Nov. 29, 1841] Tobias Brown married 
Amelia Rothrock's sister, Phebe Arey, on 4 Nov. 1840. Lewis 
Tobias Brown was born 27 January 1817, Iredell Co., N.C. 
and died 27 August 1866. He was the son of Jacob Brown, 
Sr. and Catherine Roseman and a grandson of Abraham 
Brown. The bride was sixteen years old and the groom was 
twenty-three. An announcement of their marriage ap- 
peared in the Western Carolinian on 13 November 1840. 
(Davidson 1983, 218-221) 

no. [p. 55, Thurs. Dec. 16, 1841] David R. Linn was the son 

of Robert Linn, who served in the Continental Line in the 
Revolutionary War, and Margaret Leonard Linn. On 23 
June 1830 he married Eliza Hartman (1804-1857), daughter 

of John Hartman ( -1843) an d his wife Elizabeth 

(Cathey) Hartman. David R. Linn and Eliza Hartman 
Linn had four children: 

1. Robert John Linn (1831-1867), m. Joicy Catherine 


2. Elizabeth Cathey Linn (1834-1851) 

3. Charlotte Margaret Linn (1838-1840) 

4. Laura Clementine Linn (1841-1909). 

MB: Robert John Linn &Joicey Catherine Redwine, 17 
Nov 1858. (Linn 1984, 280) 

This Linn family is associated with the Hartman-Linn 
House located on Long Ferry Road in the vicinity of Trad- 
ing Ford. "The Old Linn House" was a feature in the Sal- 
isbury Sunday Post, 9 May 1954. 

See endnote #1, Hartman's. 

1n.fp.56, Wed. Jan. 5, 1842] Samuel and Amelia Rothrock's 
son, Lewis Hazelius Rothrock, was three years old less one 
month at this time. He evidently had been visiting his now 
widowed grandmother, Phebe Thomas Arey. 

112. tp.56, Tues. Jan. n, 1842] Amelia Rothrock's sister, 
Phebe Arey Brown, gave birth to her first child, Eliza Maria 
Brown (1842-1852) on 7 January 1842. Amelia was experi- 
enced with childbirth and the care of children and she was 
therefore probably a great comfort to her sister Phebe who 
was twelve years younger. 

113. tp.57, Sund. Feb. 6, 1842] On this Sunday in February 
Rothrock invited Paul Kistler, licentiate, to preach for him 
at Union Church. Paul Kistler was born near Bear Poplar, 
N.C. After attending the Southern Seminary, he was li- 
censed in 1841 and ordained in 1843 by the S.C. Synod. He 
served churches in S.C., 1841-56. From 1856-58 he served 
Beth-Eden in Newton; St. Michael's, Troutman; St.Paul's, 
Iredell Co. In 1859 he united with the Methodist Church. 
(Sketches 1966, no) 

Paul Kistler s sister was Mary Kistler Brown (Mrs. Alex- 

See endnote #258, Alexander ("Sandy") Brown. 

114. [p. 58, Thurs. March 10, 1842] David Fraley became the 
2nd postmaster of the post-office in Rockwell on 12 January 
1839. (Brawley 1953, 380) 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

115. tp.58, Frid. March 11, 1842] Jane Arey, sister of Amelia 
Rothrock, was the youngest child of Peter and Phebe Arey. 
She was born 1 July 1831 and died 7 March 1910. A guardian 
bond dated 2 August 1841 in the Peter Arey estate papers 
tells us that after Peter Arey's death, David Barringer, Esq. 
was appointed "Guardian of Milas, Charlotte, and Jane 
Airey, Orphans of Peter Airey, Deceased." All three were 
under the age of twenty-one: Milas, 19 years, Charlotte, 14 
years, and Jane, 10 years. A guardian was not appointed for 
Phebe, age 17, because of her marriage on 4 November 1840 
to Tobias Brown. (Davidson 83, 40) 

See endnote #4, Children of Peter Arey, and #6, David 

116. tp.59, Frid. April 1, 1842] Rothrock was "crossing off 
corn ground" because he most likely was planning to check 
his corn when he planted it. The rows were planted at right 
angles to each other. This resulted in a symmetric beautiful 

117. [p.59,Thurs. April 7, 1842] On 3 May 1842, the Lutheran 
Observer made note of this marriage performed by Samuel 
Rothrock, "In Davidson, Co., on the 7th inst. by the Rev. 
Samuel Rothrock, Mr. Jacob Brown [Jr.] to Miss Eliza J., 
dau. of Martin Rothrock." Eliza Rothrock Brown died 27 
June 1842. 

See endnote #i2j, Eliza Brown. 

118. tp.59, Thurs, April 14, 1842] Peter Laurence Barringer 
was born 25 July 1822 and died 1 November 1869. He married 
1st 14 April 1842, Rose Ann Miller who was born 3 April 
1824 and died 30 October 1858. Her grave is in Union Church 
Cemetery. She was a daughter of Henry Miller and Mar- 
garet ("Peggy") Bruner and a granddaughter of Wendel 
Miller. Peter Lawrence Barringer was the son of John Peter 
Barringer and Katharine Trexler Barringer, and a younger 
brother of David Barringer. This wedding was not just an- 
other of the many marriages performed by Rothrock — it 
was a family wedding. Amelia Rothrock's sister, Mary Ellen 
Arey Barringer [Mrs. David], was a sister-in-law of the 
groom. (Dickson ca.1970) (Miller 1985, 434) 

See endnotes #2, Katharine Trexler Barringer, and #6, 
David Barringer. 

119. [p.59, Sund. April 24, 1842] Asa Ribelin, 1850 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C.; #1669.1693: 

Asa Ribelin 40 M NC farmer 700 
Susan Ribelin 29 F NC [mn. Walton] 
ParthaL. 7 F NC 
Annette E. 5 F NC 
Lewis I. 2 M NC 

Jane E. 5/12 F NC 

(Linn 1992, 115) 

120. [p. 60, Sund. May 15, 1842] When the South Carolina 
Synod met 20 November 1829 in Savannah, Ga., resolutions 
were passed regarding the establishment of a theological 
seminary within the jurisdiction of the Synod. A fund was 
established for this purpose and "Lexington Village" was 
chosen as the site. In the fall of 1833, the Theological Sem- 
inary at Lexington, S.C. opened its doors. The Rev. Dr. E. 
L. Hazelius, formerly of Gettysburg, Pa., and the Rev. 
Washington Muller, a graduate of South Carolina College, 
were named professor of theology and principal, respec- 
tively. It is likely that a special collection was taken for the 
benefit of the Lexington Seminary when Mr. George 
Brown, seminarian, preached for Rothrock at St. Mat- 
thew's Church. (Bernheim 1872, 489,507-09) 

See endnote #70, Ernest Lewis Hazelius. 

121. [p. 60, Sund. May 15, 1842] "Abram Arey, Sr." was the 
eighty-five year old paternal grandfather of Amelia Roth- 

See endnote #11, Abraham Arey. 

122. [p. 61, Sund. June 12, 1842] The "Centenary" talks or 
sermons were directed originally toward the raising of funds 
to assist ministerial students. However, when the Western 
Carolina Male Academy was established in 1852 at Mt. 
Pleasant, N.C., "Centenary Fund" monies were transferred 
to the college endowment. The school became North Caro- 
lina College in 1859 and operated as such until 1902 when 
it became Mt. Pleasant Collegiate Institute. After M. PC. I. 
closed in 1933, the property fell into a state of neglect. Dur- 
ing the 1970s the original building, erected 1853-54, was 
purchased by the Eastern Cabarrus Historical Society. It 
has been restored and is now a museum which depicts pi- 
oneer life in Eastern Cabarrus County. (Anderson 1978, 13) 

123. [p. 61, Tues. June 28, 1842] Eliza Brown; Tombstone 
inscription, Union Church Cemetery: 

Sacred to the memory of Eliza Brown 
Daughter of Martin and Rosina Rothrock 
B Oct 13, 1821 
D June 27, 1842 

(Agner 1967, 19) 
See also endnote #iij, Eliza J. Rothrock. 

124. [p. 62, Sund. July 3, 1842] The Lutheran Observer began 
publication in Baltimore, Maryland on 1 August 1831 as a 
semi-monthly newspaper. It became a weekly publication 
on 24 August 1833. Samuel Rothrock was a regular corre- 
spondent and contributed news of marriages and deaths. It 
ceased publication during the Civil War. 

125. [p. 62, Sat. July 9, 1842] Dawalt Lentz, 1850 Census 

Annotations & Commentary (1842) 


Rowan Co., N.C.; # i.i: 

Dawalt Lentz 46 M NC farmer 525 

Sarah Lentz 

50 F NC (X) 

Edmund D. 

20 M NC S 


Rufus W. 

18 M NC S 


Aaron G. 

16 M NC S 


Mary S. 

14 F NC S 

Joseph C. 

13 M NC S 

Margaret M. 

11 F NC S 

Hannah C. 

9 F NC S 



Sarah Jane 

6 F NCS 

(Linn 1992,1) 

Marriage Bond: Dawalt Lentz and Sally Lipe, 28 January 
1828. (Holcomb 1981, 237) 

126. [p. 62, Frid. July 15, 1842] The age at death of Sophia 
Hartman's child is not known but it probably was stillborn. 
Death had been a frequent visitor in the Hartman house- 
hold and the child's death was another in a series of tragedies 
that beset the family. Mary Sophia Barringer married 
Charles Hartman on 1 October 1840. He died sometime 
before 16 June 1841 when a sale of his property was held by 
David Barringer, Esq., Sophia's older brother and special 
administrator of the estate. Charles Hartman was the son 
of John Hartman ( -1843) and Elizabeth Cathey Hart- 
man. Charles Hartman was the brother of John Alexander 

Hartman ( -1846) and Eliza Hartman Linn (1804-1857). 

Eliza's husband, David R. Linn, born 1796, also died in 1841. 
Mary Sophia Barringer Hartman, born 27 March 1818, was 
the daughter of John Peter Barringer and Katharine Trexler 
Barringer. She married 2nd Milas Arey and died 15 February 
1846 at the age of twenty-eight. (Davidson 1983, 183-85; 
Hood 1983, 278—79) 

See endnotes #1, Hartman's, #2, Katharine Trexler Bar- 
ringer, and #145, Milas Arey. 

Malaria and typhoid fever frequently claimed a heavy toll 
of lives in the lower Piedmont, but the year 1842 was espe- 
cially lethal. Persons living close to the Yadkin and its trib- 
utaries, as did the Hartman-Linn family were at greater 
risk than those persons living away from mosquito breeding 
areas. The causes of these diseases which caused severe chills 
and high fever were not known at that time. 

127. fp.62, Thurs. July 21, 1842] Samuel Rothrock was as- 
sisting Eliza Hartman Linn, now a widow, in winnowing 
her wheat. In this process, the chaff is blown from grain by 
wind or a forced current of air. 

128. [p. 62, Sund. July 31, 1842] Bear Creek Church, now 
known as New Bethel Church, is located in Stanly County, 
N.C., ten miles northwest of Albemarle. Sometime be- 

tween 1788 and 1806 members of the Lutheran and German 
Reformed churches organized into a union congregation. 
They built a church near Bear Creek, about two miles from 
the congregation's present location. Because of its location 
the old church was popularly known as "Bear Creek 
Church." It continued as such until 1874 when the Luther- 
ans built a new house of worship and took the name "New 
Bethel Evangelical Lutheran Church." Samuel Rothrock 
served New Bethel Church, 1878— 1879. (Bernheim and 
Cox, 99-100) 

129. [p. 63, Thurs. Aug. 18, 1842] Milas Luther Rothrock, 
was buried in Union Church Cemetery. Tombstone inscrip- 

Milas Luther, son of Rev. Samuel & Amelia Rothrock 
D Aug. 18, 1842 
A[ge] 2 y[ears] 12 d[ays] 

(Agner 1967, 22) 

130. [p. 63, Frid. Aug. 19, 1842] Rothrock wrote in his Diary 
that his two year old son was buried in the evening on this 
date at Union Church. Phebe Arey, the child's maternal 
grandmother, lived in the vicinity of Union Church and 
after the burial the family spent the night at her home. 
Amelia and Lewis probably remained there until the funeral 
service which was held at Union Church on Sunday after- 
noon 28 August 1842. Once again the Rothrocks were "All 
night at Mrs. Arey's." 

131. [p. 65, Thurs. Oct. 20, 1842] Jacob Miller, born 1763, was 
a son of Wendel Miller. He is buried in the Miller Family 
Cemetery. (Miller 1985, 113) 

132. [p. 65, Sat. Oct. 29, 1842] Sandy Creek Church, now 
known as St. Luke's Church, is located in Tyro, Davidson 
Co., N.C. eight miles west of Lexington. Its date of orga- 
nization is not known but it is one of the oldest congrega- 
tions, and, in all probability, took part in the organization 
of the Synod in 1803. It was first known as "Swicegood's 
Meetinghouse" after Adam Swicegood and his wife Mary 
Cathron who gave the land. (Bernheim and Cox 1902, 

133. [p. 66, Tues. Nov. 22, 1842] Samuel Rothrock baptized 
the children of David and Mary Ellen ("Polly") Arey Bar- 
ringer at their home. Children baptized on this date were: 

1. Peter James Barringer b. 4 July 1837, d. 16 March 

1846, buried Union Church Cemetery. 

2. Pleasant Edwin Barringer b. 25 January 1839, d. 30 

May 1847, buried Union Church Cemetery. 

3. Pinkney Calhoun Barringer b. 14 April 1841, d. 19 

March 1847, buried Union Church Cemetery. 

The children were nephews of Samuel and Amelia Roth- 
rock. (Davidson 1983, 174) 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

i34-[p-66, Wed. Nov. 30, 1842] Conrad Miller was born 20 
October 1798 and died 17 November 1894. He was the son 
of Jacob Miller. His wife was Susanna Lentz who was born 
15 July 1807 and died 11 November 1894. (Miller 1985, 124) 
Marriage Bond; Conrad Miller and Susanna Lentz, 9 Jan- 
uary 1826. (Holcomb 1981, 276) 


135. fp.67, Thurs. Jan. 12, 1843] Samuel Rothrock traveled 
to the Friedberg Church community and on this date per- 
formed the wedding ceremony of Adam Rothrock, his 
youngest brother, to Elizabeth Whitlow. 

See endnotes #16, children of Jacob Rothrock, Sr., and #84-/, 
Adam Rothrock. 

136. [p. 67, Mond. Jan. 23, 1843 to Frid. Jan. 27, 1843] Samuel 
Rothrock's brothers-in-law, Benjamin Arey and Charles 
Barringer and his father-in-law, Peter Arey, deed., probably 
were responsible for Rothrock's interest in buying land in 
Iredell County. Benjamin Arey and Charles Barringer re- 
sided in Iredell Co. and his father-in-law, Peter Aire [sic] 
is listed in the 1840 Census of Iredell Co. as owning land 
and two slaves in that county. Peter Arey resided in Rowan 
and the slaves, a male and a female whose ages were in the 
24-36 year old age category, farmed his Iredell County land 
for him. (Davidson 1983,32) On 23 October 1846 Rothrock 
wrote in his Diary, "Bought Milas Arey's Iredell land." This 
property probably was a part of the Peter Arey estate which 
Milas inherited when his father Peter Arey died on 20 
March 1841. 

137. fp.69, Mond. March 20, 1843] Hugh Culverhouse, 1850 
U.S. Census, Rowan Co.,N.C; #480.495. 

Hue[sic] Culverhouse 42 M NC saddler 
Rebecca [mn. Wood] 36 F NC 

Margaret C. 
Rue R. 
William O. 
Hariet R. 

Margaret A. Wood 
1 slave 

13 F NC 
10 M NC S 
8 MNC S 
2 F NC 
57 F NC 

[MB: Hugh Culverhouse 8c Rebecca Wood 22 Dec 1838] 

(Linn 1992, 33), Frid. Mar. 24, 1843] Elizabeth Miller Peeler, 
tombstone inscription, Union Church Cemetery: 

Elizabeth Miller, wife of John Peeler 

(Agner 1967,15) 

See endnote #9, Elizabeth Miller Peeler. 

139. [p. 70, Thurs. April 20, 1843] 1° 1842, a vein of gold 
known as the Barnhardt vein was discovered at Gold Hill. 
Prior to this time there had been placer mining in both 
Rowan and Cabarrus Counties. That is, the ore was found 
on the surface of the earth and gold was panned from the 
clear running streams that had their headwaters in the 
Cabarrus-Rowan gold belt. With this strike, a gold rush 
was on and Gold Hill the destination. During the next 
decade four mineral properties were mined and shafts were 
sunk to a depth of 200 feet. Prior to the California Gold 
Rush of 1849, Rowan was the most important gold center 
in the country. For labor, hundreds of negro slaves were 
rented from their white masters for $150 per year and put 
to work in the mines. (Brawley 1953, 267-69) 

The practice of hiring out slaves to work in the mines was 
abhorred by Peter Arey, Amelia Rothrock's father, who 
wrote in his will, "...they [his slaves] shall never be hired to 
any miner or mining company to be employed in the mining 
business." Samuel Rothrock was the executor of that will. 
[Rowan Wills, WB I, p. 52] (Davidson 1983, 35) 

140. [p. 70, Frid. April 28, 1843 to Sat. April 29, 1843] The 

40th Meeting of the North Carolina Synod was held at 
Sandy Creek Church in Davidson Co., N.C. The topic of 
discussion at that meeting was the Centenary Fund. "Con- 
siderable money was raised for a Centenary Fund. ...These 
funds were applied to the various objects of the Synod, and 
finally to the then future college." (Bernheim and Cox 
1902, 159) 

See also endnote #122, Centenary Fund. 

141. [p. 71, Wed. May 3, 1843] The "Stone House" is the 
house built by Michael Braun, a German immigrant who 
came to America from the German Palatinate in 1737. In 
1766, Michael Braun completed his stone house which has 
stood as a landmark for over two hundred years just east of 
Salisbury in Rowan County. Brown was 45 when he com- 
pleted the "Old Stone House" and his first wife Margareta 
was 32. 

142. [p. 73, Frid. July 28, 1843] The Protracted Meeting at St. 
Stephen's Church was not an unusual occurrence. Samuel 
Rothrock wrote in his Diary on thirty-seven different oc- 
casions that he "commenced" or "attended" a "protracted 
meeting." Some of these meetings lasted as long as four 
days with several clergy participating and assisting. Often 
they culminated with confirmations and baptisms. In the 
earlier years, the preaching was in both English and Ger- 
man at these revival type meetings. Some pastors used pro- 
tracted meetings to replace catechization. 

143. [p. 74, Tues. Aug. 8, 1843] Margaret Salena Peeler was 

Annotations & Commentary (1843) 

2 3 

born 25 March 1824 in Rowan Co. Her parents were Michael 
Peeler who was born 9 September 1796 and died 8 July 1858 
and Elizabeth Brown who was born 9 February 1800 and 
died 24 November 1873. Her grandfather was Michael Peel- 
er who was born ca. 1765-66 in Granville, Co., N.C., and 
died 9 September 1827 in Rowan Co. John Smithdeal and 
Margaret Peeler Smithdeal had seven children. Their oldest 
daughter, Eviann Smithdeal, who was born 2 November 
1846, married Lawson G. Holshouser. (Arnold 1984, 246- 

144. [p. 74, Sund. Aug. 13, 1843] Samuel Rothrock referred 
to his younger brother Ludwig [Lewis] Rothrock as "Br. 
Lewis" in his Diary. Ludwig Rothrock was born 26 April 
1814 at Friedberg. On 11 May 1840 he married Rebecca R. 
Rudisill in Lincoln County. The family moved to Missouri 
in the mid 1850's. (Rothrock 1978, 147) Lewis Rothrock 
was enumerated in the 1850 U.S. Census of Rowan Co., 
N.C., in dwelling #116.120: 

Lewis P. Rothrock 36 M NC miner 
Rebecca Rothrock 35 F NC 
Anne A. 8 F NC S 

Wallace H. 7 M NC S 

Susan A. 6 F NC 

Margaret D. 4 F NC 

James L. 1 M NC 

Catharine Bunn 21 F NC 
1 slave 

(Linn 1992, 8) 

See endnote #16, family of Jacob Rothrock 

145. [p. 74, Tues. Aug. 22, 1843] Milas Arey married Mary 
Sophia Barringer Hartman on 22 August 1843. She was the 
twenty-five year old widow of Charles Hartman and the 
daughter of John Peter Barringer and Katharine Trexler 
Barringer. The bride was a younger sister of David Barrin- 
ger, husband of the groom's sister, Mary Ellen ("Polly") 
Arey Barringer. This was a case of a brother, Milas Arey, 
and a sister, Mary Ellen Arey, marrying a sister, Mary 
Sophia Barringer Hartman, and a brother, David Barringer. 

Milas Arey (1822— i860) was 
Amelia Arey Rothrock's younger 
brother. He married 1st Mary 
Sophia Hartman Barringer (22 
August 184J) and married 2nd 
Nancy Ann Smith (8 June 184"/). 
Samuel Rothrock performed both 

endnote # 145 

(Davidson 1983, 183) 

See endnotes #2, John Peter and Katharine Trexler Bar- 
ringer. and #126, Mary Sophia Barringer Hartman. 

146. [p. 75, Sund. Sept. 24, 1843] George Rendleman, 1850 
U.S. Census Rowan Co., N.C.; #1440.1451: 

George Rendleman 40 M NC farmer 1,500 
Eliza Rendleman 32 F NC 

Andrew H.R. 
Catherine J. 

Jesse Phillips 
10 slaves 

13 M NC 
11 F NC 
9 M NC 
1 M NC 
35 MNC labourer 

[George m. Eliza Roseman 8 Oct 1834] 

(Linn 1992, 99) 

147. fp.76, Sund. Oct. 1, 1843] Christian Kesler: Tombstone 
inscription, Union Church: 

Sacred to the memory of Christian Kesler 
B 30 June 1783, 
D 30 Sept 1843 
A 60 years 

The tombstone next to that of Christian Kesler reads: 

Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth Kesler 
B Aug 20 1785 
D Dec 25 1843 
A 58 y 1 m 5 d 

(Agner 1967, 21) 

148. fp.77, Tues. Nov. 7, 1843] Ellen Phebe Barringer's 
tombstone inscription, Union Church: 

Ellen Phebe, dau of D.&M. Barringer 
B Nov 28, 1842 
D Nov 16 [sic], 1843 

(Agner 1967, 28) 

149. [p. 78, Mond. Dec. 4, 1843] Hugh Kelley, 1850 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C.; #67.69: 

Hugh Kelley 35 M NC physician 2,000 

Amelia Kelley 34 F NC 

Cornelia E. 9 F NC 

Rebecca E. Kelly 19 F NC tuteress[sic] 

3 slaves 

(Linn 1992,5) 

Hugh Kelly married Amelia Barringer, 6 November 1840. 

150. [p. 78, Mond. Dec, 4, 1843] Anna Graeber was the wid- 
ow of the Rev. Henry Graeber, 1850 Census Rowan Co., 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

N.C.; #i487-i49 8: 

Anna M.B. Graber 54 F NC 
Louisa R.H. 18 F NC 

Anna E.M. 16 F NC 

Mary Salome Florentine 12 F NC 
John M. 19 M NC 

Thomas House 7 M NC 

(Linn 1992,102) 
The Rev. Henry Graeber died n September 1843. 

See endnote #26, Henry Graeber. 

151.fp.78, Thurs. Dec. 14, 1843] Jacob Brown, Sr. was born 
in 1775 and died 13 December 1843. He was the son of Abra- 
ham Brown who was born 8 March 1743 in Lancaster City, 
Pa. and died 10 January 1798 in Rowan Co., N.C. On 7 May 
1802 Jacob Brown, Sr. married Catherine Roseman, a 
daughter of George Roseman, Sr. She was born in 1780 and 
died 29 December 1844. Jacob Brown, Sr. inherited Brown's 
Mill from his father, Abraham, and he operated the mill 
until his death in 1843. Jacob Brown, Jr. inherited the mill 
from his father. Jacob, Sr. and "Caty" Roseman Brown had 
nine children (Fisher 1983, 44): 

1. Jacob, Jr. who lived and died on the Abraham 

Brown homeplace. 

2. George Henry, a Lutheran minister in Mississippi. 

3. Alexander ("Sandy"), m. Mary Kistler. Their son, 

Bachman Samuel Brown, and his son, Bachman 
Storch Brown, were Lutheran ministers. 

4. Elizabeth, first wife of John Rendleman. 

5. Nancy, the second wife of John Rendleman. 

6. Maria, m. Moses Barringer. 

7. Catherine, wife of Moses Barringer. 

8. Rachel, m. Jacob Holshouser. 

9. Lewis Tobias Brown, m. Phebe Arey.(DAViDSON 

1983, 219) 

Jacob Brown, Sr. Tombstone inscription, Union Church 

Jacob Brown 
D Dec 13, 1843 

eighty-six. (Davidson 1983, 18-28) 

See endnote #11, Abraham Arey. 

153. [p. 79, Sund. Jan.7, 1844] Samuel Rothrock was again 
the pastor of Union Church and, after preaching on this 
Sunday, he installed the Church Council. This listing dated 
1 February 1844 was found among the David Barringer Fam- 
ily Papers in the estate of Carl Fred Phillips (1892-1994), 
grandson of David Barringer and Mary Ellen Arey Barrin- 
ger. [Reproduced by permission of Paul Barringer Phillips, 
Bahama, NC] 

Union Church, North Carolina. Rowan County: 
February the 1st day 1844 AD 

We the undersigned promise to pay the several sums 
annexed to our names to the collectors of the sallary 
[sic] of the Rev. S. Rothrock our present Pastor, on 
order on the 1st day of Feby 1844. Our present pastor 
promises on his part to disperse to us faithfully the 
Words of Eternal Life every other Sabath for one year 
from the above first date also such duties which devolve 

(Agner 1967, 19) 


on Pastors. 

Henry Trexler 


George Miller 

X Samuel Peeler 



X Tobias Brown 



X George Cauble 



X Jacob Brown Jun. 



X David Barringer 



X Jacob Brown Wid. 



X Solomon Peeler 


Jacob Brown Senr. 

X Christopher Lyerly 



Edward Rufty 

i. 00 

X George Lyerly 


1. 00 

X Peter Cauble Treas. 



X Catharine Barringer 



X Henry Cauble 


1. 00 

X Mary L. Hartman 


1. 00 

Jacob Walton 

X PL. Barringer 


1. 00 

X William [illegible] 

1. 00 

X Pleasant Redwine 


1. 00 


in fold of paper] 

X Henry Ketchy 


1. 00 

X Joseph Williams 


1. 00 

X John Ketchy 


1. 00 

X William Hartman 



X Edward Earnhart 


1. 00 

X Livi [sic] Thomas 



X Wendle Kluttz 


1. 00 

Peter Row 

paid 25 cts 


X John A. Hartman 



X Jeremiah Brown 


1. 00 

X John Hartman 



X Wiley Rufty 



X John Hartman D 



Simeon Hiliet 


X Jno Shuman 



X David Boger 


1. 00 

X Jno Wise Junr. 



X Thomas Brown 



Milas Arey 

1. 00 

John May Senr. 


X Phebe Arey 

1. 00 

Jess May 


X Elizabeth Peeler 


Isaac Agner 


X Anthony Peeler 



X John Trexler 


1. 00 

X George Peeler 



X Jacob Trexler Junr. 



X Noah Peeler 



X Alexander Brown 



X George H. Johnson 


1. 00 

X George W. Smith 



X Isaac Kesler 



X Daniel Smith 


X Alexander Kesler 


X David Butner 


X Moses Trexler 




[listing continued on back side of ledger sheet] 

152.fp.79, Wed. Jan. 3, 1844] Abraham Arey, Amelia Arey 
Rothrock's grandfather, died 2 January 1844 at the age of 


Received Feb. 18, 1844 on this 
list Twenty four Dollars 
S. Rothrock 

Annotations & Commentary (1844) 

2 5 

John Cauble 



Catharine Cauble 


Received March 17 1844 on this 

X Daniel Boger 



Twenty two Dollars & fifty 

X Martin Kluttz 



cents. S. Rothrock 

X Thomas Earnheart 



X George Rusher 



Received Apr. 21, 1844 on 

X J M Brown 



this List Six Dollars & 

X John Cauble Junr. 



fifty cents. 

X Jesse Peeler 



S. Rothrock 

X Michael L. Peeler 



X Saml. Linn 


1. 00 

Received May 16th 1845 on 

X David Eller 



this List Twenty Nine Dollars 

X Richard Julin 



S. Rothrock 

John [illegible] 


X George Smithdeal 



X Chas Waller 



X David Fraley 



X Isaac Eller 



[on fold: illegible] 

X Peter Trexler 



X Chas. Kluttz 



X Tobias Kesler 


X Edward Wade 



X John Mull 



X Jacob Walton 



X John Smithdeal 



G Michael [illegible] 


X Mary [illegible] 


X Elizabeth Walton Wid.Sr. 


X Christian Mahaley 



X Conrad Eller 


Peter Casper 


X Charles Lyerly 



X Mrs. Walton widow of JWW 


Abram Arey 


X Adam Casper paid to S.R. 


[blank sheet attached — on back side of blank sheet] 

Sept. 15, 1844 

Resolved by the council of this (Union) Church that 
David Barringer & Solomon Peeler are this day ap- 
pointed [illegible] of dues of this church. 

J.B. Anthony, Chm 

A true copy 

154. [p. 83, Thurs. May 2, 1844] Moses Klutz was born 5 
March 1816 and died 24 March 1859. He married Leah Ly- 
erly who was born 29 August 1821 and died 20 November 
1893. She was the daughter of Jacob and Catherine Barger 
Lyerly. (Kluttz 1990, 39) 

155. [p. 84, Sund. June 9, 1844] Alexander Corl was born 2 
October 1823 and died in 1848. He was the son of Moses 
and Sarah Basinger Corl. He married Mary Anna Kluttz 
who was born 11 November 1827 and died 2 August 1865. 
She was the daughter of Leonard Kluttz (1788-1868) and 
Sophia Kluttz (i794-ca.i86o-7o). Sophia Kluttz's parents 
were Johann Jacob Kluttz III and Anna Marie Peeler Kluttz. 
(Kluttz 1990, 255,258) 

156. [p.85, Wed. July3, 1844] The Rev. George Henry Brown 
was the son of Jacob Brown, Sr. and Catherine Roseman 

Brown and a brother of Alexander ("Sandy") Brown. He 
was licensed by the S.C. Synod in 1842. In 1846 he "resigned 
his pleasant Beth-Eden charge and from conscientious con- 
victions of duty felt himself called to labor for the Church 
in that promising field, where Lutheran colonists from 
North and South Carolina had located themelves [Missis- 
sippi]. ...A Synod was formed in that State in 1855, and the 
Lutheran Church in Mississippi, after having overcome 
many difficulties, appears at present [1872] to be in a pros- 
perous condition." Davidson 1983, 219; Bernheim 1872, 
547-48, 553-) 

See endnote #151, Jacob Brown, Sr. 

157. tp.87, Mond. Nov. 4, 1844] The candidates for the pres- 
idency of the United States were James Knox Polk, a former 
Governor and Congressman (Dem) from Tennessee who 
was born in Mecklenburg County, NC. in 1795, and Henry 
Clay, a Whig. 

158. [p. 87, Mond. Nov. 4, 1844] Paul A. Seaford, 1850 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C.; #1482.1493: 

Paul A. Seaford 

Margaret P. Seaford 

Miles H. 


Sarah E. 

Moses A. 

Mary L. 

John M. 

Louisa M. 


Margaret Caster 


2 slaves 

42 M NC farmer 3,200 
41 F NC 

15 F NC 





(Linn 1992, 102) 

A son, Calvin W., bom 4 November 1850, was born too late 
to be counted in the 1850 census. He became a Lutheran 
minister and went by the name Sifferd. 

See endnotes #359, Paul Sifford, i860 Census, and #SS7> 
Calvin Wright Sifferd. 

159. [p. 87, Sat. Nov. 9, 1844] Joseph A. Linn was born 28 
May 1820. He was the son of Samuel G. and Elizabeth 
Linn. During his formative years, Samuel Rothrock was 
his role model and mentor. J. A. Linn, was licensed (1844) 
and ordained (1845) by trie N.C. Synod. He married first a 
Miss Shuler from South Carolina and they had one child, 
a son John. He married second, Margaret Ann Bernhardt 
of Cabarrus Co. The Rev. J. A. Linn served churches in 
Rowan, Cabarrus, and Iredell until his untimely death at 
the age of forty-four of a fractured skull caused by a fall 
from his horse while returning from a church service. He 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

Organ Church, originally named Zion, got its 
more familiar name from its early organ which 
was built by hand by Johannes Stirewalt. Its 
third house of worship (left) was completed in 
1J94. In 1844 Samuel Rothrock became the sev- 
enth pastor of Organ (Zion) Lutheran Church 
(organized 1745), where he served the congre- 
gation a total of thirty-three years during three 
pastorates. Here he baptized y6j persons and 
confirmed 769. Samuel Rothrock was the pastor 
of Organ Church: 1844— 1866; 1867—1869; 
1876-1886, a total of thirty- four years, 1993 

(endnote #162) 

died three days later on 16 March 1864 and was buried at 
Organ Church. A son by his second marriage was the Rev. 
Josephus Adolphus Linn (1853-1923). The Revs. J. K., C.A., 
and J. Arthur Linn are grandsons, and the Rev. H.C. Linn 
is a great-grandson. (Sketches 1966, 118) 

See endnotes #ioj, Samuel Linn, 1850 Census, #183 and 
#354, Joseph A. Linn, 1830, i860 Census, and #343, Mar- 
garet A. Bernhardt Linn Lentz, i8jo and 1880 Census. 

160. [p. 87, Sat. Nov. 9, 1844] Jacob Brown Anthony was 
born 30 October 1808. He was ordained by the Methodist 
Church in 1832 and was received by the N.C. Synod in 1844. 
Throughout his professional career he was referred to as 
J.B. Anthony. On 31 January 1836 he married Martha Hard- 
away Mitchell with whom he had eight children. He mar- 
ried 2nd Nancy Nunamaker. There were no children of that 
marriage. From 1845-49 he served churches in Rowan, 
Davidson, Iredell, Stanly, and Cabarrus Cos., N.C. He was 
in South Carolina, 1849-58, but he returned to North Caro- 
lina where he again served churches in Stanly, Cabarrus, 
and Iredell Cos. from 1860-82. He also served several terms 
as secretary and as president of both the N.C. and S.C. 
Synods. Bernheim's history indicates that he served in 
Pennsylvania from 1867-77. He died 20 November 1886 and 
is buried at Mt. Pleasant, N.C. (Sketches 1966, 14) 

161. [p. 87, Thurs. Nov. 28, 1844] In all likelihood, "Eliza" 
was one of Abraham Arey's five slaves. Abraham died 2 
January 1844, and on 31 October 1844, Rothrock noted in 
his Diary, "Attended to the funeral of Mrs. Arey, deed., 
widow of Abram Arey, deed, at Union ch...." Abraham 
owned five slaves in 1840, according to the U.S. Census. 
Samuel and Amelia Rothrock probably had known Eliza 
for many years and they wanted to be sure she would have 
a good home with a kind Christian family. [Census Bureau, 

6th census, 1840, microcopy T-5, roll 116, vol.8,p.38] 

162. [p. 88, Thurs. Dec. 5, 1844] Zion Lutheran Church got 
the name "Organ Church" from an organ which Johannes 
Stirewalt made by hand tor the stone church begun in 1774. 
This early organ is said to have been one of the first pipe 
organs ever built in America, and the first in any Lutheran 
church in North America. In 1795, the new stone church 
was completed and the organ was transferred to that church 
edifice which is still standing today. In 1902, Bernheim 
wrote, "The old organ — a relic of the past — is still there, 
but its voice is no longer heard in the worship of the con- 
gregation." At some point in time, the organ was removed 
and replaced and no one knows exactly what happened to 
it. It is possible that the organ which had been repaired and 
which Rothrock and the council inspected in 1844 was the 
Stirewalt organ. (Bernheim 1902, 243) 

163. [p. 88, Tues. Dec. 24, 1844] John Bostian, 1850 Census 
Rowan Co.,N.O; #1438.1449: 

John Bostian 
Polly E. Bostian 
Camilla C. twin 
Margaret D. twin 
Lawrence J. 
Lunda M. Hair 

26 M NC farmer 275 
26 F NC (X) illiterate 
2 F NC 
2 F NC 
1/12M NC 
19 F NC 

[MB: Polly Elizabeth Yost and John Bostian 23 Dec 1844, 
Michael Bostian, bondsman.] 

(Linn 1992, 99) 

Annotations & Commentary (1844) 



164.fp.89, Sund. Jan. 26, 1845] Charles Barringer, son of 
Nicholas and Christena Barringer, was born 3 February 1804 
and died 28 February 1850. On 3 February 1824 he married 
Mary ("Polly") Redwine. His widow, Mary, and their chil- 
dren were enumerated in the 1850 Census of Rowan Co., 
N.C.; dwelling #1775.1800: 

Mary M. Barringer 42 F NC1000 


Nicholas R[edwine]. 
Joseph A. 
4 slaves 

16 F NC S 
14 F NC S 
12 M NC S 
25 M NC farmer 800 

Charles was listed in the 1850 Rowan Co. Census: Mor- 
tality Schedule: Berriner [sic], Charles 46 M NC m., 
d. Feb. farmer, delerium [sic] tremens, ill 1 week. 

(Linn 1992, 122,130) 

Samuel Rothrock preached Charles Barringer s funeral at 
Organ Church on 1 March 1850. 

See endnote Children of Nicholas Barringer. 

165. [p. 90, Wed. Feb. 19, 1845] William Fraley, 1850 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C.; dwelling #571.587: 

William R. Fraley 27 M NC farmer 250 

Jane E. Fraley 23 F NC 

William W. 4 MNCislave 

Thomas B. 1 M NC 

(Linn 1992, 38-39) 

166. [p. 90, Wed. Feb. 19, 1845] An hifare is a party or re- 
ception for a newly married couple. 

167. [p. 91, Sat. March 1, 1845] Elizabeth Klutts was born 27 
October 1809 and died 1 March 1845. She was the daughter 
of Johann Jacob (Klotz) Kluttz III who was born 19 August 
1760 in Berks Co., Pa. and who came with his parents to 
Rowan Co. from Pennsylvania in 1778 at the age of 18. Eliz- 
abeth Klutts married 7 November 1826 Henry Kluttz who 
was born 2 July 1807 and died 8 June 1883. He was the son 
of David and Catherine Kluttz. (Kluttz 1990, 33, 108) 

168. [p. 92, Frid. April 18, 1845] William George Harter, 
born 25 September 1811, Barnwell Dist., S.C., was the son 
of George and Margaret (Platts) Harter. He was ordained 
by the S.C. Synod in 1838 and served in S.C. 1836-41. He 
served churches in N.C. 1841-56: Cold Water, organized 
St. James', Concord, where he served to 1854, and Mt. Car- 
mel, all in Cabarrus, Co.; St. Enoch, Union, and Luthers, 
all in Rowan Co.; New Bethel in Stanly Co.; supplied St. 

Paul in Iredell Co. From 1857 until his death 31 July 1864, 
he served churches in Ky. (Sketches 1966, 84) 

On Wed. Dec. 30, 1846, Samuel Rothrock performed the 
marriage ceremony of William G. Harter to Margaret V. 
Nutall and also served as bondsman. (Holcomb 1981, 175) 

169. [p. 93, Thurs. May 15, 1845] Moses Cruse was the son 
of John Cruse (1790-1847) and Sophia Heilig Duke (1791- 
1845). He was born 17 January 1825. (Cruse 1992, 33) 

See endnote #172. 

170. [p. 93, Thurs. May 15, 1845] Moses Barringer was born 
5 August 1820 and died 1 May 1874. He married 5 October 
1842 Mary Catherine Brown who was born 5 October 1819 
and died 14 October 1906. She was a daughter of Jacob 
Brown, Sr. and Catherine Roseman. Moses was a brother 
of Charles Barringer who married Mary Redwine and Eve 
Elizabeth Barringer who married Ambrose Eddleman. 
(Dickson ca.1970) 

See endnotes Children of Nicholas Barringer, and 
#164, Charles Barringer. 

171. [p. 93, Sund. May 18, 1845] Adam M. Cruse was born 19 
May 1818 and died 29 April 1886. On 17 May 1845 ne married 
Catherine Troutman who was born 6 September 1827 and 
died 20 May 1911. He was farmer, blacksmith, and wagon- 
maker. During the War Between the States he served in 
the Confederate States Army. (Cruse 1992, 35) 

172. [p. 94, Wed. June 4, 1845] John Cruse, son of Andrew 
Cruse (1763-1857) and Anna Catherine Messimer (1768— 
1857), was Dorn 13 May 1790 and died 9 November 1847. He 
owned and operated a grist mill in Cabarrus Co. On 4 June 
1816 he married Sophia Heilig Duke, widow of Thomas 
Duke. She was the daughter of George Michael and Cathe- 
rine Heilig. (Cruse 1992, 33) 

x 73[p-95> Sund. July 13, 1845] P aiu Cruse was born 28 No- 
vember 1803 and died 28 March 1879. He was a younger 
brother of John Cruse. On 17 March 1827, he married Su- 
sannah Cress who was born 5 January 1802 and died 5 Jan- 
uary 1895. Both are buried at Organ Church. (Cruse 1992, 

174.fp.96, Tues. Aug. 5, 1845] The Jersey Settlement is lo- 
cated in Davidson, Co., NC, on the northeast bank of the 
Yadkin River. It takes its name from a colony of people from 
New Jersey who moved to the Yadkin Valley in search of 
more land. No definite date has been established for its 
settlement but there has been a continuous Baptist ministry 
at the Jersey Church since 1755. Gasper Smith and his broth- 
ers, David and Adam, settled in this area. Gasper became 
a naturalized citizen on 22 September 1763. The bride was 
the daughter of George Smith and, in all likelihood, was a 
descendant of Gasper or one of his brothers. John Hartman, 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

the groom, probably was John Alexander Hartman, brother 
of Eliza Hartman Linn. 

See endnote #110. 

On 2 August 1845, a marriage bond was issued in Rowan 
County; John Alexander Hartman, groom, and Mary Ann 
Smith, bride. Even though Rothrock, in his Diary, wrote 
the bride's name as Nancy Ann Smith, the bride's name as 
written on the marriage bond, "Mary Ann," should be as- 
sumed to be bride's correct name. 

175. [p. 96, Sat. Aug. 23, 1845] The "Moravian Church" re- 
ferred to by Rothrock is Friedberg Moravian Church, 
founded in 1773. It is located nine miles south of Winston- 
Salem, N.C., just west of State Highway 150, on the Forsyth 
County-Davidson County line. The name "Friedberg," 
given to the community, means The Hill Of Peace. This is 
where Samuel Rothrock was born and reared. His parents, 
Jacob and Esther Rothrock, and other relatives are buried 
in "God's Acre" at Friedberg Church. The Rev. E. T Sen- 
seman was the pastor at Friedberg Moravian Church, 1844- 

176. [p. 96, Sund. Aug. 24, 1845] Martin Ripple was the hus- 
band of Anna Christina Rothrock, Samuel Rothrock's aunt. 
Christina, born 14 February 1781 at Friedberg, was ten years 
younger than Samuel Rothrock's father, Jacob, Sr. (1771- 
1848). (Rothrock 1978, 143) 

177. fp.98, Sund. Oct. 5, 1845] Tombstone inscription, 
Union Church Cemetery: 

Phebe T[homas] 
wife of 
Peter Aery 

Oct. 5, 1845 

Friedberg Moravian Church, founded in 
z 773> K located nine miles south of Winston- 
Salem, N. C.,just west of State Highway 
160, on the Forsyth County-Davidson 
County line. Friedberg means "the hill of 
Peace. " igj8 photograph. 

(endnote #175) 

AE 57 y's 1 mo. 
& 12 d's. 

As a wife devoted, as a mother af- 
fectionate, as a friend ever kind and 
true. In life She exhibited all the 
graces of a Christian. 

Lutheran Observer, Issue 14 November 1845: 

Died at her residence in Rowan Co., N.C., Oct. 5, 1845, 
Mrs. Phebe Arey, relict of the late Peter Arey aged 57 
years, 1 month , and 13 days. Of the early part of Mrs. 
As life, and of her early religious advantages the writer 
has had no particular information, further than that 
she was united in marriage with Mr. A. on the 23 of 
August 1807. From some cause she did not make a 
public profession of religion until the latter part of the 
year 1829 when she connected herself with the Lutheran 
congregation at Union then under the pastoral care of 
the Rev. J.B. Reck. Of that congregation she remained 
an acceptable member until her death. During a very 
gloomy state of declension through which, in the prov- 
idence of God the congregation has been called to pass, 
she remained the firm and fast friend of the cause of 
Christ. She seldom failed to occupy her place in the 
house of God on occasions when divine worship was 
performed. Her own dwelling too, was ever readily 
offered for prayer- meetings, and the servant of Christ 
ever found a hearty welcome and a comfortable home 
with the hospitable family during his stay. 

She has left a respectable family (amongst them the 
Rev. B. Arey and Mrs. Rothrock, wife of Rev. S. Roth- 
rock) together with numerous friends and relatives to 
deplore their loss; but we trust their loss is her gain. 
On the night before her death she was interrogated as 
to her future prospects; when she gave assurance that 

Annotations & Commentary (1845) 


her whole hope of salvation was in Christ. Her mortal 
remains were committed to the earth at Union Church, 
to await the archangel's call at the last day. The solemn 
occasion was improved by the writer from i Cor.xv 56 
8C57. J[acob] B[rown] A[nthony] 

178. [p. 98, Tues. Oct. 28 and Wed. Oct. 29, 1845] Samuel 
Rothrock bid in a number of items at "the sale of Mrs. 
Arey's property." They included: 

1 Crout Stand 




.98 1/2 

1 water can 





1 Large Wheel 

•35 1/2 




1 Jam &c Honey 



wire sifter 


1 blanket 





3 Lot Pillow cases 



Blooded Boor 


1 Brindle cow 



Carry all 


In addition to Phebe's children, their spouses, others who 
purchased items at the sale included; C. Lyerly, PL. Bar- 
ringer, J.A. Hartman, C. Linebarger, Michl. Eller, S. Peeler, 
Mary A. Redwine, Danl. Isehou. The "Carry all" which 
Rothrock purchased was the most expensive single item 
sold during the two day sale. The next most expensive item 
was a "sorrel mare" purchased by Milas Arey followed by 
50 bushels of wheat purchased by Tobias Brown for 39.25. 

Amount of first Sale, $747,371/2 

Amount of 2nd " 747-68 1/2 

Notes, Accts. & 153.91 1/2 

Total $1749.971/2 

[Arey family papers, courtesy Paul Barringer Phillips, Ba- 
hama, N.C.] 

179. [p. 99, Thurs. Nov. 27, 1845] Fullenwider's Church was 
located three miles east of Rockwell, N.C., near the present 
day site of St. Peter's Church, Rowan Co. There has been 
a house of worship there since ca. 1745 when a group of 
Lutherans and German Reformed built a small hickory log 
church on ground owned by a Mr. Fullenwider. The church 
was called, " The Hickory Church." Because these quarters 
were considered to be temporary, a title was not obtained 
for the ground. Over the ensuing decades the hickory log 
church was no longer used and it was allowed to fall into a 
state of decay. In about 1830, however, a small group of 
Tennessee Synod Lutherans organized a congregation there 
and renamed it Krauth Memorial Lutheran Church. The 
congregation built a thirty by forty-foot frame building. It 
was closed in, but the interior was left unfinished. (Bern- 
heim 1872, 244; Morgan 1953, 339-40) 

On four occasions during the years 1845-47, Samuel Roth- 
rock wrote, "...attended to the funeral of. .at Fullenwider's 
ch." He was referring to the church that stood where St. 

Peter's, Rowan Co., is located. 

See endnote #296, St. Peter's Church. 


180. [p.ioi, Sund. Jan. 11, 1846] Daniel Scherer, born 12 Sep- 
tember 1790, was a younger brother of the Rev. Jacob Scher- 
er (1785-1860). He was licensed (1816) and ordained (1821) 
by the N.C. Synod and served churches in Rowan, Stanly, 
and Cabarrus Cos. until 1832. For the next twenty years, 
until his death in 1852, he-labored as a pioneer missionary 
in southern Illinois where he organized churches while still 
a member of the N.C. Synod. During the early part of the 
nineteenth century there was a large exodus of members 
from Lutheran congregations in Rowan, Iredell, Cabarrus, 
and Stanly Counties to southern Illinois. Evidence of this 
migration is carved in the monuments in the graveyards of 
the oldest Lutheran churches in Johnson, Pulaski, Union, 
and Alexander Counties, 111. The surnames Barringer, Peel- 
er, Rendleman, Cruse, Brown, Miller, Kluttz, etc. are found 
over and over again, just as they are at Union, Organ, or St. 
John's Churches in Rowan and Cabarrus Counties. Daniel 
Scherer died 4 April 1852 and was buried in Sand Hill Cem- 
etery, Mt. Carmel, 111. (Sketches 1966, 183) 

See endnote #19, Jacob Scherer. 

181. [p.ioi, Frid. Jan. 23, 1846] William H. Fink was licensed 
in 1847 but was never ordained by the N.C. Synod. He 
transferred to S.C. Synod in 1848. (Sketches 1966, 64) 

182. [p. 102, Feb. 16, 1846] Obituary: Mary Sophia Barringer 
Hartman Arey. Carolina Watchman, 20 February 1846: 

Death under all circumstances is well calculated to im- 
press the mind with deep solemnity; but under some 
particular circumstances, he arms himself with most 
impressive solemnity to surviving friends, from the 
affecting nature of the rent occasioned by his ruthless 
intrusion into families. Such was the effect produced 
by the death of Mrs.Mary Sophia Arey, wife of Milas 
Arey. Until within about two days of her death she 
enjoyed her wonted health. So suddenly was the dis- 
ruption that her surviving friends could scarcely bring 
their minds to believe the solemn fact that she was 
forever gone from earth. Yet unpleasant as it was, it was 
nevertheless true. She died on the morning of the 15th 
of February, 1846, at her residence in Rowan County, 
North Carolina. She has left a bereaved husband and 
two small children (one but 24 hours old) who must 
keenly feel their deprivation in her untimely demise. 
She had for several years been a regular member of the 

Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

Evangelical Lutheran Church: although from the na- 
ture of her last illness and the rapidity with which it 
progressed, she conversed very little on her future pros- 
pects, yet from her life of obedience and faith which 
are the best criteria by which to judge, we trust that she 
now rests sweetly in the paradise of God. On Monday 
the 16 inst., her mortal remains were committed to the 
earth in the burying ground at Union Church to await 
the resurrection of the just. J.B.A[nthony]. 

See endnote #2, Children of Katharine Trexler Barringer. 

183. fp.105, Fri. May 1, 1846] The 43rd Meeting of the North 
Carolina Synod was held at Union Church. The Rev. J.B. 
Anthony, who was the pastor of both Union and St. John's 
Church, Salisbury, reported; 26 infant baptisms, 22 
confirmations, 210 communicants, 24 funerals, 5 member 
deaths, 4 expulsions, two "Sabbath Schools," 20 teachers, 
100 scholars, and two prayer meetings. This annual report 
reflected total numbers for the two churches combined 
rather than individual statistics for each church. (Agner 
1988, 131) Samuel Rothrock was, at this time, serving Organ 
Church and St. Stephens Church, Cabarrus Co. 

184. fp.105, Mond. May 11 to Sat. May 23, 1846] Samuel Ro- 
throck was five days travelling to the meeting of the Synod 
of Southwestern Virginia in Giles Co., Va., which is located 
in the Appalachian Mountains bordering on West Virginia. 
The county seat is Pearisburg, Va. The early Lutheran 
churches in this area were affiliated with the North Carolina 
Synod. Because of growth, in 1840, the pastors and lay del- 
egates of these churches petitioned to form a new synod. 
In May, 1842, "the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Western 
Virginia and adjacent parts," later known as the Synod of 
Southwest Virginia, "came into being." (Bost and Norris 
1994, 70) On his return trip to Rowan County, Rothrock 
was on the road six days. 

185. [p. 105, Frid. May 29, 1846] Samuel Linn, 1850 Census 
of Rowan County, N.C.; #1825.1851: 

Samuel Linn 56 M NC farmer 6500 

Elisabeth Linn 54 F NC (X) 

Joseph A. Linn 30 M NC L[uth.] 1800 m 

Margaret A. Linn 26 F NC m 
JohnF. 2 M NC 

Samuel B. Williams 30 M VA millwright 
Isaac Wagner 28 M NC millwright 

Rufus Hill 30 M NC millwright 

Samuel Linn: 200 A improved land, 200 unimproved, 

14 slaves: Flouring: 2,000 bbls flour valued at $9,000. 
Corn mill : 11,000 bu meal valued at $2,850 
saw mill: 180,000 ft. lumber valued at $2,170 

Joseph A. Linn - 2 slaves, 
note: m=married within the year. 

(Linn 1992,126) 

186. [p. 110, Thurs. Oct. 1, 1846] Catherine Cruse, born 6 
April 1820, was the daughter of Phillip Cruse. She died 13 
January 1900 and was buried in West Eden Cemetery, 
Johnson Co., 111. Daniel Klutts, born 28 November 1822, 
was the son of Martin Kluttz (i795-ca.i847) and Margaret 
Peeler (b. ca. 1799) Daniel and Catherine Cruse Kluttz and 
his mother, Margaret Peeler Kluttz, moved to Johnson Co., 
111. about 1859. (Kluttz 1990, 261) 

During the following two decades, many Rowan and Iredell 
Co., N.C. families continued to move to Southern Illinois. 
Daniel, Catherine, and the widow Kluttz probably had rel- 
atives and friends already living there. 

187., Frid. Oct. 9, 1846] Luther's Church is located in 
the southeastern part of Rowan County, about three miles 
west of the Yadkin River, on the Stokes Ferry Road. It is 
not precisely known when this church was organized, how- 
ever, the Minutes of the N.C. Synod, 1828, p. 7, report, 
"Petition from the members of the congregation of Luther's 
Church, Rowan County, which was lately organized 
through the instrumentality of Rev. Daniel Scherer, to be 
received into connection with this body, and to be supplied 
with regular preaching." The congregation was received and 
Pastor Scherer continued to serve the new congregation. 
The first church was a log building which stood between 
the place of the present church and the road. It was used 
by the congregation until a frame structure was erected in 
1882. On 7 September 1883 Pastor Thomas Hamlin Stro- 
hecker and Samuel Rothrock dedicated the new church. 
Rothrock served Luther's Church 1841-1845 and 1888— 1889. 
(Morgan 1953, 240-41) 


188. [p. 117, Frid. May 28, 1847] Pilgrim Church is located in 
Davidson County, about three miles north of Lexington, 
and a mile west of the Lexington-Thomasville Highway. 
The original location of the church was about one mile 
south, where Lutheran and Reformed members shared the 
church. The exact date of organization is not known but 
baptismal records dating as far back as 1757 lead one to 
believe that the church was organized at that time, or per- 
haps a few years earlier. The date of organization claimed 
by Pilgrim Lutheran Church and by Pilgrim Reformed 
Church is 1754. The first house of worship was a log build- 
ing, with a balcony and a high pulpit. The second building, 

Annotations & Commentary (1847) 

a frame structure arranged similarly to the old log church, 
was erected in 1807. Here, the Lutheran and the Reformed 
congregations continued to share facilities. It was this sec- 
ond church building and a successor larger frame structure, 
erected in 1882, that Samuel Rothrock knew. Near the close 
of the century a question of ownership arose and the matter 
was taken to court. The ruling of the court was in favor of 
the Lutherans and the property, with the exception of the 
burying grounds, was sold at public auction. The German 
Reformed purchased it in and the Lutherans relocated 
about a mile north from the old church where they pro- 
ceeded to build a new frame church. This building, com- 
pleted in October, 1903, was destroyed by fire on the night 
of its completion! For many years prior to the fire, two 
Lutheran groups, one of the N.C. Synod and the other of 
the Tennessee Synod, had been worshiping in the old 
church; ten days after the fire, the two groups united in one 
Lutheran congregation in the North Carolina Synod. Since 
then there have been other houses of worship but Pilgrim 
Lutheran Church of Davidson Co., N.C, has remained in 
this location. (Morgan 1953, 268-69) Early in its history 
this church was called Leonard's Church. 

See endnote #24, Leonard's Church. 

189. [p. 118, Tues. June 8, 1847] Solomon J. Peeler, 1850 Cen- 
sus Rowan Co., N.C; #293.297: 

Solomon J. Peeler 37 M NC farmer 5,000 

America L. Peeler 20 F NC [wife] 

Theodore L. 2 M NC 

Susan J. Smith 13 F NC S [sister-in-law] 

Henry T. Fite 10 M NC S [ward] 

4 slaves 

(Linn 1992, 19) 

Solomon J. Peeler was born 13 March 1813 in Rowan Co., 
N.C. and died 26 January 1886 in Gainesville, Fla. He was 
the son of John and Elizabeth Miller Peeler and a brother 
of Caleb Peeler, husband of Samuel Rothrock's sister 
Salome Rothrock Peeler. On 14 July 1845 Solomon Peeler 
married America Lucinda Smith who was born 14 July 1828. 
Nancy Ann Smith who married Milas Arey 8 June 1847, 
America Lucinda Smith Peeler, and Susan J. Smith were 
sisters. They were daughters of Col. Casper Smith and Jane 
Haden Smith of the Jersey Settlement which was located 
just across the Yadkin in Davidson Co. Jane Haden Smith, 
was the daughter of Jesse Haden and Rosanna Sloan. After 
she died, Casper Smith m. 2nd, 12 January 1840, Jane Adder- 
ton. Col. Casper Smith and his negro servant drowned 30 
January 1842, while trying to cross the swollen Yadkin at 
Trading Ford. (Davidson 1983, 188) 

See endnotes #9, Elizabeth Miller Peeler, #174, Jersey Set- 
tlement, and #94, Caleb Peeler. 

The old homeplace of Milas Arey and Nancy Ann Smith Arey on 
Goodma?i Lake Rd. and Lakeside Dr. in Providence Township, 
Rowan Co., N. C. in the vicinity of Union Church. This house was 
Samuel Rothrock's home away from home when he needed to be 
near Union Church, igjg photo. 

endnote #190 

Solomon J. Peeler was the second postmaster of Calaubria 
P.O. which was established in 1837 with Simeon D. Peeler 
as the postmaster. (Brawley 1953, 378) 

190. [p. 118, Tues. June 8, 1847] M. Arey's wedding was an- 
nounced in the 22 June 1847 edition of The Farmers Journal: 
"In this county, on the 8th instant, by the Rev. J.B. Anthony, 
Mr. Milas Arey to Miss Ann Smith." Milas Arey married 
2nd Nancy Ann Smith who was born 21 December 1832 in 
the Jersey Settlement in Davidson Co., N.C. The wedding 
took place at the home of the bride's sister and brother-in- 
law, America L. Smith Peeler and Solomon J. Peeler. Milas 
was a widower with a three year old daughter, Ellen Jane 
Arey, born 12 November 1844. (Davidson 1983, 183, 188) 

See endnote #182, obituary; Mary Sophia Barringer Hart- 
man Arey. 

191. [p. 119, Thurs. July 29, 1847] Henry Goodman, born 9 
April 1798, Cabarrus Co., was the son of Michael and Eliz- 
abeth Goodman. Even though he was self-educated he nev- 
ertheless was licensed in 1831 and ordained in 1832 by the 
Tenn. Synod. He was supply pastor to churches in Stanly, 
Rowan, Davidson, Iredell, Mecklenburg, Guilford, and 
neighboring counties and, in 1876, he organized Philadel- 
phia Church in Granite Falls, Caldwell Co., N.C. From 
his home near St. Martin, Iredell Co., he made long evan- 
gelistic journeys in N.C. and adjoining states. During the 
Civil War he visited and preached to Confederate Army 
combat soldiers. He married Esther Faggart on 20 July 1819. 
They had fourteen children. Twenty years after his death, 
at a family reunion, it was stated that his offspring numbered 
216 to the fourth generation. He died 26 January 1878 and 
was buried in St. Martin Cemetery, Iredell Co. Two sons 
and two grandsons became Lutheran ministers. (Sketches 

3 2 

Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

1966, 76) 

192. [p. 121, Sat. Sept.4, 1847] J. H. CofFman was licensed in 
1848 by the N.C. Synod but was never ordained. He served 
St. Enoch's Church in Enochville, N.C, and St. John's 
Church in Salisbury. In 1852 he moved to S.C. (Sketches 
1966, 41) 

193. [p. 123, Mond. Nov. 1, 1847] On this date, Rothrock 
wrote in his Diary, "Went with Mrs. R. to Salisbury." He 
did not mention, however, that he attended a meeting of 
the newly formed Board of Superintendents of Common 
Schools of Rowan County. It is recorded in the Minute Book 
of that supervisory group that Samuel Rothrock was 
present, along with Alex. W. Brandon, E.D. Austin, So- 
lomon Peeler, Jas. E. Kerr, Paul A. Seaford, D.A. Davis, 
and R.M. Roseborough. Rothrock had a life long interest 
in education and it is not unexpected that he was among 
those who had a leading role in the establishment of com- 
mon schools in Rowan County which were begun in Rowan 
County in 1847. One of the first jobs of the Board of Su- 
perintendents was to district the county into school dis- 
tricts. To do this, a surveyor and chain bearers were em- 
ployed. Forty-four school districts were established with 
the site of the schoolhouse "in the centre [of the district] 
or within a quarter of a mile of it..." and "...every School 
district containing eighty free white persons between the 
ages of five and twenty one years and under shall have one 
teacher...." Fifty-three teachers were employed throughout 
the county at the average salary of thirty- four dollars. 
{Minute Book, p.9; Office of the Register of Deeds, Salis- 


194. [p.127, Wed. Mar. 8, 1848] Moses Goodman, 1850 Cen- 
sus, Rowan Co.; #1378.1389: 

Moses Goodman 43 M NC Farmer 2,500 
Elizabeth Goodman 38 F NC [mn. Elizabeth 


Montfort M. 18 M NC S 

Rose A. 16 F NC S 

Julius V. 13 M NC S 

William Schuping 21 M NC laborour 
5 slaves 

(Linn 1992, 95) 

[MB: Moses Goodman and Elizabeth Josey 28 Mar 1829] 

195. tp.128, Frid. April 21, 1848] Joseph T. Cunningham, 1850 

Census Rowan Co., N.C; #1811.1837: 

Joseph T. Cunningham 32 M NC physician 1000 

Margaret A. Cunningham 21 F NC 

Martha J. 1 F NC 

Phebe Cunningham 43 F NC 

Elisabeth 41 F NC 

Rebecca 39 F NC 

Sarah 36 F NC 

Beersheab 30 F NC 

Abner Seers 22 M NC B [free black] 

3 slaves 

(Linn 1992, 125) 

196. [p.i29,Tues. May 23, 1848] Joseph Rothrock was Sam- 
uel Rothrock's uncle. He was born 19 April 1785 in the Fried- 
berg community on the Davidson County- Forsyth County 
line and died 28 August 1868. He was the son of Peter 
Rothrock (1746-1829) and Catherina Mueller Rothrock 
(174 9-1803). Joseph Rothrock married twice and had a total 
of twelve children. (Rothrock 1978, 159) 

197. fp.129, Mond. May 29, 1848] John Trexler, 1850 Census 
owan Co.,; #367.371: 

John Trexler 

Senr 40 

M NC farmer 400 

Margaret Trexler 38 

















Rose A. 






Lawson A. 



2 slaves 

(Linn 1992, 24) 

[MB: John Trexler and Peggy Holshouser 26 July 1831] 

198. [p. 131, Thurs. July 20, 1848] Isaac Kesler, 1850 Census 
Rowan Co.; #1586.1599: 

Isaac Kesler 34 M NC farmer 6000 

Eliza [Linn] 44 F NC 

Robert J. Linn 19 M NC S labourer 

Elisabeth [C] Linn 16 F NC S [Cathey] 

Laura C. Linn 10 F NC S [Clementine] 

James H. 9 M NC S 

William A. 7 M NC S [m. Ellen Jane Arey] 

JoicyA. 5 F NC 

Augustus Kesler 23 M NC labourer 

(Linn 1992, 109) 

[MB: Isaac Kesler to Eliza [Hartman] Lynn 19 July 1848] 

Annotations 8c Commentary (1848) 


500 A improved land, 1300 unimpr, valued $4200, 19 slaves 
See endnote #243, Elizabeth Cathey Linn. 

199. [p. 131, Thurs. July 20, 1848] Joel Reid is listed in the 
1850 Census Rowan Co. at dwelling #1585. The Eliza Hart- 
man Linn and Isaac Kesler wedding took place at the Hart- 
man homeplace. The couple lived there until their deaths 
in 1857. After the wedding ceremony, Rothrock did not 
return home but spent the night at the neighboring home 
of Joel Reid. (Linn 1992, 109) 

200. [p. 132, Tue. Aug. 1, 1848] Rothrock was in Iredell Co. 
The corn and wheat which he sold was from his Iredell Co. 

201. [p. 133, Thurs. Sept. 21, 1848] Jane Arey was Amelia Ro- 
throck's youngest sister. At this time she was seventeen years 
old and a boarding student at Salem Boarding School in 
Salem, N.C. The school, a Moravian institution which 
opened as early as 1802, provided an excellent education for 
young women. Salem College in Winston-Salem, N.C, 
has continued to provide quality education for women in 
the Moravian tradition. (Davidson 1983, 274) 

202. [p. 134, Thurs. Oct. 26, 1848] Edward Moss was born 
ca. 1817 in Montgomery Co., N.C. Christiana Barringer 
was the daughter of Charles Barringer, born 3 February 
1804 and died 28 February 1850, and Mary M. Redwine, 
born ca. 1808 and died 15 July 1857. Christiana's paternal 
grandparents were Nicholas [will probated 1841] and Chris- 
tiana Peeler Barringer and her maternal grandfather was 
Jacob Redwine. Edward Moss and Christiana Barringer 
Moss had ten children. [Mary Redwine Barringer m.2nd, 
15 May 1856, Elihu Holshouser.] (Dickson, ca.1979) 

See endnote Nicholas Barringer. 

203. [p. 135, Tues. Nov. 7, 1848] Zachary Taylor was elected 
12th President of the United States of America. His presi- 
dency was cut short when he died suddenly on 9 July 1850 
of typhoid fever after an illness of only five days. Vice- 
President Millard Filmore succeeded him in office. 

204. [p. 135, Wed. Nov. 15, 1848] Laurence Lingle, 1850 Cen- 
sus Rowan Co., dwelling #1779.1804: 

Lawrence Lingle 50 M NC farmer 1500 
Elizabeth Lingle 49 F NC (X) 
John 22 M NC labourer 

Anna 18 F NC 

Louisa 15 F NC S 

Elisabeth 12 F NC S 

1 slave 

(Linn 1992, 123) 

205[p.i35, Mon. Nov. 20, 1848] Dolpin A. Davis, 1850 Cen- 

sus Rowan Co.,; #393.398: 

Dolpin A. Davis 47 M NC cashier, Bank 6,000 

of Cape Fear 

Mary E.H. Davis 30 F NC [mn Horah, 

MB 12 Nov. 1844] 

AnnW. 23 F NC 

MaryB. 20 F NC 

Louisa M. 7 F NC 

William 4 M NC 

Jane 2 F NC 

JohnR. 9/12 F NC 

15 slaves 

(Linn 1992, 26) 

206. [p. 136, Sat. Dec. 9, 1848] Jacob Rothrock was buried in 
"God's Acre" at Friedberg. E. T. Senseman was the pastor 
of Friedberg Moravian Church, 1844-1851. 

See endnote #175, Friedberg Church. 

207. fp.136, Tues. Dec. 19, 1848] The transitive verb, to chop, 
means to barter or to bargain. It comes from the late Middle 
English word choppen. The "chopping" where Rothrock "... 
bought black boy Henderson...." was in all probability a 
slave auction or sale. 

208. [p. 136, Tues. Dec. 19, 1848] The name Henderson 
probably was the surname of this young black male's current 
or former owner. The 1850 Census of Rowan Co. lists three 
Hendersons as owners of slaves: Archibald Henderson, 
dwelling #544, owned 35 slaves. Pleasant Henderson and 
Francis Marion Henderson, both physicians, dwelling #435, 
owned six slaves. (Linn 1992, 29,37) 


209. tp.137, Sund. Jan. 7, 1849] The middle English noun 
affray is defined as a noisy brawl or quarrel; public fight or 

210. [p. 140, Sund. April 15, 1849] William C. Rankin was 
licensed by the Presbyterian Church and was ordained in 
1831 by the Tennessee Synod of the Lutheran Church. At 
the convention of the Tenn. Synod in Phanuels Church, 
Rowan Co., he was charged with deviation from the Augs- 
burg Confession. He withdrew from the synod and went 
back to the Presbyterian Church. His name was removed 
from the roll of the Tenn. Synod, 15 September 1832. 
(Sketches 1966, 166) 

211. [p. 140, Mond. April 30, 1849] Allen Rose, 1850 Census 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

01 rvowdn v^o.. 

, #1240 


Allen Rose 


M NC farmer 756 

Elisabeth Ros 

e 37 


Sarah E. 



Margaret A. 



John A. 



Rufus A. 



Mary L. 



William C. 



i slave 

(Linn 1992, 86) 
[MB: Allen Rose and Elizabeth Eddleman 26 Mar 1835] 

212. [p. 141, Sund. May 6, 1849] John Shimpoch, 1850 Census 
Cabarrus Co., N.C.; #1110: 

Shinpock, John 42 M merchant real est. 2000 

and farmer 

Christina 31 F 

Mary Ann 12 F attended school 

Martha R. 9 F attended school 

RosanaJ. 3 F attended school 

Melcher, Monro 22 M merchant 
Kind ley, Wm. R. 23 M clerk 
Wilson, John J. 29 M physician 

b. Pennsylvania 

15 slaves 

(Cabarrus '50, 136,164) 

213. [p. 141, Wed. May 9, 1849] The Rev. Benjamin Arey was 
the president of the N.C. Synod when it convened on 4 
May 1849 at St. John's Church, Cabarrus, Co., for its 46th 
Annual Meeting. 

214. fp.141, Thurs. May 10 and Fri. May 11, Sat. May 12, 
1849] During this period, Phebe and Tobias Brown "&fam- 
ily" of Iredell Co., the Rev. Benjamin Arey, and "Milas Arey 
and family" were visiting with the Rothrocks. Within that 
family group there were two little girl cousins, born six 
months apart, both named Charlotte Lucetta Jane. Char- 
lotte Lucetta Jane ("Lottie") Brown was born 26 July 1847 
and married Caleb Cicero Barrier (1839-1897), son of Moses 
Barrier and Sarah Nuseman. Char lotteLucetta Jane Roth- 
rock, the Rothrocks' only daughter, was born 13 January 
1847 an d died 26 September 1851. 

See endnote #50/, Caleb Cicero Barrier. 

Amelia Rothrocks sister, Charlotte Clark of Iredell Co., 
also named her daughter Charlotte Lucetta Jane. Charlotte 
Lucetta Jane Clark was born 7 January 1859 and died 25 
October 1859. This child probably was named Charlotte 
Lucetta Jane as a namesake for Charlotte Lucetta Jane Ro- 
throck, her deceased cousin. (Davidson 1983,166,225) 

215. [p. 141, Tues. May 22, 1849] Jeremiah L. Graeber was 
the son of the Rev. Henry Graeber who died in 1843 and a 
brother of Augustus Graeber. 

See endnotes #26, Henry Graeber, #150, Anna Graeber, and 
#2jj, Augustus Graeber. 

216. [p. 142, Sat. June 16, 1849] Peter Lentz: 1850 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C; #334.338: 

Peter Lentz 44 M NC tailer [sic] 400 

Polly Lentz 39 F NC 

Lutitia 16 F NC S 

Robert 14 M NC S 

Joice 12 F NC S 

Julia A. 10 F NC S 

Rose 7 F NC 

Alford 4 M NC 

1 slave 

[MB: Peter Lentz and Polly Keisler 8 Aug 1833] (Linn 1992, 

217. [p. 144, Fri. Aug. 31, 1849] Archibald Caldwell Rufty, a 
great-grandson of Samuel Rothrock, has in his possession 
a quilt made by his great-grandmother, Amelia Arey Ro- 
throck. To quote Mr. Rufty, "In 1851, Amelia Rothrock 
made a beautiful quilt for her little daughter, Charlotte 
Lucetta Jane. On one of the blocks she embroidered: 


Little Charlotte died 26 September 1851 at the age of four 
years, eight months, and thirteen days. The quilt has been 
passed down the generations from Lewis Hazelius Roth- 
rock to his daughter, Helen Amelia Rothrock, mother of 
Archibald C. Rufty. After her death, Mr. Rufty s father, 
Henry Edward Rufty, Sr., gave the quilt to Florence Amelia 
Rothrock Hoffner, daughter of Samuel ("Sammy") Roth- 
rock. The quilt is in a fine state of preservation and was 
given to Mr. Rufty by his cousin, Florence Amelia Rothrock 
Hoffner Fleming. 

See endnotes #214, 242, Charlotte Lucetta Jane Rothrock. 

218. [p. 146, Sund. Oct. 21, 1849] Gideon Scherer, born ca. 
1815 in Guilford Co., N.C, was the son of the Rev. Jacob 
Scherer and Elizabeth Scherer. The Rev. Simeon Scherer 
was his younger brother. Gideon Scherer was licensed in 
1840 by the N.C. Synod and was ordained at the organizing 
convention of the Southwest Virginia Synod in 1842. He 
died in 1861 at the age of forty-six. (Sketches 1966, 183) 

219. [p. 147, Mond. Nov. 5, 1849] Daniel Lyerly: 1850 Census 

Annotations & Commentary (1849) 


Quilt made by Amelia Rothrock embroidered with her initials, A.R., and those of her daughter, Charlotte Lucetta Jane Rothrock, 

C. L.J. R. (detail of initials on right). It it is a geometric pattern of red print squares bordered by green print squares on a white background 

and is in a fine state of preservation. 1995 photos. 

(endnote #217) 

Rowan Co., N.C.; #691.707: 

Daniel Lyerly 54 M NC farmer 4,000 
Margaret Lyerly 45 F NC (X) 
Samuel 26 M NC S farmer 

Joseph 20 M NC S labourer 

Henry 18 M NC S Labourer 

Margaret 16 F NC S 

Polly 14 F NC S 

Nancy 12 F NC S 

(Linn 1992, 46) 
[MB: Daniel Lyerly and Peggy Barrier 27 Mar 1821] 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

i8 5 o, Mond. Jan. 28, 1850] George Klutts, 1850 Cen- 
sus Rowan Co., N.C.; #1769.1793: 

Margaret A. 
2 slaves 

20 F NC 

George Klutts 

37 M 


farmer 700 

Nancy Klutts 

38 F 



12 M 




11 M 



Rose A. 

8 F 




6 M 



Jesse A. 

4 M 



2 M 


Susanna Seaford 

74 F 


(Linn 1992, 122) 

[MB: George Klutts and Nancy Sifford, 23 Oct. 1836; John 
Seaford, bondsman.] (Holcomb 1981, 227] 

22i.[p.i49, Thurs. Jan. 31, 1850] Jacob Fisher, 1850 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C.; #1780.1805: 

Jacob Fisher 54 M NC Carpenter 1800 
Christiana Fisher 50 F NC (X) 

Christiana C. 
Lawson A. 
Jacob R. 

19 F NC S 
16 M NC S 
14 M NC S 
12 F NC S 
10 F NC S 
6- F NC S 

(Linn 1992, 123) 

222. [p. 150, Frid. Feb. 8, 1850] Henry Pless, 1850 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C.; #1449.1460: 

Henry Pless 45 M NC farmer 
Sarah Pless 37 F NC 
18 M NC S 
16 F NC S 
12 M NC S 

Uriah M. 
Harriet L. 
Jacob I. 
Henry J. 
John L.A. 
8 slaves 

(Linn 1992, 100) 

223. [p. 150, Frid. Feb. 22, 1850] John Long, 1850 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C.; #1535.1546: 

John Long 68 M NC farmer 400 
Margaret Long 63 F NC 
John S. 25 M NC 

(Linn 1992, 106) 

224. [p. 152, Sat. April 6, 1850] Sophia Wilhelm, Mrs. Hen- 
ry, (1819-1850), was "ill one day" before she died according 
to the 1850 Census Rowan Co., Mortality Schedule. (Linn 
1992, 134) 

225. [p. 152, Wed. April 17, 1850] Samuel Rothrock per- 
formed the wedding of John Clark II and Charlotte Arey, 
a younger sister of Amelia Rothrock. Charlotte was born 8 
December 1827 and she died 10 September 1859. John Clark 
II was born 16 May 1819 at Long Ford, Iredell County, N.C., 
and he died January 1859. He was the son of James Clark 

11 (1764-1808) and Jane Houston (1783— 1839) who was a 
second cousin to Sam Houston of Texas history. (David- 
son 1983, 255-258) 

See endnote #4, children of Peter Arey. 

226. [p. 152, Mond. April 22, 1850] Jacob File, 1850 Census 
Rowan Co.,N.C; #274.278: 

Jacob File 54 M NC farmer 8,000 

Elizabeth File 53 F NC (X) 
Alexander Casper 15 M NC 
Margaret File 16 F NC S 

12 slaves 

[MB: Jacob File and Betsey Eddleman 15 Mar 1817; Jacob 
Kistler, bondsman] (Linn 1992, 18) 

227. fp.152, Tues. April 23, 1850] Alexander Holshouser, 1850 
Census of Rowan Co., N.C.; #1818.1844: 

Alexander Holtshouser 42 M NC farmer 2500 

Salome Holtshouser 42 F NC (X) 

Rufus J.J. 19 MNCS labourer 

Crawford H. 17 M NC S labourer 

Lawson G. 11 M NC S 

Margaret C. 3 F NC 

Louisa Casper 8 F NC S 

2 slaves 

(Linn 1992, 125) 

228. [p. 152, Thurs. April 25, 1850] Samuel Beaver, 1850 Cen- 
sus Rowan Co., N.C.; #1781.1806: 

Samuel Beaver 49 M NC farmer 1200 
Lydia Beaver 39 M NC (X) 
Matilda 12 F NC S 

Tobias 17 M NC S 

Peter 14 M NC S 

Jacob and Anna Beaver Holtshouser are listed in the 1850 

Annotations & Commentary (1850) 


census at the next house, #1782.1807: 

Jacob Holtshouser 24 M NC farmer 
Anna M. Holtshouser 19 F NC 

[MBJacob Holshouser & Anny Beaver 18 April 1850] 
(Linn 1992, 123) 

229. [p. 154, Thurs. June 6, 1850] The bride, Caroline, was 
listed in the household of Daywalt Beaver in the 1850 Cen- 
sus Rowan Co., N.C.; dwelling #1790.1815: 

Dawalt Beaver 42 M NC 
Martha Beaver 43 F NC 
Joseph 17 M NC S 

Henry A. 16 M NC S 

EveL. 8 F NCS 

Caroline 19 F NC 

(Linn 1992, 123) 

The bridegroom, Moses A. Bost, was the twenty-four year 
old grandson of George Bost, 1850 Census Rowan Co., 
N.C.; #1504.1515: 

George Bost 
Catherine Bost 
Moses A. 
Ruben W. 

72 M NC (X) hatter 1,500 
69 F NC 
40 F NC 
24 M NC 
22 M NC 

Catherine L. Seaford 12 F NC 

(Linn 1992, 103) 

230. [p. 156. Thurs. Aug. 1, to Wed. Aug. 7, 1850] Rothrock 
was away from home for a week. He was accompanied on 
part of his trip by Milas Arey (1822-1860) and Jane Arey 
(1831-1910), Amelia Rothrock's brother and youngest sister. 
The statement " company with us." implies that Amelia 
Rothrock also was along on the trip. Besides preaching at 
Nazareth Church he visited with his sister and brother-in- 
law, Salome and Caleb Peeler, and called to see his aunt, 
Christina Ripple, now sixty-nine years old. (Davidson 
1983, 58) 

231. [p. 156, Sat. Aug. 3, 1850] Nazareth Church, Forsyth 
County, N.C., is located near Rural Hall. It was organized 
ca. 1785, and in all probability, by the Rev. Adolph Nuss- 
mann (1739-1794). For the better part of a century, the con- 
gregation worshiped first in a schoolhouse and later in a log 
church. In 1878, a brick church was erected which was ded- 
icated Thanksgiving Day, 27 November 1878. (Bernheim 
and Cox, 118-19) 

232. [p. 158, Thurs. Oct. 3, 1850] Eleanor Fraley became 
postmistress of the Rockwell Post Office after the death of 
her husband, David Fraley. On 31 July 1849, Rothrock wrote 
in his Diary, "Went to Mr. D. Fraley 's... wrote his Will." 
David Fraley died two days later of pneumonia at the age 

of 62 after an illness of nine days. (Brawley 1953, 380) 
1850 Census of Rowan Co., N.C.; #1812.1838: 

Elen Fraley 54 F NC 1500 
Susanna M. 17 F NC 
Hiram 13 M NC 

5 slaves 

(Linn 1992, 125,131) 

233. [p. 158, Wed. Oct. 16, 1850] Augustus Graeber was the 
son of the Rev. Henry Graeber who died in 1843 and the 
brother of Jeremiah L. Graeber. 

[MB: Augustus F. Graeber &c Margaret A. Mesenheimer, 
7 Oct 1850; Elisha Smith, bondsman] (Holcomb 1981, 157) 

See endnotes #26, Henry Graeber, #750, Anna Graeber, and 
#215, Jeremiah L. Graeber. 

234. tp.159, Frid. Nov. 29, 1850] Moses L. Holmes, 1850 
Census Rowan Co., N.C.; #125.129: 

Ruben J. Holmes 27 M NC merchant 1,200 
Moses L. Holmes 33 M NC merchant 260 
Daniel Culp 19 M NC 
Delila Worth 45 F NC Mulatto 

3 slaves 

Holmes <3cEarnhart, 6 slaves (Linn 1992, 8) 

235. [p. 160, Thurs. Dec. 12, 1850] Wilie Knup, 1850 Census 
Rowan Co. N.C.; #56.58: 

Wiley Canup 26 M NC farmer 
Elisabeth Canup 23 F NC (X) 

Elin A.J. 1 F NC (helpless, cause not known) 

Charlotte A. 5/12 F NC 

[MB: Wila Knup to Elizabeth Arey 20 Mar. 1846; David 
Earnhart, bondsman] (Holcomb 1981, 230) (Linn 1992, 5) 

This Elizabeth Arey should not to be confused with Eliz- 
abeth, oldest daughter of Peter and Phebe Arey, who mar- 
ried Charles Barringer 26 May 1835. 

See endnote #4, Children of Peter and Phebe Arey. 

236. [p. 160, Surd. Dec. 15, 1850] John D. Lentz, 1850 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C.; #1778.1803: 

John D. Lentz 38 M NC cabinetmaker 700 
Evelina Lentz 36 F NC 

Eli C. 

13 M NC S 

Crissa A.C. 

11 F NC S 

John C. 

7 M NC S 

Caleb A. 

5 M NC 

Mary S.J. 

2 F NC 

Laura M. 

8/12 F NC 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

Elisabeth C. Mozer 17 F NC S 

George Mozer 57 M NC shoemaker 

(Linn 1992, 122) 

David Lentz: 58 acres improved land, 90 acres unimproved, 
value $700. 


237. fp.162, Wed. Feb. 19, 1851] The i860 Census of Iredell 
County, N.C. lists John Clark II as the owner of eight slaves. 
Rose probably was one of his slaves. 

238. [p. 164, Thurs. April 24, 1851] Paul Holshouser was born 
25 December 1819 and died 25 December 1896. He was the 
son of Christina Kluttz (1799-1847) and David Holshouser 
(1795-1859) and a grandson of Jacob and Hannah Holshous- 
er. Elenora Lentz was born 22 September 1826 and died 12 
June 1855. After Elenora's death, Paul married 2nd Margaret 
Hudgins on 16 June 1856. He married 3rd Catherine Lavina 
Hoffner on 8 December 1877. (Kluttz 1990, 96) 

239. [p. 165, Tues. May 6, 1851] The 48th Meeting of the 
N.C. Synod was held at St. Stephen's Church in Cabarrus 
County. The Rev. Simeon Scherer, the pastor of Union 
Church, was in attendance. After adjournment he accom- 
panied Rothrock home and was his guest for the night. 
Simeon Scherer was a member of the Scherer family which 
produced a number of Lutheran ministers. He was born 29 
October 1819 and was the son of the Rev. Jacob and Eliza- 
beth Scherer and a brother of the Rev. Gideon Scherer. He 
was licensed (1848) and ordained (1850) by the Southwest 
Virginia Synod. In order to supplement his income, he 
taught school. He did this not only while getting his edu- 
cation but also while serving churches. Among the churches 
he served were Union, 1851-53 and again 1869-72, St. John's, 
Salisbury, with the Rev. W.H. Cone 1869-70 and Organ 
1869-70. During his second pastorate at Union he orga- 
nized Christiana Church in 1871 and Christ Church, pre- 
viously called Smith's Schoolhouse. He died 11 July 1876 at 
age 56 while serving Frieden's Church and is buried there. 
(Sketches 1966, 184-85) 

240. [p. 165, Thurs. May 8, 1851] Caroline Klutts was born 
14 July 1830 and on 8 May 1851 she married Mathias M. 
Lentz who was born 12 February 1831. He was the son of 
Peter and Elizabeth (Beaver) Lentz. Mathias was a casualty 
of the Civil War and died 18 September 1864 at Elmira, 
N.Y. They had three children. Caroline was the daughter 
of Henry Kluttz (1807-1883) and Elizabeth Kluttz (1809- 
1845). (Kluttz 1990, 294) 

241. tp.165, Sund. May 18, 1851] When the Rev. J. S. Heilig 
preached the Sunday sermon at Stephen's Church for Sam- 

uel Rothrock on this date, he was a licentiate. John Samuel 
Heilig was born 8 January 1820 in Rowan Co., NO, and 
was the son of John Heilig. He was licensed in 1851 and 
ordained in 1854 by the N.C. Synod. Early in his career he 
served St. Enoch, 1852-66, and Salem, 1853-54, in Rowan 
Co.; and St. Paul's, Iredell Co., 1865, with Whitson Kimball. 
He organized and served Trinity, Cabarrus Co., 1857-66. 
In 1866 he transferred to the Maryland Synod and served 
parishes in West Virginia and Kentucky. In 1884 he returned 
to North Carolina where he served Cold Water, Cabarrus, 
Co., 1884. He died 12 August 1885 and was buried at Con- 
cord, N.C. (Sketches 1966, 86) 

242. [p. 169, Sat. Sept. 27, 1851] Charlotte Lucetta Jane Ro- 
throck was buried in Union Church Cemetery next to her 
brother, Milas Luther Rothrock and close to the graves of 
her grandparents, Peter and Phebe Thomas Arey, and 
great-grandfather, Abraham Arey. 

Lucetta J., dau of Rev. Samuel & Amelia Rothrock 
D Sept. 26, 1851 
A 4 y 8 m 13 d 

(Agner 1967, 21) 

243. [p. 171, Mond. Nov. 3, 1851] Elizabeth [Cathey] Linn 
was the daughter of David R. Linn (1796-1841) and Eliza 
Hartman Linn Kesler (1806-1857). She was buried in the 
family cemetery located on a knoll southwest of the Hart- 
man-Linn House on Long Ferry Road. Exactly how many 
persons are interred there is not known but there are a 
number of periwinkle covered unmarked depressions in the 
ground. David Foard Hood, The Architecture of Rowan Co., 
N.C, recorded finding three stones there, the only one in- 
scribed being that of Elizabeth Linn (1834-1851). 

See endnotes #110, David R. Linn, and #198, Eliza Hart- 
man Linn m. 2nd Isaac Kesler. 


244. [p. 173, Sat. Jan. 3, 1852] Paul Beaver, 1850 Census of 
Rowan Co.,; #1793.1819: 

Paul Beaver 37 M NC tailer [sic] 950 
Delila Beaver 34 F NC (X) 
Catherine E. 16 F NC S 
Charles W. 12 M NC S 
Rufus 8 M NC S 

EveC. 6 F NC 

MassaL. 3 F NC 
JaneS. 1 F NC 

(Linn 1992, 124) 

245. [p. 173, Sat. Jan. 17, 1852] Samuel Rothrock was the pas- 

Annotations & Commentary (1851) 


tor of St. Stephen's Church, Cabarrus Co. from 1843-1854. 
He does not say why "some dissatisfied members" called a 
meeting of the congregation to "decide the question wheth- 
er there should be a change of preachers...." Nevertheless, 
Rothrock was retained as pastor by a vote of "more than 2 
to 1." (Bernheim and Cox 1902, 144) 

See also endnote #84, Stephens Church. 

246. [p. 173, Sat. Jan. 24, 1852] Daniel Eddleman, 1850 Cen- 
sus Rowan Co., N.C.; dwelling #1697.1722: 

Daniel Eddleman 42 M NC millwright 1500 

Elisabeth Eddleman 36 F NC 

Jeremiah A. 9 M NC S 

William C. 6 M NC S 

Louisa M. 3 F NC 

George M. Ritchie 21 M NC millwright 

Eli Klutts 20 M NC millwright 

3 slaves 

(Linn 1992, 117) 

See endnote #360. 

247. ^.173, Sat. Jan. 24, 1852] John Eagle, 1850 Census Row- 
an Co., N.C.; #1453.1464: 

John Eagle 60 M NC carpenter 1,120 
Sophia Eagle 55 F NC 
Maria 20 F NC 

George W. 18 M NC farmer 

Daniel M. 16 M NC labourer 

William Castor 7 M NC S 
2 slaves 

(Linn 1992, 100) 

David Eagle resided at dwelling #1454.1465. He was prob- 
ably a son of John Eagle above: 

David Eagle 34 M NC farmer 350 
Charlotte Eagle 28 F NC (X) 
Charlotte S. 10 F NC S 
William A. 8 M NC S 

(Linn 1992, 100) 

248. ^.173, Sund. Jan. 25, 1852] Peter Ketner, 1850 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C.; #1490.1501: 

Peter Ketner 30 M NC farmer 1,500 
Nancy Ketner 23 F NC 
Nancy A.C. 9/12 F NC 
John W. 6 M NC 

7 slaves 

(Linn 1992, 102) 

249. [p. 175, Thurs. Mar. 25, 1852] John Barger, 1850 Census 

Rowan Co., N.C; #710.726: 

John Barger 56 M NC farmer 
Leah Barger 44 F NC 
30 slaves 

23 F NC 
21 M NC S 

F NC [m.JohnS. Long] 
12 M NC S 





(Linn 1992, 48) 

See endnote #223, John S. Long. 

250. [p. 176, Mond. Apr. 5, 1852] Adam Efird, born 20 April 
1821, Stanly Co., N.C. was the son of Martin and Mary 
(Coble) Efird. His younger brother was the Rev. Daniel 
Efird, born 10 November 1824. Both were ordained by the 
Tennessee Synod, Adam in 1850 and Daniel in 1852. Which 
Rev. Efird called on Samuel Rothrock on this date is de- 
batable. Adam died 13 September 1870 and Daniel died 1 
June 1891. (Sketches 1966, 61-62) 

251. [p. 176, Fri. Apr. 30, 1852] It took Rothrock two days to 
reach Frieden's Church in Guilford Co., N.C, where the 
49th Meeting of the N.C. Synod was held on April 30, 1852. 
Frieden's is located two miles north from Gibsonville. It 
was organized prior to the Revolutionary War but the exact 
date is not known. The church was often called " Schumak- 
er s Church" after a man who lived a few hundred yards 
from the church. This man was a "Tory" and refused to give 
a wounded man a drink of water. This so infuriated his 
companions that they took Schumaker to the church, made 
him stand on the door-steps, and shot him there. The con- 
gregation originally was made up of Lutherans and German 
Reformed who had come from Pennsylvania together. 
About 1855 they separated and the church has since been 
Lutheran. Samuel Rothrock was supply pastor, 1867-68. 
The church building Rothrock knew was a frame structure 
built in 1 771. It was 45 feet by sixty feet, two stories high, 
and had a high pulpit. That building was replaced by a brick 
building in 1869 and was used until 1939 when it was de- 
stroyed by fire. (Bernheim and Cox 1902, 108-109 > Mor- 
gan 1953, 204-206) 

252. [p. 177, Sat. May 1, 1852] The first step was taken toward 
the establishment of a male college under the jurisdiction 
of the Synod at the 49th Meeting of the N.C, Synod at 
Frieden's Church. For years, it had been the desire of the 
Synod to have an institution of higher learning primarily 
for the training of young men for the Lutheran clergy. To 
continue the discussion and further this plan, it was decided 
that the Synod would meet in extra session at Concord, 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

N.C. on 21 July 1852. (Bernheim and Cox 1902, 67) 

253. [p. 177, Sund. May 23, 1852] George Ketner, 1850 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C; #1710.1735: 

George Ketner 29 M NC farmer 
MaryL. 3 F NC 

Susanna L. 2 F NC 

Alfred Hornbarger 10 M NC S 
Eli Hornbarger 22 M NC 

Susanna Ketner, age 24, died 30 April 1850 of pneumonia 
after an illness of twelve days. She was buried at Phaniel 
Lutheran Church. (Linn 1992, 118,132) 

254. [p. 177, Tues. May 25, 1852] Milla Peacock, 1850 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C. #1748.1773: 

Milla Peacock 34 F NC (X) 
Green C. 12 M NC S 
Mary L. 9 F NC S 

Jacob W. 6 M NC 

(Linn 1992, 120) 

255. [p. 177, Sat. May 29, 1852] John Clark II and Tobias 
Brown, both of Iredell Co., were Samuel Rothrock's broth- 
ers-in-law by marriage. They were the husbands of Amelia 
Rothrock's sisters, Charlotte Clark and Phebe Brown, re- 
spectively. At this time, Phebe and Tobias Brown had four 
daughters: Susan Amelia, born 1 May 1845; Charlotte Lu- 
cetta Jane ("Lottie"), born 26 July 1847; Mary Catherine 
("Kate"), born 4 May 1850; Martha Regina, born 5 March 
1852. Their oldest child, Eliza Maria, died 22 April 1852. 
Charlotte and John Clark had one son at this time, Albert 
Percy Clark, born 17 January 1851. The notation "& families" 
implies that the three sisters and their husbands and five 
little cousins got together at the Rothrocks' for a visit. 
(Davidson 1982, 221-238) 

See endnotes #225, John Clark II, and #109, Tobias Brown. 

256. [p. 179, Wed. July 21, 1852] Rothrock "...went to Con- 
cord to attend Convention." This reference is to the extra 
session of the meeting of the Synod at Concord, N.C, for 
the purpose of making plans for a male college. A plan was 
adopted and a temporary Board of Directors was appointed. 
The school would be known as The Western Carolina Male 
Academy. At the next meeting of the board, the decision 
was made to locate the school in Mt. Pleasant, N.C. Samuel 
Rothrock was elected to the permanent Board of Directors 
in 1853 along with the Revs. J.D. Sheck, J.A. Linn, W.G. 
Harter, Simeon Scherer, and L.C Groseclose, and Messrs. 
C. Melchor, M. Barrier, J. Shimpoch, C.A. Heilig, D. Bar- 
rier, and CL. Partee. (Bernheim and Cox, 1902, 67) 

See endnote #252. 

257. [p. 182, Sat. Oct. 2, 1852] Shepherd's Cross Roads was 

located just north of the present-day Mooresville, N.C, in 
Iredell County. Preaching and camp meetings were held at 
this location. Rothrock mentions "Shepherd's + Roads" sev- 
eral times in his Diary. On this date, he assisted the Rev. 
Benjamin Arey at a "communion meeting." (Bost and 
Norris 1994, 38) 

258. [p. 182, Sund. Oct. 3, 1852] Alexander ("Sandy") Brown 
was born 15 March 1808 and died 29 May 1880. On 1 October 
1835 he married Mary Kistler who was born in 1808 in the 
Mt. Ulla Community. She was the daughter of John Kistler 
whose family settled in the area ca. 1800 and who built a 
mill on the Catawba River. "Sandy" Brown was the son of 
Jacob Brown, Sr. and Catherine Roseman. His paternal 
grandparents were Abraham Brown (Braun) and Mary 
Hartman (Hardmon). Alexander Brown's younger brother 
was Lewis Tobias Brown (1817-1866), who married Phebe 
Arey, sister of Amelia Rothrock and the Rev. Benjamin 
Arey. After the Civil War "Sandy" 

Brown took over the mill operation from his father-in-law. 
He tore down the old mill and built a two story mill on the 
same site. In addition, he erected a grist mill, a saw mill, 
and a cider mill with the cider press in the basement. (Fis h - 
er 1983, 107; Davidson 1983, 218-22) 

1850 Census Rowan Co., N.C; #752.769: 

Alexander Brown 42 M NC farmer 3,000 
Mary [Kistler] Brown 42 F NC 
George H. 12 M NC S 

Stephen A. 10 M NC S 

Laura M. 8 F NC S 

Martha E. 6 F NC S 

Pleasant M. 4 M NC 

Robert L. 1/12 M NC 

Mary B. Kisler [sic] 75 F NC (X) 
7 slaves 

[MB: Alexander Brown and Mary Kistler 29 September 
1835; Benjamin Fraley, bondsman] (Linn 1992, 51) 

Alexander and Mary Kistler Brown had another son Bach- 
man Samuel Brown, born 19 November 1854, who became 
a distinguished Lutheran clergyman. His son, Bachman 
Storch Brown, born 6 October 1889, also became a Lutheran 
minister. (Sketches 1966, 30-31) 

259. fp.183, Tues. Nov. 2, 1852] Franklin Pierce, a Democrat, 
won the election over Winfield Scott, a Whig, to become 
the 14th President of the United States. 

260. fp.183, Frid. Nov. 5, 1852] Phillip Eddleman, 1850 Cen- 
sus Rowan Co., N.C; #1698.1723: 

Phillip Eddleman 66 M NC farmer 1000 

Sarah Eddleman 59 F NC 

John M. Eddleman 21 M NC labourer 

Annotations & Commentary (1852) 

Alexander 14 M NC 

Elisabeth Eagle 29 F NC 

Edward Norman 33 M GER[many] physician 

2 slaves 

(Linn 1992, 117) 

261. [p. 183, Thurs. Nov. 11, 1852] William A. Houck, 1850 
Census Rowan Co., N.C.; #1186.1207: 

Margaret Houck 63 F NC 100 
William A. Houck 24 M NC teacher 100 
Hulda Julia 21 F NC 

(Linn 1992, 82) 

262. [p. 183, Sund. Nov. 14, 1852] Mary Josey, 1850 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C.; #1759.1784: 

Mary Josey 74 F PA (X) 
AnnaL. 30 F NC (X) 

Jackson R. Josey 16 M NC S 

Josey families also were listed at dwellings #1757.1782; 
#1758.1783; #1760.1785; #1761.1786. (Linn 1992, 121.) 

263. [p. 184, Wed. Dec. 1, 1852] Paul Nathaniel Heilig (1827- 
1892) was born in Gold Hill Township, 23 August 1827. He 
was the son of George Michael Heilig, Jr. (1789— 1845) an d 
Sarah Furr Heilig (1801-1863). On 11 September 1856 he 
married Amelia Miller (1830-1914). P.N. Heilig was active 
in the community and Organ Church. He served as a justice 
of the peace and presided at trials. During the Civil War 
he served as a colonel in the State Militia. After the war he 
moved his family to Salisbury where he was in the hardware 
business and an active member of St. John's Church. Col. 
Heilig died 21 August 1892 at the age of sixty-five. (Rowan 
1991, 365-66) 

See endnote #428, Paul Nathaniel Heilig i8jo Census. 

264. [p. 184, Thurs. Dec. 2, 1852] Rothrock attended a meet- 
ing at Organ Church of the Board of Directors of the con- 
templated male college. At this meeting, "After a long con- 
sideration of the propositions. was decided to locate the 
academy [The Western Carolina Male Academy] at Mount 
Pleasant, N.C." (Bernheim and Cox 1902, 67) 


265. [p. 186, Sund. Feb. 6, 1853] Salem Church, Rowan Co., 
N.C., is located west of Salisbury on Sherrill Ford Rd. It 
was organized 18 August 1850 by the Rev. Burrell N. Hop- 
kins when he was preaching at Enochville. The name "Sa- 
lem" was given a few years after it had been organized. The 
first officers were: Henry J. Barringer and Charles Miller, 
elders; Peter Barger and Jesse Lyerly, deacons. The church 

structure that Samuel Rothrock knew was a log building 
which stood to the northeast of the present building on a 
thirty-acre tract which had been purchased from John Barg- 
er for $100.00 in April 1854. Rothrock held services there 
during the years 1869-1875. A second church building, ded- 
icated on 25 November 1883, was replaced by a brick building 
in 1950. Rothrock served Salem Church, 1869— 1875. (Mor- 
gan 1953, 276) 

Burrell N. Hopkins was licensed in 1849 by the N.C. Synod 
but he was never ordained. He served: St. Paul, Iredell Co., 
1849-52; organized Beth Eden, Newton, 1850-53, which had 
previously been a mission of the Rev. Benjamin Arey's par- 
ish; organized Salem and served also St. Enoch, Rowan 
Co., 1850-52. His name was removed from the clerical roll 
in 1853. (Sketches 1966, 95-96) 

On 20 February 1850, B.N. Hopkins wrote a letter addressed 
to "The Church Council of Union Church" in which he 
stated he had been the pastor for the past twelve months 
and "...the time of [his] engagement with the congregation 
has now expired..." He resigned but offered to serve the 
congregation once a month, "if this arrangement may meet 
your wishes." (David Barringer Family Papers, the estate 
of Carl Fred Phillips (1892-1994), grandson of David Bar- 

266. [p. 187, Thurs. April 7, 1853] Washington Hendly 1850 
Census Rowan Co., N.C; #21.21: 

Washington Hendly 42 M NC farmer 

Sophia Hendly 40 F NC 

John W. 20 M NC (X) labourer 

Burrell 18 M NC S 

Rachal L. 16 F NC S 

Eve C. 12 F NC S 

(Linn 1992, 2) 

[MB: Washington Hendley and Sophia Fraley, 21 Dec 
1826], no land 

267. fp.187, Tues. April 19, 1853] John Shimpock, i860 Cen- 
sus Cabarrus Co., N.C: P.O. Mt. Pleasant; #19: 

Shimpock, John 52 M farmer 

Real estate A,S°° 
Per. Property 11,500 

att.schl. within year 

Martha R. 
Rosanah J. 
20 slaves 

40 F 
19 F 
14 F 

"In i860 in Cabarrus Co, 428 persons owned 3,030 slaves. 
Twenty-nine percent of the county's population was in sla- 

(Cabarrus'6o, xii, 55,176) 
See endnote #212, John Shimpock 1850 census. 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

(left) Jane Arey Coleman (1831-1910), youngest sister of 
Amelia Arey Rothrock; and (right) Littleton William Cole- 
man,M.D. (1824-1901), brother-in-law of Samuel Rothrock. 
He was a well-known "horse and buggy" doctor in the Rock- 
well area. 

(endnote #270) 

268. fp.187, Frid. April 29, 1853] The N.C. Synod held its 
50th annual meeting at Newton, Catawba Co., N.C. A 
permanent Board of Directors of the Western Carolina 
Male Academy was elected: Revs. Samuel Rothrock, J.D. 
Sheck, Joseph A. Linn, Wm. George Harter, Simeon 
Scherer, and Levi C. Groseclose. Also Messrs. C. Melchor, 
Moses Barrier, J. Shimpoch, C.A. Heilig, D. Barrier, and 
C.L. Partee. A Committee of Correspondence made up of 
the Revs. Rothrock, Sheck, and Joseph A. Linn was ap- 
pointed to find a suitable man to take charge of the academy. 
The Synod also authorized that monies in the "Centenary 
Fund", approximately $600, be transferred to the endow- 
ment funds of the Academy. (Bernheim and Cox 1902, 

269. [p. 194, Tues. Nov. 22, 1853] Alexander ("Sandy") 
Brown lived in the Mt. Ulla community. His home was a 
convenient place for Rothrock to stay overnight on his way 
to the John Clark II homeplace on the Catawba River near 
East Monbo in Iredell Co. The following night he stayed 
at the Iredell Co. home of Tobias Brown, younger brother 
of "Sandy" Brown. Rothrock was on his way to perform a 
family wedding. His wife Amelia and other family members 
accompanied him on this trip from Rowan to Iredell, ne- 
cessitating two overnight stops along the way. 

See endnote #238, Alexander Brown. 

270. [p. 194, Thurs. Nov. 24, 1853] Jane Arey was the young- 
est and the last of Amelia Rothrock's sisters to marry. She 
and Dr. Littleton William Coleman were married at the 
home of John Clark II and Charlotte Arey Clark in Iredell 
County. Phebe Arey Brown and Amelia Arey Rothrock, 
also sisters of the bride, were in attendance. In all proba- 
bility, the Rev. Benjamin Arey and Elizabeth Arey Barrin- 

The Coleman-Hambley home in Rockwell, Rowan Co., N. C. Be- 
fore the Civil War, Jane and Littleton built a three-room house on 
five acres. As their family and finances increased they would add a 
room to meet their changing needs. This unusual house had eight 
rooms, four on each side of the center hall which runs the length of 
the building. Samuel and Amelia Rothrock spent a lot of time vis- 
iting here and stay ing here, especially in their later years. 

(endnote #270) 

ger, brother and sister of the bride who resided in Iredell 
Co., were present for the wedding. Littleton William Cole- 
man, or "Uncle Lit" as he was called by his nieces and 
nephews, was born 6 January 1824 in Warren County, N.C. 
He was the son of Littleton Hardin Coleman (1798-1824) 
and Lucy Ann Hawkins (1808-50), who was the daughter 
of Gov. William Hawkins (1777-1819) of North Carolina 
and his wife Ann Swepson Boyd (1788-1861). Littleton 
Coleman received his medical education at Petersburg, Va. 
He married Jane Arey and began practice in Catawba Co., 
later moving to Rowan Co. where he became a well-known 
"horse and buggy" doctor in the Rockwell area. (Davidson 
1983, 273-287) 

271. [p. 195, Thurs. Dec. 22, 1853] Eve Elizabeth Kluttz was 
born 18 August 1835 and died 18 May 1884. She was the 
daughter of George Kluttz (1798-1870) and Mary C. ("Pol- 
ly") Holshouser (1801-1873). John David Miller was born 7 
October 1822 and died in 1864. He was the son of John and 
Elizabeth (Sifford) Miller. (Kluttz 1990, 414,430) 


272. [p. 196, Sund.Jan. 15, 1854] Levi C. Groseclose, born 6 
June 1820, Smyth Co., Va., was the son of John and Mary 
Snavely Groseclose. He was licensed in 1849 and ordained 
in 1850 by the Southwest Va. Synod. He served churches 
in Rowan, Davie, Cabarrus, Guilford, and Alamance Cos. 
before transferring to the Southern Illinois Synod in 1873. 
He died 2 May 1905 and is buried at Eureka, Ks. (Sketches 
1966, 79) 

Annotations & Commentary (1854) 


Ebenezer Academy is the oldest schoolhouse still standing in Iredell 
County. Built of logs, a one room structure, it was chartered in 1822 
and bu ilt in 182J. Many of the early leaders in the county and state 
were educated here. Bethany Presbyterian Church and Cemetery 
are adjacent to Ebenezer Academy. The original restored building 
which houses an exhibit of early school items is located on Hwy 21 
N. j miles from i-77. 

(endnotes #273, 274, 276) 

273. [p. 197, Wed. Feb. 1, 1854] Ebenezer Academy was lo- 
cated " a rural situation, six miles from Statesville, so 
that students will be measurably from temptations to vice." 
Lewis Hazelius Rothrock became a boarding student at 
Ebenezer when he was fifteen years old. The school was 
incorporated in 1822 and it offered a course of studies pre- 
paratory to admission to the "University of the State." 
Twenty students boarded in the home of the teacher, Hugh 
R. Hall, and others boarded nearby in the homes of "re- 
spectable" families. (Iredell 1980, 66-67) 

274. tp.197, Thurs. Feb. 2, 1854] Hugh R. Hall took charge 
of Ebenezer Academy in February 1828 and taught until 
November 1835. No one succeeded him immediately and 
he went back to teaching in February 1839. He taught until 
his death 15 May 1856. Under Professor Hall's leadership 
the school flourished with students coming from adjoining 
counties and from as far away as Texas, Louisiana, and 
South Carolina. After Professor Hall's death, Ebenezer 
Academy no longer operated as a boarding school. (Ire- 
dell, 67-68) 

275. [p. 199, Mond. Apr. 3, 1854] On this date, while in Iredell 
Co., Rothrock baptized "Rev. Arey's child." The child was 
his niece, Laura Augusta Arey, who was born 27 February 
1854 in Iredell Co., N.C. She died 16 September 1936 at the 
age of eighty-two and is buried in the Bethesda Presbyterian 
Church Cemetery, Iredell Co., near her Amity Hill home. 
She was one of the eleven children of the Rev. Benjamin 
Arey and Maria Phebe Raynor Arey. (Davidson 1983, 140) 

276. [p. 199, Tues. Apr. 4, 1854] Ebenezer Academy was lo- 
cated in the Bethany Church community and Rothrock was 
using the names synonymously. Bethany Presbyterian 
Church, Iredell Co., N.C, was organized in 1775. A Mr. 
James Hall assisted in organizing and building Bethany 
Church and his son James, became the first pastor. The 
Bethany Congregation worshipped out-of-doors and in the 
homes of members until their church, a forty foot by fifty 
foot structure, was built in 1777, a year before Dr. Hall was 
installed. In addition to his clerical duties, the Rev. James 
Hall started "...a school of science in his yard and organized 
classes to meet each Saturday for the Study of English 
Grammar." Ebenezer Academy, incorporated in 1822, 
sprung from this early beginning and the persistent interest 
and efforts of the members of Bethany Church and the 
citizens of the Bethany Church community. (Iredell 1980, 
66, 97) 

277. fp.199, Thurs. Apr. 13, 1854] Lovina Sophia Peeler was 
born 28 January 1831 and died 16 February 1915. On 13 April 
1854, she married Milas A. Holshouser. Her parents were 
Paul Peeler who was born after 1800 and Catherine Fisher 
who was born 22 January 1806 and died 17 April 1892. Her 
grandfather was George Fisher, Jr. The marriage of Paul 
and Catherine Fisher Peeler was announced in Western Car- 
olinian, 11 May 1830. (Arnold 1984, 366, 368) 

See endnote #j68, Milas A. Holshouser. 

278. [p. 199, Wed. Apr. 26, 1854] Moses A. Shuping, 1850 
Census Rowan Co., N.C; #1474.1485: 

Moses A. Shuping 32 M NC farmer 1,000 
Elisabeth C. Shuping 32 F NC (X) 
Michael 1 MNCS 

Maria 9 F NC S 

Flora 2 F NC 

sawmill: 60,000 ft. lumber valued at $510. (Linn 1992, 101) 

279. [p. 199, Thurs. Apr. 27, 1854] John Rimer, 1850 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C; #1503.1514: 

John Rimer 47 M NC (S) 

Sophia Rimer 46 F NC (X) 

David A. 21 M NC farmer 

Jacob W. 19 M NC labourer 

Catherine L. 16 F NC S 

wheelwright 1000 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

Samuel M. 13 M NC S 
Sophia M. 6 F NC S 
Mary C. 11/12 F NC 

100 acres improved land, 25 acres unimpr, value $1000 

(Linn 1992, 103) 

[MB: John Rimer &c Sophia Shulaberger, 1 March 1828.] 
(Holcomb 1981, 340) 

280. [p. 201, Sund. June n, 1854] Nelson Sides, 1850 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C.; #1838.1864: 

Nelson Sides 34 M NC 

Sarah Sides 24 F NC 

John D. 12 M NC 

Ruben A. 9 M NC 

James M. 4 M NC 

Moses S. 1 F[sic] NC 

Levi Sides 21 M NC 

(Linn 1992, 127) 

281. [p. 202, Tues. July 4, 1854] The cornerstone laying of the 
Western Carolina Male Academy on the 4th of July prob- 
ably was a part of the Mt. Pleasant community celebration. 
The school was situated on sixteen acres of land overlooking 
Mt. Pleasant which the trustees had purchased from Math- 
ias Barrier. According to Dr. R. Brown McAllister, Concord 
Tribune, 11 June 1973, the three story brick building of the 
academy was constructed in 1854 at a cost $7,000. (Bost 
and Norris 1994, 75) 

282. [p. 202, Sund. July 16, 1854] Elias Link, 1850 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C.; #73.76: 

Elias Link 26 M NC blacksmith 
Phillipene Link 25 F NC 
Margaret A. 5 F NC S 
Mary A. 3 F NC 

JohnH. 1 M NC 

David Link 55 M NC (X) blacksmith 

(Linn 1992, 6) 

283. [p. 203, Tues. Aug. 1, 1854] Peter Trexler, was the son 
of Jacob Trexler and Amelia Mary Peeler. Sarah Clementine 
Peeler was born 7 December 1834 and died 15 June 1861. She 
was the daughter of David Peeler (1806-1894) and Milla 
Kluttz Peeler (1812-1910). (Arnold 1984, 246, 301) 

284.lj3.203, Thurs. Aug. 17, 1854] Bethel Church is located 
in Franklin Twp., Rowan Co., N.C., four miles northwest 
of Salisbury off the highway [601] from Salisbury to Mocks - 
ville. The congregation was organized by the Rev. Jacob 
Crim in March 1851 with twenty-one members and was first 
known as "Franklin." The house of worship during Roth- 
rock's tenure as pastor, 1872—73, was a small frame building 

This three-story brick building was constructed at a cost of $y, 000 
in 1855 as the Western Carolina Male Academy by the North Caro- 
lina Synod of the Lutheran Church. It became North Carolina 
College in 1859 and operated as such until 1902 when it became Mt. 
Pleasant Collegiate Institute. Education was extremely important 
to Samuel Rothrock who was present when the Synod met in extra 
session on 21 July 1852 for the express purpose of making plans to 
establish such an institution. 1994 photo. 

(endnote #281) 

with wooden shutters covering the windows. This was re- 
placed by another frame structure in 1883 to which transepts 
were added in 1928 giving the building a cruciform shape. 
Samuel Rothrock served Bethel Church, 1872— 1873. (Mor- 
gan 1953, 174-75) 

285. [p. 205, Mond. Oct. 30, 1854] George Eagle, 1850 Cen- 
sus Rowan Co., N.C.; #1456.1467: 

George Eagle 51 M NC farmer 850 

Sarah Eagle 
Margaret B. 
John P. 
Louisa A. 
Catherine N. 
Moses J. 

48 F NC (X) 
24 F NC 
19 M NC S 
16 F NC S 
14 F NC S 
8 MNC S 
5 F NC 


(Linn 1992, 100) 

286. [p. 206, Sund. Nov. 5, 1854] Samuel Rothrock 
"Preached at St. Stephen's ch...the funl of Charles Barringer 
deed" on this date. The deceased was the third Charles 
Barringer to be mentioned in the Diary. In an effort to avoid 
confusion, the three different persons with the same name 
are listed below: 

1. Charles Barringer who died in early November 1854. In 
all likelihood, he was Charles Rufus Barringer, son of 
Charles and Mary Redwine Barringer, who was born 22 
May 1836. (Submitted by Ruth Earnhardt Goodman,/ozzr- 

Annotations & Commentary (1854) 


nal of The Genealogical Society of Rowan County, N.C., Vol. 
3, p. no, 1993.) 

2. Charles Barringer (1800-1875) of Iredell Co. who married 
Elizabeth Arey. He resided in Iredell Co. and was Samuel 
Rothrock's brother-in-law.(DAViDSON 1983, 59-61) 

3. Charles Barringer (1804-1850), husband of Mary (Polly) 
Redwine. Samuel Rothrock preached his funeral on 1 
March 1850 at Organ Church. His name, however, was 
recorded as Charles Berriner [sic] in the 1850 Rowan 
County Census; Mortality Schedule. (Linn 1992, 130) 

See endnote #164, Charles Barringer of Rowan Co.. 


287. fp.208, Thurs. Jan. 4, 1855] The construction of the rail- 
road from Goldsboro and Charlotte to Salisbury had pro- 
ceeded simultaneously. On 4 January 1855, tne fi rst trains 
were scheduled to arrived in Salisbury over this route and 
it was a day of celebration. Although the day was cloudy 
and damp the occasion attracted an estimated crowd of 
15,000. Young and old lined the railroad tracks for a distance 
of a mile and a half to await the arrival of the two trains 
from Charlotte and Concord, due at 11:00 A.M. and 2:P.M. 
When the trains arrived, "freighted to capacity with human 
cargo", they were greeted with "the most tremendous cheer- 
ing, the firing of cannon, and the excellent music of the 
Concord and Salisbury brass bands." The celebrants con- 
sumed a barbecue made of 24 hogs, 16 sheep, 16 beeves, 10 
'possums. The day's activity was climaxed by a balloon as- 
cension by a "Professor Elliott" who "rose almost perpen- 
dicular from the starting point until he was lost in the 
clouds." Many sightseers remained overnight and filled 
public and private homes to capacity. Rowan County: A Brief 
History, James S. Brawley (N.C Dept. of Cultural Resourc- 
es, Division of Archives and History, 1977) p.81-82. 

288. [p. 208, Mond. Jan. 8, 1855] Tobias File, 1850 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C.; #806.823: 

Tobias File 31 M NC millwright 2,500 
Sarah File 30 F NC 
Mary J. 4 F NC 

Augustus A. 2 M NC 
Sarah E. Smith 13 F NC S 

[MB: Tobias File to Sarah Eddleman 27 Nov 1843] (Linn 
1992, 54) 

289. [p. 208, Mond. Jan. 15, 1855] Caleb A. Heilig, 1850 Cen- 
sus Rowan Co.; #1785.1810: 

Caleb A. Heilig 28 M NC farmer 12000 
Mary A. Heilig 28 F NC 

Martha A.C. 
Sarah E. 
George A. 
6 slaves 

6 F NCS 
3 F NC 
1 M NC 

(Linn 1992, 123) 

290. [p. 208, Wed. Jan. 31, 1855] The Rev. William Gerhardt 
became the first principal of the Western Carolina Male 
Academy which opened 1 March 1855. William Gerhardt 
was born 28 October 1817 at Beuern, Hesse Darmstadt, 
Germany. He was educated at Gettysburg College, A.B. 
1841. After teaching school several years in Maryland and 
Ohio, he returned to Gettysburg and graduated from the 
Gettysburg Seminary 1847. He was licensed by the Minis- 
terium of Pennsylvania and served churches in Pennsylvania 
1847-55. In 1855, he became the first principal and professor 
of the Western Carolina Male Academy. At the same time 
he served and supplied area churches (1855-1860) and served 
as President of the N.C. Synod 1856-57. In i860 he went 
north and served churches in Pennsylvania (1860-67) ano ^ 
Martinsburg, W.Va. (1867-90) where he also was principal 
of schools. He died 6 December 1917 in his 101st year and 
was buried in Martinsburg, W. Va. (Sketches 1966, 74; 
Bost and Norris 1984, 75) 

291. [p. 210, Tues. March 13, 1855] John Swicegood, son of 
Philip and Macdolena (Harmon) Swicegood, was born 30 
December 1806 in Davidson Co., N.C. He graduated from 
the Gettysburg Seminary and was licensed in 1836 and or- 
dained in 1851 by the N.C . Synod. Churches served included 
St. Michael's, Troutman, 1853-56 and St. Paul, Iredell Co., 
1855-56. He died 9 September 1870 and is buried at Bethany 
Church, Shady Grove, Davidson Co., N.C. (Sketches 
1966, 213) 

292. [p. 211, Wed. Apr. 11, 1855] In the 1850 Census of Rowan 
Co., Katharine Trexler Barringer was enumerated in the 
household of her daughter Catharine Kistler, widow of 
Henry Kistler, in dwelling #753.770: 

Catharine Kesler [sic] 39 F NC 3,000 
Welington L. 
Theophilus J.H. 
Virginia M.C. 
Catherine Barringer 
4 slaves 

16 M NC S 
9 F NCS 
4 F NC S 
70 F :PA (X) 

(Linn 1992, 51) 

[MB: Henry Kistler and Catharine Barringer 26 Mar 1832] 

Rothrock refers to Katharine Trexler Barringer many times 
in his Diary —most often as "Widow Barringer." He fre- 
quently helped her with her mowing and other chores. 

See endnote #2, Katharine Trexler Barringer. 

Tombstone inscription, Union Church Cemetery: 

4 6 

Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

In memory of Catherine, wife of the late John P. Barringer 
B March 14, 1780 
D Apr 10, 1855 
A 75 y 27 d 

(Agner 1967, 11) 

293. [p. 211, Sat. Apr. 21, 1855] Daniel Isaiah Dreher was a 
licentiate when he preached for Rothrock on this date. He 
was born 10 October 1824, Lexington Dist., S.C., the son 
of Jeremiah and Lydia Dreher. He was licensed in 1853 by 
the S.C. Synod and ordained in 1856 by the N.C. Synod. 
Churches served include; St. James, Concord, 1854-69; 
Union, Rowan Co., 1867. He was a member of the first 
board of N.C. College, 1859; president, N.C. Synod, 1862- 
63; and principal and professor, Mt. Pleasant Female Sem- 
inary, 1870-71. He died 18 February 1871 at the age of 47 and 
is buried at Organ Church, Rowan Co. (Sketches 1966, 57) 

294. [p. 211, Apr. 21, 1855] The now sixteen-year old Lewis 
Hazelius Rothrock had been a boarding student at Eben- 
ezer Academy in Iredell Co. and had returned home after 
finishing his course of study at the school. 

295. [p. 212, Sund. May 27, 1855] Moses Barringer, 1850 Cen- 
sus Rowan Co., N.C; #1508.1519: 

Moses Barringer 22 M NC miller $2500 
Mary C. Barringer 30 F NC 
Elisha Smith 36 M NC physician 

5 slaves 

flour; corn meal values given (Linn 1992, 104) 

296. [p. 214, Sund. July 1, 1855] St. Peter's Church, Rowan 
Co., N.C. is located three miles east of Rockwell in Rowan 
Co. A small hickory log church was built at that location 
as early as 1745 by Lutherans and German Reformed. Over 
the years these congregations built other churches and the 
early log building was abandoned and allowed to decay. 
About 1830, a small group of Lutherans from the Tennessee 
Synod organized a congregation and built a thirty foot by 
forty foot frame church which they called Krauth Memorial 
Lutheran Church. In 1855, Joseph A. Linn and Samuel Ro- 
throck began holding services there. This resulted in a con- 
gregation which was in sympathy with the North Carolina 
Synod. An old indenture dated 25 May 1855 states, "in con- 
sideration of the sum of twelve dollars... Jacob Fullenwider 
...sold all that piece & parcel of Land lying.. .on the waters 
of Dutch second creek.. .an estimation of three acres. 
Henry Miller & David Barringer.. .upon the following ex- 
press Trust H. Miller shall hold the one Moriety in Trust 
for the benefit of the members worshiping... in connection 
with the Evangelical Lutheran Synod (of Tennessee), the 
other Moriety by D. Barringer in Trust for the benefit of 
those members belonging to the Evangelical Lutheran Syn- 
od of North Carolina who may choose to.. .organize a con- 

gregation and Worship there." David Barringer also was in 
charge of business matters for the newly formed St. Peter's 
Church. Accordingly, he wrote to the Rev. J. A. Linn asking 
him for a subscription in addition to his services in supply- 
ing the pulpit. Linn replied to Barringer in a letter dated 
30 June 1855. Pastor Linn, who had family connections to 
the Samuel Linn lumber mill, offered, "Fifty Dollars worth 
of Lumber as may be needed for finishing the cburch, (at 
customary prices) and 12 months preaching once a month 
in the afternoon, except sickness or other unavoidable caus- 
es prevent. Equal in my view to $125.--. This is my sub- 
scription. You can make an appointment for me on the 
afternoon of the 3rd Sabbath in July, 2 weeks from tomor- 
row, at 3 o'clock." 

Work was begun on a new church which when completed 
had a gallery on three sides and a high pulpit. In 1858, the 
St. Peter's congregation was received into the North Caro- 
lina Synod. On 7 April 1883, Samuel Rothrock wrote, "At 
St. Peter's ch. &c aided in the laying of the corner stone of 
the new church." This forty foot by sixty foot building was 
enlarged, in 1924, by the addition of transepts. Rothrock 
served St. Peter's, 1855— 1868, supply 1885— 1886. (Morgan 
1953, 339-40; David Barringer Family Papers) 

See endnotes #179, Fullenwider s Church, and #JJ2, Jacob 

297. fp.214, Sund, July 22, 1855] Gotthard Dellman Bern- 
heim was born 8 November 1827 at Iserlohn, Westphalia, 
Prussia. He was the son of the Rev. John Herman and 
Lisette (Dellman) Bernheim. His father was from a distin- 
guished Berlin Jewish family and was educated to become 
a rabbi but converted to the Christian faith and became a 
Lutheran minister. When Gotthard was five years old he 
and a younger brother, Charles Herman, came to America 
with their parents who settled in western Pennsylvania. In 
order to enter the Lutheran Theological Seminary young 
Bernheim rode horseback from Pennsylvania to Lexington, 
S.C. He graduated in 1849, receiving a D.D. degree, and 
was licensed in 1849 and ordained in 1853 by the S.C. Synod. 
In 1858 he transferred to the North Carolina Synod where 
he organized and was the second pastor of St. Mark's church 
in Charlotte. In addition to his pastoral duties and pursuits, 
he was the financial agent of N.C. College (1858), a member 
of the first board (1859), and college president (1882-83). His 
work extended to the Mt. Pleasant Female Seminary where 
he was dean and later principal. He wrote and co-authored 
books on the history of the Lutheran Church and the North 
Carolina Synod. Dr. Bernheim died 25 October 1916 and is 
buried at Charleston, S.C. (Sketches 1966, 21) 

See endnote #445, Charles Herman Bernheim. 

298. [p. 214, Sund. July 29, 1855] Bryant C. Hall was licensed 
in 1855 and ordained in 1858 by the N.C. Synod. In Rowan 

Annotations & Commentary (1855) 


Co., he served Lutheran Chapel, 1855-57, St. Paul, 1855— 
1859, and Union. 1856. In addition, he supplied Salem, Lin- 
coln, Co., 1859; Cobles-Lows, Guilford Co., 1859-64; Rich- 
land, Randolph Co., 1864. He died in 1864 and is buried at 
Lows Church, Guilford Co. (Sketches 1966, 80) 

299. [p. 217, Mond. Oct. 29, 1855] Lewis Hazelius Rothrock, 
who was sixteen years old on 10 February 1855, had com- 
pleted his studies at Ebenezer Academy in April 1855. He 
now was continuing his education as a student at the West- 
ern Carolina Male Academy in Mt. Pleasant. The Academy 
opened 1 March 1855 and Lewis was entering at the fall 

300. [p.2i8, Mond. Nov. 5, 1855] Abraham Hill: 1850 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C.; #1408.1419: 

Abraham Hill 44 M NC farmer $300 
Lydia Hill 29 F NC 
Sarah E. 10 F NC 

Abigail I. 5 F NC 
Mary J. 2 F NC 

(Linn 1992, 97) 

St. Matthew's Church, Rowan Co., was organized on 15 
April 1838 by the Rev. Benjamin Arey. "For several years 
before a church was built, the congregation worshiped at 
different places--sometimes in Abram Hill's barn, half a 
mile east of where the church now is; at other times under 
a walnut tree in Mr. Hill's yard, and at other times at Rufty's 
mill...." (Morgan 1953, 326) 


301. [p. 221, Wed. March 5, 1856] Moses Alexander Fesper- 
man was born 13 August 1827 and died 25 May 1895. He was 
the son of John and Sophia (Ritchie) Fesperman. Mary A. 
Kluttz was born 2 September 1833 and died 4 December 
1911. She was the daughter of Henry Kluttz (1807-1883) and 
Elizabeth Kluttz (1809-1845). Her parents were Johann Ja- 
cob Kluttz III and Anna Marie (Peeler) Kluttz. Mary A. 
Kluttz and Caroline Kluttz were sisters. (Arnold 1984, 294) 

See endnote #240, Caroline Kluttz. 

302. [p. 224, Sund. June 1, 1856] Rachel Beaver was the 
daughter of Elias Beaver. (Holcomb 1979, 142) 

Joseph A. Cruse was born 20 July 1833. He was killed in 
battle at Gettyburg. Rachel Beaver Cruse was born 30 Jan- 
uary 1835 and died 23 February 1915. The couple had three 
children. (Cruse 1992, 68) 

303. [p. 224, Tues.June3, 1856] Died: " Susanne 
the 54th year of her age." (Holcomb 1979, 143) 

304. fj3.224, Wed. June 18, 1856] "Died in Rowan Co., N.C., 
Jun»_ 17, 1856, James Milo, infant son of John and Nancy 
Basinger, in the 12th month of his age." (Holcomb 1979, 

305.lj3.225, Tues. July 1, 1856] "Died in Rowan Co., N.C., 
John Calvin, infant son of George M. and Margaret Ketner, 
in the 2nd year of his age. "(Holcomb 1979, 144) 

306. [p. 225, Frid. July 4, 1856] "Died in Rowan Co., N.C., 
July 3, 1856, Jemina Sophia, infant daughter of Philip and 
Jemina R. Correll, in the 2nd year of her age." (Holcomb 
1979, 144) 

307. fp.225, Mond, July 7, 1856] Died: "... Joseph Augustus 
Eagle, son of George A. and Ann Eagle, in the 3rd year of 
his age." (Holcomb 1979, 144) 

308. [p. 225, Thurs.July 17, 1856] Michael Heilig, 1850 Cen- 
sus Rowan Co., N.C.; #1719.1744: 

Michael Heilig 46 M NC farmer 1300 

Sally Heilig 


F NC(X) 

Mary A. Heilig 



James H. 




Richard A. 

r 7 



George S. 




Allen H. 



Sarah E. 



Margaret K. 



Charles H. 



Amanda J. 



(Linn 1992, 118) 
*Mary A. Heilig married Milas Rusher, 17 July 1856. 

309. [p. 225, Thurs.July 31, 1856] Marriage notice: Lutheran 
Observer, issue 22 May 1856: 

Margaret Troutman".. .daughter of George Troutman." 
(Holcomb 1979,145) 

310. [p. 226, Tues. Aug. 5, 1856] Marriage notice: Lutheran 
Observer, issue 22 May 1856: 

"... John W. Fisher and Mrs. Christena L. Hartman." 
(Holcomb 1979, 145) 

311. [p. 226, Sund. Aug. 24, 1856] "Died August 22,... Susan- 
na, wife of Henry Klutts, in the 47th year of her age." (Hol- 
comb 1979, 147) 

Henry Kluttz m. 2nd, 9 June 1845, Susan Sifford born ca. 

On 15 January 1857, Henry Kluttz married 3rd Sophia 
Sifford, a daughter of George Sifford. 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

Henry Kluttz died 8 June 1888 and Sophia died 28 October 
1900. (Kluttz 1990, 286) 

312. [p. 226, Mond. Aug. 25, 1856] Died: "In Rowan... August 
24.. .Mary Lundy, infant daughter of Mr. Moses and Mrs. 
Eve Trexler, in the 2nd year of her age." (Holcomb 1979, 

313. [p. 226, Tues. Aug. 28, 1856] "Died August 25, Caleb H., 
infant son of Mr. Henry and Mrs. Magdalene Brown in 
the 2nd year of his age." (Holcomb 1979, 147) 

314. tp.227, Thurs. Sept. 4, 1856] Married: "In Rowan Co., 
N.C., Mr. George W. Misenheimer to Miss Susannah Ket- 
ner, daughter of the late Theobold Ketner." (Holcomb 
1979, 147) 

315. [p.227, Thurs. Sept. 25, 1856] Died: "In Rowan Co., Sep- 
tember 24, 1856, Martin Luther, son of the late Jesse Walton, 
Esq., in 22nd year of his age." (Holcomb 1979, 148) 

316. [p. 228, Sat. Oct. 4, 1856] Died: "In Rowan Co., N.C., 
October 3, 1856, Mrs. Martha, wife of Joseph Barringer, in 
the 21st year of her age." (Holcomb 1979, 149) 

317. fp.228, Wed. Oct. 22, 1856] "Married in Rowan Co., 
N.C., October 22d, 1856, ...Mr. Michael Goodman, and 
Miss Sarah A., daughter of the late Rev. H[enry] Graeber." 
(Holcomb 1979, 150) 

318. [p. 228, Thurs. Oct. 23, 1856] Married: "...October 23, 
1856, Mr. Monroe Troutman and Miss Margaret A., daugh- 
ter of the late Peter Lentz." (Holcomb 1979, 150) 

319. [p. 228, Sund. Oct. 26, 1856] Caleb Lentz, born 12 April 
1825 in Rowan Co., was newly licensed when he preached 
on this Sunday at Organ Church. He was the son of Henry 
Lentz and grew up in the Organ Church Community. He 
was licensed in 1856 and ordained in 1859 by the N.C. Synod. 
Churches served: Beth Eden, Newton, 1959; New Jerusa- 
lem, Davie Co., 1863. In 1858 he was a professor at the 
Western Carolina Male Academy, Mt. Pleasant, and di- 
rected their funds appeal. His ministry was cut short by his 
death 30 September 1863 at the age of thirty-eight. 
(Sketches 1966, 113) 

320. [p. 228, Mond. Oct. 27, 1856] Died: "In Cabarrus Co., 
N.C., Oct. 26th, Margaret Catharine, daughter of Peter 
and Mary A. Cruse, in the 5th year of her age." (Holcomb 
1979, 150) 

321. [p. 229, Tues. Nov. 4, 1856] James Buchanan, Democrat, 
won the election over John C. Fremont, explorer of the 
West, soldier, U.S. Senator (1850), and the Republican Par- 
ty's first presidential candidate. 

322. [p. 229, Sund. Nov. 23, 1856] Philip Cruse (1794-April, 
1866) married Elizabeth Brunner (ca.i8oo-November, 
1856) on 26 February 1813 (Cruse 1992, 3) 

323. [p. 229, Frid. Nov. 28, 1856] "Died in Rowan Co., N.C, 
November 26, 1856, Harvey Augustus, infant son of Paul 
N. and Amelia Heilig, in the 9th month of his age." (Hol- 
comb 1979, 152) Harvey Augustus Heilig was born 24 March 
1856 and died 26 November 1856. (Rowan 1991, 365) 

324. [p. 230, Thurs. Dec. 4, 1856] "Died in Rowan Co., N.C, 
December 3, 1856, Mrs. Susanna Seaford, in the 81st year 
of her age...." (Holcomb 1979, 152) 

See endnote #220, George Klutts. 

325. [p. 230, Tues. Dec. 9, 1856] "Died in Rowan Co., N.C, 
December 8, 1856, Martha Catharine, daughter of Jesse and 
Catharine L. Beaver, in the 4th year of her age." (Holcomb 
1979, 152) 

326. [p. 230, Tues. Dec. 16, 1856] "Died on [sic] Gold Hill, 
Rowan Co., N.C, December 14.. .Mr. Conrad Casper, in 
the 70th year of his age." (Holcomb 1979, 152) 1850 U.S. 
Census Rowan Co., N.C; #155.159: 

Conrod Casper 62 M NC carpenter 
Rachel Casper 55 F NC (X) 
Elisabeth Griffin 24 F NC 
Rachel 8 F NC 

MaryC. 6 F NC 

Thomas 4 F NC 

Elisabeth 3 F NC 

Anna Casper 21 F NC 
Adeline 4 F NC 

Polly Phillips 18 F NC 
Luther A. 1 M NC 

Levi A. Casper 5 M NC 

(Linn 1992, 10) 

327. [p. 230, Mond. Dec. 22, 1856] Died: "...Miss Clemen- 
tine, daughter of Christopher and Rachel Harkey in the 
19th year of her age." (Holcomb 1979, 153) 

1850 U.S. Census Rowan Co., N.C; #1766.1791: 

Christopher Harkey 36 M NC farmer 
Rachel Harkey 42 F NC (X) 
Maria 14 F NC S 

Clementine 12 F NC S 

Daniel 10 M NC S 

John 8 M NC S 

Mary Ann 4 F NC 

(Linn 1992, 121) 

60 acres improved land, 60 acres unimproved, value: $650. 

Annotations 8c Commentary (1856) 


i8 57 

328. [p. 231, Sund. Jan. 18, 1857] Thornton Barringer, born 
28 July 1854, was the son of David and Mary Ellen Arey 
Barringer and a nephew of Amelia and Samuel Rothrock. 
Thornton, age two and a half, followed a slave who had 
gone out in a blinding snowstorm to bring in the cattle. 
The slave did not know that the boy was following him and 
climbed over a fence. Thornton was too small to scale the 
fence and could not find his way back to the house. He was 
found, but he died during the night of 16 January 1857 °f 
hypothermia. Thornton was buried at St. Peter's Lutheran 
Church because the snow was so deep that the burial party 
could not get to Union Church. (Davidson 1983, 174) 

The Lutheran Observer, 20 February 1857: "Died in Rowan 
Co., N.C.January 17, Thornton R., son of David and Mary 
Barringer, in the 3rd year of his age." 

In the same issue of the Observer was the death announce- 
ment of Thornton Barringer's cousin in Iredell County. 
"Died, Miss H[arriet] N[ewell] M. Arey, daughter of Rev. 
B[enjamin] Arey on January 26, aged fourteen years...." She 
died after an illness of three days and was buried in Bethesda 
Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Amity Hill, Iredell Co. 

329. [p. 231, Sat. Jan. 24, 1857] "Died in Cabarrus Co., N.C., 
Jan. 22d, Catharine Cruse, relict of the late Andrew Cruse 
in the eighty-ninth year of her age." (Holcomb 1979, 155) 

330. [p. 231, Sat. Jan. 31, 1857] "Died Jan. 30 in Rowan Co., 
N.C., John J. Miller in the 39th year of his age. ..left a wife 
and two children." (Holcomb 1979, 155) 

331. [p. 232, Mond. Feb. 2, 1857] "Died in Rowan Co., N.C., 
Jan. 31st Polly Brown, relict of the late Jeremiah Brown in 
the 54th year of her age." (Holcomb 1979, 156) 

332. [p. 232, Thurs. Feb. 19, 1857] Jacob Fulenwider, 1850 
Census Rowan Co., N.C.; #364.368: 

Jacob Fulenwider 60 M NC farmer 1500 


Eliza 32 F NC 

John 21 M NC labourer S 

Eve 17 F NC S 

Jacob 16 M NC S 

Camilla 14 F NC S 

Adam 11 M NC S 

Monroe 7 M NC S 

Alfred B. 4 M NC S 

Elisabeth Wormington 15 F NC 

(Linn 1992, 24) 

MB: Jacob Fulenwider & Ann Cauble, 1 March 1821; (Hol- 

comb 1981, 144) 

333. [p. 233, Sund. March 1, 1857] J. M. Wagner was ordained 
deacon in 1844 and pastor in 1847 by the Tennessee Synod. 
He served Mt. Moriah, Rowan Co., 1848; Beck's Pilgrim- 
New Jerusalem, Davidson Co., 1854-60 and was the first 
pastor of New Jerusalem, 1856-60. He was one of the or- 
ganizers of the Holston Synod, 1860-61. (Sketches 1966, 

334. fp.233, Wed. March 11, 1857] Samuel Rothrock 
preached Isaac Kesler's funeral at the Hartman-Linn house. 
The deceased was brought to Union Church for burial be- 
side his first wife, Matilda. Her tombstone inscription, 
Union Church Cemetery: 

Matilda, wife of Isaac Kesler 
D Oct 4, 1847 
A 29 y 11 m 26 d 

(Agner 1967, 20) 

Isaac Kesler and Eliza Hartman Linn were married for nine 
years before their deaths. They were married 20 July 1848 
in a ceremony performed by Samuel Rothrock at the bride's 

See endnote #198, Isaac Kesler. 

335. [234, Mond. April 20, 1857] Eliza Hartman Linn Kesler 
outlived her second husband, Isaac Kesler, by one month. 
Although there is no marker, we know that she was buried 
in the family cemetery adjacent to the Hartman-Linn house 
on Long Ferry Road. Rothrock recorded, in his Account 
Book, that she was buried "at home." Eliza had four children 
by her first husband, David Linn (ca.1796-1842). In Sep- 
tember 1857, tne division of the lands of Eliza Kesler was 
completed with twenty-six year old Robert John Linn re- 
ceiving the house tract of 644 acres on Cold Water Creek 
and the Yadkin River. (Hood 1983, 279) 

See The Samuel Rothrock Diaries, 1834-1893, Vol. I, p. 550, 
and endnote #110, David Linn. 


336. [p. 234, Apr. 21, 1857 to Dec. 5, 1858] This section of 
Samuel Rothrock's Diary is missing. During this nineteen 
month period, Rothrock continued to be a regular contrib- 
utor of news to the Lutheran Observer. The information 
below was abstracted from that publication. 

"Married April 9th in Cabarrus Co., N.C., by Rev. Samuel 
Rothrock, Mr. Jacob P. Goodman to Miss Margaret, 
daughter of Mr. Philip Safret." Issue; May 1, 1857. (Hol- 
comb 1979, 160) 

Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

"April 19th, in Rowan Co., N.C., Mrs. Eliza, relict of the 
late Isaac Kesler, in the 53d. year of her age...." Issue; May 
8, 1857. (Holcomb 1979, 160) 

"April 2zd in Cabarrus Co., N.C., Lawson Alexander, son 
of John H. & Camilla C. Miller, in the 12th year of his age." 
(Holcomb 1979, 160) 

"Married July 15th, in Rowan Co., N.C., by Rev. S. Roth- 
rock, Mr. Paul Miller, of Cabarrus Co., N.C., to Miss Mar- 
garet M., only daughter of Mr. John Miller." Issue; August 
7, 1857. (Holcomb 1979, 164) 

"July 15th, in Rowan Co., N.C., Mrs. Mary, wife of Elihu 
Holshouser, in her 50th year." (Holcomb 1979, 165) 

"July 20th, in Rowan Co., N.C., Ruffina Regina, infant 
daughter of Alexander M. and Clotilda Miller, aged one 
year." Issue; August 7, 1857. (Holcomb 1979, 165) 

"August 21, in Rowan Co., N.C., Albert Willington, infant 
son of John D. and Eve E. Miller, in his 2d year." Issue; 
September 25, 1957. 

"Sept. 10th in Rowan Co., N.C., by Rev. Saml. Rothrock, 
Mr. Solomon Peeler to Miss Susannah, daughter of Mr. 
Elias Beaver." Issue; September 25, 1857. 

"Oct. 8th in Rowan Co., N.C., by Rev. Saml. Rothrock, 
Mr. David Brady to Miss Rebecca, daughter of Mr. Isaac 
Earnheart." Issue; November 6, 1857. 

"Oct. 14th in Rowan Co., N.C., by the same, Mr. Daniel 
M. Barrier, of Cabarrus Co., to Miss Sarah A.. .daughter 
of Jeremiah Barringer, Esq." Issue; November 6, 1857. 

"Oct. 22d in Rowan Co., N.C., by the same, Mr. Jacob J. 
Miller to Mrs. Joicy Parker." Issue; November 6,1857. (Hol- 
comb 1979, 169) 

"Oct. 27th, in Rowan Co., N.C., by Rev. Saml. Rothrock, 
Mr. John L. Rusher to Miss Betty, daughter of Mr. Paul 
Meisenheimer." Issue; November 27, 1857. 

"Nov. 5th in Rowan Co., N.C., by the same, Mr. Richard 
A. Heilig, to Miss Sarah L., daughter of Mr. Peter Miller." 
Issue; November 27, 1857. (Holcomb 1979, 170) 

"Married in Cabarrus Co., N.C., Jan. 7th by Rev. Samuel 
Rothrock, Mr. Samuel Troutman to Miss Catharine L., 
daughter of Mr. Daniel Goodman." Issue; February 5, 1858. 

"In Rowan Co., N.C., Jan. 21st, by the same, Mr. Charles 
W. Beaver to Miss Sarah M., daughter of Samuel Seaford." 
Issue; February 5, 1858. 

"Married in Rowan Co., N.C., Feb. 18, by Rev. Samuel 
Rothrock, Mr. Henry Powlass to Miss Catharine L., 
daughter of Mr. Simon Seaford, of Davie Co." Issue: March 
5, 1858. 

"In Rowan Co., N.C., Feb. 18, by the same, Mr. John Ketner, 
to Miss Mary A., daughter of the late John Seaford." Issue; 
March 5, 1858. 

"In Rowan Co., N.C., Feb. 4, by Rev. S. Rothrock Mr. John 
A. Miller, to Miss Rosina S., daughter of the late Peter 
Peeler." Issue; March 5, 1858. 

"In Cabarrus Co., N.C., Feb. 4th by the same, Mr. Wm. 
W. Lentz to Miss Amelia C, daughter of Mr. Peter Weav- 
er." Issue; March 5, 1858. 

"Died in Cabarrus Co., N.C., Feb 5th, Mrs. Sarah Ann 
E.B. Goodman, relict of Mr. Michael Goodman, and 
daughter of the late Rev. Henry Graeber, in the 25th year 
of her age...." Issue; March 5, 1858. 

"In Rowan Co., N.C., Feb. 7th, Miss Mary S. F. Graeber, 
youngest daughter of the late Rev. Henry Graeber, in the 
21st year of her age." Issue; March 5, 1858. 

"In Rowan Co., N.C., Feb. 13, Mrs. Anna Maria Graeber, 
relict of the late Rev. Henry Graeber, in the 60th year, of 
her age. ..native of Maryland, and immigrated with her hus- 
band, then living, to N.C. in 1847." Issue; March 5, 1858. 

"In Rowan Co., N.C, Feb. 8th, Mrs. Amy, wife of Mr. John 
Powlass, in the 36th year of her age. ..left husband and four 
children." Issue; March 5, 1858. (Holcomb 1979, 176) 

"Married in Rowan Co., N.C, Feb. 24th, by Rev. Samuel 
Rothrock, Mr. John Holshouser, to Miss Julia Ann Earn- 
heart." Issue; March 12, 1858. 

"Died in Rowan Co., N.C, Feb. 21st, Mrs. Louisa M. H. 
Leppard, wife of Mr. John H. Leppard, and daughter of 
the late Rev. Henry Graeber, in the 27th year of her age...." 
Issue; March 12, 1858. (Holcomb 1979, 176) 

"Married in Cabarrus Co., N.C, March 4th, by Rev. Saml. 
Rothrock, Mr. John P. Beaver to Miss Sophia L., youngest 
daughter of Mr. John Foutz." Issue; March 26, 1858. 

"In Cabarrus Co., N.C, March 4, by the same, Mr. Rufus 
G. Bost to Miss Leah L., daughter of Mr. Solomon Fisher." 
Issue; March 26, 1858. 

"Died. ..In Cabarrus Co., N.C, March 10 ,Mr. Peter Weav- 
er, in the 5istyear of his age...." Issue; March 26, 1858. (Hol- 
comb 1979, 177) 

"Married... March 25th in Rowan Co., N.C, by Rev. Samuel 
Rothrock, Mr. Alexander Lyerly to Miss Rosain, daughter 
of Leonard Klutts." Issue; April 16, 1858. (Holcomb 1979, 

"Married in Rowan Co., N.C, May 12, by Rev. Samuel 
Rothrock, Mr. William Kirf to Miss Elizabeth, daughter 
of Peter Eagle." Issue; May 28, 1858. 

"In Cabarrus Co., N.C, May 13, by the same, Mr. Jacob L. 

Annotations & Commentary ([1857-1858]) 

Litaker to Miss Christiana E., dau. of Mr. Jacob Pless." 
Issue; May 28, 1858. (Holcomb 1979, 180) 

"Married in Rowan Co., N.C., July 8, by Rev. Saml. Roth- 
rock, Mr. Jesse Skern to Miss Sarah Ann Mabry." Issue; 
July 23, 1858 (Holcomb 1979, 183) 

"Married in Cabarrus Co., N.C., August 26th, by Rev. 
Saml. Rothrock, Mr. Daniel S. Sides, to Mary C, daughter 
of Joseph Meisenheimer, Esq." Issue: October 8, 1858. 

"In Rowan Co., N.C., September 16, [1858] by the same, 
Mr. Charles Miller, to Miss Sarah E. dau. of Paul A. 
Seaford. Esq." 

"Died, Sept. 18th in Rowan Co., N.C., Mr. Samuel Beaver, 
in the 59th year of his age." Issue; October 8, 1858. (Hol- 
comb 1979, 185-86) 

"Married in Rowan Co., N.C., October 21st, by Rev. Saml. 
Rothrock, Mr. Elihu Holshouser, to Mary Ann Cameron." 
Issue; November 5, 1858. 

"Died in Rowan Co., N.C., October 8, 1858, Brandy 
Jonathan, infant son of David A. and Sophia L. Bost, in 
the 5th month of her[sic] age." Issue; November 5, 1858. 
(Holcomb 1979, 187) 

"Died in Rowan Co., N.C., Oct. 28th, Mrs. Sophia, wife 
of Mr. Andrew Holshouser, in the 44th year of her age..." 

"Died in Rowan Co., N.C., November 10th, Ellen Cordelia, 
infant daughter of Jeremiah L. and Elizabeth E. Graeber, 
in the 2d. year of her age." Issue; December 3, 1858. (Hol- 
comb 1979, 188) 


337. [p. 235, Sund. Dec. 12, 1858] Daniel Howard Bittle was 
born 6 June 1819, near Middletown, Md. He was the son 
of Thomas and Mary (Baer) Bittle. After receiving his A.B. 
degree from Gettysburg College in 1843, he taught school 
three years. He attended Lane Seminary and was ordained 
in 1849 by the Miami Synod (Ohio). From 1859-61 he served 
as the first president of North Carolina College, formerly 
the Western Carolina Male Academy. When the college 
closed its doors during the Civil War, he moved to Austin, 
Tex., where he operated a school for young women. His 
last church was in Savannah, Ga. where he died 14 January 
1874. (Sketches 1966, 22) 


338. [p. 236, Sat. Jan. 22, 1859] John Clark II, husband of 

From left: Charlotte Arey Glark(i82j— 1859), younger sister of Ame- 
lia Arey Rothrock, Albert Percy Clark, John Worth Clark, John 
Clark II (1819-1859). 

(endnote #338) 

Amelia Rothrock's sister Charlotte, died 21 January 1859. 
Lead poisoning claimed his life as it would the lives of his 
wife, Charlotte Arey Clark, on 10 September 1859 and his 
baby daughter, Charlotte, on 25 October 1859. The source 
of the lead was the paint on the walls of their newly built 
home on the Catawba River. All three are buried in St. 
Michael's Lutheran Cemetery near Troutman, N.C. Two 
young sons, Albert Percy Clark I (1851-1923) and John 
Worth Clark (1852-1926), survived. Jane Clark Hill (1816- 
1875) the childless widow of John Hill and aunt of the or- 
phaned boys, raised the children on the old James Clark II 
homeplace in Iredell Co. (Davidson 1983, 235-36) 

339. [p. 236, Wed. Jan. 26, 1859] Tobias Cruse was born 14 
March 1831 and died 1 July 1863 in the Batde of Gettysburg. 
On 25 April 1854, he married Catherine L. Rimer who was 
born 21 April 1832 and died 22 December 1887. The couple 
had three children. (Cruse 1992, 67). 

See endnote #279, John Rimer. 

340. [p. 237, Frid. Feb. 11, 1859] Caleb A. Heilig, age 36, 
died of "Tiphoid Numonia" after an illness of nine days 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

according to the i860 Rowan County Census: Mortality 
Schedule. Caleb A. Heilig, Esq. was a member of Organ 
Evangelical Lutheran Church. A notice of his death ap- 
peared in the Lutheran Observer, Issue: March 4, 1859. 

See endnotes #289, Caleb A. Heilig, 1850 Census, and #347, 
Mary A. Heilig, i860 Census. 

341. [p. 237, Wed. Feb. 23, 1859] Alexander Peeler was born 
16 June 1837 an d died 12 December 1927. He was the son of 
David Peeler (1806-1894) andMilla Kluttz (1812-1910). Sa- 
rah Ann E. Peeler was the daughter of George Peeler. (Ar- 
nold 1984, 301,383) 

342. ^.239, Wed. Apr. 27, 1859] Albert Arey is listed in the 
1850 Census of Cabarrus Co., N.C.; #717 as Henry A. Area: 

Area, Henry A[lbert]. 32 M merchant 800 
Margaret M. 23 F 

2 slaves 

(CABARRUs'50, 87) 

i860 Census Cabarrus Co., N.C.; Concord P.O. #383: 

Area, Albert 41 M merchant 
Margaret 33 F 

5,300 Value Real Estate 
10,000 Value Personal Property 
Pharr, Margaret 6 F 
Francis 2 F 

5 slaves 

(Cabarrus'6o, 41) 

Henry A[lbert] Area who was enumerated in the 1850 
Cabarrus Co. census and Albert Area who was listed in the 
i860 Cabarrus Co. census are the same person. He was the 
son of Abraham Area and his wife Catharine Clingerman 
and a grandson of Abraham Arey (1757-1844). Catherine 
Clingerman was the daughter of Alexander Clingerman 
and was born in Rowan Co. Abraham Area, died ca. 1846. 
In his will dated 4 March 1846 [Cabarrus Co. Wills, Book 
1, 112-13] his surname is spelled "Aria." Albert Arey and 
Amelia Arey Rothrock were cousins. (Davidson 1983, 50- 

See endnote #11, Abraham Arey. 

Area, Catharine 60 F b. Rowan Co., N.C. 

W.F 33 M 

Mary Elizabeth] 20 F 

3 slaves 


343. [p. 239, Wed. Apr. 27, 1859] Ransom Winecoff, i860 

Census Cabarrus Co., N.C.; #392/352: 

Winecoff, Ransom 45 M farmer 3,648 Real Estate 

Ester 42 F 8,800 Pers. Property 

Matilda 12 F 

John 10 M 

Maria 6 F 

Ida 1 F 

9 slaves 

Mr. Winecoff owned a tannery. (Cabarrus'6o, 42, 175,208) 

In the 1870 Census of Cabarrus Co., N. O; Twp.12, #238, 
Ranson Winecoff is listed as the "register of deeds." In 
addition to his family, his household included a "saddle- 
maker," a "farmhand," and two white female domestic ser- 
vants. (CABARRUs'70, 276) 

344. [p. 240, Sund.May29,i859] William Alexander Julian, 
son of William Julian, was born November 1830 in Salis- 
bury, N.C. He graduated from North Carolina College in 
1855 and was licensed and ordained in 1859 by the N.C. 
Synod. In N.C. he served Becks-Lebanon-St. Luke-Pil- 
grim, in Davidson Co., 1854-63; Cobles-Lows, in Guilford, 
Co. and Richland in Randolph Co., 1865—70; St. Enoch in 
Rowan Co. and Trinity in Cabarrus Co., 1874-79; St. Luke 
in Davidson Co., 1878-84; and Reformation in Davie Co., 
1880-84. During his last pastorate he organized Haven in 
Salisbury on 13 August 1899 and served there and at Christ 
Church, East Spencer, 1899-1900. During the periods 
when he was not in N.C, he served churches in Florida 
and other states. He died 19 August 1913 at Leesville, S.C. 
(Sketches 1966, 101) 

345. [p. 242, Wed. July 27, 1859] Paul Peeler was born 20 
November 1832 and died 16 February 1915. He married Mary 
C. Hartman who was born 21 April 1838 and died 18 August 
1921. He was the son of Michael Peeler (1796— 1858) and 
Elizabeth Brown (1800-1873). (Arnold 1984, 248) Tomb- 
stone inscriptions, Union Church Cemetery: 

Paul Peeler 
Nov 20, 1832 
Feb 16, 1915 

CSA marker (Agner 1967, 35) 

Mary C. Peeler 
April 21, 1838 
Aug 18, 1921 

346. [p. 244, Sat. Sept. 10, 1859] John H. Mengert was born 
in 1813 in Bremen, Germany. After attending the University 
of Bonn he was licensed in 1836 and ordained in 1839 in 
Germany. He served as a missionary in India. In 1859 he 
transferred from the Indiana Synod to the N.C. Synod. He 
was the first regular pastor and built St. Paul's Church, 
Wilmington, 1858-62. From 1864-70 he lived in Ocala and 
Gainesville, Fla. but remained a member of the N.C. Syn- 
od. In 1870 he transferred to the Maryland Synod and served 

Annotations & Commentary (1859) 


in the District of Columbia 1873-76. He died 26 October 
1876 and was buried at Baltimore, Maryland. (Sketches 
1966, 133) 

347.[p.244, Sat. Sept. 17, 1859] Mary A. Heilig was the 
widow of Caleb A. Heilig who died in February, 1859. i860 
Census Rowan Co., N.C. P.O. Gold Hill; #351: 

Mary Heilig 38 F 

Martha A.C. Heilig 16 F 

Sarah E. Heilig 13 F 

George A. Heilig 12 M 

Augustus Heilig 10 M 

John Heilig 7 M 

Luther Heilig 6 M 



R.Holmes, Guardian 
R.Holmes, Guardian 
Jo Linn, Guardian 
P. Heilig, Guardian 
Jo Linn, Guardian 
P. Heilig, Guardian 

Sarah Furr Heilig is shown living in the adjacent household. 
She was the widow of George Michael Heilig, Jr. and moth- 
er of Caleb and Paul Nathaniel Heilig. Rothrock was a 
lifelong friend of this Heilig family 

i860 Census Rowan Co., N.C. P.O. Gold Hill; #352: 

Sarah [Furr] Heilig 57 F farming 
George Keuth 25 M overseer 
Mary F. McRay 10 F 

(Watson 1990, 80-81) 

348. [p. 244, Tues. Sept. 27, 1859] Solomon Ketch ey, 1850 
Census, Rowan Co., N.C; #1437.1448: 

Solomon Ketch ey 39 M NC farmer 400 
Catharine Ketchey 33 F NC 
EalyA. 12 F NC 

Susan S. 9 F NC 

Franey C. 3 F NC 

[MB: Solomon Ketchey to Catherine Garner 27 March 

(Linn 1992, 99) 

349. [p. 245, Thurs. Oct. 20, 1859] Alexander Phillippi was 
born 25 July 1833 in Wythe Co., Va. His parents were John 
and Mollie ( Wisley) Phillippi. He was educated at Roanoke 
College, A.B., 1857, and Gettysburg Seminary and Penn- 
sylvania College, D.D. As a licentiate, he became the first 
pastor of St. Mark's Church, Charlotte, 1859-61. In 1861, he 
transferred to and was ordained by the Southwest Virginia 
Synod. In Virginia he served at Lynchburg and Trinity-St. 
John, Wytheville, the latter for fifty years until his death. 
He was a long-time member of the Board of Roanoke Col- 
lege and also operated Trinity Hall, a school for boys and 
girls, for twenty-one years. He died 28 November 1915. 
(Sketches 1966, 163) 

350. [p. 246, Sund. Nov. 13, 1859] John L. Smithdeal was 

born in 1836 and was licensed in 1858 by the N.C. Synod. 
He served Bethel-St. Paul, Rowan Co., 1858-60; Frog Level 
[old name for Prosperity], S.C., 1860-61; St. Paul, Iredell 
Co.; Beth Eden, Newton, 1862-65. His later years were 
spent in Pennsylvania. He died in 1880 and is buried at 
Ancram, N.Y. (Sketches 1966, 199) 

351.fp.247, Thurs. Dec. 15, 1859] Catherine Harkey and 
Jacob Earnhardt were married 3 August 1812. She was the 
daughter of Henry and Mary Melker Harkey. He was the 
son of George and Veronica Earnhardt and was born on 
April 4, 1787. (Rowan 1991, 318-19) 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 


352. [p.248,Tues.Jan.3, i860] Reuben J. Holmes, i860 Cen- 
sus Rowan Co., N.C.; #761: 

Reuban J. Holmes 37 M astg. g[old]. mining co. 
Rosanah S.C. 25 F house keeper 
Charles H. 3 M 

Sarah Ada 1 F 

(Watson 1990, 101) 

Reuben Jesse Holmes was born 22 November 1822. He died 
May 1899 in Asheville and is buried in Chestnut Hill Cem- 
etery, Salisbury, N.C. On 19 August 1852 he married Rosa 
Sarah Caroline Heilig, daughter of George and Sarah Furr 
Heilig. (Rowan 1991, 375) 

353. [p. 249, Sat. Feb. 25, i860] Joseph Alexander Frick, age 
14 years, died of "tiphoid fever" after an illness of eleven 
days, i860 Census Mortality Schedule, Rowan Co., N.C. 
(Watson 1990, 118) 

354. [p.250, Thurs. March 15, i860] Samuel Rothrock se- 
lected the place where he and Amelia would build their new 
home with the assistance of Augustus Franklin Graeber, 
close friend and construction supervisor. The house was 
completed a year later, "about the time Lewis Rothrock 
entered the Confederate Army." The house is still standing 
and is located on St. Peter's Church Road .8 mile from 
present-day Highway 52. The i860 Census of Rowan Coun- 
ty, N.C. lists Samuel Rothrock: P.O. Rockville, N.C; #686: 
Value of Real Estate $1,600 Personal Property $10,900 

Samuel Rothrock 
Lewis H. 
Julia F. Moyle 

Eight slaves and one slave house. 

50 M lutheran minister 
47 F house keeper 
21 M day laborer 
12 F b. England 

(Watson 1990, 97) 

The Rev. Joseph A. Linn, Rothrock's good friend and col- 
league, lived in the next dwelling, #685, P.O. Rockville, 
N.C, as numbered by the i860 census taker: 

Joseph A. Linn 40 M lutheran minister 

Margaret A. 35 F house keeper 

John T.S. 12 M Joseph A. Linn, Guardian 

J.C. Barnhart 24 M farmer 

Mary A. P. Julian 6 F 

Samuel Fulenwider 20 M day laborer 

(Watson 1990, 97) 
See endnote #545, Margaret Ann Barnhart Linn Lentz. 
The first post office to open in 1838 at what is now Rockwell 

The Gold Hill residence of Samuel and Amelia Rothrock. Their 
great-grandson, Archibald C. Rufty, says that this house was com- 
pleted just prior to the time Lewis Hazelius Rothrock enlisted in 
the Confederate Army. It is located on St. Peters Church Road .8 
mile fom Highway 52. 1993 photo. 

(endnote #354) 

went by the name of Millville. On 13 May 1839, the name 
of the post office was changed to Rockville. It was discon- 
tinued in December 1866 but was re-established as Rock- 
well on 1 March 1872, with Peter Miller as postmaster. 
(Brawley 1953, 380) 

355. [p. 251, Thurs. April 5, i860] In preparation for building 
his new house, Rothrock once again went to the "Steam 
Saw Mill." Steam engines had been in use in Rowan County 
as early as the 1840s to pump water out of the pits in Gold 
Hill. The 17 October 1855 issue of the Rowan Whig and 
Western Advocate advertised lumber produced by two sepa- 
rate steam saw mills operated by William Locke and James 
B. Beard. The Industrial Schedule of the i860 Census of 
Rowan County lists two steam powered saw mills, operated 
by Thomas C. Hyde and A.H. Neel respectively. Rothrock 
mentions none of the above in either his Diary or Account 
Book and it is probably safe to assume that the Steam Saw 
Mill he visited and patronized was somewhere in the vicin- 
ity of Gold Hill or possibly in neighboring Cabarrus Coun- 
ty where four new mills powered by steam are listed in the 
i860 census of that county. (Hood 1983, 26-27; Cabar- 
rus'6o, 208-11) 

356. [p. 251, Tues. April 10, i860] Augustus F. Graeber, i860 
Census, Rowan Co., N.C; P.O. Salisbury; #317: 

Augustus F. Graber 34 M farmer b. MD 

Margaret N. 31 F 

JohnF. 8 M 

Alius U. 4 F 

Mary L. 1 F 

Joseph Gadd 25 M day laborer 

Annotations & Commentary (i860) 


Thomas House 
A F Graber 
J. A. Goodman 

17 M day laborer 
Gudn for 

3 M 

(Watson 1990, 79) 

Augustus Franklin Graeber was the son of the Rev. Henry 
Graeber who died in 1843. 

357. fp.252, Tues. May 8, i860] Benjamin F. Fraley, i860 
Census, Rowan Co., N.C.; Salisbury District; #98: 

B.F Fraley 51 M farmer 
Jane P. 52 F 
Roxey D. 15 F 

(Watson 1990, 5) 

358. [p. 252, Sund. May 13, i860] George M. Ketner, i860 
Census Rowan Co.; P.O. Salisbury, S. Side Salisbury, South 
of N.C. Railroad; #157: 

George M. Ketner 39 
Mary L. 
Susan L. 
Laura M. 
Moses A. 
Sarah J. 
Margaret C. 




M farmer 







2/12 F 

(Watson 1990, 70) 

359. [p. 252, Mond. May 14, i860] Paul A. Seaford, Esq., 
i860 Census Rowan Co., N.C; S. Side of Salisbury, South 
of N.C. Railroad; #158 

Paul A. Sifford 53 M farmer 

Margaret 52 F 

Mary L. 19 F 

John M. 17 M [d.18 August i860] 

Louisa M. 14 F 

Jeramiah L. 12 M 

Calvin W. 9 M 

(Watson 1990, 70) 

"In Rowan Co., August 18, i860, John M. Sifferd, son of 
Paul A. and Margaret Sifferd in the 18th year of his age. ..a 
student at N.C. College." TheLutheran Observer,\$s\\t Sep- 
tember 7, i860. 

360. [p. 252, Tues. May 15, i860] David Eddleman, i860 
Census Rowan Co., N.C; S. Side Salisbury - South of N.C. 
Railroad; #156: 

David Eddleman 52 M farmer 
Elizabeth 46 F 

Jeremiah A. 19 M 

William C. 16 M 

Louisa M. 11 F 

David L. 10 M 

Jane R. 2 F 

John Holbrook n M 

(Watson 1990, 70) 

"D" Eddleman referred to by Rothrock is the same person 
enumerated as Daniel in the 1850 census. 

See endnote #246, Daniel Eddleman. 

361. [p. 252, Thurs. May 24, i860] Julius A. Coleman, i860 
Census Rowan Co., N.C; #468: 

Julias A. Coleman 23 M miner 
Elizabeth A. 27 F house keeper 

(Watson 1990, 86) 

362. [p. 252, Tues. May 29, i860] Lewis Rothrock, now 
twenty-one years old, travelled to Salem in the company of 
his uncle, Milas Arey. Milas was the younger brother of 
Amelia Arey Rothrock. Salem now is a part of modern day 
Winston-Salem, N.C. Milas Arey was enumerated in the 
i860 U.S. Census Rowan Co., N.C; on page 264/527 (old 
and new pagination); dwelling 889, family 805: 

Milas Arey 

Ellen [by 1st marria^ 

Benjamin C[ass] 

Burton [Albert] 

Dugal L[indsay] 
William [Pleasant] 

38 M farmer b.NC 
30 F 

e] 16 F attended schl. 

within the year 
11 M attended schl. 

within the year 
8 M attended schl. 

within the year 

5 M 
7 M 

(Watson 1990, 103) 

The i860 slave census shows that Milas owned eighteen 
slaves and three slave houses. Value of Real Property 7,000; 
Personal Property 13,000. 


363. [p. 252, June 16, i860 to January 1, 1862] Once again a 
section of the Diary is missing; this time, a period of eigh- 
teen and one-half months. One can only speculate as to 
why there are these reoccurring gaps since it is highly un- 
likely that a dedicated diarist like Rothrock would stop 
writing for months at a time. It was the beginning of an 
extremely difficult and stressful time for Rothrock, his fam- 
ily, and the nation. The comments in this note are intended 
as an attempt to lend continuity: 

Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

Milas Arey, Rothrock's brother-in-law and close friend, 
died on 18 July i860 at the age of thirty-eight of typhoid 
fever. His unexpected and premature death was felt 
throughout his large family and the community. He was 
survived by his widow and six children. Thirty year old 
Nancy Ann Smith Arey gave birth to a son the day after 
Milas died and the infant was named Milas after his de- 
ceased father. All of the children were underage when their 
father died. Samuel Rothrock was appointed the guardian 
of Albert Burton Arey, William Pleasant Arey, Milas Arey, 
Jr., and Ellen Jane Arey. David Barringer was appointed 
the guardian of Benjamin Cass Arey and Dugal Lindsey 
Arey. These guardianships would last until each child at- 
tained the age of twenty-one. The guardians were uncles 
by marriage of their wards. (Davidson 1983, 190) 

See endnote #j62, Milas Arey. 

The North Carolina Synod convened on 2 May 1861 at St. 
Paul's Church, Wilmington, N.C. It is highly improbable 
that Samuel Rothrock attended this 58th Annual Session 
because of great civil unrest. Fort Sumter fell on April 13 
and less than three weeks after the meeting of the Synod 
in Wilmington on May 20, the North Carolina legislature 
voted unanimously to secede from the Union. "The Synod 
to a certain extent severed its connection with the General 
Synod, as the war between the States made 'it impracticable 
to send our delegates to the next meeting to convene at 
Lancaster, Pa.'" (Bernheim and Cox 1902, 160) 

On 29 May 1861, Lewis Hazelius Rothrock enlisted in the 
Confederate Army at the age of twenty-one. He was as- 
signed to Co. G, 6th N.C. Regiment as a "2d Cor[poral]." 
On 20 December 1861 he was promoted to "2d. Lt." and 
later to "1st Lt." The Sixth North Carolina State Troops 
were the first State troops to perfect an organization. Com- 
pany G was from Rowan County and the newly mustered 
troops were sent to instruction camp near Company Shops 
(Burlington) in Alamance County. They were under the 
command of Col. Charles Frederick Fisher. (Rumple [1881] 
1990, 364) 


364. Jp. 254, Mond. Feb. 10, 1862] John Calvin Kluttz was 
born 12 June 1834 and died 10 February 1862. He was the 
son of John Kluttz (1812-1834) and Hannah Levina 
Holshouser Kluttz. On 3 March 1857 he married Elizabeth 
Caroline Fisher (1833-1914), the daughter of Charles and 
Sarah Cruse Fisher. (Kluttz 1990, 432) 

365. [p. 254, Wed. Feb. 26, 1862] John P. M. Barringer, in 

addition to being a friend of the Rothrocks, was in the same 
regiment as Lewis Rothrock. It is possible that the two 
young men were home on leave at the same time but it is 
more likely that John P.M. Barringer had come to bring the 
Rothrocks news of Lewis. John P.M. Barringer, 1st Sgt. 
Company G, 6th N.C. State Troops entered service 29 May 
1861 at the age of twenty- five. He was killed at Seven Pines, 
31 May 1862. (Rumple [1881] 1990, 364) 

The Battle of Seven Pines was fought in Virginia, near 
Richmond on May 31-June 1, 1862. After the battle of Wil- 
liamsburg, Va., Confederate troops under General Joseph 
W. Johnston began a slow retreat toward Richmond. Gen- 
eral George B. McClellan, who was following him, sent 
the left rear wing of his army across the Chickahominy 
River. Johnston sent a Confederate force to attack this wing, 
and only the arrival of reinforcements saved the Federals 
from serious defeat. The Confederates were then driven 
back with heavy losses. On the following day, after the 
Federal left wing had driven off an attack by General James 
Longstreet, General Robert E. Lee took command of the 
confederate troops. The Federal loss was 5,739 and the Con- 
federate loss was 6,697. 

366. [p. 254, Frid. Feb. 28, 1862] President Davis set aside 28 
February 1862 as a "day of humiliation and prayer" after 
Ulysses S. Grant demanded the "unconditional and imme- 
diate surrender" of 11,500 troops and large amounts of am- 
munition and supplies by Confederate General Simon 
Buckner at Fort Donelson, Tenn. 

Jefferson Davis, soldier and statesman, was President of the 
Confederate States of America from 1861 to 1865. Shortly 
after General Robert E. Lee's surrender at Appomattox on 
April 9, Davis was taken prisoner. A Virginia grand jury 
indicted him for treason, and for two years he was held in 
prison without a trial. In 1868, he was included in the general 
amnesty which released all Confederate leaders from pris- 
on. He died 6 December 1889 at the age of eighty-one years. 

367. [p. 255, Sund. March 2, 1862] Moses Linn, i860 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C; P.O.Rockville; #665: 

Moses Linn 47 M farmer 
Elizabeth 25 F house keeper 
James F. 22 M day laborer 
Margaret J. 1 F 
Catharine 73 F 

(Watson 1990, 96) 

368. Jp.255, Wed. March 5, 1862] Milas A. Holshouser and 
Solomon Peeler were near neighbors of Samuel Rothrock, 
according to the i860 Census of Rowan Co., N.C. Milas 
A Holshouser, P.O.Rockville, was enumerated at dwelling 
#688. Solomon Peeler and Sophia Lovina Peeler were 

Annotations & Commentary (1862) 


brother and sister. 

Milas A. Holshouser 31 M farmer 
Sophia L [Peeler] 29 F house keeper 
Catharine Peelar 50 F ast.h. keeper [mn Fisher] 

Levi I Hampton 13 M 

See endnote #2jj, Lovina Sophia Peeler. 

Solomon Peeler lived at #687 and Samuel Rothrock at #686. 

Solomon Peelar 24 M farmer 
Susan [Beaver] 20 F house keeper 
John A. 1 M 

Samuel Campbell ii F (?) 

(Watson 1990, 97) 

Samuel and Amelia Rothrock lived at #686 according to 
the i860 Census. Both of these young families were close 
neighbors of the then fifty-four year old Samuel Rothrock, 
as was the Rev. Joseph A. Linn who also lived nearby in 
dwelling #685. The log rollings and house raisings men- 
tioned by Rothrock in his Diary are examples of the sense 
of community and interdependence which was character- 
istic of that community of Lutherans in eastern Rowan. 

See endnote #354, Samuel Rothrock's home. 

It was wartime and the ability to mend one's own shoes was 
a necessity. 

369. [p. 255, Tues. March 11, 1862] Charles W. Dry, i860 
Census Rowan Co., N.C.,; P.O. Gold Hill; #948: 

Charles W. Dry 25 M farmer 

Christena 23 F house keeper 

James 3 M 

Viney Hartman 42 M ast.h. keeper 

Jacob 17 M day laborer 

Margaret 14 F 

William 12 M 

(Watson 1990, no) 

370. [p. 256, Thurs, May 1, 1862] At the 59th Annual Meet- 
ing of the North Carolina Synod at Organ Church, the 
Synod withdrew from the General Synod and resolved to 
form, in connection with other Lutheran Synods in the 
South, a Southern General Synod of their own. (Bernheim 
and Cox 1902, 160) 

371. [p. 256, Thurs. May 15, 1862] Rothrock attended "... a 
convention for the formation of a Southern Genl. Synod...." 
in Salisbury. Because of the difficulty of wartime travel, 
many of the delegates were unable to attend this convention 
and the formal formation and recognition of a Southern 
General Synod had to be postponed. Those able to be 
present, however, elected the Rev. Nicodemus Aldrich as 
president of the organizing convention. On 20 May 1863, 

the General Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in 
the Confederate States of America was organized at St. 
James Church, Concord, N.C. The Rev. John Bachman of 
St. John's Church, Charleston, S.C. was elected president 
to succeed the Rev. Mr. Aldrich. (Agner 1988, 151-52) 

See endnote #jp2, Nicodemus Aldrich. 

372. [p. 257, Mond. June 2, 1862] When Rothrock "...took 
the cars for Richmond..." he was referring to taking a train 
or railroad cars from Salisbury to Richmond. 

373. [p. 258, Sund. July 6, 1862] Eli Earnhardt, a private in 
Company B, 46th Regiment, entered the Confederate 
Army 19 February 1862 at the age of twenty-three years. He 
died of disease at Petersburg, Va. on 30 June 1862. (Rumple 
[1881] 1990, 394) 

374. [p. 258, Thurs. July 10, 1862] Calvin L. Miller, was a 
private in 4th Regiment Infantry, Company K (Rowan Rifle 
Guards). He entered the Confederate Army 3 July 1861 at 
the age of twenty-two years. He was killed 3 May 1863 at 
Chancellorsville. (Rumple [1881] 1990, 354) 

375. [p. 258, Sat. July 26, 1862] Alexander W. Blackwelder, a 
private in 6th Regiment, Company G, entered the Con- 
federate Army 29 May 1861 at the age of 23. He was killed 
at the battle of Seven Pines, 31 May 1862, on the Chicka- 
hominy River plains. Rothrock preached his funeral at 
"Pless' School house." (Rumple [1881] 1990, 365) 

376. [p. 258, Sund. July 27, 1862] Rothrock preached the fu- 
neral of Jacob A. Eddleman at Organ Church who was 
killed 30 May 1862 at the battle of Seven Pines on the Chic- 
kahominy River plains. Eddleman entered service at the 
age of twenty-five on 19 April 1861 and was a private in the 
4th Regiment Infantry, Company K (Rowan Rifle Guards). 
(Rumple [1881] 1990, 353) 

377. [p. 259, Sat. Aug. 9, 1862] Winston, N.C, was estab- 
lished in 1849 and incorporated in 1859. Salem, N.C, was 
founded by a Moravian colony in 1766 and was incorporated 
1856-57. These two communities were consolidated as Win- 
ston-Salem in 1913. A carding machine was a device for 
disentangling the fibers of wood, cotton, or flax in prepa- 
ration for spinning. 

378. [p. 260, Thurs. Sept. 4, 1862] Salt became extremely 
scarce in the south during the War of the Rebellion. A story 
has been passed down telling how Maria Phebe Raynor 
Arey, the Philadelphia-born wife of the Rev. Benjamin 
Arey, obtained precious salt during the war by rendering it 
from the dirt floor of the smokehouse. Maria, Amelia Ro- 
throck's sister-in-law, lived in Iredell County. 

379. [p. 260, Thurs. Sept. 18, 1862] This day was set apart by 
President Davis as a day of Thanksgiving for "victories 
achieved." On 15 September 1862, during Robert E. Lee's 

Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

invasion of Maryland, General Thomas J. (Stonewall) Jack- 
son captured the town of Harper's Ferry taking 12,520 Union 
prisoners and valuable booty. 

380. [p.26o,Thurs. Sept. 25, 1862] John Beard, Captain, 57th 
Regiment, Company C, entered the Confederate Army 4 
July 1862 at the age of twenty-eight years. (Rumple [1881] 
1990, 401) 

381. [p.26o,Thurs. Sept. 25, 1862] The first day of the Battle 
of Antietam Creek which took place near Sharpsburg, 
Maryland, on 17 September 1862 has been called the blood- 
iest one-day clash of the Civil War. It checked Gen. Robert 
E. Lee's first attempt to invade the North. The Confederate 
forces of 40,000 men were opposed by a Federal force nearly 
twice that size, under Gen. George B. McClellan. After 
the first day of this bloody battle, both sides loudly claimed 
victory. On the second day of the battle, September 18, the 
Federal dead numbered 12,400 and the Confederate dead 
about 10,000. The retreat of the Confederates on Septem- 
ber 18-19 g ave rne North the victory for which Lincoln had 
waited before announcing the Emancipation Proclamation. 

382. [p. 263, Sat. Dec. 6, 1862] New Jerusalem Church in 
Davie Co., N.C. was originally Dutchman's Creek or 
Heidelberg Church, renamed later New Jerusalem. It is 
located in the Jerusalem settlement on the road from Sal- 
isbury to Mocksville. (Morgan 1853, 190-91) 

See endnote #518, Dutchman's Creek Church. 

383. [p. 263, Frid. Dec. 12, 1862] Calvin Earnheart, private, 
5th Regiment Infantry, Company K., entered the Confed- 
erate Army 8 August 1862. He died November, 1862 at 
Guinea Station. (Rumple [1881] 1990, 361) 

384. fp.263, Frid. Dec. 19, 1862] John M. Bostian, private, 
42nd Regiment, Company G, entered the Confederate 
Army 8 October 1862 at the age of eighteen years and died 
at Charlottesville, Va. (Rumple [1881] 1990, 389) 


385. [p. 264, Sund. Jan. 25, 1863] On this date, Rothrock 
preached the funeral of Eli Seaford, private, 46th Regiment, 
Company B, killed in the battle of Fredericksburg, Va., on 
13 December 1862. (Rumple [1881] 1990, 395) 

386. [p. 264, Sund. Jan. 25, 1863] The Battle of Fredericks- 
burg took place 13 December 1862. After Antietam, General 
Lee retreated from the North and established himself on 
the high bluff overlooking Fredericksburg, Va., on the south 
side of the Rappahannock River. General Ambrose E. 
Burnside, with about 114,000 Federal troops, was on the 
opposite side of the river. Burnside's army crossed the river 

in three divisions and advanced against Lee. After six as- 
saults had been beaten off, Burnside withdrew with a loss 
of about 12,600 men, against Confederate losses of 5,300. 

387. [p. 265, Tues. Feb. 3, 1863] Eli Kluttz, a private in the 
5th Regiment, Company K, entered the Confederate Army 
8 August 1862 at the age of thirty-five. (Rumple [1881] 1990, 

388. [p. 265, Sund. March 15, 1863] Rothrock preached the 
funeral of Tobias Kluttz, a private in the 46th Regiment, 
Company B, who was killed at Fredericksburg. Pvt. Kluttz 
entered the Confederate Army 19 March 1862 at the age of 
thirty-two years. (Rumple [1881] 1990, 395) 


389. [p. 266, Sund. May 7, 1865] The 62nd Meeting of the 
N.C. Synod was held at St. Michael's Church in Iredell 
County. Rothrock did not attend. During these troubled 
times, "Conventions could not be held at the times and 
places they were planned. Communications were few and 
far between; on one occasion a synod president reported 
that he had received only one official communication since 
the previous convention." (Bost and Norris 1994, 129) 

390. fp.266, Mond. May 29, 1865] The amnesty oath which 
Rothrock took was an oath of loyalty to the Constitution 
of the United States of America. Those taking it solemnly 
swore to "abide by all acts of Congress passed during the 
existing rebellion with reference to slaves, ...and faithfully 
support all proclamations of the President... having refer- 
ence to slaves." Confiscated properly, other than slaves, 
would be restored to those persons taking the amnesty oath. 
(Agner 1988, 155) 

Not everyone in the South, however, was allowed to take 
the oath as did Samuel Rothrock. Persons who had held 
high positions under the Confederate government or whose 
personal property was worth more than $20,000 had to seek 
personal pardon from the President [Andrew Johnson, 
1865— 1869]. Benjamin F. Fraley was one of the nineteen 
Rowan residents who applied for personal pardon. In 1872, 
Congress passed an Amnesty Act which offered pardon for 
almost all Confederate veterans. (Brawley 1953, 204) 

391. [p. 266, Wed. June 21, 1865] On 7 November 1863, Lt. 
Lewis H. Rothrock was taken prisoner at Rappahannock 
Station, Va., and was sent to the Yankee Prison on Johnson's 
Island in Lake Erie, near Sandusky, Ohio, where he was 
confined for nineteen months. On 13 June 1865 he took the 
Oath of Allegiance and was allowed to return to his home 
in Rowan County, N.C. (Davidson 1983, 155) 

While Lewis Rothrock was a prisoner on Johnson's Island, 

Annotations & Commentary (1863) 


he corresponded with Charles Raynor who lived in Phila- 
delphia. Raynor's sister was Mrs. Benjamin Arey who lived 
in Iredell, Co., N.C. How many letters passed between 
Charles Raynor and the prisoner Lewis Rothrock is not 
known. One such letter, however, was saved among a num- 
ber of letters which were written between the years 1834- 
1869 by Charles Raynor, and other family members to Maria 
Raynor Arey after she married and moved from Philadel- 
phia to North Carolina. Parts of Raynor's letter to Lewis 
Rothrock are reproduced. This letter is an example of a 
letter received by a Confederate prisoner of war from a 
Yankee kinsman. It also represents the great effort that was 
made by families separated by the war to have some com- 
munication with each other. 

Phila March 16th 1865 
Mr. Louis H. Rothrock 


Yours of nth inst came to hand on Tuesday last with 
Mr. [Benjamin] Arey's letter. I am glad to hear from 
them as I had received no answer to my last to him by 
flag of Truce byway of Fortress Monroe, as to my own 
family I have no especial news to send by you to Mr. 
[Benjamin] Arey and my Sister. We are well at present 
with the exception of heavy cold under which my wife 
and my two boys Charles & Nathan Herbert are now 
suffering, my Daughter Kate is thirteen years old to- 
morrow and as large almost as her mother, old friends 
of my sister Kate say she resembles her very much. I 
wrote my sister in my last letter that in 1861 1 had been 
to Long Island our Fathers native place and found there 
a Brother and Sister of Fathers living on the old Home- 
stead Farm where the Family have lived for 150 
years.. ..[at this point, the letter continues for several 
pages with Raynor family history which is not relevant 
here] I see by the papers that a general exchange of 
prisoners is taking place if Mr. Arey has no opportunity 
of expending the money due me by you, among the 
Union Prisoners at Salisbury I wish it to be paid to my 
Sister [Maria Phebe Raynor Arey living in Iredell Co., 
N.C] for her own use. You will please hand her this 
letter as I know it will interest her to hear of Fathers 
relations and I hope when the war is over she will be 
able to pay them a visit and she would be received by 
the friends there very kindly. Our relations here are all 
well as far as I know I wrote my sister some time ago 
that Cousin George Hoffman died a year or two ago 
at Harrison Landing Virginia of sickness contracted in 
the Army Yours 

Charles Raynor 

I have written this in haste and have not had time to 
make a fair copy. 

This letter was censored by prison official who wrote a note 
in red ink at the bottom of the letter, "Inform your corre- 
spondent of Prison rules regarding the length of letters." 
[signed with three initials] 

392. [p. 267, Sund. Aug. 27, 1865] Nicodemus Aldrich was 
born 14 January 1816 in Charleston, S.C. He received his 
theological education under Dr. Barnwell of the Episcopal 
Church, and was licensed in 1840 and ordained in 1841 by 
the South Carolina Lutheran Synod. He was president of 
the Organizing Convention of the General Southern Syn- 
od in 1863. After the start of the war the Southern Lutheran 
replaced the Lutheran Observer and he was the co-editor of 
that newspaper. He was supply pastor to St. John's, Salis- 
bury, 1865— 1867, served St. Mark's, Charlotte, 1865-1874, 
and was president, N.C. Synod in 1867. He died in 1886 and 
is buried at Charlotte. (Sketches 1966, 13) 

393. [p. 267, Sund. Aug. 27, 1865] Rothrock served Organ 
Church, 1844-1866. After his resignation, the pulpit was 
filled by the Rev. William H. Cone, 1866, followed by the 
Rev. William Artz, 1866— 1867. Rothrock again became pas- 
tor of Organ in 1867 and served there until 1869. His last 
pastorate at Organ was 1876-86. (Morgan 1953, 265) 

394. [p. 267, Sund. Sept. 10, 1865] Ambrose Cruse enlisted 
in the Confederate Army on 6 August 1861 at the age of 
twenty years. On 8 February 1862, he was taken prisoner in 
battle at Roanoke Island and paroled at Elizabeth City on 
21 February 1862. He was captured again at Fort Harrison, 
Va., on 30 September 1864 and confined at Point Lookout, 
Maryland, where he died of "chronic dysentery." (Cruse 
1992, 69) 

395. [p. 267, Thurs. Oct. 26, 1865] Leah Cruse was born in 
1828. She was the daughter of Andrew Cruse (1799-1879) 
and Sarah ("Sally") Fisher (1799-1877). (Cruse 1992, 55,60) 

Andrew Cruse, 1850 Census Rowan Co., N.C; dwelling; 

Andrew Cruse 51 M NC blacksmith 
Sarah Cruse 45 F NC (X) 
Sarah M. 23 F NC 
Leah 21 F NC (X) 

Solomon 19 M NC 

Catharine L. 18 F NC S 
Christina L. 16 F NC S 
Elisabeth 14 F NC S 
Monroe 10 M NC S 

(Linn 1992, 122) 

396. [p. 267, Frid. Oct. 27, 1865] Whitson Kimball was born 
28 March 1828 at Dunn's Mountain, Rowan Co., (later 
called Granite Quarry). His parents were Colyer and Ca- 
tharine (Cauble) Kimball. He acquired enough education 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

to allow him to teach school which he did for nine years 
during his twenties. During this time he studied with the 
Rev. Simeon Scherer, his pastor, who tutored him in the- 
ology. He was licensed in i860 and ordained in 1862 by the 
N.C. Synod. From i860 to 1898, he served twenty-eight 
churches in nine North Carolina counties. Most of the pas- 
torates were from 2 to 5 years, some being repeat pastorates. 
As a financial agent for N.C. College, he preached to every 
congregation of the synod and raised $15,000. During his 
38 years of ministry he never missed a synod convention, 
attending his last one two weeks before he died. His last 
appointment to preach was at First Church, Albemarle, on 
22 May 1898 but illness prevented him from being there. 
He died the next day, 23 May 1898. (Sketches 1966, 107-8) 


397. fp.268, Sund. Jan. 28, 1866] William H. Cone was born 
11 December 1825 and was ordained in 1858 by the Southwest 
Virginia Synod. He transferred to the N.C. Synod in 1866 
and served churches in North Carolina, 1864-81. He mar- 
ried 1st Cornelia C. Miller and 2nd Barbara A. Shirley of 
New Market, Va. In Rowan he served Union, Organ, and 
St. John's, Salisbury. Among area churches which he sup- 
plied was St. James', Concord, which he supplied for three 
years. He was president of the N.C. Synod, 1872-73. In his 
later years he moved to New Market, Va., his wife's home 
city, where he engaged in her family's business of making 
carriages and wagons. He died 22 December 1902 and was 
buried at St. Matthew Church, New Market, Va. (Sketch- 
es 1966, 41) 

1870 Census Rowan Co., N.C, Gold Hill Twp.; #191: 

Cone, William H 38 M Farm 
Cornelia C. [Miller] 44 F 

(CENSUs'70, 42) 
1880 Census Rowan Co., N.C, Locke Twp.; #22: 

Cone, Rev. W.H. W M 48 Minister of 

Lutheran Church b. PA 
(father born in Germany) 

Barbara A. W F 41 wife-Keeping House 

born in VA 

Shirly Z. W M 1 son [died at age 25] 

Fisher, Sallie E. W F 27 Cook 
Safrit, George W M 27 hired 


(Census'8o, 173) 

398. tp.268, Wed. Jan. 31, 1866] Richard L. Brown (1842- 
1923) was the son of Solomon (1811-1863) and Amy Miller 

Brown. He married Nancy E. Agner 27 January 1866. 1880 
Census Rowan County, N.C, Providence Twp.; #87: 

Brown, R.L. W M 38 Preacher 

Nancy E. 
Mary L.R. 
David S. 
Levi L.H. 
John K. 

WF 36 
WF 13 
WM 4 

wife - Keeping House 
dau - At Home 


Maxwell M. W M 11/12 June - son 

(Census'8o, 275) 

See endnotes #100, Daniel Agner, and #474, The Rev. Ri- 
chard L. Brown. 

399. [p. 268, Sund. Feb. 4, 1866] Samuel Rothrock and Dav- 
id Barringer were appointed guardians of the children of 
Milas Arey (1822-1860) and Nancy Arey after their father's 
untimely death in July i860. This relationship required fre- 
quent contact and an association which extended beyond 
family ties. (Davidson 1983, 190, 195) 

400. [p. 268, Wed. Feb. 14, 1866] John Valentine Fisher, son 
of Solomon Fisher, was born 13 April 1843 in Cabarrus Co. 
and died 7 April 1928. On 14 February 1866, he married 
Catherine Lavina Holshouser who was born 30 June 1843 
and died 30 October 1924. During the Civil War he served 
as a flag bearer in the Confederate Army and she worked 
as a postmistress. (Fisher [1959] 1980, 311) 

401. [p. 268, Sund. Feb. 18, 1866] Phil Ridenhour, i860 Cen- 
sus Rowan Co.,; P.O. Salisbury; #377: 

P Ridenhour 48 M farmer 
Elizabeth 51 F 
Edward A. 21 M 
Sarah R. 13 F 
Jacob H. 11 M 
Timothy M. 9 M 

(Watson 1990, 19) 

402. [p. 269, Sund. April 22, 1866] Irenaeus Conder, born 17 
October 1832 in Union Co., N.C, was the son of Philip and 
Sophia (Byrum) Conder. He was educated at Davidson 
College and N.C. College. N.C. College closed in 1861 
because of the war and before his graduation. Nevertheless, 
he was awarded an honorary A.M. in 1872 by the reopened 
N.C. College. His theological education was under the Rev. 
Polycarp C. Henkel. He was licensed in 1859 and ordained 
in 1861 by the Tennessee Synod and served churches in 
Rowan and Davidson Counties, 1861-66. He died 31 August 
1928 at the age of ninety-six and was buried in Mt. Olivet 
Cemetery, McGaheysville, Va. (Sketches 1966, 41) 

The "Rev. Henkel," who also preached at St. Peter's, prob- 
ably was Polycarp Cyprian Henkel, Irenaeus Conder's 

Annotations & Commentary (1866) 


former teacher. 

403. [p. 270, Wed. May 2, 1866] Samuel Rothrock was the 
president of the N.C. Synod when it held its 63rd Meeting 
at Trinity Church, Cabarrus Co., N.C. Trinity, one of the 
newer churches, was organized 18 July 1857 with nineteen 
members by the Rev. John S. Heilig. It is located five miles 
west of Kannapolis. The church that Samuel Rothrock 
knew was a frame structure thirty feet by forty feet. A "new 
brick church", forty feet by sixty feet, was built in 1897. 
(Morgan 1953, 345) 


404. [p. 270, Sund. May 27, 1866 to Sund. Aug. 8, 1869] Once 
again, some of the books of the Diary are missing. During 
this eighteen month hiatus, Rothrock's son, Lewis, was 

"At Albemarle, Stanly County, N.C.July 16, 1867, by J. R 
Puett, Lewis H. only son of Revd. Samuel Rothrock of 
Rowan Co., to Miss Joan L., daughter of the late Davidson 
Hearne of the former place." Carolina Watchman, 29 July 

Who was Joan L., daughter of Davidson Hearne? Infor- 
mation about her and her family can be found by studying 
U.S. Census records. In the 1850 U.S. Census of Stanly 
County, N. C. her father, Davidson Hearne was enumer- 
ated in Albemarle, Dist. N0.9; dwelling #838/843. Joan was 
only one year old: 

Hearne, Davidson 41 m farmer 
Leah 25 f 

Joan 1 f 

9 slaves 

(Stanly '50, 53,62) 
i860 U.S. Census Stanly Co., N.C; #456/460: 
Hearne, Davidson 51 m farmer $2000/7000 

Leah C. 
Joan L. 
Jereldine R 
Lucy J. 
Thomas C. 
Hinson, Robt. 

36 f 

12 f school 
9 f school 
7 f school 
1 m 

17 m farm laborer 

10 slaves and 3 slave houses (Stanly'6o, 32,82) 

Davidson Hearne died before July 1867 when his daughter, 
Joan L., married Lewis Rothrock. Davidson Hearne's wid- 
ow, Leah C. Hearne, married John A. Lilly six months after 
her daughter Joan's wedding. The Stanly Co. N.C. marriage 
license of Leah Hearne and John A. Lilly is dated 23 De- 

cember 1867: 

Lilly, John A. (parents Edmund and Mary Lilly) and 
Mrs. Leah Hearne (parents Christopher and Eliza 

John A. Lilly is listed in the 1870 U. S. Census of Stanly 
Co., N.C, in Albemarle Twp.; #148/148. Joan Rothrock's 
younger siblings are shown living in the household of their 
step-father and mother and a baby step-sister: 

Lilly, Jno. A. 61 m w farmer 900/2000 

Leah 46 f w 900/ 

Mary 1 f w at home 

Hearne, Geraldine at home 

Lucy 16 f w at home 

Thomas 11 m w at home 

(Stanly'7o, 16) 

John A. Lilly, 1880 Census Stanly Co., N.C; Albemarle 
Twp.; #6/6: 

Lilly, J.A., Sr. W m 71 farmer 

father & mother b.VA 
Leah C. W f 56 keeping house 

Mary E. W f n dau- at home 

Hearne, T.C. W m 21 son - single - farmer 
Miller, Eva B f 18 servant - single - cook 

(Stanly'8o, 31) 


405. fp.270, Frid. Aug. 13, 1869] The 1870 Census Rowan 
Co., N.C, enumerated Lewis Rothrock in Franklin Town- 
ship in dwelling #100. Franklin is north and slightly east of 
Salisbury. He moved there to take a teaching job: 

Rothrock, Lewis 29 M teacher 

Joan L. 21 F 

Samuel 2 M 

Kepley, Lewis 12 M 

Hearn [sic], T.C. 11 M [wife's brother] 

Barringer 20 F Dom. Serv. 

(CENSUs'70, 27) 

406. [p. 270, Mond. Aug. 23, 1869] Even though Rothrock 
and the members of the congregation of Bethel Church in 
Franklin Township met at the brickyard and investigated 
the making of brick for a new church, Bethel did not build 
a brick church during Rothrock's lifetime. 

See endnote #284. 

407. Jp. 270, Thurs. Aug. 26 to Sund. Aug. 29, 1869] An ad- 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

journed meeting of the Synod was held at Salem Church 
in Rowan Co. At this meeting the Synod adopted a "thor- 
oughly Lutheran doctrinal basis, conformable to the teach- 
ings of the symbolic books." [Bernheim and Cox 1902, 

On the final day of the meeting, Rothrock assisted in the 
ordination of Philip Melanchthon Bikle. Bickle, born 2 
December 1844 at Smithsburg, Maryland, was the son of 
Christian Emmanuel and Barbara Fichte Bikle. He was 
educated at Gettysburg College, Gettysburg Seminary, and 
Roanoke College. After ordination, he did not take a pas- 
toral charge but became a professor of Latin and Greek at 
N.C. College. A year later, in 1870, he transferred to the 
Maryland Synod and taught at Maryland College, Luth- 
erville, Md. In 1874 he became a professor at Gettysburg 
College, a position he would hold for fifty-one years. In 
1925 he was made professor emeritus until his death in 1934. 
He is buried at Mifflinburg, Pa. His older brother was the 
Rev. Louis Albert Bikle. (Sketches 1966, 22) 

See endnote #541, Louis Albert Bikle. 

408. [p. 271, Thurs. Sept. 9, 1869] Erysipelas is an acute spe- 
cific disease which is characterized by a peculiar inflamma- 
tion of the skin and a low fever. The Family Physician and 
Guide To Health [St. Louis, Mo., 1868, pp. 335-342] suggests 
many treatments from conservative to extreme depending 
upon the condition of the patient. Untreated, erysipelas can 
be fatal "by implication of the brain. obstruction of res- 
piration." It is now known that this condition is a strepto- 
coccal infection of the skin which usually responds to treat- 
ment with penicillin. 

409. [p. 271, Sat. Sept. 11, 1869] Emma Peters' name first 
appears in the Diary on 11 September 1869. The first men- 
tion of Bettie Thomas is on 7 March 1871 when Rothrock 
wrote, "Brought Bettie Thomas along home." Rothrock 
had been to Nancy Ann Smith's where Bettie probably 
stayed after the death of her parents. The 1870 and the 1880 
census records of Rowan Co. reflect these additional per- 
sons living in the Rothrock household. Samuel Rothrock, 
1870 Census Rowan Co.,N.C; Providence Twp.; #283: 

Rothrock, Samuel 60 M 
Amelia 58 F 

Peters, Emma 19 F 
Rothrock, Reuben 11 M B[lack] 

[The census taker or the transcriptionist must have made 
an error in Emma Peter's age. See 1880 census below] (Cen- 
sus'70, 17) 

Samuel Rothrock, 1880 Census Rowan Co.,N.C; Morgan 

Twp.; #215: 

Rothrock, Samuel W M 70 Lutheran Minister 
Amelia W F 67 wife-Keeping House 

Peters, Emma W F 22 servant 
Thomas, Bettie W F 18 servant 

(Census'8o, 223) 

410. [p. 271, Wed. Sept. 22, 1869] Moses A. Goodman, son 
of George Goodman, was born 27 September 1806 in Row- 
an Co., N.C. He is listed in the 1850 Census of Rowan Co., 
N.C, age 43, married to Elizabeth Josey Goodman who 
died after the taking of the census. In 1852, Moses took his 
two sons, Montfort M. and Julius V. to Union Co., 111., 
where he settled at Peru, otherwise known as the cross roads 
in Dongola Precinct. Here he engaged in merchandising 
until his retirement from active business in 1868. After that, 
he gave his attention only to his farm interests which were 
predominantly grain and fruit. In 1854, Moses Goodman 
married 2nd Miss Amanda C. Peeler. She was born 22 Sep- 
tember 1836 in Union County, 111. and was the daughter of 
John C. Peeler, a native of Rowan Co., N.C. Moses Good- 
man had five children by this second marriage. (Perrin 
1883 [1969], 67, 99] 

See endnote #194, Moses Goodman, 

411. [p. 271, Thurs. Sept. 30, 1869] The "large Sunday School 
celebration" which Rothrock attended in all probability was 
at the Moravian Church in Salem. 

412. [p. 272, Sat. Oct. 2, 1869] Samuel Seaford, 1870 Census 
Rowan Co.,N.O; Locke Twp.; #162: 

Seaford, Samuel 63 M 
Elizabeth 64 F 

Daniel A. 24 M 

Harriet E. 28 F 
Calvin 17 M 

(CENSUs'70, 68) 

413. [p. 272, Frid. Oct. 8, 1869] Julia F. Moyle, at this time, 
was a 22 year old woman. When she was enumerated in the 
i860 Census of Rowan Co., N.C, in the Samuel Rothrock 
household, #686, she was 12 years of age and her birthplace 
was recorded as England. It is not known how long she 
stayed with the Rothrocks or if she was related to either of 
the two Moyle families listed in the i860 census: William 
Moyle, age 36, a miner born England; five other persons 
were listed in his household, #515; Samuel Moyle, age 46, 
a gold miner born in England; nine other persons were 
listed in his household, #763. (Watson 1990, 88,97,101) 

414. tp.272, Mond. Oct. 11, 1869] Sheriff William Walton 
was listed in the 1870 Census Rowan Co., N.C; Salisbury; 
#75. It appears that Sheriff Walton lived at the jail with his 

Annotations & Commentary (1869) 


wife, two daughters, his "deputy sheriff" son, workers, and 

Walton, Wm. 54 M sheriff 
Ann D. 60 F 

Lucinda 30 F 

Lorenzo W. 26 M deputy sheriff 
Malinda 24 F 

James 22 M B [lack] day laborer 

Morgan, Amanda 20 F B[lack] domestic 
Smith, L. 40 M in jail 

Meadows, James 30 M in jail 
Valentine, Elijah 65 M in jail 
Knox, Alexander 30 M B[lack] in jail 
Nelson 30 M B [lack] in jail 
Rymer, Rufus 22 M in jail 

(CENSUs'70, 115) 

415. [p. 272, Thurs. Oct. 14, 1869] Guano is a substance com- 
posed chiefly of the excrement of seafowl and used exten- 
sively as a fertilizer. It is any manure resembling this, espe- 
cially that of bats. 

416. [p. 272, Frid. Oct. 15, 1869] Zachariah Lyerly was forty- 
two in the 1850 U.S. Census of Rowan Co. and his wife 
Rachael was thirty-five. (Linn 1992, 114) 

Rowan County Marriage Bonds tell us that Rachael died 
after the taking of the 1850 census and Zachariah remarried 
in January 1853. 

MB: Zechariah Lyerly &c Rachael Boger, 12 Oct. 1833. 

MB: Zechariah Lyerly & Christena Klutts, n Jan. 1853. 
(Holcomb 1981, 253) 

417. [p. 272, Wed. Oct. 27, 1869] Moses A. Goodman from 
Union County, 111., had been visiting in Rowan and vicinity 
for over five weeks. He knew many people there even 
though he had left Rowan Co. almost twenty years earlier. 
Beginning in the 1820's there had been a steady migration 
of Lutheran families from Rowan, Cabarrus, and Iredell 
Counties to Southern Illinois. The bond was strong be- 
tween these brethren from the N.C. Synod and it remained 
that way in spite of the war and the great distance that 
separated their communities. Old Lutheran cemeteries are 
mute testimony to this immigration. The surnames Good- 
man, Barringer, Peeler, Fite, Eddleman, Rendleman, 
Klutts, and Cruse, to name a few, are carved in stone in the 
old Lutheran cemeteries of Union and Pulaski Cos. ,111. 
(Perrin [1883] 1969, B67) 

See endnote #410, Moses Goodman. 

418. [p. 272, Sund. Oct.31, 1869] "Lansing White" was James 
Alanson White ("Lance"), son of John A. White and Sarah 
Houston Brown. He was born 13 November 1832 on his 

(ulvt) Margaret Barringer White (i8j8-igi8) and 
(Bright JJames Alanson White (i8j2-ipi8). She was the 
daughter of Elizabeth Arey and Charles Barringer of Iredell 
County and a niece of Samuel and Amelia Rothrock. 

(endnote #418) 

father's Iredell Co. farm six miles southeast of Statesville 
and died 3 October 1918. On 16 March 1859, he married 
Margaret Barringer who was born 13 January 1838 in Iredell 
Co., N.C., and died 3 September 1918. She was the daughter 
of Charles Barringer (1800-1875) and Elizabeth Arey Bar- 
ringer (1808-1872) and the niece of Amelia Rothrock and 
Phebe Brown. (Davidson 1983, 61) 

See endnote #45, Charles Barringer of Iredell Co.. 

419. [p. 273, Wed. Nov. 3, 1869] Peter Laurence Barringer 
probably was buried at Union Church alongside his first 
wife, Rose Ann Miller Barringer. Only her grave is marked 
with a tombstone: 

In Memory of Rose Ann, wife of Peter L. Barringer 

B April 3, 1824 

D Oct 30, 1858 

A 34 y 6 m 17 d 
"Thou art gone to the grave, but we will not deplore thee, 
Since God was thy ransom, thy guardian, thy guide. 
He gave thee, He took thee, and He will restore thee 
And death has no sting since the Savior hath died." 

(Agner 1967, 27) 
See endnote #118, Peter Laurence Barringer. 

420. [p. 274, Thurs. Dec. 9, 1869] Sarah Brady (Mrs. John), 
of Morgan Township, died at age 58 years of "dropsey of 
heart." (Census^o, 165) 

421. [p. 274, Sund. Dec. 19, 1869] George Rufty, a farmer of 
Franklin Township, died at age 26 years of pneumonia. He 
was survived by his twenty-nine year old wife, Nancy, and 
three children ranging in age from one to six years. (Cen- 
sus'70, 22, 164) 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 


George W. 16 M 
Luther A. 14 M 

Wm. Columbus 12 M 

422. [p. 275, Tues. Jan. 4, 1870] Henry Harkey, 1870 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C.; P.O. Rockville; #675: 

Henry Harkey 64 M farmer 
Catharine 31 F House keeper 

Paul R. 17 M day laborer 

William Kanup ii M 

(CENSUs'70, 96) 

423. [p. 275, Tues. Jan. 4, 1870] David Barringer, 1870 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C.; Providence Twp.; #174: 

Baringer, David 57 M 
Mary 54 F 

Eugenia 24 F 

P. M. 22 M 

Alice [Octavia] 19 F 
Lucy [Reid 12 F 

(CENSus'70, 10) 

424. tp.275, Tues. Jan. 11, 1870] Phebe Arey Brown, Amelia 
Rothrock's younger sister, had been a widow since her hus- 
band, Lewis Tobias Brown, died 27 August 1866 at the age 
of 49 years. When "Tobe" died Phebe was left with six 
children whose ages ranged from one to nineteen years, not 
including her twenty-one year old married daughter. Tax 
records show that by 1850, Tobias Brown owned the grist 
mill which, since 1800, had been the property of John Cavin. 
This mill had the distinction of being the second mill to be 
built in Iredell Co. Over the years a saw mill and a carding 
machine were added. During the Civil War, Tobias Brown 
was under contract with the Confederate States of America 
to grind into superfine grade flour all the wheat that was 
sent to him, this grinding to have priority over all other 
grinding. Federal Troops tried to burn Brown's Mill but 
their attempt was not successful because the Catawba River 
had flooded to such an extent that they could not cross it 
and carry out their plans. (Davidson 1983, 218-21) 

Five weeks after Phebe Brown met with Samuel Rothrock 
and Alexander Brown, her brother-in-law, she moved to 
Mt. Pleasant in Cabarrus Co. Phebe Brown was a widow 
for thirty-seven years before her death on 28 February 1903 
at the age of seventy-nine. (Davidson 1983, 218-22) 

425-[p.275,Thurs. Jan. 13, 1870] John Smithdeal, 1870 Cen- 
sus Rowan Co.,N.C; Mt.Ulla Township; #285: 

Smithdeal, John 48 M 
Polly 52 F 

Mary Jane 17 F 
Harry T 17 M 

(CENSus'70, 96) 

John Smithdeal shown above should not to be confused 
with the Rev. John L. Smithdeal 

See endnote #350. 

426. [p. 275, Fri. Jan. 14, 1870] Catherine Walton, 1870 Cen- 
sus Rowan Co., N.C.; Morgan Twp.; #288: 

Walton, Catherine 42 F 
William K. 23 M 

Emanuel 13 M 

Martha 11 F 

Charlotte 9 F 

(CENSus'70, 96) 

427. [p. 275, Fri. Jan. 14, 1870] Eli Powless, 1870 Census Row- 
an Co.,N.C; Scotch-Irish Twp.; #250: 

Powlas, Eli 46 M 
Margaret 42 F 
JohnW. 13 M 

(CENSus'70, 148) 

428. fp.275, Sund. Jan 16, 1870] Paul Nathaniel Heilig, 1870 
Census Rowan Co., N.C.; Salisbury; #51: 

Heilig, Paul N. 42 M hardware merchant 

Amelia 39 F 

John G. 18 M 

Jimmie D. 11 M 

A. Sidney 5 M 

Sallie 3 M 

Clarke, Martin 50 M B[lack] day laborer 

Austin, Susan 25 F B[lack] domestic-cook 

(CENSus'70, 113) 

See endnotes #340, Caleb A. Heilig, deceased brother of 
Paul, and #347, Sarah Furr Heilig. 

429. [p. 275, Wed. Jan. 26, 1870] Littleton Wm. Coleman, 
1870 Census Rowan Co., N.C.; Gold Hill Twp.; #83: 

Coleman, Lillion W.[sic] 45 M MD 

Jane 39 F 

Nash,Nellie 10 F 

Lottie [Coleman] 7 F 

Ingram, George 20 M B[lack] Farm Work 

Linn, Harriett 15 F B[lack] Servant 

(CENSus'70, 37) 

See endnote #2jo, Coleman-Arey wedding. 

Annotations & Commentary (1870) 


Nancy Ann Smith Arey, widow of Mi/as Arey and sister- 
in-law of Samuel and Amelia Rothrock, with sons. Seated 
(from left): William Pleasant Arey, Nancy Ann Smith Arey. 
Standing: Dugal Lindsay Arey and Albert Burton Arey. 

(endnote #430) 

430. [p. 276, Frid. Feb. 11, 1870] Nancy Arey, 1870 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C.; Providence Twp.; #95. The Parnels who 
were enumerated in the same household are unidentified. 
They could have been boarders or hired persons. Also, note: 
"Dogle" is not a surname. Dugal Lindsay Arey was one of 
Nancy and Milas Arey's five sons. The ten year old child, 
Milas, was born the day after his father died. 

Parnel, Franklin 30 M 
Dolly 35 F 

Mary E. 92 F 

Arey, Nancy 39 F 
Benjamin [Cass] 21 M 
Albert B. 16 M 

Dogle, L [sic] 
Dugal Lindsay 14 M 
Willie 12 M 

Milas 10 M 

(CENSus'70, 6) 

Nancy Ann Smith Arey was the widow of Milas Arey, Ame- 

lia Rothrock's brother. After Milas died (i860), Samuel Ro- 
throckwas appointed guardian of Albert B., Dugal L.,Wm. 
Pleasant,Milas,Jr., and Ellen Arey, step-daughter of Nancy 
Ann Arey. 

See endnotes #j62, j6j, Milas Arey. 

431. [p.276,Tues. Feb. 22, 1870] John Shinpock, 1870 Census 
Cabarrus Co., N.C.; Twp.8; #67: 

Shinpock, John 63 M W farmer 4000 2000 
Christinna 52 F W keeping house 

*Cook, Jonas 28 M W retail merchant 437 100 
Martha 8 F W at home [married dau.] 

Mary J. 1 F W at home [granddaughter] 

Scott, Rufus C. 14 M W farm hand 

(CABARRUs'70, 67) 

*Jonas Cook served as the treasurer of North Carolina Col- 

432. [p. 276, Wed. Feb. 23, 1870] Phebe Brown, widow of 
Tobias Brown, moved to Mt. Pleasant, N.C., from Iredell 
County sometime between October 1869 and February 
1870. At the time she had four unmarried daughters ranging 
in age from twenty years to nine years of age as well as a 
five year old son. Rothrock probably persuaded her to move 
to Mt. Pleasant because of the educational advantages it 
offered for young men at North Carolina College and for 
young women at Mont Amoena Seminary. 

There had long been a need for a school for young women 
in this region. In 1859 Susan Bigelow Bittle, the wife of the 
president of North Carolina College, opened a private 
school. She headed the school and operated it until the 
beginning of the Civil War when she and her husband, the 
Rev. Daniel Howard Bittle moved to Texas. In 1866, the 
Rev. Gotthard Dellman Bernheim purchased the assets of 
the school and in 1868, he offered to transfer the school to 
the Synod for the same price he had paid for it — the sum 
of two thousand dollars. This transfer took place in 1869 
and a Board of Trustees was elected. The school later was 
renamed Mont Amoena Seminary, the Latin name for Mt. 
Pleasant being Mont Amoena. As an educational institu- 
tion for young women, "its contribution to the culture of 
its time cannot be estimated adequately. Homes were the 
better for lessons learned there; it sent forth leaders for the 
work of Lutheran and other churches; it trained women 
who became the wives and co-laborers of pastors. ...It was 
an island of culture in the difficult years following the War 
Between the States. Finally the public schools provided an 
education in keeping with the desires of Mont Amoena's 
patrons, and high schools took over its work." The school 
closed in 1927. Professor Lewis H. Rothrock served as the 
principal of Mont Amoena Seminary from 1876 to 1882. 
(Morgan 1953, 119-20) 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

433-[p- 2 77> Wed. March 2, 1870] Jacob's surname is Grupy, 
not "Grufey" as transcribed and indexed in the Diary [1994] 
or "Gricpy" as he was enumerated in the 1870 census. Jacob 
Grupy, 1870 Census Rowan Co., N.C.; Providence 

Gricpy [sic], Jacob 41 M engineer & machinist 

b. Maryland 

Ellen 27 F 

Sophia [Kesler] 2 F 
Crump, Ann 20 F M[ulatto] 

(CENSUs'70, 13) 

Jacob Grupy was the second husband of Ellen Jane Arey 
Kesler. She was the daughter of Milas Arey and his first 
wife, Mary Sophia Barringer Hartman Arey. On 25 March 
1864, Ellen married 1st William A. Kesler, son of Isaac and 
Matilda Kesler. He died 5 June 1868 and five days after his 
death, Ellen gave birth to a daughter, Sophia Kesler, born 
10 June 1868. Jacob Grupy and Ellen Jane Arey Kesler Grupy 
raised Sophia Kesler (1868-1910) but they did not have any 
children of their own. (Davidson 1983, 183) 

See endnotes #182, Mary Sophia Barringer, and #198, Isaac 
Kesler, Wm. A. Kesler. 

434. fp.277, Frid. March 18, 1870] Samuel Rothrock served 
as the guardian of a number of minor children in addition 
to the underage children of his brother-in-law, Milas Arey. 
As a guardian he was responsible for filing "Guardian Re- 

435. [p. 277, Thurs. March 24, 1870] Martha Catherine 
Kluttz was born 27 July 1850 and died 26 March 1932. She 
was the daughter of Moses Kluttz and Leah Lyerly. On 18 
March 1879 she married Osborne [Osmond] Monroe 
Holshouser who was born 12 November 1846 and died 9 
January 1929. He was the son of Charles and Elizabeth 
(Kluttz) Holshouser. The wedding took place at "Widow 
Andrew Holshouser's." The bride's mother, Leah Lyerly 
Kluttz, married 2nd Andrew Holshouser who was born 10 
November 1814 and died ca. 1869. Martha and O.M. 
Holshouser had seven children and resided in Providence 
Twp. (Kluttz 1990, 39,40) 

436. [p. 277, Thurs. March 24, 1870] Moses Linn, 1870 Cen- 
sus, Rowan Co., N.C.; Providence Twp.; #240: 

Linn, Moses 57 M 
Elizabeth 35 F 
Laura 7 F 

Leroy 5 M 

Ida C. 3 F 

Joseph A. 6/12 M 
James F. 33 M 

(CENSUs'70, 14) 

437. [p. 278, Frid. April 8, 1870] Alexander Shoaf, 1870 Cen- 
sus Rowan Co.,N.C; Franklin Twp.; #184: 

Shofe, Alexander 55 M Farm 
Elizabeth 49 F 

Romulus 28 M 

Edward, Kate 21 F Dom. Svt. 
Haynes, Roswell 8 M 

(CENSus'70, 31) 

438. [p. 278, Sat. April 9, 1870] Joseph Fisher, 1870 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C.; Franklin Twp.; #130: 

Fisher, Joseph 


M Farm 













Joseph F. 



Frances I. 






Craige, Frank 


M B[lack] Farm Labor 

Ludwick, James 


M B[lack] Farm Labor 

(CENSus'70, 28) 

439. [p.278,Tues. April 12, 1870] Solomon Peeler, 1870 Cen- 
sus Rowan Co., N.C.; Morgan Twp.; #171: 

Peeler, Solomon 33 M 
Susan 30 F 

John 11? M [age questioned by transcriber] 

Mary J. 2 F 

Catharine [Fisher] 83 F 

(CENSus'70, 79) 

See endnote #368, Solomon Peeler, i860 Census. 

This Solomon Peeler should not be confused with Solomon 
J. Peeler whose wife was America L. Smith Peeler, sister of 
Nancy Ann Smith Arey. 

See endnote #189, Solomon J. Peeler. 

440. [p. 278, Sat. April 16, 1870] When Rothrock stayed at 
S.B. Colly's, he probably was participating in a revival type 
of meeting at Salem Church which lasted from Friday 
through Sunday. S.B. Colly, 1870 Census Rowan Co., N.C.; 
Locke Twp. #168: 

Colly, S. B. 25' M 
Leah J. 30 F 
Paul S. 9 M 
Mary L. 7 F 
Martin 3/12 M 

(CENSus'70, 68) 

Annotations & Commentary (1870) ^ 

44i-[p-278, Sat. April 23, 1870] Edwin Abiel Bolles was a 
member of the second graduating class (1835) at Southern 
Seminary. He was licensed in 1836 by the N.C. Synod and 
from 1835-36 he supplied St. John's, Salisbury. In 1837 he 
was ordained by the S.C. Synod in Ebenezer Church, 
Effingham Co., Ga. He died in 1893 and was buried at 
Columbia, S.C. (Sketches 1966, 26) 

442. [p. 279, Sund. May 8, 1870] W. A. Lentz, 1870 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C; Franklin Twp.; #103: 

Lentz, WA. 39 M Farm 
Linda M. 38 F 
Adam W. 9 M 
Will H.C. 8 M 
Joicy E.B. 5 F 
Samuel R. 9/12 M 

(CENSus'70, 27) 

443. [p. 279, Frid. May 13, 1870] James Colly, 1870 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C; Locke Twp.; #193: 

Colly, James 29 M 
Martha C. 25 F 
Charley 3 M 
Samuel F. 1 M 
Julius 18 MB[lack] 

(CENSUS70, 70) 

444. [p. 279, Sund. May 15, 1870] This probably was Roth- 
rock's first acquaintance with the Rev. Mr. Neiffer who, in 
July, would accept a call to become the pastor of St. John's 
Church, Salisbury. Jacob Grabenstein Neiffer was born 23 
January 1840, near Philadelphia, Pa. His parents were 
Christian and Cathrine Barbara Grabenstein Neiffer. He 
was educated Gettysburg College (two years), Franklin &c 
Marshall College, A.B. 1865, A.M. 1871; Philadelphia Sem- 
inary, 1868; Wittenberg University, D.D. 1903. In 1868 he 
was ordained by the Ministerium of Pennsylvania Church- 
es. He served in Richmond, Va., 1868—70; in N.C, St. 
John's, Salisbury, 1870—75 and Beth Eden, Newton, 1863- 
75, both in N.C. During his five year pastorate at St. John's 
Salisbury, he and Samuel Rothrock became very good 
friends. In 1875 he transferred to the Ohio Synod. He died 
29 July 1924 and was buried in Toledo, Ohio. (Sketches 
1966, 151) 

445. [p. 279, Tues. May 31, 1870] Charles Herman Bern- 
heim, born 6 April 1831 in Cologne, Germany, was a younger 
brother of the Rev. Gotthard Dellman Bernheim. Their 
father, also a Lutheran minister, came from a distinguished 
Berlin Jewish family and was a convert from Judaism. 
Charles Herman Bernheim was educated at the Lexington, 
S.C, Theological Seminary and was licensed in 1855 and 
ordained in 1858 by the S.C. Synod. From 1868 until 1880 

he served churches in Davidson and Forsyth Counties, 
N.C. In 1880 he transferred to the Tennessee Synod and 
served and supplied churches in Catawba, Watauga, and 
Alexander Counties, N.C. In 1897 he withdrew from the 
Tennessee Synod to join the Missouri Synod. He died 20 
January 1901 and is buried near Conover, N.C. (Sketches 
1966, 21) 

See endnote #297, Gotthard Dellman Bernheim. 

446. [p. 280, Frid, June 24, 1870] David Lentz, 1870 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C; Franklin Twp.; #166: 

Lentz, David 58 M Farm 
Evaline 56 F 

Laura 20 F 

Agusta 17 M 

Cranford 18 M 
Mayer, Lucett 16 F 

Maxwell 14 M 
Cozort, Jesse 24 M 

Mary 22 F 

(CENSus'70, 30) 

447-[p.28o, Wed. June 29, 1870] Welington L. Kistler, 1870 
Census Rowan Co., N.C; Mt. Ulla Twp.; #263: 

Kistler, W.L. 35 M 
Lucy J. 21 F 

Kistler, Catherine 61 F 
Mary 16 F 

(CENSus'70, 95) 

Catharine Barringer Kistler was the daughter of Katharine 
Trexler Barringer (1780-1855) and John Peter Barringer 
(1776-1827) and a sister of David Barringer. She married 
Henry Kistler; marriage bond dated 26 March 1832. Cathe- 
rine Kistler is first mentioned in the Diary in October 1859. 
When Samuel Rothrock was the pastor at Salem Church, 
1869—75, he preached and stayed at her house. In December 
1869, he mentions preaching "at Mrs. Kistler's Stand." Ca- 
tharine Kistler and her family instigated the organization 
of St. Luke's Church, Rowan Co. 

See endnote #466, St. Luke's Church, Rowan Co.. 

448. [p. 280, Wed. June 29, 1870] Samuel C. Pharr, 1870 
Census Rowan Co., N.C; Mt. Ulla Twp.; #337: 

Pharr, S.C. 45 M minister 
Margaret 43 F 
James D. 15 M 
Cynthia 5/12 F 

(Census 70', 99) 

449. [p. 281, Frid. July 1, 1870] Caleb J. Barnheart; 1870 Cen- 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

sus Rowan Co., N.C.; Locke Twp.; #31: 

Barnheart, Calib 28 M 
Laura C. 28 F 

George H. 3 M 
Mary L. 1 F 

Richard 10 M 

Walter, Margaret 31 F 

(CENSUs'70, 60) 

450. [p. 281, Frid. July 1, 1870] Catherine Louder, 1870 Cen- 
sus Rowan Co., N.C.; Locke Twp.; #30: 

Louder, Catherine 70 F 
Milly 50 F 

(CENSus'70, 60) 

451. [p. 282, Wed. Aug. 17, 1870] Catharine Overton, 1870 
Census Rowan Co., N.C.; Morgan Twp.; #172: 

Overton, Catharine 33 F 
Adolphus 11 M 

Margaret 9 F 

(CENSus'70, 79) 

452. [p. 282, Tues. Aug. 23 to Sund. Aug. 28, 1870] The 67th 
Annual Meeting of the North Carolina Synod was held at 
Lutheran Chapel, Rowan Co. on Thursday, August 25. Ro- 
throck was unable to attend "in consequence of indisposed." 

453. [p. 284, Sat. Oct. 29, 1870] Jacob Trexler, 1870 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C.; Providence Twp.; #39: 

Trexler, Jacob 36 M 

Julia [Butner] 30 F [mn Fritz] 

*Butner, Mary B. 10 F 

Robertson 8 M 

Camilla 6 F 

(CENSus'70, 3) 

*Mary B. Butner was the daughter of John Henry Butner 
who was killed at Richmond during the Civil War and Julia 
Fritz Butner of Davidson Co., N.C. After her father's death, 
her mother married Jacob Trexler. Mary Belle Butner 
(1860-1934) married William Pleasant Arey (1858-1914), son 
of Milas Arey and Nancy Ann Smith Arey Shemwell. 
(Davidson 1983, 207) 

454. ^.284, Mond. Oct. 31, 1870] Benjamin F. Fraley, 1870 
Census Rowan Co., N.C.; Salisbury; #93. Ben Fraley was 
less than a year older than Samuel Rothrock and they spent 
many years working together for the Lutheran church. 

Fraley, Benjamin 62 M farmer 

Jane P. 62 F 

W.P 30 M Gass [sic] fitter 

Gorman, Lilla 22 F B[lack] domestic 
Infant 3/12 M B[lack] 

Infant 3/12 F B[lack] 

Florence 3 F B[lack] 

(CENSus'70, 117) 

455. [p. 285, Thurs. Nov. 3, 1870] Margaret Caroline Flora 
Kluttz was born 15 April 1850 and died 26 September 1924. 
She was the daughter of Tobias Kluttz (1821-1864) and Eliz- 
abeth (Peck) Kluttz (1816-1883). She married Caleb Lawson 
Nussman who was born 5 August 1848 and died 22 August 
1923. He was the son of Solomon and Margaret (Trexler) 
Nussman. (Kluttz 1990, 391-92) 

456. [p. 285, Thurs. Nov. 17, 1870] William Crawford, 1870 
Census Rowan Co., N.C; Salisbury; #174: 

Crawford, William H. 36 M member legislature 

Margaret J. 





Stewart, Samuel 
Murphy, Maria 






45 M B[lack] day laborer 
30 F B[lack] domestic-cook 

Coughenhour, Sarah 10 F B[lack] nurse 

(CENSus'70, 120) 
See endnote #J2j, Margaret J. Crawford. 


457. tp.287, Sat. Jan. 7, 1871] Paul Melville Barringer was 
the then twenty-four year old son of Ma ry Ellen ("Polly") 
and David Barringer and a nephew of the Rothrocks. He 
was born 11 October 1846 and died 31 December 1926. He 
did not marry and is buried at Providence Methodist 
Church, Rowan Co., N.C. (Davidson 1983, 174) 

458. [p. 287, Mond. Jan. 16, 1871] John Harkey, 1870 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C; Mt.UUa Twp.; #269: 

Harkey, John 27 M 
Mary A. 36 F 

Lynch, Elizabeth 14 F 

(CENSus'70, 95) 

MB: John Harkey and Mary A. Menis, Nov. 8, 1866; S. 
Scherer, officiating. Rowan County Marriage Bonds. 

459. [p. 287, Mond., Jan. 16 to Sund. Jan. 22, 1871] When 
Rothrock made his way "leisurely towards Iredell Co." it 
was natural for him to visit the household of Samuel Au- 
gustus Brown whose wife, the former Jane Elizabeth ("Jen- 

Annotations & Commentary (1871) 


Jane Elizabeth ("Jennie") Barringer Brown and Samuel Augustus 
Brown in front of their Iredell County home, ca.1895. Their farm, 
a part of which is now under Lake Norman, was located about four 
miles southwest ofTroutman. Mrs. Brown was Samuel and Amelia 
Rothrock's niece. 

(endnote #459) 

nie") Barringer, was the Rothrocks' niece. Jane Elizabeth 
("Jennie") Barringer was the daughter of Elizabeth Arey 
and Charles Barringer. She was born 9 July 1842 in Iredell 
Co., N.C., and died 9 April 1924. Samuel Augustus Brown 
was born 19 August 1840 and died 18 January 1920. He was 
the son of James Brown and Sarah Houston. 

Rothrock also was "all night" at Alexander Brown's, Charles 
Barringer's, Benjamin Arey's, and Robert Brown's; he 
"called at" Lansing White's and Augustus Brown's; he "had 
dinner" at Caleb Barrier's. One of the purposes of annota- 
tions is to acquaint the reader with facts that are not appar- 
ent when reading the undocumented text. Rothrock spent 
this trip visiting and calling on members of his extended 
family. All of the persons mentioned above were related to 
Rothrock by marriage. On 17 January he "staid over night" 
at the home of Alexander Brown who was the brother of 
Rothrock's deceased brother-in-law, Tobias Brown. On 18 
January he was "all night" at the home of his sister-in-law, 
Elizabeth Arey Barringer, and the night of 19 January he 
"staid over night" at the home of his brother-in-law, Ben- 
jamin Arey. After that he visited with, ate with, and stayed 
with family members of the younger generation. As noted 
above, Augustus Brown married "Jennie" Barringer. His 
younger brother was Robert Brown who married Susan 
Amelia Brown (1845-1884), daughter of Phebe Arey Brown 
and Tobias Brown. Caleb Barrier who operated a grist mill 
in Iredell Co., was the husband of Charlotte Lucetta Jane 
Brown (1847-1878), daughter of Phebe Arey Brown and 
Tobias Brown. Jane Elizabeth ("Jennie") Barringer Brown, 
Susan Amelia Brown, and Charlotte ("Lottie") Brown Bar- 
rier were cousins and were three of Peter and Phebe Arey's 

fifty-two grandchildren. (Davidson 1983, 72,221,225) 
See endnote #4, children of Peter and Phebe Arey. 

460. [p. 288, Tues. Feb. 14, 1871] Reuben J. Holmes, 1870 
Census Rowan Co., N.C.; Salisbury; #23: 

Holmes, Reuben J. 47 M dry good merchant 

R[osanah] S.C. 36 F 

Charles 13 M 

Sarah A. 11 F 

Jennie A. 9 F 

Anna H. 6 F 

Nellie 3 F 

Carrie W. 3/12 F 

McRae, Mollie 19 F 

Crowel, Mary 35 F B[lack] domestic 

Coughenour, Mart 40 M B[lack] day laborer 

Parker, Mary 25 F B[lack] nurse 


461. [p. 288, Sund. Feb. 19, 1971] Monroe Barrier, 1870 Cen- 
sus Rowan Co., N.C.; Mt. Ulla Twp.; #28: 

Barrier, D. Monroe 39 M 
Sarah Ann 36 F 

F.Jeremiah 12 M 

J. M. DeWill 10 M 
*D. Buchanan 8 M 
Abigail U.C. 5 F 

Robert Lee 3 M 

Sarah 2 F 

(CENSUs'70, 83) 

*D. Buchanan Barrier was the same age as the child whose 
funeral Rothrock preached on February 19 at Salem 

462. [p. 289, Tues. March 7, 1871] Levi Thomas was the 
father of Bettie Thomas who was orphaned early in 1871 
when both her parents died. The Rothrocks took Bettie 
Thomas into their household to live with them. The Levi 
Thomas family was enumerated in the 1870 Census Rowan 
Co., N.C.: Salisbury Twp.; #100: 

Thomas, Levi 58 M 
Sarah 37 F 

Albert 13 M 

Rosanna 10 F 

Mary 9 F 

Elizabeth [Bettie] 9 F 

(CENSUs'70, 105) 

Rothrock did not record the date of death of Levi Thomas, 
however, he wrote in his Diary, "preached the funeral of 
Levi Thomas and wife" on 7 April 1871. 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

Bettie Thomas, daughter of Levi and Sarah Thomas, was 
enumerated with the Samuel Rothrock family in the 1880 
Census Rowan Co., N.C.: Morgan Twp.; #215: 

Rothrock, Samuel 70 M 
Amelia 67 F 

Peters, Emma 22 F 
Thomas, Bettie 18 F 

(Census'8o, 223) 

Bettie Thomas and Emma Peters continued to live with 
Samuel Rothrock until his death on 2 November 1894. In 
his will, dated 24 May 1893, he had made provision for these 
young women: "...One note of hand to Emma Peters for 
one hundred dollars bearing date May 15, 1890. One note 
of hand to Bettie Thomas for one hundred dollars bearing 
date May 15, 1890. Said notes to be paid according to their 
true intent and meaning.... I have already given to Emma 
Peters and to Bettie Thomas, to each of them, one bureau, 
one bed, and furniture as their absolute property.... Whereas 
Emma Peters and Bettie Thomas have, for a long time, 
lived in my family as members of the same, were kind and 
good to my wife during her life, are good and kind to me 
in my declining years, now if the said Emma Peters and 
Bettie Thomas shall continue with me as heretofore, then 
and in that case, I devise and bequest to them jointly my 
dwelling house and house furniture, my kitchen and uten- 
sils, necessary out buildings, all the provisions and poultry 
on hand, my sow, horse and garden to have and to hold the 
same without molestation, for the term of six months, next 
succeeding my death. My reason for making the foregoing 
bequest is to provide for the said Emma Peters and Bettie 
Thomas a home and comfortable support for the term spe- 
cified, and to give them ample time to arrange for their 
future homes thereafter. The said Emma Peters and Bettie 
Thomas may at their option and for consideration satisfac- 
tory to them, transfer any or all of the foregoing bequest to 
my son Lewis H. Rothrock but not transfer or aliene [sic] 
to any other person." Rowan Co. Wills; JVB-j/yi. 

463. fp.289, Sund. March 19, 1871] M. A. Bost, 1870 Census 
Rowan Co.,N.O; Locke Twp.; #138: 

MA Bost 45 M 

Caroline 40 F 

Calvin H. 19 M 

Martha A. 17 F 

Ellen E. 4 F 

Cress, Francis M. 14 M 

(CENSus'70, 67) 

464. fp.289, Wed. March 29, 1871] Epraim Mauney, 1870 

Census Rowan Co., N.C.; Gold Hill Twp.; #16: 

Mauney, Epraim 57 M Farm & Merchant 
Eliza. J. 

Mary M. V. 
Georgia EC. 
Adolphus C. 
Tallula L. 

41 F 
19 F 
7 F 
14 M 
10 F 

Crump, Sharlott F. 20 F Teacher 
Noah, Lunda 26 F 
Laura R. 8 F 

(CENSus'70, 34) 

465. [p. 291, Mond. May 1, 1871] Rothrock probably was re- 
ferring to Catherina Earnheart, 1870 Census Rowan Coun- 
ty, N.C.; Gold Hill Township; #103: 

Earnhardt, Catherina 55 F farm work 
Margaret 47 F 

(CENSus'70, 38) 

466. [p. 291, Tues. May 9, 1871] St. Luke's Church, located 
in Bear Poplar, Mt. Ulla Township, Rowan Co., N.C., was 
organized the first Sunday in January 1869 with eight mem- 
bers by the Rev. Samuel Rothrock. At the time of organi- 
zation a Building Committee, made up of D. Monroe Bar- 
rier, Alexander Brown, and W.L. Kistler, was appointed 
and plans were made to build a brick church. The church 
was completed within a year from the laying of the corner- 
stone and was dedicated on 12 May 1872. Until the church 
was ready for use services were held, usually on the first 
Sunday of each month, in a grove owned by Mrs. Catharine 
(Barringer) Kistler or in her home. Rothrock served St. 
Luke's, 1869— 1875. (Morgan 1953, 311-12) 

See endnotes #292, 447, Catharine Kistler. 

467. [p. 291, Tues. May 9,1871] Alexander Brown, 1870 Cen- 
sus Rowan Co., N.C.; Mt. Ulla Twp.; #249: 

Brown, Alex 62 M miller & farmer 

Mary [Kistler] 61 F 

Barrier, Laura 25 F school teacher 

Mary J. 5 F 
Brown, Martha 24 F 
Pleasant 23 M miller 

Robt. L. 21 M 

Bachanan [sic] 16 M [Bachman] 
Leyder 18 M B[lack] miller 

(CENSus'70, 94) 

Alexander ("Sandy") Brown, was the brother of Tobias 
Brown, the deceased husband of Phebe Arey Brown. 

See endnote #257, Alexander Brown. 

Annotations & Commentary (1871) ^ 

468. [p. 291, Tues. May 18, 1871] Jacob Holshouser, 1870 
Census Rowan Co., N.C.; Morgan Twp.; #167: 

Holshouser, Jacob 58 M 

Delia 54 F [mn Deliah Mowery b. 1815] 

Mary L. 17 F 

Joseph 13 M 

Mary 4 F 

(CENSus'70, 78) 

[Note: This is not Jacob Holshouser who married Anny 

See endnote #228. 

469. [p. 292, Tues. June 6, 1871] Alice Octavia Barringer was 
the twenty-one year old daughter of David and Mary Ellen 
Barringer and a niece of the Rothrocks. She probably had 
been on a visit or trip and Rothrock was returning her valise 
or travelling bag to her. Alice was born 20 March 1850. On 
27 March 1879 she married Pleasant Spencer Stewart. The 
couple had three children and resided in Davie Co., N.C. 
(Davidson 1983, 174) 

470. [p. 293, Mond. July3, 1871] Phebe Brown, at this time, 
was living in Mt. Pleasant. Starting in July, 1871, however, 
Rothrock frequently mentions having breakfast or dinner 
at "Mrs. Brown's, Salisbury." He always used the title "Mrs. 
Brown." This Mrs. Brown probably was the proprietress of 
a boarding house and was not Phebe Brown, his wife's sister. 

See endnote #4J2, Phebe Brown in Mt. Pleasant. 

471. [p. 293, Tues. July 25, 1871] Christiana Church, Rowan 
County, N.C, is located one mile south of Granite Quarry, 
N.C, on the Albemarle Highway. The church was orga- 
nized on 23 January 1871 with seven charter members by the 
Rev. Simeon Scherer, then pastor of Union Church. The 
organizational service was held in the home of Nathan 
Brown who sold the congregation a five and one-half acre 
site for the church building for twenty-five dollars. Samuel 
Rothrock was assisted in the laying of the cornerstone by 
the Rev. Whitson Kimball and the newly ordained Rev. 
Richard L. Brown, pastor of the church. The first building, 
a frame structure 35 x 50 feet, was completed in 1874. A 
second church building, also frame, was constructed in 1897. 
In 1925, transepts containing ten classrooms were added. A 
brick parsonage was built in 1931. This church was com- 
pletely destroyed by fire on n March 1945. Until the con- 
gregation could rebuild, services were held in the Granite 
Quarry School building. On 17 April 1949, Christiana's new 
church building was dedicated free of debt. (Morgan 1953, 

472. [p. 296, Sund. Oct. 15, 1871] Joseph Hamilton Fesper- 
man was ordained on this date at Salem Church. He was 
born 7 July 1841 in Rowan Co. and was the son of Michael 

and Cynthia Fesperman. He did not have a formal educa- 
tion. After studying theology under older ministers, he was 
licensed in 1868 and ordained in 1871 by the N.C. Synod. 
He served two churches in Davie Co. and in 1871 organized 
Providence Church in "Scotch-Irish township," Rowan 
Co., with a colony from St. Matthew's Church in Davie 
Co. He also served the following; Beth Eden, Newton, 
1870-72, St. Michael, Troutman, 1871-77, and St. Paul, Ire- 
dell Co., 1871-74. Ill health forced him to retire ca. 1877. He 
died 26 April 1917 and is buried in St. Michael Cemetery, 
Troutman. (Sketches 1966, 63-64) 

473. [p. 296, Sund. Oct. 15, 1871] William Rufus Ketchie was 
ordained on this date at Salem Church. He was born 13 
February 1839, near China Grove, N.C. After receiving his 
education at N.C. College and being tutored privately, he 
was licensed in 1868 and ordained in 1871 by the N.C. Synod. 
Churches served: St. Matthew, 1866-82, and New Jerusa- 
lem, 1869-70, Davie Co.; St. Stephen, Cabarrus Co.; New 
Bethel, Stanly Co., 1873; Organ, Rowan Co, 1873—74; St. 
Paul, Iredell Co., 1875-79; Providence, Rowan Co., 1878-88, 
supplied in 1892 and 1897; Nazareth- Shiloh, Forsyth Co., 
1877-88. He served as secretary, N.C. Synod, 1874—75. In 
1888 he retired at Mocksville. He died 6 August 1921 and is 
buried at Greenlawn Cemetery, China Grove. (Sketches 
1966, 106-107) 

474. fp.296, Sund. Oct. 15, 1871] Richard L. Brown was 
ordained on this date at Salem Church. He was the son of 
Solomon and Amy Miller Brown and was born in Rowan 
Co., N.C, on 18 March 1842. He was the older brother of 
the Rev. Henry Maxwell Brown and an uncle of the Rev. 
Pleasant David Brown. After obtaining his A.B. in 1867 at 
N.C. College, he studied on his own and was self-taught 
in theology. He was licensed in 1868 and ordained in 1871 
by the N.C. Synod. During his thirty-six years as a Luth- 
eran clergyman, 1867-1903, he served churches in Cabarrus, 
Rowan, and Davie Counties and was secretary, N.C. Synod 
in 1875. Prior to his death in 1923, he wrote History of the 
Michael Brown Family, published in 1921. He is buried at 
Christiana Church, Granite Quarry. (Sketches, 1966, 33) 

See endnotes #jp8, Richard L. Brown, 1880 Census, and 
#5/5, Henry Maxwell Brown. 

475. [p. 297, Tues. Nov. 28, 1871] Reuben Bost, 1870 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C; Gold Hill Twp.; #126: 

Bost, Ruben 41 M Farmer 

Catharine 35 F 

Lusetta 14 F 

Margareth D. 12 F 

George A. 9 M 

Charles E. 7 M 

Susan L. 5 F 

7 2 

Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

John M. 3 M 
Jacob W. 7/12 M 

(CENSus'70, 39) 

476. [p. 298, Thurs. Dec. 7, 1871] John Barger, 1870 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C.; Mt.UUa Twp.; #336: 

Barger, John 

76 M 


65 F 


36 M 

Rice, Sallie 

40 F 

John M. 

16 M 


14 M 


11 F 

Long, Esther 

34 F 

McConnaughey, Chas. 

36 M B[lack] 

Peck, Joshua 

22 MBflack] 

Boyden, Jake 

22 M Bflack] 


19 F Bflack] 


4 F B[lack] 

(Census'70, 99) 
See endnote #249, John Barger, 1850 Census. 

477. [p. 298, Mond. Dec. 25, 1871] Joseph A. Linn died 16 
March 1864. His widow, Margaret Ann Barnhardt Linn, 
married R. W. Lentz sometime prior to the taking of the 
1870 census. She probably invited Rothrock to distribute 
the books remaining in her deceased husband's library that 
their son, the Rev. J. A. Linn, did not need or want. 

See endnotes #159, Joseph A. Linn, and #545, Margaret 
Ann Barnh art Linn Lentz. 


478. [p. 299, Sat. Jan. 6, 1872] Samuel ("Sammy") Rothrock 
was born 14 May 1868 and died 8 August 1955. He was the 
then almost four year old son of Lewis Hazelius and Joan 
Lucky Rothrock. "Sammy" probably had been visiting with 
his grandparents, Samuel and Amelia Arey Rothrock in 
Gold Hill. At that time his parents, Lewis H. and Joan 
Rothrock, resided in Franklin Township, Rowan Co., north 
and west of Salisbury. Therefore, Salisbury was a logical 
and practical place to deliver him to his father. (Davidson 
1983, 155) 

479. fp.300, Mond. Feb. 12, 1872] The Calaubria P.O., es- 
tablished in 1847, was tne third oldest post office in eastern 
Rowan. Simeon D. Peeler was the first postmaster and was 
followed by Solomon J. Peeler. It was located near Provi- 
dence Church in the Providence Church "section" which 
also was known as the German Settlement. Calaubria P.O. 
was operational until 1866. The oldest post office in eastern 

Rowan was Trading Ford, established in 1827. The next was 
Gold Hill, established in 1844 when the first gold mines 
were opened. (Brawley 1953, 378) 

480. fp.301, Wed. March 13, 1872] In those days, when a 
sister went "on a visit" to see another sister, the visit could 
last several days to a week or even longer. Amelia Rothrock 
probably had been visiting for several days at the home of 
Dr. Coleman and his wife Jane. Jane Coleman was Amelia 
Rothrock's youngest sister and her daughter, "Lottie" Cole- 
man, was about ten years old. 

481. fp.301, Sund. March 17, 1872] Edward Sill, 1870 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C.; Salisbury; #68: 

Sill, Dr. Edward 67 M druggist 

Caroline 56 F 

Alice 22 F 

Bryce, Edward 20 M clerk (drug store) 
Kestler, Alice 20 F domestic-cook 

(CENSus'70, 114) 

482. fp.301, Sund. March 31, 1872] Prof. Hubbert was a pro- 
fessor at North Carolina College. William E. Hubbert was 
born 23 October 1844 in Roanoke, Va. He was educated at 
Roanoke College and the Philadelphia Seminary and li- 
censed (1868) and ordained (1870) by the S.W. Virginia 
Synod. He was a member of the N.C. Synod, 1871-77, while 
a professor of Ancient Languages at North Carolina Col- 
lege. In 1877 he transferred back to the S.W. Virginia Synod. 
Active in church publications, he was assistant editor, Our 
Church Paper, New Market, Va., and editor, Lutheran Church 
Visitor. He died in 1916. (Sketches 1966, 96) 

483. fp.302, Frid. April5, 1872] Ebenezer Church in Rowan 
County, N.C., is located on the old road from Salisbury to 
Concord, about midway between Organ Church and China 
Grove. In December 1866 members of Organ Church pe- 
titioned the Conference of the Synod to authorize the for- 
mation of a new congregation, somewhere near "Bostian's 
school-house." The Synod gave its approval and on 3 June 
1867 Ebenezer Lutheran Church was formally organized 
with nineteen members. Officers were, Dr. PA. Sifferd and 
Frederick Stirewalt, Elders; Moses J. Barger and J.A. Ed- 
dleman, Deacons. A three and one-half acre lot was donated 
by Frederick and Paul Stirewalt, and in 1868, a frame church 
40 x 60 feet was constructed. The church was dedicated, 
free of debt, on 31 January 1869. This original church build- 
ing which Rothrock knew was remodeled in 1939. The ex- 
terior was brick veneered, the interior completely refinished 
and refurnished, and a full basement excavated beneath the 
building. Samuel Rothrock was the pastor at Ebenezer 
Church 1879— 1885. (Morgan 1953, 192-93) 

484. fp.302, Frid. April 5, 1872] Daniel Eddleman, 1870 

Annotations & Commentary (1872) 


Census Rowan Co.; Litaker Twp.; #138: 

Eddleman, Daniel 63 M 
Elisebeth 55 F 

Daniel L. 20 M 

Jane R. 12 F 

Ellen 15 F 

(CENSUs'70, 50) 
See endnote #246, Daniel Eddleman, 1850 Census. 

485. fp.302, Thurs. April 25, 1872] David R. Julian, 1870 
Census Rowan Co., N.C.; Salisbury; #70. This census 
record tells us that the bridegroom probably lived and 
worked in the dry goods store of J. P. Gowan. 

Gowan, J.P. 49 M dry goods merchant b. VA 

Sophie 25 F 

Klutts, Alexander 17 M clerk in store 

Mollie 15 F 

Julian, D.R. 18 M clerk in store 

Bevins, Rachel 45 F housekeeper 

Meares, Junius 40 M B[lack] day loborer 

Jane 38 F B[lack] domestic-cook 

Bell, Amanda 14 F B [lack] house servant 

(CENSus'70, 114) 

The bride, "Bettie Culverhouse," probably was the daughter 
of Hugh Culverhouse who appeared in the 1850 census as 
"Hue" Culverhouse, age 42, a saddler. Bettie is not shown 
in the 1850 record because she had not yet been born. 

See endnote #137, Hugh Culverhouse, 1830 Census. 

In the 1870 U.S. Census of Rowan Co., Bettie and her father 
were living in Salisbury in dwelling #50. 

Moose, John F. 39 M clerk in store 
Maggie C. 33 F 

Capitola 7 F 

Maggie F. 1 F 

Culverhouse,Hugh 60 M 
Elizabeth 22 F 

(CENSus'70, 113) 

486. fp.303, Sund. May 12, 1872] The dedication of the newly 
completed St. Luke's Church, Bear Poplar, N.C., was un- 
doubtedly a joyful occasion with a large attendance. The 
building was of solid brick, 40 feet by 60 feet, and originally 
had an inclined floor. Samuel Rothrockwas the pastor 1869- 
75. In 1879, a two story parsonage was built about half a mile 
west of the church on land which P.M. Brown had given 
for that purpose. This parsonage was used until 1920 when 
a tract of land adjoining the church lands was given to the 
church by Hon. B.B. Miller and Mr. CA. Brown. The 
following year a new parsonage was built there. In 1930, the 

1872 building was remodeled and completely renewed, in- 
side and out, and an Educational Annex was built. A new 
Educational Building was constructed in 1951. (Morgan 
1953^ 3 n ~ 12 ) 

See endnote #466, St. Luke's Church. 

487. tp.303, Sund. May 19, 1872] The Rev. Stephan A. Re- 
pass was the president of General Synod South. 

488. fp.303, Tues. May 21, 1872] Lethia Swift was Lottie 
Coleman's governess. "Dr. and Mrs. Coleman were deter- 
mined to give their only daughter the best education pos- 
sible. The first school she remembers attending was 'Dodd's 
schoolhouse,' and she recalls that one of the pupils was 'Cal 
Miller,' father of Sheriff Cal Miller for Rowan county, and 
she has not forgotten that his grandmother, Mrs. Miller, 
kept on hand a supply of cakes and pies for the children of 
the neighborhood. Next she attended a school run by Row- 
an Davis, and as she was a great talker, she was often put 
on the 'dunce bench.' When about nine years of age Dr. 
Coleman procured for her a governess, Miss Lethia Swift. 
Miss Swift (who is a sister to Mrs. Hearn and aunt of Mrs. 
Hearn Swink of China Grove) was very gifted, and saw to 
it that her young charge spent hours at the piano." (Mrs. 
H.E. Egan, Salisbury Post, Bicentennial Edition, 6W) 

489. fp.304, Sat. June 8, 1872] St. Paul's Church, Alamance 
Co., N.C., is located six miles from Burlington on the Sal- 
isbury and Hillsboro Road — the old Trading Path — and 
about two and one-half miles east of the Alamance Battle 
Grounds where the British and the Regulators fought in 
May, 1771. It is not known definitely when this church was 
organized, however it was no later than 1773 and perhaps 
earlier. It has been said that itinerant ministers preached 
here as early as 1759 to 1764. In its early years it was known 
as "Graves Church" and was a union church. Around 1800, 
the German Reformed withdrew and built a church of their 
own and the Lutherans remained on the original grounds. 
The first two buildings were log structures. The third build- 
ing, a frame thirty foot by forty foot structure was erected 
about 1893. Sunday School rooms were added in 1941. The 
first pastor of record was Adolph Nussmann (1739-1794), a 
convert from Catholicism, who came to North Carolina 
from Germany in 1772 and who served St. Paul's, 1774-1789. 
About one hundred years later, Samuel Rothrock was the 
supply pastor of St. Paul's, 1867— 1868. The period May 1866- 
August 1869 is missing from his Diary. In all probability, 
he was well known to the people and they to him and the 
missing books, if found, would reveal a great deal about 
Rothrock's pastorate at St. Paul's, Alamance Co. and the 
membership of the church during those years. (Morgan 
1953, 328) 

490. fp.305, Frid.July 19, 1872] Alfred W. Rusher, 1870 Cen- 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

sus Rowan Co., N.C.; LitakerTwp.; #178: 

Rusher, Alferd 35 M 
Mallisia C. 42 F 
David L. 15 M 

Martha J. 9 F 

BettieR. 6 F 

Jacob A. 3 M 

Brown, Mary C. 15 F 

(CENSUs'70, 52) 

491. fp.305, Sund. July 21, 1872] St. Paul's Church, Rowan 
County, was called " Holshouser's Church" in its early years 
and was a union church. By 1866, the union arrangement 
of property ownership had been discontinued and each de- 
nomination had its own house of worship, with the Luth- 
erans retaining the original property. A new brick church 
was started in 1868 and was completed in 1872. The church 
was reorganized on 1 June 1872 and was dedicated by their 
pastor, the Rev. Whitson Kimball, on 21 July 1872. Samuel 
Rothrock was the pastor of the old St. Paul's, 1835-43. 
(Morgan 1953, 333-34) 

See endnotes #8, #yj. 

492. fp.305, Frid. July 26, 1872] "... Joan and Sammy..." are 
Joan Hearne Rothrock, Samuel Rothrock's daughter-in- 
law, and Samuel ("Sammy") Rothrock, his four year old 

493. fp.306, Wed. Aug. 14, 1872] Rothrock took his wife 
Amelia and her sister, Elizabeth Barringer from Iredell Co., 
to "Dr. Coleman's," home near Rockwell. There, three sis- 
ters, Elizabeth, Amelia, and Jane, were together for what 
would be the last time. 

See endnote #4gj, Elizabeth Barringer, death. 

494. fp.307, Sund. Sept. 29, 1872] Emmanuel P. Parker was 
ordained at Frieden's church by Samuel Rothrock with the 
Rev. John D. Bowles assisting. Emmanuel P. Parker, born 
9 November 1836, was the son of Drew Parker. After his 
ordination in 1872 he served churches in Guilford, Forsyth, 
Davie, and Davidson Counties. He died 9 August 1912 and 
is buried at Frieden's Church, Guilford, Co., where he was 
ordained forty years earlier. (Sketches 1966, 155-56) 

495. fp.307, Sund. Sept. 29, 1872] John D. Bowles was born 
25 January 1832 in Newberry, S.C. He was educated at 
Southern Seminary and was ordained in 1861 by the Georgia 
Synod. In 1869 he transferred to the N.C. Synod. He served 
churches in Forsyth, Davie, and Davidson Counties prior 
to transferring to the S.C. Synod in 1874. In 1873, he was 
president of the North Carolina Synod. He died 20 June 
1914. (Sketches 1966, 28) 

496. fp.308, Wed. Oct. 16, 1872] Rothrock performed the 

marriage ceremony of Martha Regina Brown and Charles 
N. Simpson. The bride was the twenty year old daughter 
of Tobias and Phebe Arey Brown and was the Rothrocks' 
niece. Martha was born 5 March 1852 in Iredell Co. and was 
educated at the Mt. Pleasant Female Seminary. She died 
24 May 1924. Charles Newton Simpson was born 6 Febru- 
ary 1851 in Monroe, N.C. He was the son of William Hend- 
erson Simpson and Lucinda Helms. Mr. Simpson was the 
register of deeds in Monroe, Union County, N.C, and was 
a member of the N.C. House of Representatives, 1876, 1882, 
1903. The couple resided in Monroe, N.C, and both are 
buried in the Simpson Lot in Monroe. They had eight 
children. (Davidson 1983, 235) 

497.fp.309, Sund. Nov. 17, 1872] This reference is to Be- 
thesda Presbyterian Church located in the vicinity of Amity 
Hill, Iredell Co., N.C, about a mile from the home of the 
Rev. Benjamin Arey. Elizabeth Arey Barringer, wife of 
Charles Barringer, died 2 September 1872 at the age or sixty- 
four. Her death came less than three weeks after Rothrock 
escorted her back to her Iredell Co. home on 17 August 
following her last visit with her sisters in Rowan Co. Eliz- 
abeth was buried at St. Michael's Lutheran Church Cem- 
etery, Iredell Co. and her funeral service was held two 
months later at Bethesda Church. After Benjamin Arey 
requested dismissal from the Lutheran clergy in 1855 so that 
he could devote full time to farming and to providing for 
his eleven children, he and his wife, Maria Raynor Arey, 
became members of Bethesda Church and are buried there. 
(Davidson 1983, 61) 

498[p.309, Sund. Nov. 24, 1872] Jacob Koon, deceased, was 
in all probability either J.M. or Jacob M Coon/Koon who 
was enumerated in the 1870 Census Rowan Co., N.C; 
Locke Twp.; #127: 

J.M. Coon 56 M 
Catharine 46 F 
Jacob M. 21 M 
Alexander n M 
Alice 8 F 
Amanda 4 F 

(CENSUs'70, 66) 

499.fp.309, Mond. Nov. 25, 1872] Rothrock's Diary indi- 
cates that Phebe Brown again was in Iredell County. Mar- 
tha Regina Brown's marriage to Charles Newton Simpson 
on 16 October 1872 could have prompted her change of 
residence. On 2 February 1874, Phebe Brown sold the mill 
and the three hundred acres. This property, known as the 
Tobias Brown Mill tract, was on Norwood's Creek and 
adjoined the lands of Henry Sherrill's heirs and John Cavin. 
Sidney Troutman paid eight thousand dollars in currency 
for the property and by 1890 had made the mill into a roller 
mill — the first of its kind in Iredell County. The Tobias 

Annotations & Commentary (1872) 


Brown mill site is now under Lake Norman. (Davidson 
1983, 221) 

500. [p.309,Tues. Nov. 26, 1872] Jane Hill was the childless 
widow of John Hill who raised her nephews, Albert Percy 
Clark (1851-1923) and John Worth Clark (1852-1926), after 
the death of their parents, John Clark II and Charlotte Arey 
Clark. Between January and October, 1859, John and Char- 
lotte Clark and their infant daughter, also named Charlotte, 
died from lead poisoning which they had acquired from the 
paint on the walls of their new Iredell Co. home. The Clark 
brothers were nephews of Amelia and Samuel Rothrock. 
(Davidson 1983, 256) 

See endnote #Jj8, John Clark II. 

501. fp.309, Wed. Nov. 27, 1872] With the coming of age of 
the younger generation the family circle grew larger and 
Samuel Rothrock never lacked for a place to stay or a place 
to "take dinner" when he was in Iredell Co. Caleb Barrier 
was Phebe Arey Brown's son-in-law. Augustus Brown was 
the son-in-law of Elizabeth Arey Barringer, deceased, and 
the husband of Elizabeth's youngest daughter, Jane Eliza- 
beth ("Jennie") Barringer (1842-1924). Robert Brown was 
the brother of Samuel Augustus Brown. (Davidson 1983, 

See endnotes #459, Samuel Augustus Brown. 

502. fp.310, Mond. Dec. 9, 1872] The settlement that Ro- 
throck made between Phebe Brown and Caleb C. Barrier 
had to do with the grist mill which Caleb Barrier, Phebe's 
son-in-law, operated. Caleb Barrier and Charlotte Lucetta 
Jane ("Lottie") Brown were married, on 16 March 1868. 
Their children were: 

Edgar Tobias Barrier (1869-1957); 
Phebe R. Barrier (1870-1911) m. Baxter N. Faust; 
Clarence G. Barrier (1872— 1975); 
Moses Worth Barrier (1873-1922); 
Dora M. Barrier (1875-1922); 
M. Gertrude Barrier (1877-1898). 

(Davidson 1983, 225-33) 

See endnote #214, Tobias Brown. 

503. fp.310, Frid. Dec. 20, 1872] Joicy Catherine Redwine 
Linn, born 15 June 1838 was the daughter of Pleasant Red- 
wine and Mary Anna Barringer. Her mother was a sister 
of David Barringer, Peter Laurence Barringer, and Mary 
Sophia Barringer Hartman Arey, and the aunt of Ellen Arey 
Grupy. Her maternal grandparents were John Peter Bar- 
ringer (1776-1827) and Katharine Trexler Barringer (1780- 
1855) Joicy Redwine married Robert John Linn (1831-1867). 
Their Rowan County marriage bond is dated 17 November 
1858. He was the son of David Linn and Eliza Hartman 

7 6 

Linn. Robert John Linn was a deacon at Union Church 
from 1859 to 1864. On 7 July 1862, he enlisted in the Con- 
federate Army and served the duration in the 57th Regi- 
ment, North Carolina Infantry. While in service he con- 
tracted a fever from which he never recovered fully and 
which probably contributed to his early death 17 May 1867. 
The couple had four children: 

Harriet Jane who died before 1880; 

Thomas Calvin b. 26 January i860, d. 18 April 1932, 
m. 22 October 1884, Gettysburg, Pa., Annie 
Stahle b. 26 August 1858, d. 5 July 1925; 

Pleasant David b. 18 May 1862, d. 13 July 1948, m. 26 
April 1905 Lucy Elvira Sherrill, b. 3 November 
1879, d. 22 March 1977; 

Mary Eliza b. 8 January 1866, d. 13 April 1953, m. 22 
October 1885 Dr. Chalmers Melancthon Van 
Poole, son of Otho and Lucretia (Lentz) Van 
Poole b. 8 February 1883, d. 13 April 1933. 

Joicy Redwine Linn died 24 December 1913. (Dickson 
ca.1970), (Linn 1984, 281-91) 

See endnotes #2 and #292, Katharine Trexler Barringer, 
#118, Peter Laurence Barringer, and #110, David R. Linn. 

504.fp.310, Tues. Dec. 24, 1872] On this date, Rothrock 
made mention of a "Christmas Tree" for the first time. The 
tree to which he referred was at St. John's Church in Sal- 
isbury. Of this event and subsequent Christmas trees, Mar- 
tha Agner wrote, "The tradition of the Christmas Tree at 
St. John's must have brought forth an impressive display 
each year in the church on North Main Street as all who 
recall worshipping in the sanctuary there mention the 
Christmas Tree. The service on Christmas Eve always had 
treats for the children in the congregation — gifts of candy 
and an orange — in honor and praise of the Christ Child. 
The tree itself, touching the high ceiling of the church...." 
(Agner 1988, 165) 

Rothrock next mentions the tradition of the Christmas Tree 
in his diary entry made on December 24, 1874 when he 
"went to St. Peter's Church to Christmas Tree." 

505. fp.3n, Mond. Jan. 20, 1873] The Rev. Jacob G. Neiffer 
was the pastor of St. John's, Salisbury 1870-75. Inasmuch as 
he was single, he must have lodged and boarded at "Mrs. 
Brown's" in Salisbury. 

See endnote #470, Mrs. Brown. 

506. fp.312, Sund. Feb. 9, 1873] Wiley Rufty, 1870 Census 

Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

Rowan Co., N.C.; Franklin Twp.; #48: 
Rufty, Wiley 61 M Farm 






49 F 
42 F 
19 M 
16 F 
i S F 

(Census/o, 24) 

507.fp.314, Frid. April n, 1973] W. L. Kistler lived in dwell- 
ing #263 and "Mr. Shuford" in dwelling #262, according to 
the 1870 U.S. Census of Rowan Co., Mt. Ulla Twp. The 
misunderstanding which Rothrock "adjusted" probably was 
a problem between neighbors. J. H. C. Shuford, 1870 Cen- 
sus Rowan Co., N.C.; Mt. Ulla Twp.; #262: 

Shuford, J.H.C. 


Dovie J. 
Morris, Dovie 
Marsh, Pinkney 

27 M 
24 F 
3 F 
58 F 

16 M B[lack] 
10 F B[lack] 

Corriher, George 25 M 

W. L. Kistler 35 M Lived in dwelling #263. 
Lucy J. 21 F 

Catherine 61 F 

Mary 16 F 

(Census/o, 95) 

508. [p.314, Thurs. April 17, 1873] Maryjane Arey, the twen- 
ty-one year old daughter of the Rev. Benjamin and Maria 
Phebe Raynor Arey, was born 24 February 1852 in Iredell 
Co., N.C. She was the niece of Mary Ellen Barringer, Ame- 
lia Rothrock, and Jane Coleman and probably had come to 
Rowan Co. to visit relatives — her aunts, uncles, and cousins. 
On 15 April 1875, she married John Witherspoon White. 
The couple resided in Iredell County and had two children. 
She died 28 May 1878 in Statesville of typhoid fever. 
(Davidson 1983, 139-40) 

509. [p.314, Frid. April 25, 1973] Luther's Chapel was orig- 
inally called Savitz's Church. Luther's Chapel was the sec- 
ond name given to this church. It is now known as Lutheran 
Chapel Church, China Grove. 

See endnote #22, Savitz's Church. 

510. [p.314, Frid. April 25, 1973] Michael Bostian, 1870 Cen- 
sus Rowan Co., N.C; Litaker Twp.; #65: 

Bostian, Michael 52 M 
Catharine 32 F 

Sarah J. 12 F 

(Census/o, 46) 

Edwin Ethelbert Arey and his wife, Alice Elizabeth Cornelius 
Arey. Mr. Arey was the son of the Rev. Benjamin Arey and a 
nephew of Samuel and Amelia Rothrock. 

(endnote #513) 

511. ^.315, Thurs. May 8, 1873] Lewis Rothrock was living 
in Lexington, N.C. Samuel and Amelia Rothrock travelled 
by buggy to Salisbury and then by train to see their newest 
grandchild, Carrie Davidson Rothrock, who was born 18 
April 1873. Her maternal grandfather, from whom she got 
her middle name, was Davidson Hearne, deceased. Carrie 
Rothrock married 1st Frank Marsh of Newark, N.J., and 
2nd Albert Graf. There were two children by her first mar- 

(1) Louise Marsh, b. 9 September 1899, Newark, 

N.J., m. Thomas C. Hunt born 21 June 1888 in 
Greensboro, N.C. and died 7 January 1964. 
Three children: Joan Hearne Hunt, m. Thomas 
R. Cochran; Kay Elizabeth Louise Hunt, m. 
John T. Gregory; Cammie Hunt, m. John Knox 

(2) Ruth Marsh, b. 8 June 1901, Newark, N.J., m 4 

November 1927, Kimble Popham, b. 2 January 
1899, d. 6 Sept. 1958. 

(Davidson 1983, 160-61) 
See endnote #404, Davidson Hearne. 

512. fp.315, Sat. May 10, 1873] On 4 April 1773, the Friedberg 
congregation was received into the Moravian Church. The 
Rothrocks attended the Friedberg Centennial Celebration 
with Samuel's sister, Salome, and her husband, Caleb Peel- 


See endnote #94, Caleb and Salome Rothrock Peeler., Mond. May 19, 1873] Edwin Ethelbert ("Ed") 
Arey was visiting with his uncle and aunts, the Rothrocks 
and Phebe Brown for several days. "Ed" Arey was born 31 
December 1844 in Iredell Co. and died 14 January 1902. He 

Annotations & Commentary (1873) 


was the son of the Rev. Benjamin Arey and Maria Phebe 
Raynor Arey of Iredell Co. On 13 May 1873 he married Alice 
Elizabeth Cornelius who was born 14 January 1851 in Iredell 
Co. and died 26 October 1930. She was the daughter of 
Jesse R. Cornelius and Margaret M. Thompson of David- 
son Twp., Iredell Co. The newly married couple probably 
were on their wedding trip which took them to visit and 
meet relatives and friends. The couple made their home 
near Elmwood, Chambersburg Twp., Iredell County and 
had eleven children. (Davidson 1983, 105) 

514. tp.316, Sund. June 22, 1873] The "Rev. Mr. Moore, 
Colporteus of Am. Tract Society..." who addressed the con- 
gregation at Salem Church was a distributor or hawker of 
religious tracts and books. 

515. [p.3i7,Thurs.Julyio, 1873] Henry Maxwell Brown was 
ordained in 1873 by the N.C. Synod and shortly thereafter, 
on 10 July 1873, he married Lucetta Jane Fisher of Cabarrus 
Co. He was born 2 April 1845, Rowan Co., N.C., the son 
of Solomon and Amy Miller Brown. He was the younger 
brother of the Rev. Richard L. Brown and an uncle of the 
Rev. Pleasant David Brown. He was educated at N.C. Col- 
lege where he also studied theology. From 1873-1912, he 
served churches in Rowan, Davie, Iredell, Guilford, and 
Stanly Counties. Less than a year before his death on 23 
July 1913, he transferred to the S.C. Synod. He is buried at 
Organ Church, Rowan Co. (Sketches 1966, 32) 

See endnote #474, Richard L. Brown. 

516. fp.318, Sat. Aug. 2, 1873] "Old Mr. Freeze" was listed in 
the 1870 Census of Rowan Co., N.C, in Mt. Ulla Twp.; 

Frieze, John 69 M 
Cladora 35 F 
Phillip 30 M 
Polly 26 F 

Amanda 22 F 

(CENSUs'70, 97) 

517. fp.318, Sat. Aug. 23, 1873] Samuel Rothrock knew the 
condemned man well. John Allen Ketchy was born about 
four miles east of Salisbury on 7 January 1842. His parents 
were Lutherans of comfortable circumstances who gave 
him a good education for the times. John Allen Ketchy was 
listed in the 1850 Census of Rowan Co., N.C; #2595.1620: 

John Kitchie 37 M NC farmer 500 
Anna Kitchie 36 F NC 
Jane L. 13 F NC S 

Mary R. n F NC S 
JohnA[llen] 8 M NC S 
Joseph M. 2 M NC 

40 A[cres] improved land; 90 A unimpr, value $500 

(Linn 1992, no) 

Ten years later, John Allen Ketchy was enumerated twice 
in the i860 Census Rowan Co., N.C. He lived with his 
parents in dwelling #616, P.O., Salisbury: 

John Ketchey 47 M farmer 
Anna 46 F house keeper 

Mary C 21 F ast.h. keeper 

JohnA[llen] 18 M day laborer 
Joseph M 12 M 
Lewis B 10 M 

Henry F 8 M 

Samuel R 3 M 

(Watson 1990, 93) 

He also was enumerated in the i860 census at his workplace, 
as a clerk; P.O.Salisbury; #204: 

David Weil 23 M merchant b. Bavaria 

*John A. Ketchey 18 M clerk 

(Watson 1990, 10) 

*On 26 June 1874, John Allen Ketchy was executed in Sal- 
isbury, by hanging, for the assault of Miss Milly E. Bes- 
cherer who was fourteen years younger than John Allen. 
Prior to his death he wrote the story of his life beginning 
when he joined the 5th Regiment of the North Carolina 
State Troops in June 1861. Ketchy maintained to the end 
that he was innocent of the charge against him which sent 
him to his death. However, he admitted to having been 
somewhat of a scoundrel and a rounder and to having de- 
serted from the army. Of his life in the army, he describes 
being wounded in battle and the jails in which he was im- 
prisoned. He also names Rowan neighbors and public 
officials and tells a few tales on them. Ketchy s rambling 
thoughts on paper make interesting reading. Supposedly, 
his "story" was published by Lewis B. Ketchey. A typescript 
can be found in the Ketchey File in the Rowan Public Li- 
brary History Room, Salisbury, N.C., Mond. Aug. 25, 1873] The church referred to as 
Dutchman's Creek Church was located about five miles east 
of Mocksville in Davie Co. About 1760, a number of Ger- 
man families settled in that vicinity. Some of them were 
from Heidelberg, Germany, and thus the church was often 
referred to as "Heidelberg Church." The date of organiza- 
tion is not known but baptismal records date back as far as 
1766. In 1815, the congregation relocated to a site in the 
Jerusalem settlement, on the road from Salisbury to Mocks- 
ville. The church was then given the name "New Jerusalem." 
In 1873, Mr. Matthias Miller offered a tract of land about 
two miles east of the Jerusalem community. His offer was 
accepted and the congregation once again relocated. A 
frame church was erected and the church was reorganized 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

and was given the name Reformation. However, it was pop- 
ularly called "Cherry Hill." This church continued in its 
work until 1925. (Morgan 1953, 190-91) 

519. tp.318, Tues. Aug. 26, 1873] Jethro Rumple, an 1850 
graduate of Davidson College, was installed 24 November 
i860 as pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Salisbury, 
N.C. He served there for forty-five years, this church be- 
coming his life's work. He wrote, A History of Rowan Coun- 
ty, North Carolina which was published in 1881. He died 20 
January 1906. 

1870 Census Rowan Co., N.C; Salisbury Twp.; #387: 

Rumple, Rev. J 42 M minister 
Jennie 35 F 

Watson 13 M 

James 9 M 

Malinda 4 F 

(CENSUs'70, 132) 

520. tp.319, Frid. Sept. 12, 1873] Sandy Creek Church, now 
known as St. Luke's Church, Tyro, Davidson Co., was also 
known as Swicegood's Church. The Rev. John D. Bowles 
was the pastor of Sandy Creek Church 1871—74. 

See endnote #132, Swicegood's Church. 

521. fp.319, Sund. Sept. 14, 1873] Carrie Davidson Rothrock, 
who was baptized by her grandfather, Samuel Rothrock, 
on 14 September 1873, was born 18 April 1873. 

See endnote #511, Carrie Davidson Rothrock. 

522. fp.320, Wed. Oct. 22, 1873] There are two persons men- 
tioned in the Diary named John Smithdeal; the Rev. John 
L. Smithdeal, born in 1836, and John Smithdeal whose wife 
Polly summoned Rothrock to court as a witness on this date. 

See endnote #425, John and Polly Smithdeal, i8jo Census. 

523. [p.320,Thurs. Oct. 23, 1873] Jacob Menius, 1880 Cen- 
sus Rowan Co.; Locke Twp.; #201: 

Menis, Jacob W M 68 Farmer (father born 

in Switzerland) 
Nancy W F 56 wife - Keeping House [mn.Rex] 

Jacob, Jr. W M 26 son - Farm Laborer 
Margaret A. W F 23 dau - Asst in House Work 
Rex, Sarah B. W F 50 sister-in-law-Boarder 

(Census'8o, 193) 

Jacob Menius was the son of John Frederick Menius and 
Rosannah Hartman and a brother of Daniel Menius. Con- 
trary to the information in the above census record, John 
Frederick Menius, father of Jacob, was born in Schluchtern, 
Hesse, Germany and came to America as a Hessian soldier. 
Jacob Menius married Sarah Turner on 25 April 1837. They 

had two children; Harriet, b. 1 February 1839 who married 
Daniel Sifford; James F., b. 1840 who died of disease at 
Richmond, Va., 1862. Jacob married 2nd Nancy Rex on 1 
December 1851. They had two children, Jacob Jr. and Mar- 
garet listed above in the 1880 Census record. (Informant: 
Joseph M. "Red" Menius, 4302 Barth Drive, St. Louis, MO 

See endnote #j6o, Daniel Menius. 

524. fp.321, Mond. Nov. 3, 1873] Lewis and Joan Rothrock, 
at this time, had two children; Samuel Rothrock, age 5 years 
and Carrie Davidson Rothrock, age almost 7 months. 

525. fp.321, Tues. Nov. 11, to Thurs. Nov. 13, 1873] "Lewis' 
family," [this implies Joan Rothrock and children] and 
Amelia Rothrock remained at the home of Ellen and Jacob 
Grupy for a three day visit. During this time the women 
probably busied themselves with the dress pattern brought 
to them by Samuel Rothrock. Ellen Grupy was the daughter 
of Amelia Rothrock's brother, Milas Arey and his first wife, 
Mary Sophia Barringer Hartman Arey. 

See endnote #433, Jacob Grupy. 

526. fp.321, Thurs. Nov. 27, 1873] The "girls" referred to by 
Rothrock were Emma Peters and Bettie Thomas, his wards. 

527. fp.321, Sat. Nov. 29, 1873] David Barringer's wife was 
Mary Ellen ("Polly") Barringer, a sister of Amelia Rothrock. 
Rothrock consistently was very formal when writing in his 
diary and never identified "D. Barringer &. wife" as his 
brother-in-law and sister-in-law with whom he had a very 
close lifelong relationship. 

528. fp.322, Wed. Dec. 3, 1873] David Melanchthon Henkel 
was of the Henkel family of Lutheran ministers. His parents 
were the Rev. Charles and Mary C. Henkel and he was a 
grandson of the Rev. Paul Henkel. On 11 Sept. 1849, he 
married his cousin, Heleah Anna Maria Henkel, youngest 
child of his uncle Solomon Henkel. The couple had six 
children. He was ordained deacon in 1848 and pastor in 1849 
by the Tennessee Synod. In 1855 he transferred to the Vir- 
ginia Synod and in 1873, to the N.C. Synod. He served St. 
John, Cabarrus Co. and Holy Trinity, Mt. Pleasant, 1872- 
75. In 1876 he transferred to the Indiana Synod. He died 8 
November 1904 in his 86th year, thirty years after his wife's 
death. (Sketches 1966, 89) 


529. fp.323, Frid. Jan. 23, 1874] John Shuman is buried at 
Union Church, Rowan Co., N.C. 

John Shuman, Jr. 
B Nov 15, 1805 
D Jan 22, 1874 

(Agner 1967, 10) 

Annotations & Commentary (1874) 


530. [p.324,Tue. Feb. 24, 1874] Augustus Heilig was the son 
of Mary A. Heilig and Caleb Heilig, deed. He was about 
twenty- four years old when he died if his age is calculated 
from the i860 census. 

See endnote #347, Heiligfamily, i860 Census. 

531. fp.325, Mond. March 30, 1874] Milas Arey, Jr. was a 
nephew of Samuel and Amelia Rothrock. He was the fifth 
and youngest son of Milas Arey and Nancy Ann Smith 
Arey and died 21 January 1872 at the age of thirteen years. 
Milas, Jr. was born 19 July i860, one day after his father, 
Milas, Sr. died of typhoid fever. One can speculate that he 
probably was not a vigorous child because of his ill-timed 

See endnote #j6j, Milas Arey, deed.. 

532. tp.326, Frid. April 24, 1874] Chaney H. Young, 1870 
Census Rowan Co., N.C.; Litaker Twp. #282: 

Young, Chaney H. 40 M 
Catharine L.[Crouse] 36 F 
JohnL. 14 M 

Laura S. 10 F 

EdaF 5 F 

Ellen M. 1 F 

(CENSus'70, 57) 

MB: Chancey H. Young & Catharine Crouse, 1 Feb. 1865; 
M. O. Davis, bondsman. (Holcomb 1981, 439) 

533. tp.326, Wed. April 29, 1874] The 71st Meeting of the 
N.C. Synod was held at St. Paul's Church in Wilmington, 
N.C. St. Paul's was organized in the old Presbyterian church 
with fifty-eight members on 31 May 1858 by the Rev. Joseph 
A. Linn, then President of the Synod, and the Rev. 
Gotthard Dellman Bernheim, D.D. its first pastor was the 
Rev. John H. Mengert who served 1858-1862, after which 
the pulpit was vacant. The cornerstone of a new church 
building was laid on 6 September i860 and the building was 
well under way when the War Between the States put a 
stop to all such work. In 1865, Federal troops took possession 
of the church and destroyed everything inside the build- 
ing — only the walls and the roof were left standing. This 
so discouraged the congregation that they almost disband- 
ed. In 1869, the Rev. G.D. Bernheim heard of the situation 
and made a trip to Wilmington and encouraged them to 
finish their church. St. Paul's Church building was dedi- 
cated 22 August 1869 by the Revs. G. D. Bernheim, Charles 
Herman Bernheim, and Wra. A. Julian. G. D. Bernheim 
served St. Paul's, 1869-1881. (Morgan 1953, 337-38) 

534. tp.326, Wed. April 29, 1874] When the 71st Synod or- 
ganized, Samuel Rothrock was elected its president. Being 
elected an officer of the Synod was not a new experience 
for Samuel Rothrock. He was elected president of the North 

Carolina Synod for the first time in 1840 when he was thirty- 
one years old. Over the years he served ten one year terms 
as president; 1840, 1846, 1847, 1854, 1855, 1866, 1871, 1874, 1875, 
1880. In addition he was treasurer and secretary of the Synod 
for five one year terms. On the 50th anniversary of his or- 
dination, fellow members of the Synod presented him with 
a gold-headed cane. 

535. tp.327, Thurs. May 7, 1874] George A. Canup, 1880 
Census Rowan Co., N.C,; Morgan Twp.; #59: 

Canup, George A. W M 25 Farmer 

Mary C. [Morgan] W F 26 wife-Keeping House 

Triplet W M 4 son 

(Census'8o, 206) 

[Please note: This is the 1880 Census. When the young 
couple married in 1874, they were 19 and 20 years old, re- 

536. tp.327, Sund. May 31, 1874] Josephus Adolphus Linn, 
born 22 January 1853, in Rowan Co., was the son of Samuel 
Rothrock's very close friend and colleague, the Rev. Joseph 
A. Linn and his wife, Margaret Ann Bernhardt Linn. Ad- 
olphus Linn was educated at N.C. College and the Phila- 
delphia Seminary and ordained by the N.C. Synod in 1877. 
His first marriage was to Alice F. Nunamaker with whom 
he had four children. She died in 1887, thirteen days after 
the birth of their youngest child. In July 1888, he married 
2nd Mary Cordelia Miller of Rowan Co., the sister of the 
Rev. Charles B. Miller. Three sons of this marriage became 
ministers, the Revs. John Kenneth, Charles Adolphus, and 
Justin Arthur. A fourth son, Hubert Miller, planned to be 
a minister but drowned in 1922, just after graduating from 
Gettysburg College. Churches served: St. Matthew-St. Pe- 
ter-Luthers, Rowan Co., 1877-80; Beth Eden, Newton, 
1881-83; First, Albemarle, 1887-88, supply 1890; Versailles, 
Ohio, 1893-98; Holy Trinity, Mt. Pleasant-New Bethel- 
Mt.Zion, Stanly Co., 1898-1902; Greenville, Tenn., 1903- 
05; St. Peter, Rowan Co., 1907-09; organized St. James, 
Rockwell, 1907-11; Christiana- Wittenberg, Granite Quar- 
ry, 1909-11; Pomaria, S.C., 1912-14; Luthers, Rowan Co.- 
New Bethel-Mt.Zion, Stanly Co., 1914-15. He was princi- 
pal, Mont Amoena Seminary, 1885-91. He died 25 March 
1923 and is buried at Mt. Pleasant. (Sketches 1966, 119) 

See endnotes #159, Joseph A. Linn, and #354, Joseph A. 
Linn, i860 census. 

Note: Josephus Linn, who preferred to be called J. A. Linn, 
was a seminarian when he preached at St.Peter's Church, 
Rowan Co. on 31 May 1874. This church was organized in 
1855 by his father, the Rev. Joseph A. Linn and Samuel 

See endnote #296, St. Peters Church. 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

Martha Regina Brown (1852- 
1924), daughter of Phebe and 
Tobias Brown, was the niece of 
Samuel and Amelia Rothrock. 

(endnote #537) 

537. tp.328, Mond. June 29, 1874] Rothrock baptized Kate 
Simpson who was born 4 August 1873, Monroe, N.C. She 
was the daughter of Martha Regina Brown Simpson and 
Charles Newton Simpson and the granddaughter of Phebe 
Brown. Samuel Rothrock performed the child's parents' 
wedding ceremony in Mt. Pleasant on 16 October 1872. The 
Rothrocks were her great-aunt and great-uncle. (Davidson 
1983, 235) 

See endnote #496, Martha Regina Brown Simpson. 

538. fp.328, Tues. June 30, 1874] George Achenbach, 1880 
Census Rowan Co.; N.C; #600: 

Achanbaok, Geo. W M 55 Farmer-born in NJ 
*M[elinda]. F. W F 37 wife-keeping house 
Mary W F 4 daughter 

Annie W F 3 daughter 

Little, Emma W F 21 servant-Cook 

Melinda's maiden name was Walton. 

(Census'8o, 364) 

539. [p.329,Frid.Julyi7, 1874] Nancy Ann Smith Arey, wid- 
ow of Milas Arey, was married to Alexander Shemwell on 
29 April 1874 by the Rev. Jethro Rumple of the First Pres- 
byterian Church in Salisbury. This'is the last time Rothrock 
refers to her in his Diary as Nancy Arey and this reference 
to her by that name must have been a slip of the pen. Alex 
Shemwell, born 17 April 1824, was a neighboring widower 
whose wife, Catherine, died on 10 November 1873. (David- 
son 1983, 190-91) 

540. fp.331, Wed. Sept. 2, 1874] Thomas H. Kirk, 1880 Cen- 
sus Rowan Co., N.C,; Morgan Twp.; #207: 

Kirk, Thomas H. W M 23 Farmer 

Eliza Jane [Ludwick] W F 20 wife-Kping.House 

Eve Ann W F 3 daughter 

Ida Lee W F 2 daughter 

(Census'8o, 222) 

If the census record is correct, Thomas Kirk and Eliza Jane 
Ludwick were quite young when Rothrock married them 
on 2 September 1874. 

541. tp.332, Wed. Oct. 7, 1874] Louis Albert Bikle, born 6 
November 1834 at Mechanicstown, Md., was the son of 
Christian Emmanuel and Barbara (Fichte) Bikle. His older 
brother was the Rev. Philip Melanchthon Bikle. He was 
educated at Gettysburg College, Gettysburg Seminary, and 
Franklin and Marshall College, D.D., 1874. In 1859, he was 
licensed by the North Carolina Synod and became Profes- 
sor of Latin and Greek at N.C. College, a position which 
he kept until the school was closed in 1861 because of war. 
He was ordained in 1862 and served as Chaplain, N.C. 20th 
Inf. Reg., 1863-65. After the war he was the president, N.C. 
College 1866-67; 1868-74; 1878-81. Churches served: Eben- 
ezer, Rowan Co., 1870-75; St. James, Concord, 1875-80; 
supplied Cold Water, Cabarrus Co., 1877; St. Matthew, 
Kings Mountain, 1884-1890; organized St. Luke, Cleveland 
Co., 1895-1904; with Rev. M.L. Little supplied Holy Com- 
munion, Dallas, 1886-91; supplied Emmanuel, Lincolnton, 
1890. His carried on his pastoral work while working in 
academic positions. He was professor, Gaston Female Col- 
lege, Dallas, N.C, for six years, and principal, Kings Moun- 
tain High school, five years. He died 29 June 1931 in his 
97th year and is buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Concord, 
N.C. (Sketches 1966, 22) 

See endnote #407, Philip Melanchthon Bikle. 

1870 Census Cabarrus Co., N.C.;Twp.8; #55: 

Bikle, Lewis A. 35 M W professor of mathematics 

b.Md. father, mother 
of foreign birth 

Sarah A. 36 F W keeping house b.Pa. 

father of foreign birth 

LulaK 8 F Wat home 

Louisa A. 3 M[sic] W at home 

(CABARRUs'70, 160) 

Fourteen young men "at college" also are listed in dwelling/ 
household #55. Professor Bikle probably lived in a large 
house and students boarded with him and his family. 

542. tp.333, Sat. Nov. 14, 1874] Monroe Barger, 1880 Census 
Rowan Co.,N.C; Mt. Ulla Twp.; #234: 

Barger, Munroe W M 51 Farmer 

Lou W F 34 wife-Keeping House 

Maggie W F 3 daughter 

Paulie W M 1 son 

Sifferd, Mary B F 14 servant 

(Census'8o, 253) 
See endnote 249, John Barger, i860 Census. 

Annotations & Commentary (1874) 


543-[p-333> Sund. Nov. 15, 1874] Caleb Setzer, 1870 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C.; Mt.Ulla Twp.; #275: 

Setzer, Caleb 54 M wagonmaker 
Rachel 45 F 

(CENSus'70, 96) 

544. fp.333, Wed. Nov. 25, 1874] Andrew Barger, 1880 Census 
Rowan Co.; Providence Twp.; #88: 

Barger, Andrew W M 57 Farmer 

Elizabeth W F 41 wife-Keeping House 

Paul C.J. W M 13 son - Laborer 

Thomas J.A. W M n son - Laborer 

Brown, Sarah W F 50 sister-in-law- Keeping House 

(Census'8o, 175) 

545. fp.334, Thurs. Dec. 24, 1874] Margaret A. Lentz was 
Margaret Ann Bernhardt Linn Lentz. Her first husband, 
the Rev. Joseph A. Linn, died 16 March 1864 when he was 
thrown from his horse. The Rev. Josephus Adolphus Linn 
was her son by that marriage. She married 2nd, R. W. Lentz 
who died 15 April 1873 and whose funeral Rothrock "attend- 
ed to" the following day at Organ Church. 

1870 Census Rowan Co. N.C.; Morgan Twp. #169: 

Lents, R.W. 35 M 
M[argaret] A. 37 F 
Linn, Adolphus 18 M 
Juliann 15 F 

Grein, Samuel 16 M 
Linn, Adam 12 M B[lack] 

(CENSus'70, 79) 

See endnotes #107, Joseph A. Linn, 1850 Census, #354, Jo- 
seph A. Linn, i860 Census, and #641, Margaret A. Lentz, 
1880 Census. 


546. fp.335, Wed. Jan 6, 1875] The Rev. John B. Davis had 
just transferred from the Virginia Synod to the N.C. Synod 
where he would serve as the president of N.C. College 1875- 
77. John B. Davis was born 26 May 1808 at Winchester, Va. 
He was educated at Gettysburg College, A.B. 1835, A.M. 
1853; Gettysburg Seminary; N.C. College, D.D. 1873. He 
was licensed in 1834 and ordained in 1837 by the Virginia 
Synod and served churches in Virginia, 1834-75. In 1875 he 
transferred to the N. C. Synod and was president of North 
Carolina College 1875-77. He served Holy Trinity, Mt. 
Pleasant, 1881-85 and Mt - Olive, Cabarrus Co., 1884-85. He 
assisted in the organizing of Grace in Rowan Co. but did 

not serve as pastor of that church. A scholarly man, he wrote 
a number of books. He died 3 January 1896 and is buried in 
East Hill Cemetery, Salem, Va. Dr. Davis' life span, inter- 
ests, and activities closely paralleled those of Samuel Ro- 
throck. (Sketches 1966, 52) 

547. [p.335, Thurs. Jan. 7, 1875] Eli Holshouser, 1880 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C; Gold Hill Twp.; #57: 

Houlhouser, Eli W M 42 Farmer 

Leah [Wagoner] W F 30 wife-Keeping House 

John R.A. W M 3 son 

Martha F. W F 2 daughter 

(Census'8o, 105) 

548. [p.335, Frid. Jan. 21, 1875] Rothrock was sent for when 
Jesse Lyerly died. In order for him to reach John Barger's 
house eighteen miles distant where he stopped for the night, 
he would have had to make the journey on horseback. Jesse 
Lyerly was made a deacon of Salem Church when it was 
organized in 1850. He was enumerated in the 1870 U.S, 
Census of Rowan Co. in Franklin Twp.; #62: 

Lyerly, Jesse 48 M Farm 

Elizabeth 44 F 

Julia A. 14 F 

Esther E. 13 F 

Linda 35 F B Dom. Srvt. 

Reader 7 MB 

(CENSus'70, 25) 

549. fp.336, Thurs. Feb. 4, 1875] Cornelia Cone was the wife 
of the Rev. Wm. H. Cone. She was forty-eight years of age 
when she died, if her age is calculated from the 1870 U.S. 
Census of Rowan Co. 

See endnote #jgy, Wm. H. Cone. 

550. fp.337, Thurs. March n, 1875] Rothrock was taking his 
wife, Amelia, his daughter-in-law, Joan Hearne Rothrock, 
and his niece, Ellen Arey Kesler Grupy, to visit Dr. Littleton 
Wm. Coleman and his wife, Jane. Amelia and Jane were 
sisters and Ellen was their thirty-year-old niece. Ellen was 
the daughter of their deceased brother, Milas Arey. 

See endnotes #4JJ, Jacob Grupy, and #4, children of Peter 
and Phebe Arey. 

551. fp.337, Frid. March 19, 1875] Albert Burton Arey, son 
on Milas Arey and Nancy Ann Smith Arey, was twenty- 
one years of age on 23 October 1874. Rothrock had been his 
guardian since the untimely death of his father in i860. 
After receiving his share of his father's estate, "Burton" 
made his way to Union Co., 111., knowing he would be well 
received there. On 24 October 1875, Albert Burton Arey 
married Harriett Melinda Peeler who was born 20 May 1856 
in Union Co., 111., and died 27 July 1946 in Cairo, 111. She 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

(left,) Harriett Melinda Peeler Arey (1856-1946), wife of 
Albert B. Arey; and (Bright,) Albert B. Arey (1853-191J), son 
of Milas Arey and nephew of Samuel Rothrock. 

(endnote #551) 

was the daughter of Jesse Peeler who was born 14 October 
1824 in Rowan Co., N.C., and who died 11 November 1889 
in Union Co., 111. Her mother was Margaret (Kelley) Lock- 
man, a widow and the second wife of Jesse Peeler. The 
wedding took place at Jesse Peeler's home in Union Co., 
111. The bride's grandfather was Anthony Peeler (born Row- 
an Co., 1777), an elder of Union Church and a neighbor of 
the bridegroom's grandfather, Peter Arey, also of Union 
Church. Anthony Peeler had thirteen children. After his 
death in 1828, his widow, Vina Elizabeth Cook Peeler, 
moved to Union County with seven of their sons, including 
Jesse, and a daughter. Albert Burton Arey and Harriett 
Melinda Peeler Arey had eleven children. (Davidson 1983, 
191-95; Arnold 1984, 368-89) 

552. fp.338, Sat. April 10, 1875] Phebe Brown bought the 
house of David Julian "below the Kress Store" on Main 
Street, which she later sold to Orrin Davis. Prior to then 

she lived across from the Brown home on Fisher St. 

(Arey file, McCubbins Collection, Rowan County Public 
Library, Salisbury, N.C,) 

553. fp.338, Mond. April 12, 1875] Nancy Holmes Arey, wid- 
ow of John Arey (1789-1854), married Col. William H. 
Smith on 9 September 1858. Col. Smith was a buggy maker 
and had a blacksmith shop. 

i860 Census Rowan Co., N.C; P.O. Salisbury; #118: 

Wm. H. Smith 50 M Buggy maker b. KY 

Nancy [Arey] 48 F [widow of John Arey] 

Abraham Arey 15 M 

Mary 10 F 

WA. Clawell 24 M buggy maker 

Thomas J.Gant 20 M trimmer 

S. Shinn 18 M blacksmith 

(Census'6o, 6) 

An older daughter of John and Nancy Holmes Arey, Sarah 
Arey (born 1832), married Milas Peeler on 26 November 
1853. Milas Peeler, son of Samuel Peeler (1804-1863) and 
Sarah Seaford (1804-1869), was born 9 March 1832. Sarah 
Arey Peeler and Milas Peeler had a daughter, Laura Peeler 
who married George Shaver. The child baptized on 12 April 
1875 by Samuel Rothrock was Arthur Shaver, the great- 
grandson of Nancy Holmes Arey and John Arey. (David- 
son 1983, 52-53) 

George Shaver, 1880 Census Rowan Co., N.C,; Town of 
Salisbury; #235: 

Shaver, G. H. W M 28 Butcher 

L[aura]. R. W F 26 wife-Keeping House 

Arthur W M 5 son 

N.H. WF 1 Daughter 

Peeler, Sally W F 48 mother-in-law -Boarder 

Smith, Nancy W F 68 grandmother-in-law - Boarder 

James, Eliza F 13 Servant M[ulatto] 

(Census'8o, 326) 

554. L338, Frid. April 16, 1875] Leah Barger, the deceased, 
was the seventy year old widow of John Barger. Rothrock 
"attended to the burial of John Barger," her husband, on 7 
December 1871 at Salem Church. 

See endnote #4j6, i8jo Rowan Co. Census. 

555. tp.338, Sund. April 18, 1875] Caleb Setzer was a wag- 
onmaker in Mt. Ulla Township. 

See endnote #54J, i8yo Census. 

556. fp.338, Wed. April 28, 1875] The 72nd meeting of the 
N. C. Synod was held at St. John's Church, Cabarrus Co. 
Samuel Rothrock was re-elected president of the Synod. 

See endnote #534, Rothrock, an officer of the Synod. 

557-[p-339> Sat. May 1, 1875] Calvin Wright Sifferd, born 4 
November 1850 in China Grove, N.C, was the son of Dr. 
Paul and Margaret Peeler Sifferd. He was educated at N.C. 
College and the Philadelphia Seminary. He received a D.D. 
from Wittenberg University ca. 1897. His wife, Mary 
Rebecca Henkel Sifferd, was the daughter of the Rev.David 
M. Henkel. After his marriage and ordination on 1 May 
1975 at St. John's Church, Cabarrus Co., N.C, he trans- 
ferred to the Southern Illinois Synod. He served churches 
in Illinois, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Indiana until his death 
on 12 June 1925. He was buried at Ebenezer Church, Rowan 
Co., N.C. (Sketches 1966, 194), Mond. May 10, 1875] The "letter of dismission" 
which Rothrock sent to the Rev. Nicodemus Aldrich was 
a letter relieving him from his duties as the pastor of St. 
Mark's Church in Charlotte and dismissing him from the 
N.C. Synod prior to his going to Illinois. The writing of 

Annotations & Commentary (1875) 


such letters probably was one of the official duties of the 
president of the Synod. (Sketches 1966, 13) 

559-[p-339» Sund. May 16, 1875] Pleasant M. Brown, 1880 
Census Rowan Co., N.C; Mt. Ulla Twp.; #336: 

Brown, P.M. W M 33 Farmer 

Maria W F 29 wife-Keeping House 

Charley W M 5 son 

Arthur W M 3 son 

Luther W M 6/12 son 

(Census'8o, 265) 

560. fp.339, Tues. May 25, 1875] North Carolina College, 
chartered in 1859, closed during the War Between the 
States. It reopened in 1867 and its first graduate was H.T.J. 
Ludwig who graduated in 1871. (Morgan 1953, no, 118) 

561. [p.340, June 8, 1875] Tobias Peeler was born 6 April 
1836 and died 6 June 1875. He was the son of Henry Peeler 
(1803-1891) and Sophia Trexler Peeler (1808-1891). On 12 
April 1859 he married Mary Louise Miller who was born 
12 May 1841 and died n February 1931. Tobias and Sophia 
Trexler Peeler had six children. At the time of his death the 
youngest child, Sarah Talullah Alice Peeler, was only five 
years old. (Arnold 1984, 274, 290) 

Tobias Peeler, 1870 Census Rowan Co., N.C; Gold Hill 
Twp.; #106: 

Peeler, Tobias 34 M farmer 
Mary L. 29 F 
Laura F. n F 
John W. 9 M 
George H. 7 M 
Mary E. 3 F 
Lenora H.S. 8/12 F 

(CENSUs'70, 38) 

562. [p.340, Sund. June 27, 1875] Prior to its rededication as 
"The Church of the Reformation," this church in Davie 
Co. had a number of colorful and interesting names. Over- 
the years it was called "Dutchman's Creek Church," 
"Heidelberg Church," "Newjerusalem," and "Cherry Hill." 

See endnotes #518, Dutchman's Creek Church, and #518, 
Cherry Hill Church. 

563. fp.344, Sund. Oct. 3, 1875] The Rev. Jacob Grabenstein 
Neiffer, pastor of St. John's Church in Salisbury, had just 
accepted a call from Zion Church in Lima, Ohio. During 
his St. John's pastorate (1870-75), he married one dozen 
couples, buried ten members in the old Lutheran Cemetery, 
and baptized fifty- five infants, six of whom were given his 
name. One of the six, Henderson Neiffer Miller became 
St. John's first son to enter the Lutheran ministry. Pastor 
Neiffer was highly regarded by the one hundred and eighty- 

two communicant members he left behind as evidenced by 
the number of his namesakes. (Agner 1988, 167) 

See endnote #444, Jacob G. Neiffer, biography. 

564. [p.344, Tues. Oct. 12, 1875 to Tues. October 19, 1875] 

Samuel Rothrock spent this week travelling to, attending, 
and returning home from a meeting of the South Carolina 
Synod. He was assigned lodging with the Rev. John D. 
Bowles, a former president of the N.C. Synod (1873), who 
transferred to the S.C. Synod in 1874. 

See endnote #4%, John D. Bowles, biography. 

565. fp.344, Sund. Oct. 31, 1875] Thomas Rothrock, born 
26 July 1875, was three months old when he was baptized 
by his grandfather, Samuel Rothrock. He was the son of 
Lewis and Joan Hearne Rothrock. Thomas moved to a 
western state and did not marry. 

566. fp.345, Sat. Nov. 27, 1875] Hampton A. Gheen, 1880 
Census Rowan Co., N.C; Locke Twp.; #212: 

Gheen, Hampton A. W M 36 Harness Maker 
Martha A. W F 32 wife- Keeping House 

Fannie H. W F 11 Dau-Asst House Work 

William D.A. W M 5 son 

(Census'8o, 194) 

Hampton A. Gheen is enumerated with his parents, Tho- 
mas and Margaret Gheen, and siblings in the 1850 U.S. 
Census of Rowan Co., N.C: #664.660. (Linn 1992, 43) 

567. fp.346, Mond. Dec. 6, 1875] Thomas William Luther 
Dosh accepted the call to become the pastor of St. John's 
Church, Salisbury. Thomas William Luther Dosh, born 21 
November 1830, Strassburg, Va., was the son of Thomas 
William and Mary (Swan) Dosh. He was educated at Get- 
tysburg College and Gettysburg Seminary and received an 
honorary D.D. from Roanoke College in 1875. He was li- 
censed 1858 and ordained 1859 by the Virginia Synod. He 
served churches in West Virginia and Virginia, 1859-72; St. 
John, Charleston, S.C, 1872-76; St. John's, Salisbury, N.C. 
1876-77. In 1877 he transferred to the Virginia Synod. He 
was president of Roanoke College, 1877-78; professor, 
Southern Seminary, Salem, Va., 1878-84; served a church 
in Burkittsville, Md, 1885-89. Also, he was editor of The 
Lutheran Visitor 1874-78 and The Lutheran Home, 1876-86. 
He died 24 December 1889 and is buried at Winchester, Va. 
(Sketches 1966, 56-57) 

568. fp.346, Thurs. Dec. 9, 1875] Charles A. Miller, 1880 
Census Rowan Co., N.C; Gold Hill Twp.; #125: 

Miller, Charles A. W M 37 Farmer 

Ellen E.A. W F 28 wife-Keeping House 

Vanci B. W M 3 son 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

Luther S. W M 4A2 Dec-son 

Baringer, Mary C. W F 63 mother-in-law 


Ellen Eve Ann Barringer Miller was born 7 January 1851 
and died 1 February 1906. She was the daughter of Moses 
Barringer (1820-1874) and Mary Catharine Brown (1819- 
1906) whose parents were Jacob Brown and Catharine 
Roseman. She married 1st, 9 December 1875, Charles Al- 
exander Miller who was born 1 November 1841 and died 23 
December 1880. He was the son of Henry Miller. She mar- 
ried 2nd, Monroe M. Ketnerwho was bornca. 1853. (Dick- 
son ca.1970) 

See endnote #295, Moses Barringer. 


569.fp.347, Sund. Jan 16, 1876] Samuel Rothrock served 
New Bethel Evangelical Lutheran Church, Stanly Co., 
N.C., 1876-79. Early in its history this church was called 
"Bear Creek." 

Phillip Ridenhour was enumerated in the 1870 U.S. Census 
of Stanly Co., N.C.; Ridenhour Twp.; #54: 

Ridenhour, Phillip 61 M W farmer 600/700 
Elizabeth 58 F W keeping house 

Caleb 19 M W at home 

Amanda 20 F W 

(Stanly '70, 137] 

See endnote #128, Bear Creek Church. 

570. fp.347, Sund. Jan. 23, 1876] Mary A. Heilig was the 
widow of Caleb Heilig. She was enumerated in the 1880 
U.S. Census of Rowan Co., N.C.; Gold Hill Twp.; #38: 

Heilig, Luther A. W M 25 Farmer 

Talula L. W F 20 wife- Keeping House 

Caleb A. W M 1 son 

Kluttz, Albert W M 24 servant 

Troutman, Lou J. B F 14 servant 

Heilig, Mary A. W F 58 boarder 

(Census'8o, 103) 
See endnote #j4y, Mary A. Heilig, widow of Caleb. 

571. fp.347, Wed. Jan. 26, 1876] Martha Ann K. Heilig Dre- 
herwas the second wife and widow of the Rev. Daniel Isaiah 
Dreher who died 18 February 1871. He was the principal and 
a professor at Mt. Pleasant Female Seminary in Mt. Pleas- 
ant at the time of his death. (Sketches 1966, 57) 

See endnote # 2pj, Daniel Isaiah Dreher. 

572. [p.348,Thurs. Feb. 3, 1876] Charlotte Clarke ("Lottie") 
Coleman, the only child of Jane and Littleton Wm. Cole- 
man, was Samuel and Amelia's niece. "Lottie," then four- 
teen years old, was born 12 October 1862. (Davidson 1983, 

573. fp.348, Wed. Feb. 16, 1876] Nancy Ann Smith Arey 
Shemwell was the step-mother of Ellen Arey Kesler Grupy. 
Ellen was Milas Arey's daughter by his first wife, Mary 
Sophia Barringer Hartman Arey. Nancy Ann Arey Shem- 
well was only fourteen years older than her step-daughter, 

574. fp.350, Wed. April 5, 1876] Alexander Foil, 1870 Census 
Cabarrus Co.,N.C; Twp.8; #39: 

Foil, Alexander 35 M W dry goods 1400 100 

merchant (retail) 
Amellia 33 F W keeping house 

Eliza H. 7 F W at school 

Thos. A. 3 M W at home 

(Cabarrus'7o, 158) 

575. fp.350, Sund. April 9, 1876] St. Matthew's Church in 
Davie Co., N.C. was organized in 1839 by the Rev. Benjamin 
Arey who served as the pastor, 1840-45. The church was 
petitioned by forty-three members and was received by the 
Synod in 1840. St. Matthew's first church building was a 
log structure built 1840 which, according to Morgan and 
Bernheim and Cox, was not dedicated until 1882. This is in 
conflict with what Samuel Rothrock recorded in his diary. 
The Rev. H. M. Brown was pastor of St. Matthew's 1882- 
86 during which time the building was enlarged and re- 
modeled to seat three hundred comfortably. Perhaps knowl- 
edge of the 1876 dedication has been lost with the exception 
of notation made by Rothrock in his Diary on this date. 
(Morgan 1953,323-24) (Bernheim and Cox 1902, 139-40) 

576. fp.350, Frid. April 14, 1876] Samuel Rothrock assisted 
the Rev. LA. Bikle, President of the Synod, in laying the 
cornerstone. Union Church's new brick church was dedi- 
cated on the first Sunday in December, 1879. 

See endnote #j, Union Evangelical Lutheran Church. 

577. fp.351, Tues. May 2, 1876] The 73rd Meeting of the 
North Carolina Synod was held at St. Enoch's Church, 
Rowan Co. Rothrock was the treasurer of the synod that 
year and was responsible for the treasurer's report. St. 
Enoch's was organized in 1835 in Philip Overcash's home 
and Jacob Overcash gave the land for the church. Forty- 
one years later, Samuel Rothrock was the guest of Hampton 
Overcash while at St. Enoch's. 

578. fp.352, Mond. June 26, 1876] In addition to the extant 
books of Samuel Rothrock's diary there are a few miscella- 
neous handwritten papers. Among them is the eulogy he 

Annotations 8c Commentary (1876) 


delivered at the funeral of Catherine Emeline Bost (Mrs. 
Reuben) on 26 June 1876. It is reproduced below in its en- 

"In relation to the deceased the following is presented. Ca- 
tharine Emeline Bost was born May 17, 1834. Took her 
departure from earth June 25, 1876. Aged 42y. im. 8d. The 
deceased was, in early infancy, dedicated to God in the holy 
ordinance of baptism. When she reached the years of 
knowledge and discretion, she attended a course of religious 
instruction, according to the usages of the church, & having 
familiarized herself with the doctrines & duties of our holy 
religion, was by the solemn and impressive rite of confirma- 
tion, April 23, 1853, inducted to regular membership in Or- 
gan Ev. Luth. Church. In the interesting rite of confirma- 
tion, she ratified and confirmed the solemn promises made 
at her baptism, renewing 8c assuming the same for herself, 
8c thus made a confession of Christ 8c a profession of his 
divine religion. She was upright 8c humble, retired 8c mod- 
est in her religious profession, 8c continued in exemplary 
membership with the church up to the time of her death. 
On the 12th of October 1854, she entered into the matri- 
monial relation with her now bereaved and sorrowing hus- 
band, in which relation she gave birth to 10 children, 2 of 
whom preceded her into a future world, 8c 8 are survivors 
of her death. Her exit from earth was unexpected to her 
friends. In the course of events, she was brought to her 
accouchement, 8c having passed the ordeal, her prospects 
for a speedy return to usual health, were cheering and en- 
couraging. But those cheering and encouraging prospects 
were destined soon to be blighted. A reverse in her condition 
took place which baffled the help of friends 8c the aid of 
medical skill, 8c after a few days of intense suffering, she 
closed her pilgrimage on earth. As a member of the church, 
she was consistent 8c exemplary in her conversation and 
deportment, ever cultivating the virtues of meekness & hu- 
mility, and acting out the sacred 8c holy principles of our 
holy religion. In her profession of piety, she was unassuming 
and unobtrusive. She attended with commendable frequen- 
cy and regularity upon the stated & public worship of God, 
8c participated with her Christian brethren in the holy L's 
Supper. As a wife she was kind and affectionate to her 
husband whom she had solemnly pledged to love 8c com- 
fort, to honor 8c keep. As a mother, she was interested in 
the happiness of her children, felt the responsibility resting 
upon her in the maternal relation 8c her solemn obligation, 
by precept and example, to train up her children in the 
nurture and admonition of the Lord. As a neighbor, she 
had won for herself a desirable reputation, was of a kind 
and obliging disposition, benevolent 8c sympathetic in her 
feelings, ever ready to visit the sick 8c afflicted, 8c to ad- 
minister to their comfort 8c relief. In the death of Mrs. 
Bost, a vacuum has been created in the family circle, and 
in the community generally which will long be felt." 

Samuel Rothrock confirmed Catherine Bost at Organ 
Church on 23 April 1853 along with sixty other confirmands. 
On 12 October 1854, he ".. .went to Paul Beaver's and married 
Reuben W. Bost and Catherine E. Beaver." She was forty- 
one years old at the time of her death. On 10 July 1876, 
Rothrock Attended to the funeral of Reuben Bost's child 
at Organ Ch..." 

See endnote #4J$, Reuben Bost, i8jo Census. 

579-[p.354,Frid. Aug.4,1876] Marcellus Whitehead, awell 
known Salisbury physician, was enumerated in the 1880 
U.S. Census Rowan Co., N.C.; Town of Salisbury; #91: 

Whitehead, M. W M 59 Physician 

- born in VA 

V.G. W F 56 wife-Keeping House 

- born in Va 
John W. W M 25 son - Physician 
Richard W. W M 10 son 

(Census'8o, 311) 

580. fp.354, Wed. Aug. 23, 1876] This reference must be to 
Shiloh Methodist Church in Gold Hill Township, Rowan 
Co., and not to Shiloh Lutheran Church in Forsyth Co., 
N.C., which is located about ten miles west of Winston- 
Salem, not far from the village of Lewisville. (Morgan 
1953, 280-81) 

581. fp.355, Sund. Sept. 3, 1876] Robert William Petrea was 
newly ordained when Rothrock went to hear him preach 
at St. Paul's, in Rowan Co. Robert William Petrea was born 
23 November 1844 in Cabarrus Co., N.C., and was educated 
at N.C. College and the Philadelphia Seminary. He was 
ordained by the N.C. Synod in 1876. Churches served: 
Ebenezer, Rowan Co., 1876-77; in Cabarrus Co.: St. John's, 
1876-87; organized and built church, Mt. Olive, 1878-82; 
organized and built church, Prosperity, 1879-87; Cold Wa- 
ter, 1887; Pilgrim-St.Luke, Davidson Co., 1883-85. He 
transferred 1888 to Southern 111. Synod where he served in 
Murphysborough, 111., 1887-91, and in Nebraska at Pawnee 
City and Hardy, 1891-1903. Died 13 September 1903. He is 
buried at Pawnee City, Nebraska. (Sketches 1966, 163) 

582. fp.355, Sund. Sept. 10, 1876] Elm Grove Schoolhouse 
was located near Rockwell, N.C. During or soon after 1862, 
a log building was constructed two miles south of Rockwell 
to provide a place where families of the community could 
assemble for Sunday School and prayer services. It was 
called Elm Grove because of the many elm trees around the 
building. In 1874-75, Dayvault Beaver gave a deed for one 
acre of land on which a frame building was erected. This 
new structure was located half a mile from the original log 
building but the name Elm Grove was retained. Samuel 
Rothrock frequently preached and held services here as did 
other visiting members of the clergy. Prior to 1895, several 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

attempts were made to organize a congregation at Elm 
Grove, but the efforts failed. On 14 April 1895, Emmanuel 
Lutheran Church was organized at Elm Grove with sixteen 
members under the auspices of G.H. Cox, pastor of Organ 
Church. The spelling of the name was later changed to 
Immanuel. (Morgan 1953, 198-99) (Rowan 1991, 85), Sat. Oct. 14, 1876] John A. Troutman, 1870 U.S. 
Census of Stanly Co., N.C.; Ridenhour Twp.; #27: 

Troutman, J.A. 50 M W farmer 

Elizabeth 39 F W keeping house 

Eve 10 F W at home - att sch 

Jno. A. 8 M W at home 

Eugenia 5 F W 

Henry C. 2 MW 

Sell, Elizabeth 20 W F domestic servant 

(Stanly '70, 143) 

584. tp.357, Sund. Nov. 26, 1876] Laurence Lingle, 1880 
Census Rowan Co., N.C.; Gold Hill Twp.; #3: 

Lingle, Laurance W M 80 

Elizabeth W F 40 dau-Keeping House 

(Census'8o, 100) 

Samuel Rothrock celebrated his 67th birthday having din- 
ner at the home of his good friend Laurence Lingle. 

See endnote #204, Laurence Lingle, 1850 Census. 

585. fp.358, Frid. Dec. 22, 1876 to Wed. Dec. 27, 1876] Amelia 
Rothrock and Emma Peters went to Mt. Pleasant to spend 
Christmas with Lewis and Joan Rothrock and their three 
children: "Sammy," age 8, Carrie Davidson, age 4, and Th- 
omas, eighteen months old. Samuel Rothrock was prevent- 
ed from joining them in Mt. Pleasant because of the "severe 
snow storm" which he recorded in his Diary on Christmas 
Eve. Milas Holshouser, a younger neighbor, brought "Wife 
and Emma" home before the next "severe snow storm" on 
New Year's Day. 


586. tp.359, Mond. Jan. 8, 1877] Obidiah W. Hampton, 1880 
U.S. Census Rowan Co., N.C.; Gold Hill Twp.; #27: 

Hampton, Obidiah W. W M 32 Farmer 

Mary J. W F 24 wife- Keeping House 

Cornela A. W F 4 daughter 

Dora G. W F 2 daughter 

William C. WMi son 

(Census'8o, 102) 

587. tp.359, Tues. Jan. 9, 1877] On 6 December 1876, Samuel 
Rothrock "...entered as Guardian for Elizabeth Thomas." 
He now was taking her to Mt. Pleasant to school. Lewis 
Hazelius Rothrock was president of Mont Amoena Female 
Seminary 1876-1882. In all likelihood this was where Bettie 
Thomas was attending school. 

588. tp.359, Mond. Jan. 15, 1877] The 1880 Census of Rowan 
County, N.C.; Gold Hill Township, enumerated Lawson 
Trexler at household #95. The Littleton Wm. Colemans 
were enumerated in that same census at household #97. 
Exactly what distance separated these two families cannot 
be determined from the census records but it was not in- 
convenient for Rothrock to go to Salisbury with Lottie 
Coleman in Lawson Trexler's wagon. 

Trexler, Lawson A. W M 31 

*Ava[sic] E. W F 44 wife-Keeping House 

Lucy B.L. W F 8 daughter 

Deberry C. W M 6 son 

Harry A. W M 4 son 

(Census'8o, 109) 

*correct name is Eve Elizabeth Trexler 
See endnote #197, John Trexler, Senr. 

589. tp.359, Tues. Jan. 16, 1877] Lottie Coleman, now fifteen 
years old, went to Statesville to attend Mitchell College. 
"Dr. Coleman... sent his daughter to Mitchell college in 
Statesville. Mrs. Grant, president of the college, and her 
sister, Miss Mitchell, were both daughters of Dr. Elisha 
Mitchell, the scientist of the University of North Carolina, 
for whom is named 'Mt. Mitchell,' the highest peak east of 
the Rocky Mountains." (Mrs. H.E. Eagan, Salisbury Post, 
Bicentennial Edition, 6W) 

Earlier, Mitchell College was known as the Concord Pres- 
byterian Female College. 

590. tp.359, Tues. Jan. 16, 1877] While in Iredell County, 
Rothrock had "dinner" [a noontime meal] at "Lansing 
White's." James Alanson White's wife was Margaret Bar- 
ringer White, the daughter of Charles and Elizabeth Arey 
Barringer of Iredell, Co. and a niece of the Rothrocks. 

See endnote #418, James Ala?ison White. 

591. tp.362, Mond. April 2, 1877] Mrs. Calvin Pool was the 
niece of Samuel and Amelia Rothrock. Before her marriage 
on 8 January 1873, she was Catherine Eugenia Barringer, 
daughter of Mary Ellen ("Polly") Arey Barringer and David 
Barringer. She was born 11 October 1845 and died 26 Feb- 
ruary 1913. John Calvin Pool was born 18 July 1846 and died 
28 February 1926. This couple did not have any children. 
Both are buried in Providence Methodist Church Ceme- 
tery, Rowan Co., N.C. (Davidson 1983, 174) 

592. tp.362, Wed. Apriln, 1877] "Bettie" and "Carrie" whom 

Annotations & Commentary (1877) 

Rothrock "Brought.. .along" were Bettie Thomas, his fif- 
teen year old ward who attended school in Mt. Pleasant, 
and Carrie Davidson Rothrock, his five year old grand- 

593. fp.362, Thurs. April 12, 1877] After Luther W.S. Bost 
and Ella Marie Beaver were married, they were enumerated 
in a separate household adjoining that of her parents, the 
William Beaver's. 1880 U.S. Census Rowan Co.,N.C; Gold 
Hill Twp.; #85: 

Beaver, William W M 45 Farmer 
Crissie D. W F 43 wife - Keeping House 

William E. W F 17 son - At School 

Hannie C. W F 15 daughter - At School 


Bost, Luther W.S. W M 29 son-in-law - Farmer 
Ellen [sic] M. W F 24 dau - Keeping House 
Crissie E. W F 2 granddaughter. 

(Census'8o, 108) 

594. fp.362, Wed. April 18, 1877] William Alonzo Lutz, 
born 10 June 1850, Newton, N.C., was the son ofjacob and 
Harriet Mahaffey Lutz. He was educated at Catawba Col- 
lege, A.B. 1874; Philadelphia Seminary, 1877; Gaston Col- 
lege, A.M., 1882. In 1877 he was ordained by the North 
Carolina Synod. On 31 October 1878 he married Mrs. Ester 
C. (Peeler) Stafford, Samuel Rothrock's widowed niece who 
had two daughters. She was the daughter of Rothrock's 
sister, Salome, and brother-in-law, Caleb Peeler. Much lat- 
er in life, the Rev. Wm. Alonzo Lutz married 2nd, on 19 
September 1919 in Newberry, S.C., Mrs. Martha (Houseal) 
Wertz, widow of the Rev. J. G\, Wertz. There were no chil- 
dren by either marriage. Churches served; Forsyth, (Co.) 
Mission (Nazareth- Shiloh-Hopewell, and Bethany, 
Davidson Co.), 1877-80; St. Enoch-Trinity, Enochville, 
1880-92; organized Concordia, Rowan Co., 1882-83; or g a ~ 
nized Augsberg, Winston-Salem, 1891, and served 1892- 
1900. Also served; Grace, Prosperity, S.C., 1902-05; St. 
John, Statesville, 1905-16; supplied Mt. Olive, Hickory, 
1905; first regular pastor, Holy Trinity, Charlotte, 1916-24; 
St. James, Brunswick, Ga., 1924-26. In 1926, he retired in 
Charlotte and later lived in Salisbury and Lenoir. He was 
president, N.C. Synod, 1885-86, and president, N.C. Col- 
lege, 1900-02. He died 12 July 1941 and is buried in Win- 
ston-Salem, N.C. (Sketches 1966, 125) 

See endnotes #16, children of Jacob Rothrock, and #618, 
Esther Carolina Peeler Stafford. 

595. fp.362, Sund. April 22, 1877] Frank P. Cook was born 
23 May 1854 in Mt. Pleasant, N.C. He was the son of Mat- 
thew Cook, a native of Germany, and Mary Magdalene 
(Costner) Cook. He was educated at N.C. College, A.B., 

1874; Philadelphia Seminary, 1877, and was ordained by the 
N.C. Synod in 1877. Churches served: Assistant to Dr. 
Gotthard Dellman Bernheim, St. Paul, Wilmington, 1877- 
78. Transferred to the Ohio Synod, 1878 and served in Ohio, 
1878-1910; in Pennsylvania, 1910-1919. He died 13 December 
1919 and is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Ada, Ohio. 
(Sketches 1966, 43) 

596. fp.362, Sat. April 28, 1877] Peter J. Lentz, 1870 U.S, 
Census Cabarrus, Co., N.C; Twp. 7; #64/62: 

Lentz, Peter 52 M W farmer 
Mary A. 47 F W keeping house 
Joseph 22 M W farm hand 

Victor C. 20 M W farm hand att. sch. 
Albert S. 14 M W farm hand att. sch. 
Crawford 10 M W at home 
Laura C. 3 F W at home 

(Cabarrus '70, 151) 

597. fp.363, Sund. May 27, 1877] Jeremiah L. Graeber, 1880 
Census, Rowan Co., N.C; Litaker Twp.; #13: 

Graeber, J.L. W M 54 Farmer-born in MD 

- (father born in PA 

- mother born in MD) 
Elizabeth W F 65 wife - Keeping House 
Maggie J. W F 20 daughter - At School 
Cola, Alexander W M 12 Apprentice - Farming 

(Census'8o, 128) 

Jeremiah L. Graeber was the son of the Rev. Henry Graeber. 

See endnotes #26, Henry Graeber, and #150, Anna Graeber. 

598. fp.365, Sat. July 7, 1877] Vastine Rinker Stickley was 
born near Waynesboro, Va., and was educated at Roanoke 
College, A.B., 1873 and Southern Seminary, 1874. He was 
licensed in 1873 and ordained in 1876 by the Southwest Va. 
Synod. He served churches in Virginia, 1873—76, 1884-91, 
1904-05. In North Carolina he served churches in Rowan, 
Cabarrus, Forsyth, Guilford, Randolph, Alamance, and 
Davie Counties. He was president of the N.C. Synod, 1881, 
1896, 1897. He died in 1921 and is buried at Waynesboro, 
Va. (Sketches 1966, 205) 

599. fp.365, Frid. July 27, 1877] Aaron Yost, 1880 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C; Atwell Twp.; #12: 

Yost, Aaron W M 61 Farmer 

Mary W F 63 wife - Housekeeper 

Overcash, Caty W F 63 Sister - Housekeeper 

(Census'8o, 2) 

600. fp.366, Wed. Aug. 15, 1877] This reference possibly 
could be to the Rev. John Lentz who organized Holshous- 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

er s Church, now St. Paul's, in 1830. (Sketches 1966, 113) 

mond, Va. (Davidson 1983, 233) 

See endnote #8, Holshouser's Church. 

601. tp.366, Tues. Aug. 21, 1877] Sometime between the 1870 
and the 1880 U.S. Census of Rowan County, Moses Linn 
moved from Providence Township to Gold Hill Township. 
In the latter census his occupation is "carpenter." 

(Census'8o, 109) 

See endnote #436, Moses Linn, i8yo Census. 

602. fp.368, Thurs. Oct. 4, 1977] Wesley Propst, 1880 Cen- 
sus Rowan Co., N.C.; Gold Hill Twp.; #23: 

Propst, Wesley W M 34 Farmer 
Lucetta W F 25 wife - Keeping House 

Jennie W F 5 daughter 

Chalmus W M 2 son 

(Census'8o, 61) 

603. [p.368, Mond. Oct. 8, i877]JohnT. Lentz, 1880 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C.; Gold Hill Twp.; #40: 

Lentz, John T W M 52 Farmer 
Elizabeth W F 51 wife - Keeping House 
Milla E. W F 19 dau - at home 

Clotilda I.R. W F 17 dau - at home 
Harriet C. W F 12 dau - at home 
Carson D.L. W M 10 son - at school 
George A. W M 10 son - at school 

(Census'8o, 103) 

604. tp.368, Tues. Oct. 9, 1877] Uriah E. Miller, 1880 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C.; Gold Hill Twp.; #75: 

Miller, Uriah E. W M 32 Farmer 

Safiah L. W F 43 wife - Keeping House 

Virginia A. W F 7 daughter 

John W M 20 Farm Laborer 

(Census'8o, 107) 

605. [p.368, Wed. Oct. 10, 1875] Mary Catherine ("Kate") 
Brown Heiligwas born 4 May 1850 in Iredell Co., N.C. and 
died 12 December 1909. She was the daughter of Tobias 
and Phebe Arey Brown and a niece of Samuel and Amelia 
Rothrock. "Kate" married 1st Augustus ("Gus") Heilig, the 
son of Caleb and Mary Heilig. "Gus" died ten months after 
they were married, no children. On 10 October 1877, she 
married 2nd, John Jacob Quantz who was born in 1850 and 
died ca.1923 in Terre Haute, Indiana. He was the son of 
Henry and Louisa Quantz of Hanover Co., Virginia. 
"Kate" Brown Quantz and Jacob Quantz are buried Christ 
Lutheran Church Cemetery, Spencer, N.C. They had one 
child, John Samuel Quantz, born 10 January 1880 in Rich- 

See endnote #347, Mary Heilig, i860 Census, and #530, 
Augustus Hei/ing, deed.. 

606. [p.368, Thurs. Oct. 25, 1877] In the 1880 Census of 
Morgan Twp., Rowan Co., N. C. , Solomon Peeler was 
enumerated in household #216. Samuel Rothrock was enu- 
merated in household #215. Peeler probably was farming 
land belonging to Rothrock and paid for the use of the land 
in "corn" rent. 

See endnote #709, Solomon Peeler, 1880 Census. 

607. fp.368, Mond. Oct. 29, 1877] Moses Frick, 1880 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C; Morgan Twp.; #44: 

Frick, Moses W M 52 Farmer 

Polly Ann W F 49 wife - Keeping House 

Levi C. W M 20 son - Works on Farm 

Catharine J. W F 18 daughter 

Julius W M 14 son 

Mary L. W F 1 daughter 

(Census'8o, 205) 

608. [p.368, Sat. Nov. 10, 1877] Nathan Brown, 1880 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C; Gold Hill Twp.; #189: 

Brown, Nathan W M 42 Farmer 

Martha J. W F 28 wife - Keeping House 

Mary L. W F 9 daughter 

Luther H. W M 5 son 

George F. W M 1 son 

Brown, Amy W F 64 mother 

(Census'8o, 118) 

609. fp.369, Sat. Nov. 17, 1877] Amelia Rothrock celebrated 
her sixty-fifth birthday with her sister and brother-in-law, 
Jane Coleman and Dr. Wm. Littleton Coleman. Her birth- 
day was 18 November but the birthday dinner was on the 

610. [370, Wed. Dec. 12, 1877] Theophilus Trexler, 1880 
Census Rowan Co., N.C; Providence Twp.; #86: 

Trexler, Theophalus[sic] W M 24 Farmer 
Lucetta W F 24 wife - 

Keeping House 
Charley W M 3 son 

Sidney W M n/12 June - son 

(Census'8o, 275) 

The child baptized by Rothrock on this date was Charley 

Annotations 8c Commentary (1877) 

6n.[p.37o, Thurs. Dec. 13, 1877] Lucy Reid Barringer was 
the Rothrocks' twenty year old niece. She was the daughter 
of Mary Ellen Arey Barringer and David Barringer and was 
born 17 December 1857 and died 9 October 1918. Her older 
sister was Catherine Eugenia Barringer (Mrs. John Calvin 
Poole). Paul Monroe Phillips was born 4 April 1848 and 
died 20 May 1919. He was the son of Dr. Joshua Phillips II 
and Elizabeth Furr. Mr. Phillips was a farmer and a dairy- 
man. The couple resided on Stokes Ferry Road and had 

The David Barringer-Paul Monroe Phillips home, Stokes Ferry 
andAgner roads, Rowan Co., N. C. David Barringer and his wife 
Mary Ellen Arey Barringer celebrated their 50th wedding anni- 
versary in- this house. According to Carl Fred Phillips, a grandson 
of David Barringer, David and Mary Barringer lived in the house 
from the beginning of their marriage. After the marriage of their 
daughter, Lucy Reid Barringer, to Paul Monroe Phillips, Mr. Phil- 
lips built an addition to the main house and the young couple also 
resided there. 

(endnote #611) 

The Paul Monroe Phillips Family, ca.1903. Front, from 
left: Lola Jane Phillips, Lucy Reid Barringer Phillips, 
Homer Franklin Phillips, Paul Monroe Phillips, Carl 
Fred Phillips. Rear: David Barringer Phillips, Clarence 
Eugene Phillips, Paul Melville Phillips, Bob Lee Phil- 
lips. Lucy Reid Barringer Phillips (1857— 1919), was the 
niece of Samuel and Amelia Rothrock. 

(endnote #611) 

nine children. (Davidson 1983, 174-75) 

1880 Census Rowan Co., N.C.; Providence Twp.; #246: 

Phillips, Paul M. W M 32 Farmer 

Lucy R. W F 22 wife-Keeping House 

David B[arringer] W M 1 son 

(Census'8o, 292) 
See endnote #59/, Catherine Eugenia Barringer Poole. 


612. tp.371, Frid. Jan. 4, 1878] Lewis H. Rothrock was at 
this time the president of Mont Amoena Seminary and he 
and his family were living in Mt. Pleasant. It was just after 
the new year and Samuel Rothrock "accompanied Joan and 
children on their way home" after a visit. 

613. fp.371, Thurs. Jan. 31, 1878] Carson A.B. Beaver, 1880 
Census Rowan Co.,N.C; Gold Hill Twp.; #59: 

Beaver, Carson A.B. W M 23 Farmer 

Alice E. W F 20 wife - Keeping House 

Calvin A. W M 1 son 

(Census'8o, 106) 

614. fp.371, Frid. Feb. 1, 1878] Amelia Rothrock broke her 
leg on 31 January. Phebe Brown, her fifty-four years old 
sister, came to nurse her through her "affliction." 

615. fp.372, Thurs. March 21, 1878] Edward Rufty, i860 
Census Rowan Co., N.C.; P.O. Salisbury Twp.; #823: 

Edward Rufty 52 M farmer 
Elizabeth 45 F 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

Milas 22 M day laborer 

*James R. 21 M day laborer 

Amanda 18 F Ast.h. keeper 

Milton 17 M 

Thomas 9 M 

John 6 M 

(Watson 1990, 104) 

*James Rufus Rufty, son of Edward and Elizabeth Rufty, 
married Frances Lentz. They are listed in the 1880 Census 
of Rowan Co.; Gold Hill Twp., dwelling #240: 
Rufty, James R[ufus]. W M 41 Farmer 
Mary C.F[rances]. W F 33 
WF 22 
WF 9 
WF 7 
WM 3 
WF 1 
B F 19 

Minnie A. 
Laurah T. 
**Henry E[dward] 

Rufty, Julia A. 

wife-Keeping House 

dau - At Home 





Inggham, William H. B M 6/12 [born] Dec- son 

(Census'8o, 123) 

*Henry Edward Rufty, born 31 August 1876, married Helen 
Amelia Rothrock on 7 April 1900. They had five children: 

1. Henry Edward ("Ed") Rufty Jr., b. 7 June 1901, d. 

12 May 1993, m. 14 November 1937, Frances 
Willie Lee Wood, b. 4 May 1912, Salisbury, 
daughter of James Thomas Wood and Emma 
Renner Coughenour. Two children; Henry 
Edward Rufty III, Donald Lee Rufty. 

2. Lewis Rothrock Rufty, b. 2 June 1905, d. 18 March 

1937, m. Lucille Riggsbee, b. 18 April 1908, d. 7 
January 1981, daughter of Samuel Augustus 
Riggsbee and Annie Gertrude Campbell. Three 
children; Henry Edward Rufty, Lewis Rothrock 
("Bill") Rufty, Ruth Gretchen Rufty. 

3. Francis Donald Rufty, b. 18 June 1908, d. 30 

Henry Edward Rufty (18J8-1945) and Helen Amelia Rothrock 
Rufty (1878-1941) 

(endnote #615) 

The Archibald Caldwell Rufty, Sr. Family Clockwise L to R: 
Archibald Caldwell Rufty, Sr., Sara Frances Parkton, Bruce Ross 
Rufty, Erik James Parkton, Archibald Caldwell Rufty, Jr., Frances 
Rufty Parkton, and Frances Fulk Rufty. 

(endnote #615) 

October 1954, m. 9 June 1935, Mamie Lassiter, b. 
13 April 1918. Two children; Amelia Ann Rufty, 
Thomas Donald Rufty. 

4. Archibald Caldwell Rufty, b. 27 June 1914, m. 25 

April 1942, Elinor Elizabeth Baker Ross, 
daughter of Joel Baker Ross, M.D. and Grace 
McCubbins. Married 2nd 16 April 1955, Frances 
Houston Fulk, b. 7 September 1924, daughter of 
Claude Demetrius Fulk and Minnie Houston 
Culp. Children 1st marriage: Joe Hearne Rufty, 
b. 23 February 1945, Salisbury, N.C., killed in 
action near Hue, Vietnam, 29 January 1970 and 
Bruce Ross Rufty, b. 27 September 1948, 
Salisbury, N.C. Children 2nd marriage: Frances 
Mary Rufty, b. 2 August 1956, m. 4 November 
1978, Robert James Parkton, son of Sydney James 
Parkton and Letha Long. Children (two) Erik 
James Parkton, b. 3 October 1979, and Sara 
Frances Parkton, b. 3 December 1980; Archibald 
Caldwell Rufty, Jr., b. 6 July 1970, m. 22 April 
1989, Diane Margaret Beck. Children (two) 
Archibald Caldwell Rufty III, b. 7 September 
1991, and Thomas Beck Rufty, b. 5 May 1993. 

5. Joe Hearne Rufty, b. 21 July 1917, d. 2 June 1944, 

killed in action near Anzio Beach, Italy. 
(Davidson 1983, 161— 165) 

One hundred and sixteen years after Samuel Rothrock vis- 
ited the ailing Edward Rufty on 21 March 1878 their great 
grandson in common, Archibald Caldwell Rufty, commis- 
sioned the N.C. Synod of the Lutheran Church to publish 
the two volume work, The Samuel Rothrock Diaries, 1834- 

Annotations & Commentary (1878) 

i8pj, Volume I and Annotations and Commentary, The Samuel 
Rothrock Diaries, 18J4-189J, Volume II. 

616. tp.373, Frid. April 26, 1878] The Rev. Josephus Adol- 
phus Linn was ordained in 1877 and was in charge of St. 
Matthew's, St. Peter's, and Luther's Churches in Rowan 
Co. Amelia Rothrock and Emma Peters probably attended 
one of these churches, most likely St. Peter's, and Rothrock 
was contributing to the support of the pastor on behalf of 
his wife and ward. 

617. ^.373, Sat. April 27, 1878] "Prof. Rahn" was a newcomer 
to the Synod having transferred from the Georgia Synod 
in 1877. Sheppard Seneca Rahn, son of Cletus and Eliza 
Hannah Rahn, was born 12 February 1845 in Effingham 
Co., Ga. He was educated at Newberry College (A.B. 1872) 
and the Southern Seminary, (D.D. 1874). After his ordina- 
tion in 1874 by the Georgia Synod, he served churches in 
Georgia. In 1877 he transferred to the N.C. Synod and be- 
came a professor at N.C. College, simultaneously serving 
Ebenezer Church, Rowan Co., 1878-79. From 1880-85, ne 
was a professor at Newberry College. He later transferred 
to the Tennessee Synod and served and supplied churches 
in N.C, and Jacksonville, Fla. He died 1 July 1911, while 
still in the active clergy. He was buried at Columbia, S.C. 
(Sketches 1966, 165-66) 

618. ^.374, Tues. May 7, 1878] Esther Carolina Peeler 
Stafford, born 3 March 1841, was the daughter of Caleb 
Peeler and Salome Rothrock Peeler and a niece of Samuel 
Rothrock. She married 1st John M. Stafford. Her children 
by John M. Stafford: 

1. Mary S. Stafford, m. J.A. Efird. 

2. Lila Stafford, m. Mr. Dinglehoff. (Arnold 1984, 


Six months hence, on 31 October 1878, the Widow Stafford 
married the Rev. William Alonzo Lutz. 

See endnote #594, William Alonzo Lutz. 

619. [375, Mond. June 24, 1878] Boyden Miller, 1880 Census 
Rowan Co.,N.C.;Gold Hill Twp.; #41: 

Miller, Boyden A.K. W M 32 Farmer 

Francis B. W F 29 wife - Keeping House 

John L.C. W M 9 son 

Cary R. W M 8 daughter 

Mary A. W F 56 mother - Boarding 

(Census'8o, 103) 

620. fp.376, Sat. July 20, 1878] This reference could be to 
either of the brothers, Charles Herman Bernheim or 
Gotthard Dellman Bernheim. Both were active in the N.C. 
Synod in July 1878. The latter, however, was a greater dis- 
tance away at St. Paul's Church, Wilmington. (Sketches 

1966, 20-21) 

See endnotes #445, Charles Herman Bernheim, #2gy, 
Gotthard Dellman Bernheim, and #$3J, St. Paul's, Wilm- 

621. fp.378, Sund. Sept. 15, 1878] Jacob Kalian Efird, son of 
the Rev. Adam and Catherine Louise Miller Efird, was 
born 28 June 1852 in Davidson Co., N.C. He was educated 
at N.C. College and studied theology under his uncle, the 
Rev. Daniel Efird. He married 7 November 1877, Lula 
Julian, daughter of the Rev. W. A. Julian. In 1877, he was 
ordained by the Tennessee Synod. (Sketches 1866, 62) 

When he preached at Bethel and St. Stephen's on 15 Sep- 
tember 1878, he was newly ordained and he was preaching 
as a guest minister. 

622. fp.378, Tues. Sept. 24, 1878] Benjamin Casper ("Cass") 
Arey was born 4 October 1848 in Rowan Co., N.C, and 
died 28 March 1892. He was the eldest son of Milas Arey 
and Nancy Ann Smith Arey Shemwell. On 10 January 1878, 
"Cass" married Sarah Roxanna ("Roxie") Barringer who 
was born 24 November 1857 m Rowan Co., N.C. She was 
the daughter of Peter Laurence Barringer and Rosanna 
Miller. "Roxie" was the niece of David Barringer and "Cass" 
was the nephew of Mary Ellen Arey Barringer, wife of 
David Barringer. Rowan Historical Records (p. 505) tell us 
that both "Cass" and "Roxie" were employed as school 
teachers in 1881. She also was the organist at Union Church. 
"Roxie" died 30 August 1888 and "Cass" died three and one- 
half years later of a gunshot wound in the neck. His family 
called it an accident while he was cleaning his gun, but there 
was speculation that he was despondent over "Roxie's" death 
and he committed suicide. The couple did not have any 
children. Both are buried in Union Church Cemetery, 
Rowan Co. (Davidson 1983, 191-93) 

1880 Census Rowan Co., N.C; Providence Twp.; #185: 

Arey, B.C. W M 32 Farmer 

S.R. W F 23 wife - Keeping House 

(Census'8o, 285) 

623. fp.379, Tues. Oct. 1, 1878] "Lewis' infant daughter" was 
three months old. Helen Amelia Rothrock was born 2 July 
1878 and died 13 March 1941. On 7 April 1900 she married 
Henry Edward Rufty who was born 31 August 1876 in Gold 
Hill and died 19 June 1945. He was the son of James Rufus 
Rufty and Frances Lentz. Helen Amelia Rothrock was ed- 
ucated at Mont Amoena Seminary, Mt. Pleasant, N.C, 
and Henry Edward Rufty at Bethany Academy and 
Roanoke College, Salem, Va. She was a florist, realtor, and 
homemaker and he was a merchant. The couple had five 
children. Both are buried in Chestnut Hill Cemetery, Sal- 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

isbury. (Davidson, 1983, 161-66) 
See endnote #615, Edward Rufty. 

624. fp.379, Tues. Oct. 22, 1878] Benjamin F. Fraley, 1880 
Census Rowan Co., N.C.; Salisbury; #483: 

Fraley, B.F W M 73 Farmer 

L.F W F 51 wife - Keeping House 

Heinrick, S. W F 22 step-daughter 

(Census'8o, 352) 

During the decade 1870-80, B.F. Fraley s wife probably died 
and he married the widow Heinrick. Her daughter is shown 
living in their household. 

See endnotes #JS7> B.F. Fraley, i860 Census. 

625. fp.379, Thurs. Oct. 31, 1878] Rothrock performed the 
marriage ceremony of his niece, Esther Carolina Peeler 
Stafford, and the Rev. Wm. A. Lutz at Hopewell Moravian 
Church. This was the groom's first marriage and the second 
for the widowed Mrs. Stafford. 

See endnotes #594, Wm. A. Lutz, biography, and #618, 
Esther Carolina Peeler Stafford. 

626. fp.380, Sund. Nov. 10, 1878] Mary Ellen Kluttz was 
the daughter of Joseph Kluttz (1829-1862) and Caroline 
Eddleman (1830-1916). She was born 24 August 1857 and 
died 13 August 1933. Adam Monroe Nussman, son of So- 
lomon and Margaret (Trexler) Nussman, was born 10 No- 
vember 1851 and died 24 June 1934. The couple had eight 
children. (Kluttz 1990, 398) 

627. fp.380, Sat. Nov. 16, 1878] St. Stephen's congregation 
was still using their first house of worship which was built 
in 1837. It was located where the cemetery is now. A building 
site across the road was selected and a new frame church 
was completed in 1882. In May 1883, the 80th Meeting of 
the N.C. Synod was held at St. Stephen's, Cabarrus, Co., 
and the new building was dedicated at that time. 

See endnote #84, St. Stephens Church, Cabarrus Co.. 

628. fp.381, Wed, Dec. 25, 1878] Christmas 1878, was the first 
time Rothrock mentioned receiving or giving a gift on 
Christmas. On 24 December 1872, Rothrock "Witnessed 
the Christmas Tree in Luth. Church," Prior to the 1880's, 
he seldom mentioned Christmas in his Diary. Occasionally, 
on December 25, he would write simply, "Christmas Day." 


629. fp.382, Thurs. Jan. 9, 1879] Leah Holshouser, 1880 

Census Rowan Co., N.C.; Providence Twp.; #57: 

Holshouser, Leah W F 58 Keeping House 
CharlottJ. W F 20 dau - At Home 

(Census'8o, 272) 

630^.382, Thurs. Jan. 30, 1879] Paul Cruse's will is recorded 
in Cabarrus County, N.C. Will Book #3, page 261. It was 
probated in 1879. The original will (or a copy) is in the North 
Carolina State Archives, Raleigh, N.C. (Mitchell 1985, 

Paul Cruse was born 28 November 1803 and died 28 March 
1879. He married Susannah Cress on 17 March 1827. Roth- 
rock attended to the funeral of Paul Cruse at Organ Church 
on 30 March 1879 and on 8 April 1879 he went to Concord 
to prove the Will of Paul Cruse, deed. (Cruse 1992, 62) 

631. fp.384, Tues. March 4, 1879] Mt. Moriah Church, Chi- 
na Grove, Rowan Co., N.C. is located near the northwest- 
ern border of the town of Landis. The church was organized 
on 30 December 1824 by the Rev. David Henkel, with sev- 
enteen members who originally belonged to Lutheran 
Chapel. On 17 June, 1839, the congregation bought four 
acres of land from Noah Partee for $6.75 and built their first 
house of worship, a frame structure 24 x 30 feet which was 
opened for services in 1840. Until the completion of their 
building, the members of the new group continued to wor- 
ship at Lutheran Chapel. In 1880, under the leadership of 
the Rev. J.C. Moser, a new frame church, 40 x 50 feet was 
built. Additions, including a steeple, were added in 1917. 
This building was used until 1928 when it was decided to 
build a new brick church. The brick church was dedicated, 
21 July 1929. (Morgan 1953, 250-51) 

632. fp.384, Frid. March 14, 1879] Martin E. Miller is found 
in the 1880 Census Rowan Co., N.C; Gold Hill Twp.; #52 
living in his parent's household: 

Miller, Jesse W M 50 Farmer 
Margaret W F 51 wife - Keeping House 
Martin E. W M 21 son - At Home 
Mary L. W F 19 dau - At Home 

(Census'8o, 105) 

633. fp.386, Frid. May 23, 1879] Socrates Henkel was born 
23 March 1823 in Lincoln Co., N.C. He was the son of the 
Rev. David and Catharine (Heyle/Hoyle) Henkel, a grand- 
son of the Rev. Paul Henkel (1754-1825), and a brother of 
the Rev. Polycarp C. Henkel. After his ordination as deacon 
in 1850 and pastor in 1851 by the Tennessee Synod, he took 
charge of Emmanuel congregation, New Market, Va. There 
he served continuously for forty-five years. In 1895 he was 
compelled to resign because of his health. He remained 
pastor emeritus until his death 20 June 1901. He was a vo- 
luminous writer and often a guest preacher. Two of his sons, 

Annotations & Commentary (1879) 


Ambrose L. Henkel and Elon O. Henkel were the propri- 
etors of the Henkel Press in New Market, Va. He was buried 
at Emmanuel Church, New Market. (Sketches 1966, 92) 

634.fp.389, Sat. Aug. 2, 1879] Rothrock recorded the name 
as " Seaford". However, the name Sifferd is used in the 1880 
Census Rowan Co., N.C.; Gold Hill Twp.; #172 and his 
son went by the surname Sifferd. 

Sifferd, RA. W M 73 Physician - Goutey Rheumatism 
Margaret W F 71 wife-Keeping House-Old Age 

(Census'8o, 144) 

The Rev. Calvin Wright Sifferd was the son of Dr .and 
Mrs. PA. Sifferd. 

See endnote # 557, Calvin Wright Sifferd. 

635-[p.389,Mond. Aug. n, 1879] A. F. Graeber, 1880 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C.; Litaker Twp.; #190: 

Graeber, Augustus W M 53 farmer - b. MD, 

father b. PA 

Maria C. W F 40 wife - Keeping House 

John F. W M 29 son - Works on Farm 

Alice E. W F 23 dau - At Home 

Mary A. W F 21 dau - At Home 

Harvey A. W M 19 son - Works on Farm 

Margaret S. W F 18 dau - At Home 

Minnie B. W F 14 dau - At Home 

Charles L. W M 10 son - At Home 

Fannie M. W F 1 daughter 

The Mortality Schedule of 1880 tells us that Cora M. Grae- 
ber, age 4, died during this census year of "dpththeria" [sic] 
after an illness of four days. She received treatment from 
Dr. Caldwell. (Census'8o, 145,458) 

636. fp.389, Sund. Aug. 31, 1879] Rothrock's reference to 
"Parson Adolphus Linn" is indicative that the Rev. Josephus 
Adolphus Linn probably used the name Adolphus Linn. 
His father was the Rev. Joseph A. Linn (1820-1864) and 
Rothrock referred to him as the Rev. J.A. Linn. 

637. fp.390, Wed. Sept. 3, 1879] R.J. Holmes, 1880 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C.; Town of Salisbury; #532: 

Holmes, R.J. W M 53 Merchant 

R.S.C. W F 45 wife - Keeping House 

C.H. W M 23 son - Liveryman 

J.A. W F 17 daughter 

A.H. W F 15 daughter 

N.M. W F 13 daughter 

C.W. W F 10 daughter 

R.J. W M 7 son 

E[rnest].L[ee]. W M 3 son 

Austin, Mary W F 27 servant 

• (Census'8o, 357) 

638. fp.390, Mond. Sept. 22, 1879] Amelia Rothrock and 
Bettie Thomas had been visiting with Amelia Rothrock's 
niece, Mrs. Calvin Pool. Before her marriage, Mrs. Pool 
was Catherine Eugenia Barringer, daughter of Mary Ellen 
Arey Barringer and David Barringer. 

See endnote #591, Catherine Eugenia Barringer Pool. 

639. fp.391, Sat. Oct. 4, 1879] Center Grove Church in Kan- 
napolis, Cabarrus Co., N.C., was organized 9 September 
1876 with twenty-one members by the Rev. Whitson Kim- 
ball. The first services were held under a brush arbor close 
to the old Flake Edminston home. On 6 April 1878, a lot 
was purchased from Mr. and Mrs. PW. Furr and the "corner 
Stone" of the first church was laid on 4 October 1879, with 
the Rev. Samuel Rothrock "assisting." On the first Sunday 
in April, 1880, the Rev. Wm. H. Cone and the Rev. Vastine 
Rinker Stickley dedicated a new 30 x 50 foot frame building 
which was later enlarged by adding transepts and Sunday 
School rooms. This building served the congregation until 
1945, when a lot for a new church was purchased about three 
fourths of a mile distant on Cannon Boulevard. On 25 July 
1948, ground was broken for a new brick church. This 
church was completed in 1950 at a cost of $135,000 and had 
the distinction of being the first air-conditioned church in 
the Synod. (Morgan 1953, 180-81) 

640. fp.391, Sund. Oct. 19, 1879] Frederic Stirewalt, 1880 
Census Rowan Co., N.C.; Litaker Twp.; #16: 

Stirewalt, Fred W M 74 Farmer - Heart Disease 

(mother b. PA 
Caroline W F 70 wife - Keeping House 

(Census'8o, 128) 

641. fp.391, Wed. Oct. 29, 1879] "Mrs. Lentz" was Margaret 
Bernhardt Linn Lentz, widow of R. W. Lentz who died 15 
April 1873. Margaret Ann Bernhardt of Cabarrus Co. mar- 
ried 1st, the Rev. Joseph A. Linn (1820-1864). Their son was 
the Rev. Josephus Adolphus Linn (1853-1923). The recep- 
tion at Mrs. Lentz's house "in the evening" probably was 
associated with the Rev. J.A. Linn's marriage to Alice F. 

1880 Census Rowan Co., N.C.; Morgan Twp; #40: 
Lentz, Margaret A. W F 50 Keeps House 
Linn, Josephfus] A W M 27 son -Lutheran Minister 
Alice F. [Nunamaker] W F 24 daughter-in-law 
Roon, Alice W F 17 servant 

Lindsay, Thos. B M 20 servant - Works on Farm 

(Census'8o, 204) 

Alice F. Nunamaker Linn shown above in the 1880 Census 
was the first wife of the Rev. Josephus Adolphus Linn. She 

94 Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

Union Evangelical Lutheran Church on Bringle Ferry Road, Rowan Co., 
N. C. On 14 April 1876, Samuel Rothrock attended the cornerstone laying of 
the present building. The bricks were made on the property and it took three 
and one-half years to build what is now the nave of the church. Samuel 
Rothrock participated in the dedication of the new church on 7 December 
1879. Old deeds and court records tell us that in its early years Union Lutheran 
Church was called 'the Dutch Meeting House, the Dutch Pine Meeting House, 
and the Pine Church. Since 1774 the congregation has worshiped in three 
edifices. The first was a simple pine buildingfrom which came the name Pine 

(endnote #648) 

died shortly after the birth of their fourth child in 1887. 
See endnote #545, Margaret Bernhardt Linn Lentz. 

642. tp.391, Wed. Oct. 29, 1879] The Rev. Wm. A. Lutz, a 
younger colleague of Rothrock's, was ordained in 1877 by 
the N. C. Synod. He served the Forsyth Co. Mission in 
Davidson Co. from 1877-80. Nazarefh-Shiloh-Hopewell, 
and Bethany churches were under his charge. His wife, 
Esther Carolina Peeler Stafford Lutz, was Rothrock's niece. 
She was the daughter of Caleb and Salome Rothrock Peeler. 
Throughout the remainder of Rothrock's ministry he was 
associated as closely with the Rev. Wm. A. Lutz as he had 
been associated in his earlier years with the Rev. Benjamin 
Arey his brother-in-law. 

See endnotes #594, Wm. A. Lutz, and #618, Esther Caro- 
lina Peeler Stafford Lutz. 

643. fp.392, Sund. Nov. 9, 1879] William Jacob Smith was 
born 31 March 1845 ar Boonsboro, Md., and was educated 
at Roanoke College (A.B. 1875) and the Southern Seminary, 
Salem, Va.(i878). He was ordained 5 May 1878 at Friedens 
Church and shortly thereafter he accepted a call to St. 
John's, Salisbury. Churches served: St. John's, Salisbury, 
1878-83; Christ, East Spencer, 1881-82; in Va. and Pa. 1883- 
1911. He died 19 February 1911 and is buried at Bloom, Va. 

(Sketches 1966, 199) 

See endnote # 66j, Wm. Jacob Smith, 1880 Census 

644. [p.392,Tues. Nov. n, 1879] Henry Brown, 1880 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C.: Providence Twp.; #89: 

Brown, Henry W M 65 Farmer 

Carson A. W M 27 son - Labor on Farm 

Margaret C. WF 18 dau - At Home 

The 1880 Mortality Schedule lists Magdalene Brown, age 
54, as having died of "Typho Malarial Fever" during the 
census taking year. (Census'8o, 275,461) 

645. fp.393, Thurs. Dec. 4, 1879] Sarah Alice Kluttz was 
born 12 February i860 and died 3 February 1936. She was 
the daughter of Moses Kluttz, Sr. (1815-1901) and Eve Tr- 
exler (1821-1862). Caleb Monroe Troutman was born 8 Oc- 
tober 1854 and died 30 September 1928. He was the son of 
George and Caroline Troutman. (Kluttz 1990, 510) 

646. tp.393, Thurs. Dec. 4, 1879] David Lyerly, 1880 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C.;Providence Twp.; #60: 

Lyerly, David W M 23 Farmer 
Charlott C. W F wife - Keeping House 

(Census'8o, 273) 

647. tp.393, Frid. Dec. 5, 1879] Sarah Josey, 1880 Census 

Annotations & Commentary (1879) 


(left) ] Alice 1 Maria Arey Goodman(i848-ig24), the daughter 
of the Rev. Benjamin Arey and Maria Phebe RaynorArey 
and a niece of Samuel and Amelia Rothrock; and her husband 
(right), John Turner Goodman (1845-1914) 

(endnote #649) 

Rowan Co., N.C.; Gold Hill Twp.; #133: 

Josey, Louvina W F 40 Farmer 

Mary W F 30 sister - Keeping House 

Sarah Josey was listed in the 1880 Mortality Schedule. She 
was sixty years old when she died of pneumonia in Decem- 
ber 1879. She was attended by Dr. Summerall. (Census'8o, 

648. fp.393, Sund. Dec. 7, 1879] The "...dedication of Union 
Ev. Luth. Church." in which Rothrock participated was the 
dedication of the recently completed brick structure which 
today, with its modern additions, still serves that congre- 
gation. The Rev. Richard L. Brown was the pastor of Union 
Church, 1874-84. The president of the Synod, the Rev. Lou- 
is Albert Bikle, assisted in the dedication service. (Morgan 
*953, 349-5 1 ) 

See endnote #j, Union Evangelical Lutheran Church. 

649. fp.393, Tues. Dec. 9, 1879] The Rev. Benjamin Arey 
had been a widower for almost three years. His wife, Maria 
Phebe Raynor Arey, died 9 January 1876. Two daughters 
accompanied him on this visit to Rowan Co. Alice Maria 
Arey Goodman was born 7 February 1848 in Iredell Co., 
N.C., and died 21 July 1924. On 11 February 1875 she married 
John Turner Goodman who was born 11 December 1845 in 
Iredell Co. and died 24 May 1914. He was the son of Tobias 
Goodman (1814-80) and Ellen Turner (1827-89). Alice 
Maria and John Turner Goodman had three children. 
(Davidson 1983, 127) 

Ellen Catherine Elizabeth Arey was born 30 August 1856 
in Iredell Co., N.C., and died 23 September 1933 in Wilkes- 
boro, N.C. She married Thomas Gibson ("Gyp") Erwin, 
M.D., 20 October 1884 at the residence of her sister and 
brother-in-law, Alice Maria Arey Goodman and John 
Turner Goodman in Chambersburg, Twp, Iredell Co. Dr. 

Erwin, who was born 18 April 1855 and died 23 January 1892, 
was the son of Richard Franklin Erwin and Jane Elizabeth 
Patterson. The couple had two daughters. (Davidson 1983, 

650. fp.393, Tues. Dec. 9 to Thurs. Dec. 11, 1879] Once 
again, family members from Iredell and Rowan Counties 
were together and visiting with each other. Alice Arey 
Goodman, Ellen Arey Erwin and Ellen Arey Grupy were 
cousins. Alice Goodman and Ellen Erwin were daughters 
of the Rev. Benjamin Arey and Ellen Arey Grupy was the 
daughter of Milas Arey. All three ladies were nieces of Sam- 
uel and Amelia Arey Rothrock and Jane and Littleton Cole- 

651. fp.393, Mond. Dec. 15, 1879] Mrs. Margaret A. Lentz's 
daughter-in-law was Alice F Nunamaker Linn. Idy Miller 
was the twenty-three year old daughter of Jacob A. Fisher 
who lived in his household, #104 in Locke Twp., at the time 
of the 1880 Census of Rowan Co., N.C. 

Fisher, Jacob A. W M 

Mary C. W F 

Mary C. W F 

Margaret A. W F 

Florence I. W F 

John B. 
George A. 
Lewis E. 
Anna B. 
Miller, M. Ida 


54 Farmer 

46 wife - Keeping House 
20 dau - Music Teacher 
18 dau - Teacher 
15 dau - Asst House 

13 son - Farm Laborer 
11 son - Farm Laborer 

5 daughter 
23 dau - Teacher 

1 granddaughter 
-b. S.C. 

Fisher, Robert M. W M 23 nephew - Farm 

W M 24 hired help - Laborer 
W M 24 hired help - Laborer 

(Census '80, 182) 

Black, Lindsay 
Hullobough, David S. 

See endnote #545, Margaret A. Lentz. 

652.fp.393, Mond. Dec. 29, 1879] Andrew Cruse, Jr. was 
born 4 February 1799 and died 28 December 1879. He mar- 
ried 7 July 1823, Sarah ("Sally") Fisher who was born 6 Oc- 
tober 1799 and died 28 September 1877. Both buried at Or- 
gan Church. (Cruse 1992, 55) Eighty year old Andrew 
Cruse died of "enlarge prostrate [sic]." His attending phy- 
sician was Dr. Coleman. (Census '80, 460) 

9 6 

Samuel Rothrock Diaries 


653. fp.394, Frid. Jan. 2, 1880] Elizabeth Lingle died at age 
79 of "Senile Debility." Her attending physician was Dr. 
Shimpock. She was a lifelong resident of Rowan County. 
(Census '80, 460) 

654. tp.394, Sat. Jan. 3, 1880] Jeremiah Eddleman, 1880 Cen- 
sus Rowan Co., N.C.; Litaker Twp.; #66: 

Eddleman, Jeremiah W M 39 Farmer 
Mary W F 39 wife - Keeping House 

John L. W M 13 son - Works on Farm 

Calvin A. W M 10 son - Works on Farm 

Henry Albert W M 6 son 

(Census'8o, 133) 

655. tp.394, Thurs. Jan. 15, 1880] Jesse F Park 1880 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C.; Providence Twp.; #273: 

Park Jesse F. W M 19 Farmer 

Margret J.[Trexler] W F 20 wife - Keeping House 

Nancy C. W F 45 mother 

Noah C. W M 19 brother-Laborer 

(Census'8o, 294) 

Jesse F.Park was the son of Nancy C. Park and William 
Alexander Park. According to their great-grandson, the 
Rev. Karl M. Park, William Alexander "was in the N.C. 
Artillery, fought in several battles in the 'War of Northern 
Aggression' (as Grandpa referred to it) including Gettys- 
burg, was captured at Amelia Court House and died of 
typhoid fever in Union Prison at Point Lookout, MD." 
Jesse Franklin Park and Margaret Trexler were the parents 
of the Rev. George Henry Calvin Park, born 28 July 1890. 
On 24 October 1917 he married Mary Ina Ballentine in 
Lexington, S.C. Their son is the Rev. Karl M. Park who is 
quoted above who served as the chairman of the Historical 
Committee of the N.C. Synod during the publication of 
The Samuel Rothrock Diaries 1834-1893, Volume I and Anno- 
tations and Commentary, The Samuel Rothrock Diaries 1834- 
1893, Volume II. 

656. [p.394, Thurs. Jan. 29, 1880] George A. Bost, 1880 Cen- 
sus Rowan Co., N.C; Gold Hill Twp.; #23: 

Bost, George A W M 17 Farmer 

Sarah E. [Fisher] W F 22 wife - Keeping House 

(Census'8o, 102) 

657. tp.395, Sund. Feb. 1, 1880] Edmond E. Klutts, 1880 
Census Rowan Co., N.C; Gold Hill Twp.; #80: 

Klutts, Henry T. W M 74 Farmer 
Edmond E[mmanuel] W M 25 son - Farmer 

Antionett C. 

Cora B. 
Harris, Lula 

W F 23 daughter-in-law 
Keeping House 
W F 3 granddaughter 
B F 13 Farm Laborer 
B M 20 Farm Laborer 

(Census'8o, 107) 

Edmund Emmanuel Kluttz, born 26 March 1855, was the 
ninth and youngest child of Henry Kluttz (1806-1884) and 
Sarah Lentz (1807-1871), daughter of Peter and Margaret 
Hartline Lentz. His wife was Annette Camilla Eagle who 
was born 7 February 1857 and died 20 January 1945. She was 
the daughter of David and Sarah Eagle. Edmund E. Kluttz 
was a medical doctor in Troutman, N.C. (Kluttz 1990, 

658. tp.395, Mond. Feb. 9, 1880] Wilson Kesler, 1880 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C; Morgan Twp.; #155: 

Kesler, Wilson W M 57 Farmer 

Margaret W F 42 wife - Keeping House 

Sarah Rowe W F 15 servant 

James B M 10 servant - Works on Farm 

Moses B M 26 servant - Works on Farm 

(Census'8o, 216) 

Wilson Kesler was involved in the financing of North Caro- 
lina College as this Diary entry indicates. Jonas Cook was 
the college treasurer. 

659. tp.395, Mond. Feb. 16, 1880] Emma Peters and Bettie 
Thomas, "the girls," lived in the Rothrock household. They 
accompanied Amelia Arey Rothrock on her visit to see her 
sister, Jane Coleman. 

660. tp.395, Frid. Feb. 20, 1880] Samuel Rothrock became 
the guardian of Wm. Pleasant Arey after the death of his 
father, Milas Arey on 16 July i860. At this time, some twenty 
years later, he was making his final settlement with his ward. 
William Pleasant Arey was born 21 March 1858 and died 7 
June 1914. He was the son of Milas Arey and Nancy Ann 
Smith Arey Shemwell. In the 1880 Census of Rowan Co., 
N.C, Providence Twp., dwelling #280, he is shown living 
in the household of Alexander Shemwell, his step-father: 

Shemwell, Alex W M 56 Farmer 

Annafsic] W F 49 wife - Keeping House 

[Ann Smith Arey] 

William A. W M 13 son - Laborer 

Ida M. W F 11 dau - At Home 

Arey, Willey P. W M 21 step-son - Fruit Agent 
Brown, Solomon B M 32 Farm Laborer 

(Census'8o, 280) 

William Pleasant Arey married Mary Belle Butner who 
was born 15 January i860 and died 9 October 1934. She was 

Annotations & Commentary (1880) 


the daughter of John Henry Butner, who was killed in Rich- 
mond during the Civil War, and Julia Fritz. The couple had 
eight children. (Davidson 1983,207) 

See endnotes #j62, Milas Arey, #j6j, minor heirs ofMilas 
Arey, and #453, Jacob Trexler i8yo Census. 

661. [p.395, Wed. Feb. 25, 1880] Phebe Brown is shown liv- 
ing in Salisbury in the 1880 Census Rowan Co., N.C.; Town 
of Salisbury; #517: 

Brown, Phebe W F 56 Keeping House 
L[illian] L. W F 20 dau - Teacher 

M[argaret] O. B. W F 18 daughter 
L[ewis] T[obias] W M 15 son 

(Census'8o, 356) 

662. fp.395, Frid. Feb. 27, 1880] John Lingle, 1880 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C.; Locke Twp.; #209: 

Lingle, John 
Paul A. 
Littleton W. 
John L. 
David M.T. 
Mary I. 
Richard L. 
James B. 
Bost, John W. W M 3 grandson 

W M 53 Farmer 
W F 52 wife - Keeping House 
W M 23 son - Farm Laborer 
W M 21 son - Farm Laborer 
W M 20 son - Farm Laborer 
W M 16 son - Farm Laborer 
W F 14 dau - Asst House Work 
W M 10 son - Farm Laborer 
WM 8 


663.fp.396, Mond. March 1, 1880] The Rev. Wm. Jacob 
Smith and his family are shown as boarders in the Paul N. 
Heilig household, #507, in the 1880 Census Rowan Co., 
N.C.; Town of Salisbury: 

Heilig, P[aul].N. W M 52 
A[melia Miller]. W F 50 
A[lbert].S[idney]. WM15 
Smith, W. J. W M 35 


WF 28 


wife - Keeping House 

-born MD 
boarder - born in VA 

WF 10/12 boarder - born in VA 

(Census'8o, 355) 

The Rev. Wm. Jacob Smith was the pastor of St. John's 
Church, Salisbury, 1878-83. 

See endnote #643, Wm. Jacob Smith. 

664.fp.396, Sat. March 6, 1880] Moses A. Ketner, 1880 
Census Rowan Co., N.C.; LitakerTwp.; #418: 

Ketner, Moses A. W M 23 Farmer 

Laura W F 22 wife - Keeping House 

\ (Census'8o, 168) 

665.fp.396, Sat. March 20, 1880] Rufus Troutman, 1880 
Census Rowan Co., N.C.; Gold Hill Twp.; #203: 

Troutman, Rufus W M 38 

Esta A. 
William F. 
Georgie E. 


W F 38 wife - Keeping House 

W M 12 son - Farm Laborer 

W F 9 daughter 

W M 2 son 

W M 4/12 Jan. - son 

(Census'8o, 119) 

666. fp.396,Tues. March 23, 1880] "Lucy Phillips" was Lucy 
Reid Barringer, the twenty-three year old daughter of Dav- 
id and Mary Ellen ("Polly") Barringer and wife of Paul 
Monroe Phillips. She was a niece of Phebe Brown and 
Samuel and Amelia Rothrock. (Davidson 1983,174) 


Rowan Co. 

Miller, H 

Willie H. 
Edgar H. 
Cora E. 
John F. 
Floyd B. 

Sat. March 27, 1880] H.G. Miller, 1880 Census 
, N.C.; Franklin Twp.; #139: 

.G. W M 43 Crippled Knee 

W F 37 wife - Keeps House 

W M 17 son - Farm Work 

W M 15 son - Farm Work 

W F 13 dau - Attends School 

W F 10 dau - Attends School 

W M 8 son - Attends School 

W M 6 son - Attends School 

W F 3 daughter 

(Census'8o, 194) Carrie 

W F 11/12 July daughter 

(Census'8o, 73) 

668. fp.396, Sund. March 28, 1880] Andrew Shuping, 1880 
Census Rowan Co., N.C.; Franklin Twp.; #126: 

Shuping, Andrew W M 58 Farmer 
Polly L. W F 61 wife - Keeps House 

Mary W F 25 dau - House Work 

Charles P. W M 24 son - Farm Work 

Jessee W M 21 son - Farm Work 

(Census'8o, 72) 

669. fp.397, Tues. April 6, 1880] Moses Eagle, 1880 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C.; Morgan Twp.; #150: 

Eagle, Moses W M 26 Farmer 

Caroline W F 30 wife - Keeping House 

Daniel E. W M 5 son 

Charity L. W F 2 daughter 

Lettie M. W F 2 daughter 

Woodsman, Eve W F 13 servant 

(Census'8o, 216) 

670.fp.397, Tues. April 13, 1880] David Ketchie, 1880 Cen- 

9 8 

Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

sus Rowan Co., N.C.; Morgan Twp.; #123: 

Ketchie, David A. W M 47 Farmer 
Elisabeth C. W F 42 wife 

Adam L. W M 15 son 

Eve Jane W M 5 daughter 

(Census'8o, 214) 

671. fp.397, Frid. April 16, 1880] James Eller, 1880 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C.; Gold Hill Twp.; #123: 

Eller, James M. WM22 Farmer 
Anna S. W F 1 daughter 

1880 Mortality Schedule Rowan Co., N.C., Gold Hill Twp.: 

Eller, Lousetta J. W F 24 died of dropsey [sic] 

Attended by Dr. Coleman. 
Eller, Margaret C. W F 3/12 died of croup. 

(Census '80, 112,460) 

672. fp.397, Sat. April 17, 1880] Paul A. SifFerd, 1880 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C.; Litaker Twp.; #172: 

Sifferd, Paul A. W M 73 Phisician[sic] 

- Gouty Rheumatism 

Margaret W F 71 wife - Keeping 

House - Old Age 

(Census'8o, 144) 

673. fp.397, Wed. April 28, 1880] The 77th meeting of the 
N.C. Synod was held at Holy Trinity Church inMt. Pleas- 
ant, N.C. Samuel Rothrock was elected president. Other 
officers elected were Josephus Adolphus Linn, secretary, 
and Col. Paul N. Heilig, treasurer. This is the last time 
Rothrock would serve as president. (Bernheim and Cox 
1902, 186,189) 

674. fp.398, Sat. May 1, 1880] David James Koontz was the 
first black man to be ordained by the N. C. Synod. He was 
born in 1846 in Davidson Co., N.C. After his ordination at 
Holy Trinity Church in Mt. Pleasant, he organized and 
served Negro churches in Cabarrus, Rowan, and Davidson 
Counties. He was an organizer of the Alpha Synod (Negro 
ministers) and served as its first president. Jenssen wrote in 
American Lutheran Biographies, "He was confirmed by 
the Rev. Wm. Alexander Julian, who also installed him as 
pastor of Pleasant Grove Church... the first colored Luth- 
eran Church the North Carolina Synod organized and re- 
ceived. He laid the foundation for the congregations in the 
Alpha Synod and lived to see two young men, whom he 
had baptized, instructed and confirmed, in the Lutheran 
ministry, one of which was W.P Phifer, secretary of the 
Alpha Synod." David James Koontz died 27 May 1890 at 
the age of 45 in Concord, N.C. and is buried there in the 
old Lutheran Cemetery. (Sketches 1966, 238) 

675. fp.398, Sund. May 9, 1880] Licette Eller died of dropsy. 
Dropsy is a term used to describe an abnormal accumulation 
of fluid in the body, now called peripheral edema. 

See endnote #6ji> James Eller. 

676. fp.398, Wed. Mayi9,i88o] "Tommy,"whom Rothrock 
was "taking home," was his five year old grandson, Thomas 
Rothrock. Edmund Foil's occupation in the i860 Census 
of Cabarrus Co. is given as "farmer & tanner." (Cabar- 
rus'6o, 171) 

1870 Census Cabarrus Co., N.C; Twp.6; #103/102: 

Foil, Edmund 40 M W farmer 1800 1000 
40 F W keeping house 
17 M W farm hand 
F W at home 
M W at school 
M W at school 
F W at home 
M W at home 

Mary J. 
John H. 
Moses A. 
Alice E. 



Cruse, Albert 45 M B farm hand 

(CABARRUs'70, 142) 

677.fp.398, Wed. May 19, 1880] Daniel Goodman, 1870 
Census Cabarrus Co., N.C; Twp.6; #83: 

Goodman, Daniel 46 M W shoemaker 150 
Nancy 40 F W keeping house 

Julius 15 M W att. sch. 

M W att. sch. 
M W 
F W 

Moses A. 



(Cabarrus'7o, 140) 

678.fp.398, Wed. May 26, 1880] Daniel Barrier, 1870 Census 
Cabarrus Co.,N.G; Twp. 8; #95/91: 


Barrier, Daniel 
Laura J 
Sarah E. 
Lawson W. 
Mary A. 
David D. 
Harkey, Josephine 19 
Barrier, Agustus 29 
Jane R. 24 
Bost, Margt. 50 
Rosanna 10 

M W farmer 8520 2100 

F W keeping house 

F W at school 

F W at school 

M W at school 

F W at school 

M W at school 

F W at home 

F W at home 

F W at home 

M W farm hand 

F W at home 

F B domestic servant 

F B at home 

(CABARRUs'70, 165) 

Annotations & Commentary (1880) 


679-[p-39^) Frid. May 28, 1880] Rachel Cruse, 1870 Census 
Cabarrus Co., N.C.; Twp 6; #15/14: 

Cruse, Racheal [Beaver] 35 F W keeping house 250 
Anderson 13 M W farm hand 

Ellen S. 18 F W at school 

Sarah A. 9 F W at school 

Blackwelder, Jacob 39 M W farm hand 

(CABARRUs'70, 131) 

See endnote #791, Caleb Cruse. 

680.fp.398, Sat. May 29, 1880] John Fetzer, 1870 Census 
Cabarrus Co., N.C.; Twp. 12; 210/212: 

Fetzer, Angeline 45 F W keeping house b. VA 


26 M W insurance agent b. VA 


24 M W druggist b. VA 


21 M W drygoods store elk. b. VA 


19 F W at home b. VA 


17 F W at home b. VA 


14 M W at home b. VA 


12 M W at school b. VA 

Wm. W. 

9 M W at school 

(CABARRUs'70, 273) 

This census record tells us that the family was still living in 
Virginia when Charlie, age 12, was born. There are no 
Fetzers listed in the i860 Census of Cabarrus Co. 

681.fp.398, Sund. May 30, 1880] Samuel Thomas Hallman 
was a recent transfer from the S.C. Synod. He was the son 
of David and Annis Kirton Hallman and was born 3 Sep- 
tember 1844 in Lexington Co., S.C, a few miles from the 
present village of Steadman, S.C. When the Civil War 
started he was a student at Newberry College. The college 
closed because of the war and he enlisted in the Confederate 
Army where he served for three years. After he returned 
from the war he resumed his studies at the Southern Sem- 
inary and married Sarah Jane Wingard. He was licensed in 
1868 and was ordained in 1869 by the S.C. Synod. From 
1868-1880 he served churches in S.C. In 1880 he transferred 
to the N.C. Synod where he served St.James-Cold Water- 
Mt. Hermon, Concord, 1880-83. 1° 1882, his wife died in 
Concord, N.C, leaving him and a seventeen year old son, 
Milledge Solomon Hallman, who was born in Lexington 
District, S.C, on 8 December 1865 and died 29 October 
1905. The Rev. Mr. Hallman married 2nd Lillian Luetta 
Brown who was born 7 February 1859 and died 5 October 
1940. She was the daughter of Tobias and Phebe Arey 
Brown. The wedding ceremony was performed on 18 July 
1883 by the bride's uncle, the Rev. Samuel Rothrock. When 
the couple met, Lillian Luetta Brown was conducting a 
private school in Concord and was the organist at one of 
the churches where the Rev. Mr. Hallman preached. He 

was president of the N.C Synod, 1882-83, and a member 
of the Board of N.C. College. In 1883 he transferred back 
to the S.C. Synod and served churches in S.C. to 1927 and 
was president of that synod three years and secretary eight 
years. Mr. Hallman was awarded an honorary MA. and 
D.D. from Newberry College and served on the board for 
forty-three years. He was the editor of the following: Luth- 
eran Visitor, 1895-1904; Southern Lutheran (later Tidings), 
1894-1904; and History of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of 
South Carolina, 1824— 1924. His avocation was the making 
and repairing of violins. He died 8 March 1927. He and 
Lillian Luetta Brown Hallman are buried in Oakwood 
Cemetery, Spartanburg, S.C. (Sketches 1966, 81-82) 
(Davidson 1983, 238-43) 

See endnote #746, Samuel Thomas Hallman. 

682. fp.398, Sund. May 30, 1880] St. James' Church, Con- 
cord, N.C, was organized 4 June 1843 with "about sixty 
members" by the Rev. William George Harter, who was 
then pastor of Coldwater Lutheran Church, from which 
most of the members came. The church was a frame struc- 
ture, almost square, with two entrance doors — one for men 
and the other for women. Prior to the completion of this 
structure, the congregation worshipped in a log school- 
house. St. James' was located originally on Fayetteville (now 
Corbin) Street, leading out towards Mt. Pleasant. It was 
here that the first regular convention of the General Synod 
of the Lutheran Church in the Confederate States of Amer- 
ica was held on 20-26 May 1863. The General Synod had 
been organized in 1862 at St. John's, Salisbury. By 1880, the 
congregation had grown and a larger church was needed. 
The decision was made to relocate rather than rebuild on 
the original site and a new brick church, which boasted a 
115 foot spire complete with a bell, was constructed on the 
corner of Corbin and Union Streets. The construction of 
the new church was started during the pastorate of the Rev. 
Samuel Thomas Hallman (1880-85). He returned to Con- 
cord to participate in the dedication of the completed 
church on 10 May 1891. This church served the congregation 
until 1927 when the present stone church was built at a cost 
of $210,000. (Morgan 1953, 288-90) 

683. [p. 400, Sund. July 11, 1880] Moses A. Fesperman, 1880 
Census Rowan Co., N.C; Gold Hill Twp.; #119: 

Fesperman, Moses A. W M 53 Farmer 

Mary A. 
Maxwell L. 
Hany A. 
Jennie M.E. 
Luther L.M. 

W F 49 wife - Keeping House 
W M 21 son - Farmer 
W M 18 son - Farmer 
W F 9 daughter 
W M 4 son 

(Census'8o, hi) 

684. [p. 400, Tues. July 20, 1880] Misenheimer Springs, 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

Stanly Co., N.C., was a resort area that grew up about the 
springs which were located on Claibourne Misenheimer's 
property. Claibourne and his brother Sandy discovered that 
the waters had sulphur and mineral contents and many of 
the persons who visited the springs believed the water to 
be beneficial to their health. From the 1880's until the turn 
of the century, Meisenheimer Springs reigned as a favored 
spa. A twenty-seven room hotel was built to accomodate 
guests who came to partake of the mineral waters. 

It was a favorite resort for the young people from Concord, 
Salisbury, and surrounding areas. Many years later, Lottie 
Coleman Hambley recalled, "A great event in those days, 
was a trip to Misenheimer Springs, just below Rockwell. I 
had the best times I have ever known right there. There 
was a bowling alley, horse back riding, croquet, lots of other 
games, and particularly target shooting...." by Mrs. H.E. 
Eagan, Salisbury Evening Post, Bicentennial Edition, 6W. 

685. fp.401, Sund. Aug. 29, 1880] Mt. Olive Church, Cabar- 
rus Co., N.C., is located five miles north of Mt. Pleasant 
in Township No. 6. It was organized 28 April 1878 with 
forty-seven members by the Rev. Robert Wm. Petrea, then 
pastor of St. John's Church, Cabarrus Co. A frame church 
was dedicated 3 November 1879, the work on the building 
having been done largely by the laymen of the congregation. 
In the course of time the building was remodeled, and the 
entrance placed in the opposite end of the original building. 
In 1949, the nave was rearranged and new furniture was 
installed. (Morgan 1953, 251-52) 

686. fp.402, Sat. Sept. 11, 1880] The "Corner Stone" being 
laid was for the second house of worship to be built for St. 
Stephen's congregation in Cabarrus County. 

See endnote #84, St. Stephens Church. 

687. fp.403, Sund. Oct. 3, 1880] Catharine Ketner, 1880 
Census Rowan Co., N.C.; Litaker Twp.; #425: 

Ketner, Elizabeth W F 77 Retired Keeping House 
Catharine W F 57 dau - At Home 

Susan W F 47 dau - At Home 

Mary A. W F 37 dau - At Home 

Ida W F 12 granddaughter-At Home 

(Census'8o, 169) 

688. tp.405, Tues. Dec. 7, 1880] James A. Gill, 1880 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C.; Gold Hill Twp.; #228: 

Gill, James A. W M 48 Machinist 

- Born in Canada 
Laurah J. W F 47 wife - Keeping House 
John M. W M 20 son - At Home 

- Born in S.C. 
VarinaC. W F 18 dau - At Home 
William A. W M 15 son - Farm Laborer 

George F. 

W M 12 son - Farm Laborer 

Jane S. W F 10 daughter 

Mary A. W F 7 daughter 

Laurah L.J. W F 4 daughter 
Melton, Nancy W F 77 mother-in-law 

Cancer of Breast 

(Census'8o, 122) 

689. tp.405, Sund. Dec. 19, 1880] When Rothrock wrote 
"All night at Mrs. Hearne's, (Widow)." he was referring to 
staying in the home of Joan Hearne Rothrock's family in 
Albemarle. The evening before, Saturday, Dec. 18, he had 
stayed at Mr. Lilly's. "Mr. Lilly" was Joan's seventy-one year 
old step-father. After the death of Davidson Hearne her 
mother, Leah Melchor Hearne, married John A. Lilly. A 
marriage license dated 23 December 1867 was issued to John 
A. Lilly, son of Edmund and Mary Lilly, and Mrs. Leah 
Hearne, daughter of Christopher and Eliza. Melchor. Joan 
Hearne married Lewis Hazelius Rothrock on 16 June 1867. 

The statement on p.155 in Palatine Progeny, TheArey Family 
of Rowan County, North Carolina and Related Families, IJ94- 
ip8j by Harriet Arey Davidson, that Joan Hearne Roth- 
rock's mother's name was "Mary Lily Melchor" was sub- 
mitted by family members. That information is in error 
when compared with U.S. Census Records and marriage 
records of Stanly County. 

See endnote #404. Davidson Hearne, 1850 Census. 

690. tp.405, Christmastime, 1880] The Rothrocks attended 
the "Christmas Tree" at Elm Grove Schoolhouse and spent 
Christmas Day with their good friend Margaret Linn 
Lentz, mother of the Rev. Adolphus Linn. Lewis and Joan 
Rothrock brought their four children to the Rothrocks on 
Sunday, 26 December. The children were: Samuel ("Sam- 
my"), b. 1868, age 12; Carrie, b. 1873, age 7; Thomas b. 1875, 
age 5; Helen Amelia b. 1878, age 2. Joan Rothrock was preg- 
nant with her fifth child, Josie Hearne Rothrock, soon to 
be born on 17 February 1881. 


691. tp.406, Sund. Jan. 16, 1881] Henry T. Graeber, 1880 
Census Rowan Co., N.C.; Litaker Twp.; #14: 

Graeber, H.T. W M 30 Farmer (father born in MD) 
Maggie C. W F 27 wife - Keeping House 
Laura E. W F 5 daughter 

John L. W M 3 son 

Charlie H. WMi son 

(Census'8o, 128) 

692. tp.406, Mond.Jan. 17, 1881] Moses Linn died 15 January 

Annotations & Commentary (r88i) 


1881 according to an article submitted by Joe Linn for pub- 
lication in The Heritage of Rowan County North Carolina, 
Volume I. "Moses Linn was born on the 16th of June, 1813, 
and died January 15, 1881, at the age of 68. He and his wife, 
Elizabeth Wormington Linn, who was born August 12, 1833, 
and died January 2, 1909,..." This same article states that 
both Moses and Elizabeth Linn are buried at St. Peter's 
Lutheran Church, Rowan Co. (Rowan 1991, 438-39) 

See endnotes #436, Moses Linn, 1870 Census, and #601, 
Moses Linn. 

693. fp.406, Thurs. Jan. 27, 1881] Zwingle Roseman, 1880 
Census Rowan Co., N.C.; Litaker Twp.; #55: 

Roseman, Zwingle W. W M 32 Farming 

Margaret A. W F 27 wife - Keeping House 

David C. W M 3 son 

(Census'8o, 132) 

694. fp.406, Frid. Jan. 28, 1881] Bachman Samuel Brown 
(B. S. Brown, Sr.) was born 19 November 1854 in Rowan 
Co., N.C. He was the son of Alexander and Mary (Kistler) 
Brown and a nephew of Tobias and Phebe Brown. He was 
educated at N.C. College, Roanoke College, A.B. 1875, 
D.D. 1925. After graduating from the Southern Seminary 
in 1878, he was ordained by the N.C. Synod. Churches 
served: in Miss., 1879-80; in N.C, 1881-88; in Va., 1888-92. 
In 1892, he returned to N.C. where he served churches in 
Iredell, Davie, Stanly, and Rowan Cos. until his retirement 
in 1921, with the exception of the years 1911-12 and 1918-20 
which he spent in Va. and Tenn. respectively. After his 
retirement he lived in China Grove and supplied Ebenezer, 
Rowan Co., 1927-30. He died 9 June 1934 and was buried 
at St. Luke's Church, Bear Poplar. He was the father of the 
Rev. Bachman Storch Brown (B.S. Brown, Jr.) (Sketches 
1966, 30-31) 

See endnote #238, Alexander Brown. 

695. fp.407, Thurs. Feb. 3, 1881] Milas A. Holshouser, 1880 
Census Rowan Co., N.C; Gold Hill Twp.; #94: 

Holshouser, Milas A. W M 50 Farmer 

Safiah L. W F 49 wife - Keeping House 

Ellen E.L. W F 9 daughter 

Jacob H. W M 74 father-in-law [sic] 

Smith, Joeanna WF 10 servant 

Cammell, David W M 24 Farm Laborer 

(Census'8o, 109) 

696. fp.407, Thurs. Feb. 10, 1881] The bride, Lundy M. 
Yost, probably was "Lunda" in the 1880 Census Rowan Co., 
N.C; Litaker Twp.; #2: 

Yost, Adaline W F 45 Keeping House 
Lunda L. W F 17 dau - At Home 

Jas. B.S. W M 14 son - Works on Farm 

Anna R. W F 6 daughter 

(Census'8o, 127) 

697. fp.410, Mond. May 16, 1881] Carson A.B. Beaver and 
his wife Alice E. had one child, Calvin A., age one, at the 
time of the taking of the 1880 Census. 

See endnote #6ij, Carson A.B. Beaver. 

698. fp.410, Sund. May 22, 1881] Daywalt Beaver, 1880 Cen- 
sus Rowan Co., N.C; Gold Hill Twp.; #71/72: 

Beaver, Davidault (?) W M 72 Farmer 
Martha W F 73 wife - Keeping House 

Beaver, Susan W F 37 daughter-in-law 

Eli D.A. W M 18 grandson - At Home 

(Census'8o, 106) 

699. fp.4n, Sund. June 5, 1881] Charles Alexander Rose was 
born 11 March 1857 m Rowan Co., N.C. He was the son of 
W.A. and Ann Kathern (Rodgers) Rose. His half-brother 
was the Rev. Richard S. Patterson. Mr. Rose was educated 
at N.C. College, A.B., 1880, A.M.; Southern Seminary, 
1883. He was ordained in 1883 by the S.W. Va. Synod and 
served in Floyd, Va., 1882-84. Ln 1884, he transferred to the 
N.C. Synod and served St. Paul-Bethel, Rowan Co., 1884- 
99, and Christ, Spencer, 1884-97. He died 2 July 1899 at the 
age of 42 while serving as president of the N.C. Synod. He 
is buried at Lutheran Chapel Church, China Grove. 
(Sketches 1966, 177) 

700. fp.4n, Sund.June 19, 1881] James H.Jenkins, 1880 Cen- 
sus Rowan Co., N.C; Gold Hill Twp.; #229: 

Jenkins, James H W M 25 Huckster 

(Census'8o, 122) 

701. fp.413, Mond. Aug. 1, 1881] Jerry Basinger, 1880 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C; Gold Hill Twp.; #109: 

Basinger, Jerry J. W M 45 Farmer 

Laah (?) T. W F 30 wife - Keeping House 

Amanda G. W F 19 dau - At Home 

Cruse, Orlin W M 12 grandson - Farm Laborer 

Barger, Catherine W F 60 mother-in-law 

Boger, Adolphus M. W M 19 Farmer 

(Census'8o, no) 

702. fp.413, Mond. Aug. 29, 1881] Zachariah Lyerly, 1880 
Census Rowan Co., N.C; Providence Twp.;#55: 

Lyerly, Zachiri W M 73 Farmer 
Lippard, Dora W F 42 House Keeper 

(Census'8o, 272) 

703. fp.414, Sat. Sept. 3, 1881] Rothrock "Went to Con- 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

cord.. ..Supper at Phebe Browns." The 1880 Census lists her 
as living in the Town of Salisbury. Phebe probably shared 
her time between Salisbury and Concord and was in Sal- 
isbury when the census taker came around. Her daughter, 
Lillian Luetta Brown, married the Rev. Samuel Thomas 
Hallman 18 July 1883 in Concord. (Davidson 1983, 238) 

704. fp.415, Frid. Oct. 14, 1881] Caleb Basinger, 1880 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C.; Litaker Twp.; #125: 

Basinger, Caleb A. W M 51 Farmer 

Catharine H. W F 44 wife - Keeping House 

Augustus M. W M 17 son - Works on Farm 

Ellen L. WF 13 dau-AtHome 

Emma J. W F 9 dau-AtHome 

William A. W M 3 son 

Elizabeth W F 90 mother - Retired 

from House-Keeping 
Old Age-parents 
born in PA. 

(Census'8o, 139) 

705. fp.415, Frid. Oct. 21, 1881] Thomas Hamlin Strohecker 
was new to the N.C. Synod and at this time was serving at 
St. Mark's, Charlotte. He was born 13 April 1847 in Charles- 
ton, S.C., and was educated at Wofford College, 1867, and 
the Philadelphia Seminary. Before entering the ministry he 
practiced law in Albany, Ga. He was ordained in 1879 by 
the Ministerium of Pennsylvania. In 1882 he transferred to 
the N.C. Synod where he served St. Mark's, Charlotte, 
1881-82; St. Matthew-St. Peter-Luther's, Rowan Co., 1881- 
86. He then served churches in Illinois for three years re- 
turning to North Carolina where he served St. Luke-Pil- 
grim, in Davidson Co. In 1896 he moved to Davidson, N.C, 
so that his children could attend Davidson College. While 
there, he studied medicine and graduated with first honors. 
Later he moved to Salem, Va., and practiced medicine until 
his health failed. He died 1 June 1916 in Washington, D.C., 
and is buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Charlotte. His obit- 
uary in the 1917 Synod minutes best described him, "He 
was a man of unusual gifts, wide scholarship, and great 
preaching ability." (Sketches 1966, 210-11) 

706. fp.417, Wed. Dec. 7, 1881] J.M. Gray, 1880 Census Row- 
an Co., N.C; Town of Salisbury; #564: 

Gray, J.M. W M 34 Lawyer-Intermittent 
Fever-b. KY 

A.L. W M 11 son-Intermittent Fever-b. KY 

M. W F 21 sister- Keeping House-b. KY 

W.F. W M 25 brother-Traveling 

Salesman - b. KY 

(Census'8o, 360) 

The "intermittent fever" these persons were experiencing 

was probably a manifestation of malaria. 

707. fp.417, Thurs. Dec. 15, 1881] J.M. Faggart, 1870 Census 
Cabarrus Co., N.C; Twp. 6; #98: 

Faggert, J.M. 39 M W farmer 1000 900 
A.C 37 F W keeping house 

Mary E. 9 F W at school 

JohnW. 5 M Wat home 

James R. 2 M W at home 

Boger, Wm. 17 M W farm hand 

(CABARRUs'70, 141) 

708. fp.417, Wed. Dec. 28, 1881] Adolphus A. Miller, 1880 
Census Rowan Co., N.C; Gold Hill Twp.; #96: 

Miller, Adolphus A. W M 21 Farmer 
Miller, Martha R. W F 18 sister - 

Keeping House 
Blue, Caswell B M 8 servant 

(Census'8o, 109) 

709. [p.417, Thurs. Dec. 29, 1881] John A. Peeler, 1880 Cen- 
sus Rowan Co., N.C; Morgan Twp.; #216: 

Peeler, Solomon W M 47 Farmer 

Susan [Beaver] W F 42 wife - Keeping House 

John Aflbert]. W M 21 son - Works on Farm 

Mary Jane W F 13 daughter 

Smith, Mathew W M 14 servant 

(Census'8o, 223) 

Samuel Rothrock and family were enumerated in adjacent 
household #215. 

Solomon Peeler was born 27 July 1823 and died 9 August 
1908. Lie was the son of Paul Peeler and Catherine Fisher. 
He married 10 September 1857 Susanna Beaver, the daugh- 
ter of Elias Beaver. 

See endnote #336. 

Solomon Peeler in the above census record should not be 
confused with Solomon J. Peeler (1813-1886), brother of 
Caleb Peeler and brother-in-law of Salome Rothrock Peel- 
er. Solomon J. Peeler married America Smith, sister of Nan- 
cy Ann Smith Arey Shemwell. 

See endnote #189. 

710. [p.417, Thurs Dec. 29, 1881] Jesse Miller, 1880 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C; Gold Hill Twp.; #52: 

Miller, Jesse W M 50 Farmer 
Margaret W F 51 wife - Keeping House 
Martin E. W M 21 son - At Home 
Mary L. W F 19 dau - At Home 

(Census'8o, 105) 

Annotations & Commentary (1881) 


711. tp.418, Sund. Jan. 8, 1882] Luther Barringer, 1880 Cen- 
sus Rowan Co., N.C.; Gold Hill Twp.; #25: 

Barringer, Luther J. W M 26 Farmer 

Ellen E.M. W F 27 wife - Keeping House 

George W.A. W M 4 son 

John H. W M 3 son 

Calvin B. W M 1 son 

(Census'8o, 102) 

712. fp.419, Sat. Feb. 18, 1882] The writing and reading of 
wills was among many of the varied services and tasks per- 
formed by Samuel Rothrock for members of his church and 
community. The will of Joseph Miller is recorded in Rowan 
Co., N.C. Will Book #2, page 9. (Mitchell [1987] 1992, 

713. fp.420, Sat. March 4, 1882] Moses Lingle, 1880 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C; Gold Hill Twp.; #170: 

Lingle, Moses W M 57 Farmer 
Ana L. W F 52 wife - Keeping House 

Littleton W. W M 22 son - Farmer 
Albert L. W M 19 son - Farmer 

Martha T. W F 17 dau - At Home 
Margaret A. W F 14 dau - At Home 
Martin L. WF 11 son - Farm Laborer 
Thomas R. W M 9 son 

(Census'8o, 116) 

John Lingle and Moses Lingle had sons named Littleton 
W. Presumably both children were named after Dr. Little- 
ton W. Coleman. 

See endnote #662, John Lingle. 

714. fp.420, Mond. March 13, 1882] Elizabeth Ketner died 
at the age of seventy- nine. 

See endnote #68j, Catharine Ketner, 1880 Census. 

715. fp.420, Wed. March 15,1882] Sarah ("Sally") Holshous- 
er, 1880 Census Rowan Co., N.C; Gold Hill Twp.; #68: 

Houlshouser, Lawson G. W M 41 Farmer 
Eva A. fmn. Smithdeal] W F 31 wife - Keeping House 
John A. WMn son -At Home 

SallieJ.C. WF 8 daughter 

Martha E. W F 3 daughter 

Sarah ["Sallie"] W F 72 mother-in-law [sic] 

-At Home. 

Miller, Jerry B M 21 laborer 

(Census'8o, 106) 

716. [420, Sat. March 18, 1882] Martin Miller, teacher of "our 
free school," probably is Martin Miller who was enumerated 
in the household of Jesse Miller in the 1880 Census. 

See endnote #jio, Jesse Mgiller, 1880 Census. 

717. fp.420, Mond. March 20, 1882] Absalom Cress, 1880 
Census Rowan Co., N.C; Litaker Twp.; #309: 

Cress, Absalom W M 45 Farmer 

Annie L. W M 38 wife - Keeping House 

Monroe W M 14 son - Works on Farm 

Theadore M. W M 11 son - Works on Farm 

Clary A. W F 9 daughter 

Leah T. W F 6 daughter 

Larua E. W F 3 daughter 

Susan A. WF 7/12 daughter 

Propst, Lawson W M 18 brother-in-law 

- Works on Farm 

(Census'8o, 157) 

718. fp.420, Thurs. March 23, 1882] In the 1850 Census of 
Rowan Co., N.C, Paul Beaver was enumerated as a "tailer" 
[sic]. 1880 Census Rowan Co., N.C; Gold Hill Twp.; #67: 

Beaver, Paul W M 61 Farmer [age probably 67] 
Delily W F 63 Keeping House 

Jane S. W F 35 dau - At Home 

(Census'8o, 106) 

See endnote #244, Paul Beaver, 1850 Census. 

719. fp.421, Sund, April 2, 1882] Sena Bostian, 1880 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C; Litaker Twp.; #261.: 

Bostian, Jacob A. W M 34 Farmer 

Sena E. W F 30 wife - Keeping House 

Mary L. W F 9 daughter 

Fanny S. W F 3 daughter 

Cora L. W F 8/12 Sept. - daughter 

(Census'8o, 152) 

720. fp.421, April 11, 1882] Samuel Rothrock helped dedicate 
St. Matthew's first house of worship on 27 July 1845 at which 
time the Rev. Joseph A. Linn was ordained. The congre- 
gation was building a new church and Samuel Rothrock 
participated in the laying of the cornerstone. 

See endnote #8y, St. Matthews Church, Rowan Co.. 

721. fp.422, Tues. May 16, 1882] The visiting Moses Miller 
family probably immigrated to Illinois from Rowan County 
or from one of the surrounding counties and they presum- 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

ably knew many people in the Salisbury area. Albert Burton 
Arey, Sr., whose guardian was Samuel Rothrock after the 
death of his father, moved to Union Co., 111. in 1875. He 
used to tell about a man called " Loeb Frick" of Rowan Co., 
N.C., who would walk to Union Co., 111., and back every 
summer in order to visit friends and relatives. The ties were 

See endnotes #417 and #55/. 

722. fp.423, Sat. June 17, 1882] Wade Drake, 1880 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C.; Gold Hill Twp.; #153.: 

Drake, Wade W M 37 Farmer 

Martha J. W F 29 wife - Keeping House 

Wyitt, Eve A. W F 45 mother-in-law-farm labor 

Ludrick, [sic]Tena W F 95 

Drake, Florance W F 1 daughter 


723. fp.424, Tues. July 11, 1882] This entry indicates that 
Samuel Rothrock had even another skill — that of surveying 

724. fp.424, Sund. July 16, 1882] Alexander Lyerly, 1880 Cen- 
sus Rowan Co., N.C.; Providence Twp.; #147: 

Lyerly, Alexander W M 51 Farmer 

Minty W F 49 wife - Keeping House 

Jane E. W F 29 dau - At Home 

Sarah W F 11 dau - At Home 

Lotty V. W F 8 granddaughter 

Otha T. W M 2 grandson 

Eller, Wesley W M 19 Laborer 

(Census'8o, 281) 

725. fp.425, Sund. Aug. 6, 1882] Crawford Peeler, 1880 Cen- 
sus Rowan Co., N.C.; Gold Hill Twp.; #151: 

Peeler, Crawford W M 36 Farmer 

Mary E. W F 32 wife - Keeping House 

JohnL.R. WM6 son 

Adam S. W M 1 son 

(Census'8o, 114) 

726. fp.425, Sund. Aug. 13, 1882] Abraham Lentz, 1880 Cen- 
sus Rowan Co., N.C.; Providence Twp.; #241: 

Lentz, Abraham W M 86 Farmer 

Catharine W F 57 wife - Keeping House 

Joseph W M 18 son - Farm Laborer 

(Census'8o, 291) 

727. fp.425, Wed. Aug. 23, 1882] Margaret Crawford, 1880 

Census Rowan Co., N.C.; Town of Salisbury; #333: 

Crawford, M.J. W F 42 Keeping House 
C.I. W F 19 daughter 

CD. WM18 son 

R.L. W M 16 son - Clerk 

W.R. W M 14 son 

W.H. WM12 son 

A.R. WF 8 daughter 

Agnes W F 6 daughter 

Long, Mariah B F 31 Cook 
Stewart, Samuel B M 49 Servant 

- born in VA 

(Census'8o, 336) 

See endnote #456, Wm. Crawford, 1870 Census. 

728. fp.425, Frid. Aug. 25, 1882] Henry Williams, 1880 Cen- 
sus Rowan Co., N.C.; Gold Hill Twp.; #194: 

Williams, Henry W M 39 Farmer - Born in England 

Amanda M. W F 37 wife - Keeping House 

*Mattie Mfelona] W F 8 daughter 

Ruben A. W M 4 son 

Lovelas L. W M 5/12 son 

Gracy W F 19 sister 

Tilman, John B M 22 Laborer 

(Census'8o, 118) 

* Mattie who "got entangled in the machinery at Misenhe- 
imer's...." was only ten years old at the time of her fatal 

729. [p. 427, Thurs. Oct. 19, 1882] George M. Fisher, 1880 
Census Rowan Co., N.C.; Gold Hill Twp.; #112: 

Fisher, George M. W M 49 Farmer 
Emma W F 44 wife - Keeping House 

Martha G.M. W F 16 dau - at Home 
Henry M.C. W M 14 son - Farmer 

Emma W. W F 11 dau - At Home 

Florance R. W F 9 daughter 

Jacob R.C. W M 2 son 

Grant, Adolphus W M 18 laborer 

(Census'8o, hi) 

730. fp.427, Thurs. Oct. 19, 1882] Albert L. Lingle, the 
groom, was the son of Moses and Ana L. Lingel. He was 
approximately twenty-one years of age when he married. 

See endnote #713, Moses Lingle, 1880 Census. 

731. fp.428, Sund. Nov. 12, 1882] Jacob Barger, 1880 Census 

Annotations & Commentary (1882) 

Rowan Co., N.C.; Litaker Twp.; #46.: 

Barger, Jacob W M 40 Farmer 
Elizabeth S. W F 33 Wife - Keeping House 
WF 11 Dau-AtHome 


Maggie E. 
Henry L. 
Ida J. 
John C. 
Charles J.C. 

W M 8 
WM 5 
WM 3 
WM 2 





(Census '80, 131) 

732. fp.428, Wed. Nov. 29, 1882] Crawford A. Miller, 1880 
Census Rowan Co., N.C.; Gold Hill Twp.; #49: 

Miller, Crofferd A. W M 42 Farmer 

Mary M. W F 41 wife - Keeps House 

Margaret A. W F 18 dau - at home 

-Spinal Affection 
Calvin L. W M 10 son - at home 

(Census'8o, 104) 

733. fp.428, Thurs. Nov. 30, 1882] Rufus Misenheimer, 1870 
Census Cabarrus Co., N.C.; Twp. 8; #34: 

Misenheimer, Rufus 38 M W farmer 1446 600 

Catherine 34 F W keeping house 

John 15 M W at school 

Eve E. 11 F W at school 

Camella 9 F W at school 

Martha 7 F W at school 

Ruben 15 M B farm hand X 

(CABARRus'70, 158) 

734. fp.428, Thurs. Nov. 30, 1882] Lawson Troutman, 1880 
Census Cabarrus Co., N.C.; Twp. 5; #36: 

Troutman, Lawson 22 M W Farmer 148 150 
Elen 22 F W keeping house 

Weaver, Margt. 60 F W at home cannot write 
Mary A. 8 F W at home 

(CABARRus'70, 118) 

735. fp.428, Thurs. Nov. 30, 1882] George Troutman, 1870 
Census Cabarrus Co., N.C.; Twp. 6; #50: 

Troutman, George 47 M W farmer 840 300 

Sophia 47 F W keeping house 

James R. 19 M W farm hand 

Pleasant M. 17 M W farm hand 

Caleb M. 16 M W farm hand 

Sophia M. 14 F W at school 

Wm. C. 12 M W at school 

Clarissa 11 F W at school 

Laura C. 7 F W at school 

736. [p.431, Thurs. Feb. 1, 1883] John H. Long, 1880 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C.; Providence Twp.; #285: 

Long, John H. W M 55 Farmer 

Anna W F 48 wife - Keeping House 

Fannie F W F 15 dau - At Home 

R. John W M 12 son - Farm Laborer 

Charley L. W M 9 son 

Kerns, John B M 21 laborer 

(Census'8o, 296) 

737. [p.431, Frid. Feb. 2, 1883] Dr. Gotthard Dellman Bern- 
heim, at this time, was the president of N.C. College. He 
was using the "mail hack" for transportation to Mt. Pleas- 

See endnote #297, Gotthard Dellman Bernheim. 

738. fp.432, Thurs. March 8 to Sat. March 10, 1883] The fact 
that Rothrock spent three days, "At the raising of St. Peter's 
Church." suggests this was a communal undertaking. "Rais- 
ings" were quite common, especially house and barn rais- 
ings. This was a church raising where a group of people 
combined their talents and worked together to construct 
the new church building. 

739. fp.432, Tues. March 20, 1883] This Diary entry implies 
that "the widow Haines" presently was the custodian of the 
"...German records of Dutchman Creek Church-book." 
The baptismal records of Dutchman's Creek Church in 
Davie County date back as far as 1766. 

See endnote #518, Dutchman's Creek Church. 

740. fp.432, Sat. March 31, 1883] Michael Eller, 1880 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C; Providence Twp.; #106: 

Eller, Michael W M 66 Farmer 

Molinda W F 39 wife - Keeping House 

(Census'8o, 277) 

741. fp.433, Sat. April 7, 1883] This was the third house of 
worship for St. Peter's Church. It replaced a frame church 
which was built ca. 1855. Rothrock was the pastor of St. 
Peter's Church from 1855 to 1868 and knew the older building 

See endnote #296, St. Peter's Church. 

742. fp.433, Wed. April 11, 1883] Moses Lingle was approx- 
imately sixty years old when he died. 

(CABARRus'70, 136) 

See endnote Moses Lingle, 1880 Census. 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

743-[p-434> Sund. May 6, 1883] Ferdinand William Elias 
Peschau came from St. Matthew's Church in Wilmington, 
N.C., to attend the 80th Meeting of the N.C. Synod when 
it convened at St. Stephen's Church in Cabarrus Co. on 2 
May 1883. Dr. Peschau was born 17 February 1849 at Claust- 
hal-Tellerfeld, Hannover, Germany. He was educated at 
Gettysburg College, A.B. 1872, Gettysburg Seminary, 1876 
and in 1891 was awarded a degree by N.C. College. The 
Pittsburg Synod licensed him in 1873 and ordained him in 
1876. Early in his career he served in Nebraska City, Neb., 
and Nashville, Tenn, 1876-82. In N.C. he served St. Paul, 
Wilmington, 1882-92 and began a Sunday School 1890. He 
organized and built St. Matthew's Church in Wilmington 
in 1892 and the Rev. Gotthard Dellman Bernheim became 
its first pastor. From 1893-1900 he was in Greensburg, Pa. 
and after that, 1900-16, he was in Miamisburg, Ohio. In 
addition to pastoral work, he served as president of the N.C. 
Synod, 1886-90. He was a member of the board of N.C. 
College and a member of a special commission which was 
appointed to organize its four North Carolina Synod Negro 
pastors and their congregations into a synod — The Alpha 
Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Freedmen 
in America. He died 9 March 1916 and is buried at Miamis- 
burg, Ohio. (Sketches 1966, 161) 

744. fp.435, Frid. June 15, 1883] Frank T. Patterson, 1880 
Census Rowan Co., N.C; Locke Twp.: #28: 

Patterson, I. Frank W M 37 Merchant 

M. Lou W F 35 wife - Keeping House 

Robert L. W M 9 son 

Cora L. W F 7 daughter 

MaryL. WF 6 daughter 

Sallie T. W F 4 daughter 

Arthur L. W M 3 son 

Katie E. W F 1 daughter 

Partee, Margaret B F 25 servant 

(Census'8o, 173) 

745. [p.435, Sund. June 17, 1883] Margaret Shinn, 1880 Cen- 
sus Rowan Co., N.C; Gold Hill Twp.; #152: 

Shinn, Samuel J. W M 34 Teacher in 

Common School 
Margaret W F 63 Keeping House 

(Census'8o, 114) 

746. ^.436, Wed. July 18, 1883] The Rev. Samuel Thomas 
Hallman married 2nd Lillian Luetta Brown, the daughter 
of Tobias and Phebe Arey Brown and the niece of Amelia 
and Samuel Rothrock. She was born 7 February 1859 in 
Iredell Co., N.C. and died 5 October 1940 and was fifteen 
years younger than the Rev. Mr. Hallman. At the time of 
her marriage she was conducting a private school in Con- 
cord and also was a church organist. The couple had eight 

children. Their oldest daughter, Lillie Belle Hallman, mar- 
ried John Grant Carrier and was the head of the music 
department at Lenoir College, Hickory, N.C. (Davidson 
1983, 238-43) 

See endnote #681, Samuel Thomas Hallman. 

747. fp.438, Sat. Sept. 1, 1883] F. W. Korf, 1880 Census Row- 
an Co., N.C; Litaker Twp.; #10: 

Korf Fred W. W M 41 Farmer 

Elizabeth W F 58 wife - Keeping House 

(Census'8o, 128) 

748. fp.438, Frid. Sept. 7, 1883] The new Luther's Church 
building was a frame structure which replaced an early log 
structure. Samuel Rothrock served Luther's Church, Row- 
an Co., 1841-1845. 

See endnote #i8j, Luther s Church. 

749. fp.438, Tues. Sept. 11, 1883] John Peeler, 1880 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C; Gold Hill Twp.; #59/60: 

Peeler, John W M 80 Farmer 
Peeler, Emaline W F 35 daughter-in-law 

-Kpng. House 
John A.M. W M 17 grandson - At Home 

(Census'8o, 105) 

John Peeler married Elizabeth Kluttz 6 March 1821. They 
had five children, their youngest being Monroe Peeler who 
was born 14 July 1840. On 30 May 1861, Monroe married 
Emeline Holshouser. He enlisted in Confederate Army 19 
May 1863 and died of disease contracted during or shortly 
after the end of the war. Monroe Peeler and Emaline 
Holshouser Peeler had one child, John A.M. Peeler. (Ar- 
nold 1984, 254,273) 

750. fp.439, Sund. Oct. 28, 1883] George Francis Schaeffer, 
the guest Reformation Sunday speaker at Organ Church, 
was the president of N.C. College. He was born 3 January 
1830 in Carmel, Preston Co., W. Va. He received his D.D. 
degree at Gettysburg College and after several years in busi- 
ness he became an educator and was a professor at N.C. 
College and Mont Amoena Seminary, 1860-61. When 
these institutions closed during the Civil War he went 
North. He was licensed 1861 and ordained 1865 by the Al- 
legheny Synod. In 1882 he returned to North Carolina and 
was principal, Mont Amoena Seminary, 1882-83 and pres- 
ident, N.C. College 1883-87. He also served First Church, 
Albemarle-Mt. Carmel, Cabarrus Co., 1883-84; Mt. Her- 
mon, Cabarrus Co., 1884; St. James, Concord, 1885-86. He 
retired in 1887 and died 27 September 1916. (Sketches 1966, 

751. fp.441, Sat. Dec. 8, 1883] The " Lutheran 

Annotations & Commentary (1883) 


Church." where Rothrock assisted in the laying of the cor- 
ner stone was St. John's in Salisbury. The church being built 
was the fourth St. John's church building and the second 
one to be built at Main and Liberty Streets. Two years later, 
on 3 December 1885, the Watchman printed this notice: "The 
Evangelical Lutheran congregation will have their first ser- 
vice in their new church on Sunday." (Agner 1988, 174) Col. 
Paul Nathaniel Heilig, with whom Rothrock had dinner, 
was the treasurer of the Synod, 1880-1889. 

752.fp.441, Thurs. Dec. 27, 1883] Cornelius Kestler, 1880 
Census Rowan Co., N.C.; Providence Twp.; #169: 

Kesler, Cornelius W M 55 Farmer 
Anna C. W F 53 wife - Keeping House 

Henry A. W M 27 son - Laborer 

Lewis A. W M 12 son - Laborer 

Pool, John W M 22 laborer 

(Census'8o, 284) 


753. fp.442, Sund. Jan. 20, 1884] Calvin Lipe, 1880 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C.; Litaker Twp.; #424: 

Lipe, Calvin A. W M 21 

Jennie W F 18 wife - Keeping House 

Elizabeth W F 50 mother - Keeping House 

Leah W F 33 aunt - At Home 

(Census'8o, 169) 

754. fp.442, Sat. Jan. 26, 1884] In the 1880 Census of Rowan 
Co., five children were enumerated in the household of the 
Rev. Richard L. Brown. 

See endnotes #jp8, R. L. Brown, 1880 Census, and #474, 

755. fp.443, Mond. Feb. 4, 1884] David Barringer and Mary 
Ellen ("Polly") Arey Barringer were celebrating their "mat- 
rimonial semi-centennial." They were married 4 February 
1834, in a ceremony performed by Samuel Rothrock, the 
bride's brother-in-law. 

See endnote #6, David and Mary Ellen Arey Barringer. 

756. fp.445, Sat. April 5, 1884] Edward Wise, 1880 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C.; Providence Twp.; #118: 

Wise, Edward W M 49 Farmer 

Catharine W F 51 wife - Keeping House 

Mary A. W F 20 dau - At Home 

Matilda W F 17 dau - At Home 

Verble, William W M 12 laborer 

(Census'8o, 278) 

Edward Wise and Catharine Blackwell were married 23 
May 1858 by S. J. Peeler, Justice of the Peace. (Holcomb 
1981, 432) 

757. fp.446, Wed. May 14, 1884] Eve Elizabeth Trexler was 
approximately forty-eight years old when she died. In 1880 
she had three children, two sons and a daughter. 

See endnote #588, Laivson A. Trexler, 1880 Census. 

758. fp.447, Frid. June 27 to Sund. June 29, 1884] St. Peter's 
new church building was dedicated by the Rev. Thomas 
Hamlin Strohecker and the Rev. John B. Davis, D.D., dur- 
ing the meeting of this Special Conference. Pastor Stro- 
hecker served St. Peters 1881-1885. In 1947, transepts were 
added to enlarge the building. (Morgan 1953, 239-40) 

See endnote #296, St. Peter's Church. 

759. [p. 448, Sat. July 26, 1884] John Daniel Shirey, son of 
Peter and Julia Ann Kizer Shirey, was born 15 May 1836 at 
or near Staunton, Va. He was educated; Roanoke College 
(2nd graduating class) A.B. 1857, honorary A.M., D.D., 
1895; Gettysburg Seminary, i860. He was licensed in i860 
and ordained in 1861 by the Va. Synod. He served churches 
in Va., S.C., and N.C. In 1899, he became the president of 
N.C. College and remained in this position until his death 
5 April 1896. Along with the Rev. Charles Lee Thornton 
Fisher, he supplied Holy Trinity, Mt. Pleasant, 1890-92. 
(Sketches 1966, 193) 

760. [p. 449, Sat. Aug. 9, 1884] Daniel Menius, 1880 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C,; Locke Twp.; #192: 

Menis, Daniel W M 65 Farmer (father 

b. Switzerland) 
Elizabeth W F 62 wife - Keeping House 

(father born Kenty) 
Sarah J. WF 37 dau - Asst House Work 

(Census'8o, 192) 

Daniel Menius, born 16 March 1815, was the son of John 
Frederick Menius, a shoemaker, and Rosannah Hartman, 
who lived and farmed west of China Grove, N.C, in the 
locale of Grace Lutheran Church. Contrary to the infor- 
mation in the above census record, the father of Daniel 
Menius was born in Schluchtern, Hesse, Germany. John 
Frederick came to America as a Hessian soldier but after 
being captured he joined the N.C. Militia for the duration 
of the war. He is buried in Wilhelm Cemetery, Rowan Co. 
Daniel Menius married Elizabeth Turner on 3 August 1835. 
Both are buried at Salem Lutheran Church, Rowan Co., 
N.C. Their children were; 

1. Mary, born 26 August 1840, married Edmund 
Sifford on 25 July 1861. Edmund, born 3 July 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

1839, joined the Confederate Army (NC 57th 
Regiment) and was wounded at Gettysburg. The 
couple had seven children; Edmond Monroe, b. 
1862; Elizabeth, b. 1866; Samuel Turner, b. 1869; 
Wylie Lee, born 1872; Legrand Walter, born 1875; 
Vastine Stickley, b. 1377; Jennie, b. 1879. 

2. Jane, born in 1843. 

3. Margaret, married Samuel Legrand Elliot, 

September, 1865. (Informant: Joseph M. "Red" 
Menius, 4302 Barth Drive, St. Louis, MO 

See endnote #$2j, Jacob Menius, 1880 Census. 

761. fp.449, Wed. Aug. 20, 1884] Edward Pool, 1880 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C; Providence Twp.; #104: 

Pool, Edward W M 64 Farmer 
Susan W F 63 wife - Keeping House 

Clarissa W F 25 dau - At Home 

Basinger, Robbert W M ro laborer 

(Census'8o, 276) 

Edward Pool married Susanna Hartman 24 April 1839. 
Samuel Rothrock preached Edward Pool's funeral at St. 
Matthew's Church, 29 November 1883. (Linn 1992, 19) 

762. [p.449,Tues. Aug. 26, 1884] Rosena Bostian, 1880 Cen- 
sus Rowan Co., N.C; Litaker Twp.; #266: 

Bostian, Rosena W F 59 Keeping House 
Henry A. W M 27 son - Works on Farm 

Charles D. W M 17 son - Works on Farm 

(Census'8o, 153) 

763. fp.449, Wed. Aug. 27, 1884] Allison Bost, 1880 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C; Gold Hill Twp.; #78: 

Bost, Allison W M 36 Farmer 

Mary C. W F 31 wife - Keeping House 

Sarah E.A. W F 12 daughter 

Margaret E.E. W F 6 daughter 

Martha C.A. WF 4 daughter 

Minnie W. W F 1 daughter 

(Census'8o, 107) 

764. fp.450, Mond. Sept. 1, 1884] Catharine Bailey, widow, 
was enumerated in the 1880 Census Rowan Co., N.C; Uni- 
ty Twp.; #36: 

Bailey, Hubbard W M 29 Farmer 

Catharine W F 56 mother- Keeping House 

(Census'8o, 434) 

765. fp.450, Wed. Sept. 10, 1884] Christena Canup, 1880 

Census Rowan Co., N.C; Gold Hill Twp.; #168: 

Canup, Samuel W M 51 Farmer 

Linda W M 12 dau - At Home 

Household #169: 

Canup, Christinna W F 68 sister-in-law 

Keeping House 


Before her death but after the taking of the 1880 Census, 
Christena evidently changed her place of residence and Lit- 
tleton W. Lingle established his own household. 

See endnote Moses Lingle, 1880 Census. 

766. [p. 450, Sat. Sept. 20, 1884] Edmond Emmanuel Kluttz 
was twenty-five years old in the 1880 Census of Rowan Co. 

See endnote #6$j, Edmond Emmanuel Kluttz. 

767. fp.451, Thurs. Oct. 16, 1884] John Steele Henderson 
was elected a member of the United States Congress in 1885 
on the Democratic ticket. He served five terms before being 
defeated in 1895 by Populist Charles Martin from Anson 
County. (Brawley 1853, 328) 

1880 Census Rowan Co., N.C; Town of Salisbury; #173: 

Henderson, J. S. W M 34 Lawyer 

E.B. W F 30 wife - Keeping House 

E.B. W F 4 daughter 

Achaball W F 2 son 

Cain, S.J. W F 51 grandmother - Boarder 

(Census'8o, 320) 

The second candidate, "Dr. Ramsey," was Dr. James Gra- 
ham Ramsey who was enumerated in the 1880 U.S. Census 
of Rowan Co.; Scotch-Irish Twp.; #156: 

Ramsay, James G. W M 57 Physician 

Sarah J. W F 52 wife - Keeping House 

Robt. L. W M 17 son - Laborer 

Claudius C. W M 14 son - Laborer 

Lydia C. W F 35 sister - Asst House Keeper 

(Census'8o, 416) 

768. [p.451, Thurs. Oct. 16, 1884] John Powlas, 1880 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C; Gold Hill Twp.; #1: 

Powlas, John W M 65 Farmer 

Mary C W F 45 wife - Keeping House 

Joseph A. W M 30 son - at home 

Margaret A. W F 26 dau - at home 

Martha E. W F 23 dau - at home 

Camilla J. WF 20 dau - at home 

Sarah A. W F 18 dau - at home 

Annotations & Commentary (1884) 

Ada A. 
Lillie R. 
Hanah R. 
Mary V. 


dau - at home 
dau - at home 

(Census'8o, ioo), Tues. 

Cabarrus Co., N. 

Cruse, Peter 


Eliz. S. 
Geo. E. 
Mac M. 

Roseman, Hark 

Oct. 21, 1884] Peter Cruse, 1870 Census 
C; Twp. 5; #28: 

43 M W farmer 

2125 [value real estate] 
48 F W keeping house 

800 [value personal est.] 
22 F W at home 
15 F W farm hand 
13 M W farm hand 
11 M W at home not r/w 
9 M W at home 
2 F W at home 
17 M B farm hand not r/w 

(CABARRUs'70, 117. 

Peter Cruse was born 7 February 1827 and died 13 July 1887. 
He was the son of John Cruse (1790-1847) and Sophia Heilig 
Duke (1791-1845), daughter of George Michael and Cathe- 
rine Heilig. His second wife was Mary Ann Hartman (1824- 
1884). Peter Cruse enlisted in the Confederate Army 7 July 
1862. (Cruse 1992, 33-34) 

770. tp.451, Sat. Oct. 25, 1884] John Charles Francis Rupp, 
was born 23 June 1856 in Dayton, Pa. He was educated at 
Gettysburg College, A. B. and A.M. 1878; Gettysburg Sem- 
inary, 1883. In 1884 he was ordained by the Pittsburg Synod. 
While a professor at N.C. College, 1885-87, he was a mem- 
ber of the N.C. Synod. He transferred back to the Pittsburg 
Synod in 1887 and served churches in Pennsylvania, Ontar- 
io, Canada, and Ohio. He died in 1933. (Sketches 1966, 

771. fp.452, Wed. Nov. 12, 1884] The Diet [Conference] of 
the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the South was held in 
the Court House in Salisbury where St. John's congregation 
was currently holding Sunday services because the new 
church building was still under construction. "The purpose 
of the Diet was to inaugurate 'a more general organic union 
properly based on the Confessions of the Church, invested 
with proper powers, among the Lutheran Synods in the 
South.'" (Agner 1988, 175) 

772. ^.453, Wed. Dec. 3; Sat. Dec. 13; Wed. Dec. 17; Thurs. 
Dec. 18, 1884] Rothrock spent considerable time during the 
early part of December buying corn. He went first to David 
Barringer's but "failed." The fact that he was out trying to 
purchase corn meant that he either had not planted a 

sufficient amount for his wintertime needs, had a crop fail- 
ure, or he had not planted any corn. He finally made ar- 
rangements to buy corn from Jacob Grupy but had to go 
back to " Ellen Grupy s plantation" in order to bring it 
home. Ellen Arey Kesler Grupy was the daughter of Milas 
Arey by his first wife, Mary Sophia Barringer Hartman 
Arey. and the niece of Amelia Rothrock. 

Jacob Grupy is listed in the 1880 Census of Rowan Co., 
N.C; Providence Twp.; #183: 

Genpy [sic], Jerob [sic] W M 22 [sic] Machinist 

- b. MD 

Ellen J[ane] W F 30 [sic] wife 

- Keeping House 
Kesler, S[ophia] W F 11 step-dau - At Home 

(Census'8o, 285) 

In 1880, Jacob Grupy was ca. 52 years old and Ellen, born 
12 Nov. 1844, was 36. (Davidson 1983, 183-87) One must 
conclude that the original 1880 census record was illegible 
to the person attempting to transcribe it. 

See endnote #4JJ, Jacob Grupy, i8jo Census. 

773. [p.453, Thurs. Dec. 25, 1884] Christmas Day was mid- 
week and Rothrock performed two home weddings. For 
the wedding of John S. Beaver and Mary Jane Peeler he 
only had to go to the neighboring household of Solomon 
Peeler and Susanna Beaver Peeler. 

See endnote #606, Solomon Peeler, 1880 Census. 

774. fp.453, Thurs. Dec. 25, 1884] The second Christmas 
Day wedding was that of Williamson M. Linker and Cam- 
illa C. Earnheart at the home of Milas A. Holshouser in 
Gold Hill Township. 1880 Census Rowan Co., N.C; Litak- 
er Twp.; #192: 

Linker, Isaac S. W M 53 Farmer 
Phebe W F 54 wife - Keeping House 

Williamson M. W M 20 son - Works on Farm 
Flora A. WF 17 dau -At Home 

Laura M. W F 14 dau - At Home 

Isaac J.W.B. W M 10 son - Works on Farm 

(Census'8o, 145) 


775. fp.454, Thurs. Jan. 1, 1885] Samuel Rothrock made no- 
tations about the weather throughout his Diary but he al- 
ways did so in general terms. Never once did he report the 
temperature in degrees or the depth of the snow in inches. 

776. tp.454, Thurs. Jan. 15, 1885] Paul Jeremiah Kluttz was 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

born 8 April 1848 and died 22 May 1907. He was the son of 
Tobias Kluttz (1821-1864) and Elizabeth Peck (1816-1883), 
daughter of John Peck. Margaret Alice Cruse was born 13 
November 1859 and died 8 Oct 1957. She was the daughter 
of Paul and Mary Long Cruse. After Paul Jeremiah Kluttz 
died, Margaret married 2 November 1910, the Rev. Paul 
Barringer. (Kluttz 1990, 391-92) 

777. fp.455, Sat. Feb. 28, 1885] Tempe Bostian, 1880 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C.; Litaker Twp.; #61: 

Bostian, Teinpie W F 46 Keeping House 
Robert A. W M 19 son - Works on Farm 

(Census'8o, 133) 

778. fp.456, Thurs. March 12, 1885] Jacob H. Holshouser 
was 79 years old when he died, if his age is calculated from 
the 1880 census. 

See endnote #695, Milas A. Holshouser, 1880 Census. 

779. fp.456, Thurs. March 12, 1885] Luther A. Heilig was 
the thirty year old son of Mary A. Heilig and Caleb Heilig, 

See endnote #570, Mary A. Heilig, 1880 Census. 

780.fp.457, Frid. 

sus Cabarrus Co 

Fisher, Charles 
Sarah [Cruse] 
Leah L. 

Klutts, Eliz. C 
Sarah E. 
Fisher, Tampa 

March 20, 1885] Charles Fisher, 1870 Cen- 
, N.C.; Twp. 6; #79/80: 

61 M W farmer 1380 800 





F W keeping house 
F W at home 
F W at home - deafdumb 
F W at home - deafdumb 
M W farm hand - deafdumb 
F W schoolteacher 
F W at home 
F W at home [nee Fisher] 
M W at school 
F W at home 
F B domestic servant 
not r/w 

(CABARRUs'70, 139) 

78i[p.457, Thurs. April 9, 1885] Lottie S. Trexler was the 
seventeen year old daughter of Moses Trexler, 1880 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C.; Providence Twp.; #175: 

Trexler, Moses W M 54 Farmer 

Eve C. W F 47 wife - Keeping House 

Sarah C. W F 16 dau - At Home 

Willey O. W M 14 son - Farm Laborer 

Lottie S. WF 12 dau - At Home 

Ellen D. W F 9 daughter 

Francis R. W F 3 daughter 

(Census'8o, 295) 

782. fp.457, Sund. April 26, 1885] Dovie D. Brown was six- 
teen years old when she married Harvey A. Holshouser. 
Calvin L. Brown, 1880 Census Rowan Co., N.C.; Gold Hill 
Twp.; #45: 

Brown, Calvin L. W M 39 Farmer 
Matecia W F 36 wife - Keeping House 

Ellen Afugusta] W F 13 dau - at home 
Dovie D. W F 11 dau - at home 

George L.L. W M 6 son 
JohnL.C. W M 4 son 

Riblen, Margaret W F 70 mother-in-law 

- at home 

(Census'8o, 104) 

783. fp.458, Thurs. May 13, 1885] Levi Casper, 1880 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C.; Morgan Twp.; #177: 

Casper, Levi W. W M 63 Farmer 
Catharine W F 65 wife - Keeping House 

Nancy W F 22 dau - At Home 

[sic, born 1848] 

(Census'8o, 219) 

784. fp.458, Thurs. May 21, 1885] Monroe M. Ketner, 1880 
Census Rowan Co., N.C.; Litaker Twp.; #87: 

Ketner, Nancy W F 54 Keeping House 
Monroe M. W M 24 son - Farmer 

(Census'8o, 135) 

785. fp.458, Thurs. May 21, 1885] Ellen Eve Ann Barringer 
Miller was the widow of Charles Alexander Miller who 
died 23 December 1880. 

See endnote #568, Charles A. Miller, 1880 Census. 

786. fp.458, Frid. May 29, 1885] Archibald Cline, 1870 Cen- 
sus Cabarrus Co., N.C.; Twp. 8; #17: 

Cline, Archibald 48 M W farmer 1856 800 
Mary A. 44 F W keeping house 

Hetty C. 26 F W at home 

John D. 20 M W farm hand 

Lunda 17 F W at home 

Martin L. 11 M W at school 

Ida M. 9 F W at school 

James E. 4 M W at home 

Ridenhour, Eliz. 70 F W at home 
Miller, Paul 14 M W farm hand 

(CABARRUs'70, 156) 

787. fp.458, Mond. June 1, 1885] Mathias W. Stikeleather, 

Annotations 8c Commentary (1885) 


1880 Census Rowan Co., N.C.; Gold Hill Twp.; #65/66: 

Stikeleather, Mathias W. W M 40 Farmer 
Rachel L. W F 39 wife-Keeping 


Laruah E.A. W F 20 dau - At Home 

JohnW.A. WM14 son -At Home 

Agusta F W F n daughter 

Lula J[oana] W F 9 daughter 

Minnie W. W F 7 daughter 

ClarahM. WF 4 daughter 

James W M 1 son 

Holshouser, David C. W M 25 son-in-law 

- Farmer 

MaryE. W F 19 dau - At Home 

Jenkins, John B M 27 laborer 

(Census'8o, 106) 

788. ^.459, Mond.June 1, 1885] Uriah E. Miller was a thirty- 
seven year old farmer. 

See endnote #604, Uriah E. Miller, 1880 census. 

789. fp.459, Mond.June 1, 1885] Rufus A. Shimpoch, 1880 
Census Rowan Co., N.C.; Gold Hill Twp.; #230: 

Shimpoch, Rufus A. W M 44 Physician 

Ellen W F 39 wife - Keeping House 

Lillie D. W F 12 dau - At Home 

(Census'8o, 122) 

790. fp.460, Sund.July 12, 1885] William Stoudenmire was 
the pastor of St. John's Church, Salisbury, 1884-86, his only 
North Carolina pastorate. A graduate of Southern Semi- 
nary, he was licensed by S. W. Va. Synod in 1878 and or- 
dained in 1880. In 1884 he transferred to the N.C. Synod 
and accepted a call to St. John's Church in Salisbury, be- 
ginning 1 October 1884. The congregation's new church on 
the corner of Main and Liberty Streets was under construc- 
tion and "Reverend Stoudenmire's duties were largely to 
act as financial representative to secure funds to complete 
the church and to cancel the borrowed funds expended in 
the erection of the Church building." On 11 June 1886 he 
ended a "successful but unusual" twenty month ministry 
and transferred to the East Ohio Synod. He was succeeded 
by the Rev. Charles Banks King in October 1886. (Agner 
1988, 173-75) 

791. [p. 460, Sat. July 25, 1885] Caleb Cruse was born 2 April 
1838 and died 26 June 1936. His older brother was Joseph 
A. Cruse who was born 20 July 1833 and died in July 1865. 
They were sons of Paul Cruse (1803-1879) and Susannah 
Cress Cruse (1802-1895). Both brothers served in the Con- 
federate Army. Caleb was taken prisoner at Rappahannock 
but lived to come home. Joseph A. Cruse was killed at 

Gettysburg. Anderson Alexander Cruse who was born 27 
February 1857 and died 6 January 1939 was the son of Joseph 
A. Cruse and Rachel Beaver Cruse. (Cruse 1992, 62,68,69) 

See endnote #679, Rachel Cruse, i8yo Census. 

792. fp.461, Sund. Aug. 2, 1885] Henry Alexander Trexler 
was born 22 Dec. 1855 near Rockwell, N.C. His parents were 
Caleb and Elizabeth Levina (Lyerly) Trexler. He was edu- 
cated: N.C. College, 1 year, Roanoke College, 2 years, A.B. 
1882, A.M. 1885; Southern Seminary, 1 year, Philadelphia 
Seminary, 1886; Chicago Seminary, B.D. 1911. After his or- 
dination in 1886 by Ministerium of Pennsylvania, he trans- 
ferred to the N.C. Synod. He served churches in Rowan 
and Forsyth Counties from 1886 until his retirement in 1931 
at Rockwell. He died 1 May 1945 in his 90th year and is 
buried at St. Peter's Church, Rowan Co. (Sketches 1966, 

1880 Census Rowan Co., N.C, Providence Twp.; #59: 

Trexler, Elizabeth W F 50 Keeping House 
Henry [Alexander] W M 24 son-Teaching School 
John David W M 18 son - Farm Laborer 

(Census'8o, 272) 

793. [p. 461, Sund. Aug. 23, 1885] Junius Bost Fox was of the 

Fox family of Lutheran ministers and clergy wives. He was 
the son of the Rev. Alfred J. and Lydia Bost Fox and a 
younger brother of the Rev. L. A. Fox. On this occasion he 
was a visiting clergyman from the Holston Synod. 
(Sketches 1966, 68-69) 

794. fp.462, Sat. Sept. 5, 1885] Moses Barger, 1880 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C; Gold Hill Twp.; #113: 

Barger, Moses W M 40 Farmer 
Elisabeth W F 38 wife - Keeping House 

Francis L. W F 12 dau - At Home 
Ellen L. W F 10 dau - At Home 

Leah D. W F 7 daughter 

OllyG.B. WF 5 daughter 
Junnie I. W M 3 son 

Madie E. W F 1 daughter 

(Census'8o, hi) 

795. fp.462, Frid. Sept. 18, 1885] Rothrock started building 
his home on St. Peter's Church Road on the eve of the Civil 
War. Allowing for construction time, the house was now 
between twenty and twenty-four years old and probably in 
need of repair. From an architectural standpoint, it would 
be interesting to know if any evidence exists today that the 
house or any other buildings on the property were covered 
with shingles. 

796. fp.462, Frid. Sept. 18, 1885] Henryjames Arey was born 
20 December 1839 and died 6 October 1924. He married 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

Lewis Tobias Brown (1865— 1940), the only son ofPhebe and Tobias 
Brown, wasanephew of Samuel and Amelia Rothrock. He is shown 
in the uniform of the noted "Richmond Greys. "In the 1880's this 
militia company was composed of sixty percent Confederate veter- 
ans. In June 1888 the company participated in a ceremon ial for 
President Grant at Staten Island, New York. They represented the 
South and, according to "Tobie" Brown, they did it with grandeur. 

(endnote #799) 

Millie Ritchie Frickwho was born 3 February 1838 and died 
13 April 1909. Both are buried at Wesley Chapel, Misen- 
heimer, N.C. He was the son of Gabriel Henry Arey (1794- 
1880) and Priscilla ("Prissy") Parker (1797— 1866), the daugh- 
ter of Richard Parker and Mary Harris Parker. (Davidson 
1983. 45>46,49) 

797. tp.463, Thurs. Oct. 1, 1885] At the time of the 1880 Cen- 
sus, Martha R. Miller was eighteen years old and was living 
with her brother, Adolphus A. Miller, in Gold Hill Town- 

See endnote #jo8, Adolphus A. Miller, 1880 Census. 

798. fp.463, Thurs. Oct. 1, 1885] Eli DA. Beaver was about 
twenty-three years old when he married Martha R. Miller 
if his age is calculated from the 1880 census. He was the 
grandson of Daywalt Beaver. 

See endnote #698, Daywalt Beaver, 1880 Census. 

799. [p.463, Sund. Oct. 4, 1885] Tobias ("Tobie") Brown was 
the Rothrocks' twenty year old nephew. He was the young- 
est child and only son of Phebe and Tobias Brown. Lewis 
Tobias Brown, Jr. was born 8 February 1865 in Troutman, 
N.C, and died 15 February 1940. He married Sarah Eliza- 
beth ("Sallie Lee") Boinest who was born 23 July 1868 in 
Newberry, S.C., and died 8 April 1940. Both are buried in 
Chestnut Hill Cemetery, Salisbury, N.C. Sally Boinest 
Brown was the daughter of the Rev. Thaddeus Street Boin- 
est, a prominent Lutheran minister who was educated in 
Charleston, S.C., under the tutelage of Dr. John Bachman. 
(Davidson 1983, 247) 

800. [p.463, Wed. Oct. 7, 1885] Sarah C. Barger is listed 
with her husband John Barger in the 1880 Census Rowan 
Co., N.C; Franklin Twp.; #45: 

Barger, John N. W M 25 Farmer 

Sarah C. W F 30 wife - Keeping House 

(Census'8o, 63) 

801. [p.463, Thurs. Oct. 22, 1885] Dr. Chalmers Melancthon 
Pool was the son of Otha V. Pool. 1880 Census Rowan Co., 
N.C; Providence Twp.; #221: 

Pool, Otha V. W M 55 Farmer 

Lueritia K.[sic] W F 49 wife - Keeping House 

[Lucretia mn Lentz] 

Chalmers M. W M 25 son - M.D. 

Francis W. W M 23 son - Fruit Agent 

Eltha G. W F 16 dau - At Home 

Irvin A. W M 14 son - Farm Laborer 

Ludaria W F 11 dau - At Home 

Pool, Gideon M. W M 7 son 

(Census'8o, 290) 

Note: The surname is given as "Van Poole" by Jo White 
Linn. (Linn 1984, 289) 

802. [p.463, Thurs. Oct. 22, 1885] Mary E. Linn was the 
daughter of Robert John Linn and Joicy Catherine Redwine 
Linn. She was born 8 January 1866 and died 18 July 1947. 
1880 Census Rowan Co., N.C; Providence Twp.; #11: 

Linn, J. C. 

[Joicy Redwine] 
Thomas C[alvin] 
Pleasant D[avid] 
Mary E[liza] 
Miller, Maryan 

[Barringer Redwine] 

WF 41 

W M 20 son - At School 
W M 18 son - Farm Laborer 
W F 14 dau - At Home 
W F 63 - mother 


Mary Anna Barringer, born 4 October 1816, married 10 Dec. 
1835, Pleasant Redwine who died before 1850. Their only 

Annotations & Commentary (1885) 


child, Joicy Catherine Redwine, was born 15 June 1838. Joicy 
Catherine married Robert John Linn who was born 9 Au- 
gust 1831 and died 17 May 1867. He was the son of David 
Linn and Eliza Hartman Linn. Pleasant Redwine died be- 
fore 1850. On 1 November 1859, Mary Anna Barringer Red- 
wine married John C. Miller. Her brother was David Bar- 
ringer and Joicy Redwine Linn was a niece of David and 
Mary Ellen ("Polly") Barringer. (Dickson ca.1970) 

See endnotes #110, David Linn, #503, Joicy Redwine Linn, 
and #2, John and Katharine Barringer. 

803. fp.463, Sund. Oct. 25, 1885] Caleb Lawrence Kluttz was 
born 16 December 1858 and died 26 December 1934. He was 
the son of Moses Kluttz, Jr. and Mary Carolina Cruse Cline. 
Ellen Augusta Brown was born 23 November 1866 and died 
18 November 1930. She was the daughter of Calvin and 
Malinda Ribelin Brown. Caleb Kluttz resided in Franklin 
Twp, Rowan Co., N.C., with his uncle, Jacob A. Kluttz 
whose homeplace he inherited. (Kluttz 1990, 417,421) 

804. fp.464, Mond. Nov. 23, 1885] In i860, the John Brady 
family resided in household #694 and in all probability were 
close-by neighbors of Samuel Rothrock whose household 
was numbered #686 in that same census. 

i860 Census Rowan Co., N.C.; Post Office Rockville; #694: 

John Brady 54 M farmer 
Sarah 53 F house keeper 

Moses G. 24 M day laborer 
Calvin M. 20 M day laborer 
John 16 M day laborer 

Sarah S. 14 F 

(Watson 1990, 97) 

In the 1880 Census Rowan Co., N.C., Morgan Twp., John 
Brady was 75 years old and his wife, Barbara was 63. They 
were the only persons in their household, #210. Moses is 
living in household #48. with his wife, Mary L. and three 
sons. Between 1880 and 1885, Moses's father probably died 
and a problem arose between him and his step-mother, 
Barbara Brady. Samuel Rothrock resided in household #215 
in relatively close proximity to the senior Bradys who lived 
in household #210. 

(Census'8o, 205,223) 

805. fp.465, Frid. Dec. 4, 1885] If Lula Joana Stikeleather's 
age is calculated using the 1880 Census, she was about four- 
teen years old when she died. 

See endnote #j8j, Lula Joana Stikeleather. 

806. (465, Sat. Dec. 12, 1885] George Parks, 1880 Census 

Rowan Co., N.C.; Morgan Twp.; #103:' 

Parks, Geo. A. W M 72 Farmer 
Hannah W F 67 wife - Keeps House 

Wincey A. W F 29 dau - At Home 
Sarah C. W F 22 dau - At Home 

(Census'8o, 211) 

807. fp.465, Thurs. Dec. 17, 1885] When Sarah E. A. Bost, 
daughter of Allison Bost, married David C. Holshouser. 
she was the young widow of George A. Bost. 

See endnote #j6j, Allison Bost, 1880 Census. 

808. fp.465, Sund. Dec. 20, 1885] When Samuel Rothrock 
wrote in his Diary, "Closed my pastoral administration." he 
had been the pastor at Ebenezer Church in Rowan Co. for 
the previous six years, 1879-85. 

809. fp.465, Sund. Dec. 27, 1885.] Samuel Rothrock 
"Preached at Organ ch....and closed my pastoral adminis- 
tration." on this last Sunday in December. Rothrock had 
three pastorates at Organ Church for a cumulative period 
of thirty-three years: 

First pastorate, 1844-66 
Second pastorate, 1867-69 
Third pastorate, 1876-86 

810. fp.465, Thurs. Dec. 31, 1885] David C. Parker, 1880 
Census Rowan Co., N.C.; Morgan Twp.; #7: 

Parker, David C. W M 55 Farmer 
Clara Ann 
Beneter C. 
Jacob C. 
Margaret A. 
Susanna C. 
Paul D.B. 
Eve O.C. 
Lizia E. 

W F 43 wife - Keeping House 
W F 22 daughter - Scarlet Fever 
W F 19 daughter 
W M 15 son 
W F 12 daughter 
W F 10 daughter 
W M 7 son 
W F 4 daughter 
W F 1 daughter 

(Census'8o, 200) 

811. [p. 465, Thurs. Dec. 31, 1885] Henry W. Cauble, 1880 
Census Rowan Co., N.C.; Providence Twp.; #184: 

Cauble, William W M 45 Farmer 

Mary J. 
Henry W. 
John A. 
William A. 
Moses A. 
Lewis I. 

W F 32 wife - 
W F 19 dau - 
W M 18 son - 
W F 16 dau - 
W M 14 son - 
W M 12 son - 
W M 9 son 
W M 7 son 

Keeping House 
At Home 
Farm Laborer 
At Home 
Farm Laborer 
Farm Laborer 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

Adolphus W. 
Fannie I. 


W M 5 
WF 2 


(Census'8o, 286) 

812. fp.466, Thurs. Jan. 13, 1886] John T. Lentz was about 
57 years old when he died, calculating his age from the 1880 
Census. Not only did the coffin not arrive "until late in the 
evening," Rothrock did not preach the deceased's funeral 
on 12 February 1886 as he had planned because of the illness 
of the widow, Elizabeth Lentz. 

See endnote #6oj, John T. Lentz, 1880 Census. 

813. [p. 466, Mond. Jan. 18, 1886] Christena Stikeleather was 
approximately eighty-eight years of age when she died and 
was living in the household of her son-in-law, Alexander 
Barringer, Jr. 1880 Census of Rowan Co., N.C.; Gold Hill 
Twp.; #24: 

Barringer, Alexander Jr. W M 52 Farmer 
Mary S. W F 52 wife - Keeping 


Hughes A. M. W M 15 son - at home 

Elizabeth M.J. W F 21 dau - at home 

Stikeleather, Christena W F 82 mother-in-law 

(Census'8o, 102) 

814. fp.466, Thurs. Jan. 21, 1886] Mary A. Heilig was the 
widow of Caleb Heilig and a close friend of the Rothrocks. 

See endnotes #347, Mary A. Heilig, i860 census, and #570, 
Mary A. Heilig, 1880 census. 

815. tp.466, Thurs. Jan. 28, 1886] George W. Culp, 1880 
Census Rowan Co., N.C.; Gold Hill Twp.; #31: 

Culp, William C. W M 37 Farmer 
Martha J. W M 35 wife - Keeping 


William J. W M 14 son - at home 

George W. W M 12 son - at home 

James A. W M 10 son - at home 

Robert E. W M 7 son 

Florance K. W F 5 daughter 

JohnT.C. WM3 son 

Dasie L. W F 1 daughter 

Merony, Lillie W F 15 servant 

(Census'8o, 103) 

816. tp.466, Thurs. Jan. 28, 1886] Julia A. Basinger was the 
daughter of Barham Parker Basinger. 1880 Census Rowan 

Co., N.C.; Morgan Twp.; #163: 

Basinger, B. P. W M 39 Farmer 
Mary [Shaver] W F 42 wife - Keeping 


Sarah J[ane] W F 15 dau - At Home 
Willie E. WM17 son -Works 

on Farm 

Juliann W F 13 daughter 

Jas. T. W F 10 son 

Howell M. W M 7 son 
John L[uther] W M 2 son 

(Census'8o, 218) 

817. tp.468, Tues. March 16, 1886] A colloquy is a planned 
formal conference. 

818. tp.468, Sat. March 27, 1886] John E. Shaver, 1880 Cen- 
sus Rowan Co., N.C.; Morgan Twp.; #112: 

Shaver, John E. W M 35 Farmer 

C. Francis W F 28 wife - Keeping House 

Leah Jane W F 6 daughter 

Leah W F 68 mother - At Home 

(Census'8o, 212) 

819. [p. 469, Wed. April 7, 1886] Rothrock was a frequent 
visitor in the home of Littleton and Jane Coleman, Jane 
being the youngest of Amelia Rothrocks five sisters. Thir- 
ty-three years had passed since Samuel Rothrock per- 
formed the marriage ceremony of Littleton Wm. Coleman 
and Jane Arey on 24 November 1853. 

See endnote #270, wedding, Jane Arey and Dr. Coleman. 

820. [p. 469, Mond. April 19, 1886] Pinkney Cauble, 1880 
Census of Rowan Co., N.C.; Gold Hill Twp.; #102: 
Cauble, Pinkney W M 35 Farmer 

Laurah A. W F 27 wife - Keeping House 

Jinne L. W F 9 daughter 

MaryN.C. WF 6 daughter 

Cary J. W F 3 daughter 

Reeves, Mary W F 49 mother-in-law 

- At Home 

(Census'8o, no) 

821. tp.469, Frid. April 23, 1886] Conrad Miller, 1880 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C.; Morgan Twp.; #13: 

Miller, Conrad W M 80 Farmer 

Susanna [Lentz] W F 71 wife - Keeping House 

Joseph W. W M 18 grandson - Works on Farm 

(Census'8o, 201) 

See endnote #134, Conrad Miller. 

822. tp.470, Sat. May 1, 1886] While attending the 83rd 
Meeting of the N.C. Synod at Union Church, Rothrock 

Annotations & Commentary (1886) 


"Staid on Tuesday night at Mr. Shemwell's." Alex. Shem- 
well was the second husband of Nancy Ann Smith Arey 
Shemwell, widow of Milas Arey and sister-in-law of Sam- 
uel and Amelia Rothrock. The Shemwells lived close to 
Union Church. 

See endnote #660, Alexander Shemwell, 1880 Census. 

823. [p. 471, Thurs. May 6, 1886] Susan L. Bost, 1880 Census 
Rowan Co.,N.C; Gold Hill Twp.; #82: 

Bost, Ruben W. W M 51 Farmer 
Chrissie C. Bost: W F 45 wife - Keeping House 
Charlie E. W M 17 son - Farmer 

Susan L. W F 15 dau - At Home 

John M.W. W M 12 son - At School 

(Census'8o, 108) 

This census record tells us that after the death of his wife, 
Emeline, Reuben Bost remarried. 

See endnotes #475, Reuben Bost, 1870 Census, and #578, 
Catharine Emeline Bost, deed. 

824. [p. 471, Mond. June 21 through Wed. June 30, 1886] 

During this ten day period Samuel Rothrock was either 
attending or traveling to and from the meeting of the Gen- 
eral Synod. "A second Diet was convened at Roanoke, Vir- 
ginia, on June 24, 1886, pursuant to the action of the Diet 
held in Salisbury [November, 1884], which 'adopted the 
Basis for a more general union of the Synods' and the con- 
gregations of which they were composed, and which de- 
signed a constitution 'for the government of such more 
general union.' " 

"The 'establishment of the more general, organic union' was 
approved and 'effected on the Basis and Constitution indi- 
cated, under the title of the United Synod of the Evangelical 
Lutheran Church in the South.' Thus the General Synod 
South, to which the North Carolina Synod belonged, 
changed its name as it merged into one general body." (Ag- 
ner 1988, 175-76) 

825. fp.473, Sat. Aug. 7, 1886] William Roedel Brown, son 
of Rufus and Margaret (Earhart) Brown, was born 9 August 
1859 at Wytheville, Va. He was educated at Roanoke Col- 
lege, 1883, and the Philadelphia Seminary, 1886. He was 
ordained by the Ministerium of Pennsylvania upon gradu- 
ation from the seminary. From 1886-94, he was the pastor 
of Organ- Ebenezer Churches, succeeding Samuel Roth- 
rock. In 1894 he went to Virginia. Ill health forced him into 
semi-retirement in 1900 and from then on he did only sup- 
ply work. He died 29 December 1937 and is buried at Kim- 
berling Church, Wythe Co., Va. (Sketches 1966, 33) 

826. tp.473, Mond. Aug. 16 to Wed. Aug. 18, 1886] As the 

Rothrocks and their relatives and friends grew older, longer 

visits and overnight stays became more common. The sis- 
ters, Mary Ellen Barringer and Amelia Rothrock, now were 
seventy and seventy-four years of age, respectively. 

See endnote #4, children of Peter and Phebe Arey. 

827.fp.473, Wed. Aug. 25, 1886] Evann Amanda Kluttz was 
born 26 February 1864 and died 27 February 1951. She was 
the daughter of Moses Kluttz, Sr. and Elizabeth Louise 
Fisher, his second wife. Her paternal grandparents were 
John Kluttz (1778-1847) and Hannah SifFord Kluttz (1781- 
1850). Evann Amanda Kluttz had two children: Ira Harris 
Bost, son of H.L. Bost, born 18 June 1882; and Myrtle E. 
Kluttz, daughter of Wellington C. Kluttz, born 23 March 
1886. (Kluttz 1990, 510) 

Amanda E. Kluttz, 1870 Census Cabarrus Co.,N.C,; Twp. 
6; #70: 

Kluttz, Moses 55 M W farmer 1500 600 
Eliz. L. [Fisher] 38 F W keeping house 

Sarah 10 F W at home 

Amanda 6 F W at home 

Harvey 4 M W at home 

Harriet 2 F W at home 

Hip, James M. 14 M W farm hand att. sch. 

(CABARRUs'70, 138) 

828. tp.473, Wed. Aug. 25, 1886] Wellington Columbus 
Kluttz was born 12 December 1858 and died 26 January 1931. 
He was the son of John Calvin Kluttz who died 10 February 
1862 and Elizabeth C. Fisher Kluttz. His paternal grand- 
parents were John Kluttz (1812-1834) and Hannah Levina 
Holshouser Kluttz (1813-1897). Wellington was four years 
old when his father died. After his death, Wellington, his 
sister Sarah E., and his mother lived with his mother's par- 
ents, Charles and Sarah Cruse Fisher. Wellington married 
10 June 1897, Jane Ah ce (Basinger) Hipp, who was born 17 
May 1869 and died 19 December 1941. She was the daughter 
of J.I. and Catherine (Earnhardt) Basinger. They had four 
children. (Kluttz 1990, 432) 

See endnote #780, Wellington Klutts, 1880 Census. 

At the time of the "case of Amanda E. Klutts against Well- 
ington C. Klutts for seduction...." he was twenty-eight and 
Amanda was twenty-two years old. 

829. tp.473, Tues. Aug. 31, 1886] O.M. Holshouser, 1880 
Census Rowan Co., N.C.; Providence Twp.; #91: 

Holshouser, O.M. W M 32 Mill Right 
Martha C. W F 28 wife - Keeping House 

Margaret W F 10 dau - At Home 

Lotta W F 5 daughter 

(Census'8o. 275) 

830. tp.474, Mond. Sept. 20, 1886] Philipena Hodge, 1880 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

Census Rowan Co., N.C.; Morgan Twp.; #89: 

Frick, Daniel C. W M 34 Farmer 
CrissaJ.E. W F 26 

WF 7 
WM 5 
W M 3 

Amanda C 
James A. 
Milas C. 
Paul L. 

wife - Keeping House 


W M 5/12 [born] Dec. - son 

Hodge, Philpena W F 60 mother-in-law 

(Census'8o, 209-10) 

831. tp.474, Sat. Sept. 25, 1886] Sarah Cruse Fisher was the 
sixty-six year old widow of Charles Fisher. In the 1870 cen- 
sus, three of their children were shown to be "deaf, dumb." 
It would be most interesting to know if they were victims 
of a childhood disease or a genetic defect. Wellington C. 
Kluttzwas the grandson of Sarah Cruse Fisher and Charles 

See endnotes #j8o, Charles Fisher, 1880 Census, and #828, 
Wellington C Kluttz. 

832. [p. 474, Sat. Sept. 25, 1886] Lawrence Kluttz was born 
12 November 1838 and died 5 January 1921. He was the son 
of Paul Kluttz (1812-1887) and Drucilla Seamon (1810-1889). 
On 19 November 1859, Lawrence Kluttz married Melissa 
Lorretta Lippard (1839-1929). The Lawrence Kluttz family 
was enumerated in the 1870 Census of Cabarrus Co., N.C.; 
Twp. 6; #70: 

Klutts, Lawrence 32 M W farmer 
Caleb A. 
Jacob L. 
Milas W. 
Paul W. 

33 F W keeping house 
9 M W at home 
7 M W at home 
5 M W at home 
2 M W at home 

(Cabarrus'7o, 138) 

833. [p. 474, Sund. Sept. 26, 1886] Alfred Kluttz was born 8 
November 1845 an ^ died 28 December 1919. He married 
Catharine (Miller) Bost, widow of Jacob W. Bost, on 10 
May 1866 in Cabarrus Co. Alfred Kluttz was the son of 
Moses Kluttz, Sr. (1815-1901) and his first wife, Eve Trexler 
(1821-1862). Alfred was a half-brother of Evann Amanda 
Kluttz. (Kluttz 1990, 506) 

834. fp.474, Sund. Sept. 26, 1886] Albert S. Miller was born 
15 November 1861 and died 9 January 1899. He was the son 
of William Miller. On 26 September 1886 he married Annie 
Ellen Lucetta Kluttz who was born 21 October 1867. She 
was the oldest child and daughter of Alfred Kluttz and 
Catharine (Miller) Bost Kluttz (Kluttz 1990, 507,) 

^LEFTy) Charlotte ("Lottie") Clarke Coleman Hambley (1862— 
1947) was the only child of Littleton Wm. and JaneArey Coleman 
and a niece of Samuel and Amelia Rothrock. (Bright,) E.B.C. 
Hambley (1862-1906) 

(endnote #835) 


835. [p. 479, Thurs. Feb. 3, 1887] Egbert Barry Cornwall 
Hambley was the son of James Hambley and Ellen Read. 
His parents were English and he was born 2 May 1862 in 
Penzance, Cornwall, England. He was educated at Treveth 
House School in the county of Cornwall, and afterwards 
attended the Royal School of Mines at Kensington. His 
education and training to prepare him to be a civil and 
mining engineer was cut short by the death ol his father, a 
civil engineer and African explorer who had been instru- 
mental in the early development of Transvaal. At the age 
of nineteen, Hambley was sent to North Carolina to be- 
come the assistant to the principal of the Gold Hill Mines, 
an English corporation. E.B.C. Hambley arrived in Salis- 
bury, N.C., on 4 January 1882. At the end of two years, he 
was sent by his company to India and to Africa, and it was 
three years before he returned to Salisbury. During his ab- 
sence he corresponded with Lottie Coleman, daughter of 
Jane and Littleton Wm. Coleman. Upon his return to Sal- 
isbury in 1887, E.B.C. and Lottie were married. 

Mrs. Hambley in describing the wedding said, "It was very 
sudden. We made no preparations. I married in the dress I 
had worn all winter, and did not spend one dollar on a 
trousseau. It took place in the parlor of our home. We had 
to have another witness, so my father jumped in his "carry- 

Annotations & Commentary (1887) 

Egbert Barry Cornwall Hambley (third from left) in this photo- 
graph taken in Gold Hill ca. 1900. 

(endnote #835) 

all" and went for my friend and neighbor, Sophie Kestler 
[sic]. While she changed her dress, my father stood at her 
front gate, calling out to her to hurry. When they finally 
reached Coleman Place, the wedding group was already 
assembled. Sophie happened to glance down, to her chagrin 
she discovered that in her rush and surprise she had forgot- 
ten to put on her overskirt." (Mrs. H.E. Eagan, Salisbury 
Post, Bicentennial Edition, 6W) 

In 1903 E.B.C. Hambley built the large granite house lo- 
cated at 508 S. Fulton Street, Salisbury, for his family. Three 
years later, on 3 August 1906, he died at the age of forty- 
four of typhoid fever. (Davidson 1983, 276-87) 

836. [p. 481, Sund. April 3, 1887] Richard Glover, 1880 Cen- 
sus Rowan Co., N.C.; Morgan Twp.; #5: 

Glover, Richard W M 33 Farmer 

Eliza Jane W F 35 wife-Keeping House 

Adam A. W M 1 son 

Rebecca W F 76 mother 

(Census'8o, 200) 

837. fp.481, Thurs. April 28 to Thurs. May 5, 1887] Samuel 
Rothrock spent this week traveling to, attending, and re- 
turning from the 84th Meeting of the North Carolina Syn- 
od which was held at St. Michael's Church in Iredell Co. 
In addition to the meetings, the trip afforded him the op- 
portunity to visit with old friends and family. Augustus 
Brown, his host on Saturday night, was the husband of his 
niece, Jane Elizabeth ("Jennie") Barringer Brown. Lansing 
White was the husband of his niece Margaret Barringer 
White. "Jennie" Brown and Margaret White were the 
daughters of Amelia Rothrock's sister, Elizabeth Arey Bar- 
ringer, deed. Rothrock was assisted in returning home by 

his brother-in-law, David Barringer. 

See endnotes #459, Augustus Brown, and #418, James 
Alanson White. 

838. [p.484, Thurs. July 7, 1887] Adam David Luther Moser, 
son of the Rev. Jacob Moser and Peggy Counts Moser, was 
born 9 September 1836. After attending Newberry College 
and the Southern Seminary he was licensed in 1863. In 1866 
he was ordained by the S.C. Synod and served Trinity 
Church, Saluda Co., S.C, 1866. In N.C., he served: Becks- 
Pilgrim-St. Luke, Davidson Co., 1867-68; Trinity, Cabar- 
rus Co.-St. Enoch, Rowan Co., 1868-73; in S.C, Lexington 
Co., 1873-83; again in N.C: Cobles-Lows, Guilford Co., 
1883-86; Richland, Randolph Co., 1883-84; First, Albemar- 
le, 1884-86; New Bethel, Stanly Co., 1885-87; St. Stephen- 
Mt. Olive-Mt.Hermon-Cold Water(i888), Cabarrus Co., 
1886-87. Secretary, N.C. Synod, 1873-74. He died 26 July 
1893 and is buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Charlotte. 
(Sketches 1966, 148) 

839. [p.484, Thurs. July 7, 1887] Rothrock mentions Mt. 
Carmel Church for the first time in his Diary on 19 May 
1854 and after that only three other times, including this 
reference. This church was not one of his regular charges. 
Jacob L. Morgan gave its location as "Southeast of Mt. 
Pleasant in Cabarrus Co." and listed it as "merged or dis- 
continued." A reference to what Rothrock called " Luther 
Union Churches" was not found. (Morgan 1953, 355) 

840. [p.484, Frid. July 15, 1887] Peter Cruse was sixty years 
old at the time of his death. 

See endnote #769, Peter Cruse. 

841. tp.485, Tues. Aug. 16, 1887] St. Enoch's Church in 
Enochville, Rowan Co., N.C, was an offshoot from Luth- 
eran Chapel Church. The Rev. Wm. A. Lutz was the pastor 
1880-1891. His first wife, Esther Carolina Peeler Stafford 
Lutz, was Samuel Rothrock's niece. She was the daughter 
of Rothrock's sister Salome Rothrock Peeler and Caleb 

See endnotes #16, Children of Jacob Rothrock, Sr., #594, 
Wm. Alonzo Lutz, and #618, Esther Carolina Peeler 
Stafford Lutz. 

842. tp.845, Mond. Aug. 22, 1887] John Jacob Millers will 
is recorded in Rowan County, N.C. Will Book #2, page 
249. (Mitchell [1987] 1992, 355) 

843. tp.485, Wed. Aug. 31, 1887] Edwin Ethelbert ("Ed") 
Arey of Iredell Co., N.C, was the son of the Rev. Benjamin 
Arey and a nephew of the Rothrocks. "Edwin Arey" and 
his wife, Alice Cornelius Arey, had eleven children, five 
daughters and six sons. When he and a daughter called to 
see the Rothrocks in August 1887, he had only two daugh- 
ters. The daughter who visited her great-uncle Samuel and 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

great-aunt Amelia had to be either ten year old Lottie or 
eight year old Margaret. 

1. Lottie Raynor Arey was born 3 August 1877 in 

Iredell Co. and died 14 February 1920. After 
graduating from the N.C. College for Women in 
Greensboro she married the Rev. William 
Townes Walker, a Presbyterian minister, who 
was the superintendent of the Presbyterian 
Orphanage at Barium Springs, N.C. from 1910- 
1921. The Woman's Building at the Barium 
Springs Orphanage is named "The Lottie 
Walker Building" in her honor. The couple had 
eleven children. 

2. Margaret Lorelia ("Lola") Arey was born 12 March 

1879 in Iredell Co. and died 29 May 1944. She 
married Edwin Leonidas Long. He and his 
father John Joseph Long were merchants and 
were the proprietors of J. J. Long & Son. 
Elmwood, Iredell Co. The couple had two 
children. (Davidson 1983, 108-27) 

See endnote #512, Edwin Ethelbert Arey. 

844. tp.486, Mond. Sept. 5, 1887] John R. Ritchie's will is 
recorded in Rowan Co., N.C. Will Book #2, page 191. 
(Mitchell [1982] 1992, 438) 

845. fp.486, Sund. Sept. 11, 1887] Whitson Arey, 1880 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C.;Morgan Twp.; #10: 

Arey G. Whitson W M 57 Farmer 

Any [Annie] W F 53 wife- Keeping House 

Gabrael W. W M 18 son-Works on Farm 

Veg. Peddler 
Wm. Thos. W M 14 son 

(Census'8o, 201) 

GW. ("Whitt") Arey was born 17 September 1829 and died 
16 February 1902. He married 1st, 18 December 1851, Mary 
Miller, daughter of Jacob Schum and Anna Miller. There 
were six children of that marriage: Richard A. (b.1852), 
Priscilla Ann (b.1854), Jacob Calvin (b.1858), Sarah A. (b. 
1859), Gabriel Whitson, Jr.(b.i862), Wm. Thomas (b.1866). 

Gabriel Whitson Arey married 2nd, 9 September 1871, 
Emma Glover Newsome, daughter of Oliver and Rebecca 
Glover. Married 3rd, 18 December 1881, Annie . Mar- 
ried 4th, 19 March 1891, Nancy Elizabeth Casper. Marriage 
record: groom 61 years, son of Gabriel and "Prissy" Parker 
Arey; bride 42 years, daughter of Levi and Catherine Mor- 
gan Casper. (Informant; Ruth G. Hammill, Gold Hill, 
N.C.) (Davidson 1983, 47-48) 

GW. Arey enlisted in the Confederate Army, 15 March 
1862, age 32. (Rumple [1881] 1990, 380) 

[The information from family records was given in addition 
to the 1880 census records because the census disagrees 
sharply with the family records, as is often the case.] 

846. fp.486, Wed. Sept. 14, 1887] Golden Wedding Cele- 
bration. On the occasion of their Golden Wedding, the 
Rothrocks were showered with gold pieces and they re- 
ceived congratulatory letters from across the country, in- 
cluding a letter from the governor of North Carolina, A.M. 
Scales, and one from the lieutenant governor, Charles M. 
Stedman. The couple was presented with a pass on the 
Carolina Central Railroad from Charlotte to Wilmington 
and return, "good for sixty days." Mr. H.C. Eccles, propri- 
etor of the Central Hotel of Charlotte, offered the free use 
of the hotel while on their trip. A contemporary account 
of the occasion written by the Rev. Ferdinand Wm. Elias 
Peschau of Wilmington, N.C. tells us that the dinner was 
a sumptuous feast, both in its variety and its delicacies. 
There was music, instrumental and vocal, and addresses 
throughout the day. Two huge loaves of bread and a german 
coffee cake, two feet by four feet, was sent by PBloome of 
Wilmington. Two young orphan ladies [Emma Peters and 
Bettie Thomas], who for many years were cared for by the 
couple, presented Mrs. Rothrock with a very handsome 
black silk apron. The programme was arranged by the Rev. 
Professor Linn, who represented the Northern Conference 
and the Rev. W.A. Lutz who represented the Southern 
Conference of the North Carolina Synod. Lutheran pastors 
in attendance were the Revs. Richard L. Brown, Wm. Rodel 
Brown, Robert Wm. Petrea, Josephus Adolphus Linn, 
Wm. Rufus Ketchie, Wm. Alonzo Lutz, John Charles 
Schaidt, and Ferdinand Wm. Elias Peschau, who wrote of 
the occasion, "Bright and charming was the day of the gold- 
en wedding celebration of Rev. and Mrs. S. Rothrock, in 
their comfortable home near Gold Hill, Rowan Co., N.C. 
And bright and happy were the relatives, friends and ac- 
quaintances of the aged couple, and all who had the privilege 
of being with them." Golden Wedding of Rev. and Mrs. S. 
Rothrock near Gold Hill, N. C, September 14, 1887, Souvenir 
Programme; by The Rev. F. W. E. Peschau. 

847. tp.486, Wed. Sept. 14, 1887] Samuel Rothrock and his 
brother Adam had not seen each other for forty years. Adam 
recalled that less than two hours elapsed from the time he 
received the invitation until he boarded the train in Weston, 
Oregon, and was on his way to North Carolina for the 
Golden Wedding celebration. Of their meeting, the Rev. 
F.W.E. Peschau wrote, "The scene. ..can be better imagined 
than described, it was as touching as it was rare." Adam 
Rothrock did not return to Oregon until the end of the 

See endnote #16, Jacob Rothrock, Sr., family. 

848. tp.487, Thurs. Oct. 6, 1887] The Will of Daniel Miller 
is recorded in Rowan Co., N.C. Will Book #2, page 266. 

Annotations & Commentary (1887) 


(Mitchell [1987] 1992, 355) 

849. fp.487, Mond. Oct. 10, 1887] Thomas Shannon Brown 
was the pastor of St. Mark's Church, Charlotte, 1882-90. 
He graduated from Gettysburg Seminary in 1882 and was 
licensed in 1881 and ordained in 1882 by the S.W. Va. Synod. 
This was his first pastorate. He was the son of Joseph and 
Sarah (Hudson) Brown and was born 24 November 1857 in 
Wytheville, Va. Along with Pastors W.B. Campbell, 
F.W.E. Peschau and George H. Cox, he was a member of 
the committee which organized four N.C. Synod licensed 
Negro ministers and their congregations into "The Alpha 
Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Freedmen 
in America." After leaving St. Mark's, he served churches 
in Virginia, 1890-95; Pennsylvania, 1895-1909; South Caro- 
lina, 1909-1912. In 1913, he returned to N.C. and served in 
Guilford Co., N.C. 1913-22. From 1926 until his retirement 
in 1940 he served Ascension (1926) and Reformation (1927- 
1940) in Savannah, Georgia. He died 18 July 1941 and is 
buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Columbia, S.C. (Sketches 
1966, 33) 

850. fp.487, Tues. Oct. 11, 1887] The Rev. Ferdinand Will- 
iam Elias Peschau was the pastor of St. Paul's Church, 
Wilmington, N.C, 1882-1892. 

See endnotes #533, St. Paul's, Wilmington, N.C, and#j4j, 
F.W.E. Peschau. 

851. [p. 487, Sund. Oct 16, 1887] This is the last time that 
Rothrock wrote in his Diary, "Preached. German...." It 
must have been a nostalgic occasion for both Rothrock and 
his evening congregation. Prior to this he had last preached 
in German five years earlier on 11 June 1882 when he wrote, 
"Preached in German at Organ Church from Thes. 2:11,12." 

852. (^.487, Thurs. Oct. 27, 1887] The Rev. Henry Alexander 
Trexler married first Eltha Geva Van Poole of Rowan Co., 
N.C. They had eight children. He married second, Sarah 
Elizabeth Lippard of Barium Springs, N.C. (Sketches 
1966, 216) 

See endnote #792, Henry Alexander Trexler. 

853. fp.487, Sund. Oct. 30, 1887] John George Schaidt 
(Schaid) was president of N.C. College, 1887-89. He was 
the son of Casper and Christiana Schaidt and was born 31 
July 1846 in Lanaconing, Md. He was educated at Muhlen- 
berg College, A.B, 1872, and the Philadelphia Seminary, 
1875, D.D. After his ordination in 1875 by the Ministerium 
of Pennsylvania he transferred to the Holston Synod where 
he served a bilingual church (German-English) in Knox- 
ville, Tenn., 1875-87. In 1888 he transferred to the N.C. 
Synod and was president and professor, N.C. College, 1887— 
89. He transferred in 1889 to the Tennessee Synod and was 
professor of Latin and German at Concordia College, 1889- 
95. In 1895, he transferred to S.C, Synod where he served 

churches 1895-1908. From 1908 until his death, 6 August 
1909, at the age of sixty three, he served St. John's Church, 
Saltzburg, Pa. He is buried at New Haven, W. Va. 
(Sketches 1866, 182) 

854. [p.489, Wed. Dec. 28, 1887] When Mary Ellen ("Polly") 
Arey Barringer, wife of David Barringer, died she was four 
years younger than her sister Amelia Rothrock. Her other 
surviving siblings were Phebe Brown and Jane Coleman. 

"In Providence Township, Rowan Co., December 28, 1887, 
Mrs. Mary Barringer, wife of David Barringer, Esq., aged 
71 years. 2 mos. 11 da. Mrs. Barringer was a constant member 
of the Methodist Church, and leaves behind a devoted hus- 
band with whom she has lived for 52 years, besides children 
and many who mourn her." Carolina Watchman, 5 January 

See endnotes #3, Children of Peter and Phebe Arey, #6, 
David Barringer, and #755, Barringer s Golden Wedding. 


855. tp.492, Wed. March 21, 1888] "... E. B. C. Hambley's 
child" baptized by Rothrock on this date was Littleton 
Coleman Fleming Hambley who was born 26 October 1887 
and died 28 October 1976. He was the oldest of six children 
of Charlotte Clarke ("Lottie") Coleman Hambley and E. 
B. C. Hambley. Littleton Coleman Fleming Hambley mar- 
ried Elizabeth Montgomery Suckley of Rhinebeck, N.Y. 
who was born 3 September 1893. (Davidson 1983, 278) Eliz- 
abeth Suckley Hambley and her unmarried sister, Margaret 
("Daisy") Suckley, were sixth cousins of Franklin Delano 
Roosevelt. After "Daisy's" death in 1991, a battered black 
suitcase was found under her bed. Stuffed inside were years 
of diaries and letters, including thirty-eight in FDR's own 
handwriting. There are a number of references to Littleton 
Coleman Fleming Hambley and Elizabeth Suckley Ham- 
bley and their children: Robert Bowne Suckley Hambley, 
b. 28 June 1920, Salisbury, N.C, Catherine Rusten ("Pop- 
py") Hambley, and Margaret Beekman ("Rollie") Hambley 
in the preface, correspondence, and annotations. [Closest 
Companion, edited and annotated by Geoffrey C. Ward. 
New York: Houghton Mifflin, 1995.] 

856. fp.494, Thurs. May 3, 1888 ] The 85th Meeting of the 
N.C. Synod was held at St. James Church, Concord, N.C. 

857. [p.494, Thurs. May 3, 1888] G. W. Patterson, 1870 Cen- 
sus Cabarrus Co., N.C; Twp.12; #202/204: 

Patterson, G.W. 34 M W ret. merchant 
Margt. 37 F W keeping house 

Cheek, CC. 28 MW dry goods 

store clerk 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

(Cabarrus'7o, 272) 

858. tp.496, Tues. July 17, 1888] Augusta Stikeleather was 
eighteen years old when she died. 

See endnotes #787, Mathias Stikeleather. 

859. tp.496, Wed. July 18, 1888] Anna Trexler, 1880 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C.; Providence Twp.; #90: 

Trexler, Anna W F 50 Keeping House 
Luther R.C. W M 20 son-Farmer 

(Census'8o, 275) 

860. [p.496,Mond. July 23, 1888] Jerry Earnheart, 1880 Cen- 
sus Rowan Co., N.C.; Town of Salisbury; #211: 

Earnhart, J[erry]. H. W M 31 Wagon Maker 
Elizabeth W F 23 wife - Keeping House 

W.N. WM 9 son 

C.W. W M 11/12 son 

(Census'8o, 324) 

861. fp.496, Frid. July 27, 1888] George Henry Cox, son of 
Lemuel and Mary (Trask) Cox, was born 9 August 1838 in 
Boston, Mass. His father, perhaps a Quaker, died three 
weeks before his birth. His mother was a Methodist. At 
age 22 he was baptized in the Presbyterian Church in Eliz- 
abethton, Tenn, having moved there when he was sixteen 
with the family of one of his sisters. He was educated in 
Boston schools after which he taught school in Tennessee 
and studied theology under the Rev. Abel J. Brown. During 
the War of the Rebellion, he volunteered and served in the 
Confederate Army from 1861 to the war's end, during which 
time he was wounded several times and was captured and 
escaped three times. He was licensed in 1871 and ordained 
in 1872 by the Holston Synod and served churches in Ten- 
nessee. He also owned and operated a female seminary at 
Morristown, Tenn., which at one time had as many as 175 
students. In December 1887, he left Tennessee and went, 
by horseback, to N.C. He remained there and served 
churches in Cabarrus, Rowan, and Stanly Counties, 1888- 
1922. He co-authored, with Dr. Gotthard Dellman Bern- 
heim, History of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod and Minis- 
terium of North Carolina. This book has been cited frequent- 
ly in the annotations to Samuel Rockroth's diary under the 
short title (Bernheim and Cox [1902]). His son, the Rev. 
Clarence Brown Cox, a grandson, and two great-grandsons 
became Lutheran ministers. Dr. Cox died 7 December 1928 
and was buried at Mt. Pleasant. His funeral at St. John's 
Church in Salisbury was conducted by synod president, Dr. 
Jacob L. Morgan, with thirty Lutheran ministers and one 
Episcopal rector seated in the chancel and participating in 
the service. (Sketches 1966, 46) 

862. tp.497, Tues. Aug. 21, 1888] St. Matthew's Church on 

Bringle Ferry Road, Rowan Co., N.C, was organized in 
1838 by the Rev. Benjamin Arey. The Rev. Mr. Arey, broth- 
er-in-law of Samuel Rothrock, died 12 February 1882 at the 
age of seventy-two years. 

See endnotes #87, St. Matthew's Church, Rowan Co., N. C, 
and Benjamin Arey. 

863. tp.498, Sund. Sept. 16, 1888] Dugal Lindsay Arey was 
a nephew of the Rothrocks. 1880 Census Rowan Co., N.C; 
Providence Twp.; #140: 

Arey, Dugle S.fsic] W M 24 Farmer 
Nannie L.[Shemwell] W F 22 wife 

- Keeping House 
Ernest C. W M 1 son 

(Census'8o, 280) 

Dugal Lindsey Arey, was born 10 April 1856 in Rowan Co., 
N.C, and died 20 March 1922. On 27 December 1877 he 
married Nancy Lugenia Shemwell who was born 12 No- 
vember 1857 and died 15 October 1939. She was the daughter 
of Alexander Shemwell (1824-90) and his first wife, Cathe- 
rine (1829-73). Dugal Lindsey Arey was the son of Milas 
Arey and Nancy Ann Smith Arey. His mother married 2nd 
Alex Shemwell. In the 1880 census, Dugal's household was 
one household removed from that of his mother and step- 
fatherwhowere enumerated athousehold #139. (Davidson 
1983, 200) 

See endnotes #j6j, David Barringer, guardian of Dugal, 
and #S39' Nancy Ann Smith Arey m. Alex. Shemwell. 

864. tp.498, Sat. Sept. 29, 1888] James William Strickler, 
son of James Strickler, was born 25 November 1856 in Mad- 
ison Co., Va. He was educated at Roanoke College, 
A.B.1878; Southern Seminary, 1882. In 1882 he was ordained 
by the S.W. Va. Synod and served churches in Va., 1882- 
84; 1888-1905; 1909-16. In N.C, he served Union-Christi- 
ana, Rowan, Co., 1884-88; St. Andrew-Mt.Hermon, Con- 
cord, 1905-07; Nazareth-Shiloh, Forsyth Co., 1907-09. He 
died 29 November 1916 while in the active ministry at Mid- 
dlebrook, Va. and is buried at Waynesboro, Va. A son, the 
Rev. Luther Warren Strickler, and a grandson, the Rev. 
Luther Warren Strickler II became Lutheran ministers. 
(Sketches 1966, 210) 

865. [p. 499, Sund. Oct. 7, 1888] Calculating her age from 
the 1870 U.S. Census, Elizabeth Linn, widow of Moses, 
was about fifty-three years old when Rothrock had dinner 
at her house. 

See endnote #4j6, Moses Linn, 1870 Census. 

866. fp.499, Sund. Oct. 7 & Tues. Oct. 9. 1888] The Rev. 
Henry Alexander Trexler married Eltha Geva Van Poole 
on 27 October 1887. The couple had been married only a 

Annotations & Commentary (1888) 


year when Rothrock wrote, "...the Rev. H.A. Trexler being 
absent, on account of family afflictions," and "...his [Rev. 
Trexler's] wife being sick." Rothrock does not elaborate on 
the family problem or the nature of Mrs. Trexler's illness 
but it can be safely assumed that it was associated with the 
birth of their first child. The couple had eight children. 

867. fp.499, Sund. Oct. 14, 1888] "After Moselle's adventure 
west, they [Sarah Jane Basinger and Moselle Earnhardt] 
were married by Rev. Samuel Rothrock, 14 October, 1888, 
at the home of Moselle's parents. When I was a child Aunt 
Mae Brady gave me a vivid description of how Grandpa 
had stolen Grandma away on his horse for the ceremony 
on a Sunday afternoon." by Vivian E. Caldwell. (Rowan 
1991, 208) 

See endnote #816, Sarah Jane Basinger. 

868. tp.499, Sat. Oct. 27, 1888] The sick child was one year 
old Littleton Coleman Fleming Hambley, born 28 October 

See endnote #855, Littleton Coleman Fleming Hambley. 

869. tp.500, Sat. Nov. 10, 1888] Carl August Gottlieb Storch 
was the pastor of Organ Church for thirty-five years con- 
secutively, 1788-1823. He was born 16 June 1764 at Helm- 
stedt, Germany, the son of Georg Frederich Storch and 

Von Asseburg. After attending the Gymnasium and 

University of Helmstedt, 1782-85, he tutored privately for 
three years. In 1788, he was ordained in Germany and im- 
mediately accepted a call to come to North Carolina, arriv- 
ing there by September. Storch first preached at St. John's 
in Salisbury and at Organ and Union. Beside his regular 
church work and his teaching of German, he undertook 
long missionary journeys, thus following the example set 
by Adolph Nussmann (1739-1794) and Johann Gottfried 
Arends (1740-1807). During his first two years in Rowan, 
he boarded at the home of John Lewis Beard. In 1790, he 
and Christine Beard, daughter of John Lewis Beard, were 
married. Of their eleven children only two, Anna and Theo- 
philus survived infancy. In that next generation, the name 
was changed to Stork. The Rev. Theophilus Stork, distin- 
guished preacher, pastor, scholar, educator, author and first 
president of Newberry College (1859-60) was the son of 
Carl A. G. Storch. C.A.G. Storch began keeping records 
at Organ church in 1788. Prior to that no regular records 
were kept. The record book that he began is extant and in 
very good condition. On 2 May 1803, Storch was one of 
four pastors, who with fourteen laymen, organized the N.C . 
Synod. Over the years he was called to more prominent 
churches but declined, preferring to serve in N.C. because 
he felt the need there was greater. Physical infirmities forced 
him to retire in 1823 and during the latter part of his life he 
lived on his farm in Rowan Co., a mile north of the present 
Ebenezer Church. He died 29 March 1831 and is buried at 

Organ Church. (Sketches 1966, 209-10) 
See endnote #80, Theophilus Stork. 

870. fp.501, Thurs. Dec. 27, 1888] Milo A.J. Roseman, 1880 
Census Rowan Co., N.C; Litaker Twp.; #67: 

Roseman, Dr. Milo A.J. W M 39 Phisician[sic] 
Mary L. W F 37 wife - Keeping House 

Milo A.J. Jr. W M 14 son - At Home 

Fanny E. W F 13 dau - At Home 

(Census'8o, 133) 

871. tp.501, Thurs. Dec. 27, 1888] Albert L. Lyerly, 1880 
Census Rowan Co., N.C; Gold Hill Twp.; #174: 

Lyerly, Moses W M 65 Farmer 
Albert L. W M 18 son - Farm Laborer 

Basinger, Mary W F 36 House Keeper 
Pleess, Edward L. W M 3 son 

(Census'8o, 116) 


872. tp.502, Thurs. Jan. 10, 1889] Laura M. Linker was 
twenty- two years old at the time of her marriage to John 
D. Brown. 

See endnote #774, Isaac Linker, 1880 Census. 

873. tp.502, Tues. Jan. 15, 1889] Sarah Ann E. Peeler, 1880 
Census Rowan Co., N.C; Providence Twp.; #203: 

Peeler, Alexander W M 42 Farmer 
Sarah A.E. W F 38 wife 

- Keeping House 
LottaA.R. - WF 12 dau -At Home 
George D. W M 10 son 

- Farm Laborer 
NosaCV. WF 6 daughter 
Francis L.A. W F 3 daughter 

(Census'8o, 288) 

Sarah Ann E. Peeler's maiden name also was Peeler. She 
was the daughter of George Peeler. Alexander Peeler was 
the son of David Peeler. (Arnold 1984, 301,383) 

See endnote #j4i, Alexander Peeler. 

874. tp.503, Mond. Feb. 4, 1889] Pastor Joseph Hamilton 
Fesperman was forced to retire in 1877 at the age of thirty- 
six because of ill health. Rothrock probably was sending 
the relief money to Troutman, N.C, where the Rev. Mr. 
Fesperman made his home after retiring from the pastorate 
of St. Michael's Church, Iredell Co. He lived for forty years 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

after his retirement notwithstanding his poor health. 
See endnote # 472, Joseph Hamilton Fesperman. 

875. [p.503,Thurs. Feb. 14, 1889] Benjamin Casper ("Cass") 
Arey was the son of Milas Arey and Nancy Ann Smith Arey 
Shemwell and a nephew of Samuel and Amelia Rothrock. 
He was named Casper for his maternal grandfather, Col. 
Casper Smith (1796-1842) of the Jersey Settlement. 

See endnotes #622, Benjamin Casper Arey, and #189, Nan- 
cy Ann Smith wedding. 

876. fp.503, Frid. Feb. 15, 1889] Mrs. Nancy Ann Smith Arey 
Shemwell maintained a close lifetime relationship with the 
Rothrocks after the death of her husband Milas Arey and 
after her second marriage to the widower Alexander Shem- 
well. At this time, "Mrs. Nancy Shemwell" was twenty years 
younger than the seventy-seven year old Amelia Rothrock. 

See endnotes #j62,j6j, Milas Arey, i860 Census, death, 
and #539, Nancy Arey m. Alexander Shemwell. 

877. fp.504, Thurs. March 14, 1889] Phebe Brown was the 
aunt of Mrs. John Calvin Pool. Catherine Eugenia Barrin- 
ger Pool was daughter of Mary Ellen Barringer and David 
Barringer and the Rothrock's niece. 

See endnote #591, Catherine Eugenia Barringer Pool. 

878. fp.504, Wed. March 27, 1889] The Rev. Wm. Roedel 
Brown and Mary Eve Cassell of Rural Retreat, Va. were 
married 1 March 1888. Ellen Holshouser who accompanied 
Mrs. Brown on her visit to the Rothrock home probably 
was Ellen E.L. Holshouser, the then eighteen year old 
daughter of Milas A. Holshouser. 

See endnotes #825, William Roedel Brown, and #695, Mi- 
las A. Holshouser. 

879. fp.506, Frid. May 3, 1889] The 86th meeting of the 
North Carolina Synod was held at St. John's Church, 
Cabarrus Co., N.C. At this meeting, "The colored Luth- 
eran ministers were organized at their special request into 
a separate Synod of their own, under the name and title of 
the Alpha Synod; they subsequently united themselves with 
the Missouri Synod." [Bernheim and Cox, 161) 

See endnote #849, Thomas Shannon Brown, Alpha Synod 

880. fp.506, Sund. May 12, 1889] Samuel Rothrock served 
two pastorates at Luther's Church, Rowan Co., 1841-1845 
and 1888-1889. (Morgan 1953, 240-41) 

See endnote #187, Luther s Church. 

881. fp.506, Sat. May 18 and Sund. May 19, 1889] It was an 
honor for Samuel Rothrock to be asked by the "pastor and 
council" to perform "the act of dedication" of the new St. 
John's Church edifice in Salisbury. Besides being a distin- 

guished elder member of the Synod, Rothrock served St. 
John's 1833-35 an d 1836-1839, succeeding the Rev. John B. 
Reck, and supplied St. John's, 1844-1845. (Agner 1988, 181) 
During the 1889 dedication ceremonies, Rothrock was the 
guest of Wilborn C. Fraley. 1880 Census Rowan Co., N.C; 
Town of Salisbury; #488: 

Fraley, W.C. W M 41 Gas Fitter 

Martha W F 25 wife - Keeping House 

Hoke, Susan B F 15 servant 

(Census'8o, 852) 

882. fp.506, Sund. May 19, 1889] When Reuben J. Holmes 
was too indisposed to go to St. John's Church, Rothrock 
went to his home and "...baptized and confirmed him, & 
admitted him to the communion of the church in Salis- 
bury." Charles H. Holmes, whose two children were bap- 
tized by Rothrock on that same day, was Reuben J. Holmes' 
thirty-two year old son. 

See endnotes #352, Reuban J. Holmes, i860 Census, #460, 
Reuben J. Holmes, 1870 Census, and #6jj, R. J. Holmes, 
1880 Census. 

883. fp.507, Tues. June 25, 1889] Julius A. Castor was listed 
in the 1880 Census Rowan Co., N.C; Litaker Twp. as a 
twenty-two year old "apprentice - Works on Farm" living 
in the household of David Roseman in LitakerTwp., dwell- 
ing #92. (Census'8o, 135) 

884. fp.508, Mond. July 1, 1889] Samuel L. Keller married 
Elizabeth R. Miller of Cabarrus Co., N.C, 10 March 1889. 

The fourth house of worship of St. John's Lutheran Church, Salisbury, 
N. C, located on the corner ofN. Main and Liberty Streets. Constructed 
in 1885 and dedicated in 1889, this building served the congregation 
until 1926 when they built a new church on the corner ofWestlnnes and 
Church Streets. 

(endnote #881) 

Annotations 8c Commentary (18 _ 7 . 

When the young clergyman and his bride "took dinner" 
with the aging Rothrocks they were newlyweds. Samuel L. 
Keller, son of Aaron C. and Eliza E. (Coffman) Keller, was 
born 15 January 1859. He was educated at Roanoke College, 
A.B. 1882; Philadelphia Seminary, 1887 and ordained by the 
Ministerium of Pennsylvania in 1887. In 1888 he transferred 
to the N.C, Synod and served St. John's, 1887-90, and Pros- 
perity, Cabarrus Co., 1887-88. From 1890 until his health 
forced him to retire in 1914, he served in South Carolina, 
West Virginia, Ontario, Canada, Virginia, and Nebraska. 
His son wrote of him, "His pastoral work was chiefly with 
small town and country churches. He was a man of sterling 
character, always living and practicing the gospel he 
preached. ...He made excellent use of his talents, serving 
each of his several pastorates ...until physical disability 
forced his retirement..." He died in 1940 and is buried in 
Waynesboro, Va. (Sketches 1966, 105) 

885. [509, Tues. Aug. 6, 1889] Rothrock now referred to his 
grandson as "Sam" and not "Sammy" as he did when his 
grandson was a child. Samuel Rothrock was twenty-one 
years old on 14 May 1868. 

886. [510, Sund. Sept. 22, 1889] Lottie Coleman Hambley 
gave birth to her second child on 16 September 1889. When 
Amelia Rothrock paid a visit to the E. B. C. Hambley family 
she saw her six day old great nephew, Gilbert Foster Ham- 
bley, for the first time. The word "confined," used in this 
context, means a woman has given birth recently or is "in 
childbed." (Davidson 1982, 280) 

887. [5i2, Mond. Nov. 18, 1889] This was Amelia Arey Ro- 
throcks 77th birthday. 

888. [p.5i3, Thurs. Dec. 26, 1889] Paul Monroe Phillips was 
the husband of Lucy Reid Barringer Phillips (1857-1918). 
She was the daughter of David and Mary Ellen Arey Bar- 
ringer and the niece of Amelia and Samuel Rothrock. Paul 
Monroe and Lucy Barringer Phillips had nine children; 
David Barringer Phillips (1878-1937), Clarence Eugene 
Phillips (1881-1958), Bob Lee Phillips (1883-1947), Oscar 
Hugh Phillips (1887-1959), Paul Melville Phillips (1889- 
1976), Mary Ellen Phillips (1892-1893), Carl Fred Phillips 
(1893— 1993), Lola Jane Phillips (1895— 1978) m. George Ro- 
zier Waller, Homer Franklin Phillips (1898-1929). (David- 
son 1983, 174-80) 

See endnote #611, Lucy Reid Barringer Phillips. 

889. fp.513, Frid. Dec. 27, 1889] Rothrock had dinner at the 
home of his niece Catherine Eugenia Barringer Pool(i845~ 
1913) and her husband Calvin. She was the daughter of 
David and Mary Ellen Arey Barringer, deceased, and a 
sister of Lucy Reid Barringer Phillips. (Davidson 1983,174) 

See endnotes #591, Catharine Eugenia Barringer Pool, and 
#611, Lucy Reid Barringer Phillips. 



890. fp.514> Mond. Jan. 20, 1890] A clevis is a U-shaped 
piece of iron with holes in the ends through which a pin is 
placed to attach one thing to another, as a whippletree to 
the tongue of a wagon. A whippletree is the pivoted crossbar 
at the front of a wagon or carriage to which the traces of 
the harness are attached. Jerry Earnheart who made the 
clevis for Rothrock was a wagon-maker. 

891. fp.517, Thurs. May r, 1890] Amelia Rosetta Arey Ro- 
throck was buried at Union Lutheran Church in a grave 
next to the grave of her mother, Phebe Thomas Arey The 
gravesite on the other side of Amelia was reserved for Sam- 
uel. In directing how he should be buried Rothrock said, 
"I buried my dear wife in a walnut coffin, but do not make 
my coffin of walnut, for I do not deserve as good as she." 
[ The Daily Herald, Nov. 9, 1894, p.i] This modest man did 
not know that in the years to come he would be memori- 
alized by a large obelisk in Union Church Cemetery, close 
to the spot where he and his beloved Amelia's earthly re- 
mains were buried. 

892. fp.518, Wed. June n, 1890] Union Lutheran Church 
Cemetery, Bringle Ferry Road, Salisbury, N.C: 

Amelia, wife of Rev. S. Rothrock, D.D. 
B Nov 18, 1812 
D Apr 30 1890 
Samuel Rothrock's gravestone: 

Rev. Samuel Rothrock, D.D. 
B Nov 26, 1809 
D Nov 2, 1894 

(Agner 1967, 16) 

893. fp.518, Sund. June 22, 1890] Joseph Quirscy Wertz, son 
of the Rev. J.H.W. and Caroline (Derrick) Wertz, was born 
12 December 1853, Saluda Co., S.C. He was educated at 
Newberry College, A.B. 1877; Southern Seminary, 1881. Af- 
ter ordination in 1881 by the S.C. Synod, he served churches 
in S.C, 1881-89. In N.C. he served Christiana (1889-94), 
Union (1890-93), Rowan Co.; St. John's, (1894-96), sup- 
plied Mt. Olive (1894), Cabarrus Co.; St Mark, China 
Grove, (1896-1902); Center Grove, Kannapolis, (1896-98), 
(1902-07); Lutheran Chapel, China Grove, 1896 until his 
death, 10 August 1907. He was often referred to as "the 
silver-tongued orator" of the N.C. Synod. (Sketches 1966, 

The Rev. Joseph Quincy Wertz married Martha Virginia 
Houseal of Newberry, S.C, in 1881 and they had four chil- 
dren. After his death his widow became the second wife of 
the Rev. Wm. Alonzo Lutz. Pastor Lutz's first wife was 
Samuel Rothrock's niece, Esther C. Peeler Stafford, daugh- 

Tombstone of Amelia 
Arey Rothrock in Union 
Lutheran Church 

(endnote #892) 

ter of Caleb and Salome Rothrock Peeler. 

See endnotes #594, William Alonzo Lutz, biography, and 
#618, Esther Carolina Peeler Lutz. 

894. fp.519, Wed. July 23, 1890] Sarah ("Sally") Holshouser 
was now eighty-two years old if her age is calculated from 
the 1880 census. By comparison, Samuel Rothrock would 
be eighty-one on his next birthday on 26 November 1890. 

See endnote #715, Sarah Holshouser, 1880 Census. 

895. fp.520, Tues. Aug. 5, 1890] While he supervised the 
placement of Amelia's tombstone at Union Church, Roth- 
rock stayed at the nearby home of Nancy Ann Smith Arey 
Shemwell. Moses Frick who hauled the "Grave Stones" 
from Salisbury to Union Church was a sixty-two year old 
farmer who lived in Morgan Twp. 

896. fp.520, Wed. Aug. 6, 1890] Benjamin Cass Arey, oldest 
son of Nancy Ann Smith Arey Shemwell and Milas Arey, 
deed, and a nephew of Samuel and Amelia Rothrock, 
helped Rothrock "set up" Amelia's gravestone. "Cass" was 
then forty-two years old. 

See endnote #622, Benjamin Casper Arey. 

897. fp.522, Wed. Oct. 1, 1890] The Rev. Calvin Wright 
Sifferd, who called on Rothrock, probably was back home 
visiting while on vacation from his pastoral duties in the 
Southern Illinois Synod. He was the son of Dr. Paul Sifferd. 
Rothrock undoubtedly was influential in Calvin W. 
Sifferd's decision to study for the ministry. 

See endnote #557, Calvin Wright Sifferd, biography. 

898. fp.522, Wed. Oct. 8, 1890] Diana Mesimore, Tomb- 
stone inscription, Union Church Cemetery: 

Annotations & Commentary (1890) 

(left) Ellen Jane Arey Kesler Grupy (1844-1920), daughter of 
MilasArey and Mary Sophia Barringer Hartman; and (right,) 
Sophia Kesler Sumner (1868-1910), daughter of Ellen Jane Arey 
Kesler Grupy and William A. Kesler. 

(endnote #900) 

Diana Mesimore 
B Aug 9, 1825 
D Oct 7, 1890 

(Agner 1967, 10) 
1880 Census Rowan Co., N.C.; Providence Twp.; #216: 
Mesimor, Dianna W F 60 Keeping House 

(Census'8o, 289) 

899. fp.522, Sat. Oct. 18, 1890] Professor Charles Lee 
Thornton Fisher was professor of Latin and Greek at N.C. 
College. He was the son of Peter Alexander and Camilla 
Elizabeth (Brown) Fisher and was born 4 April 1857 in 
Rowan Co., N.C. Educated: N.C. College, Gettysburg 
College, A.B. and A.M. 1882; Gettysburg Seminary, 1885. 
He was licensed, 1884, and ordained, 1885, by the Maryland 
Synod and served churches in Maryland and Nebraska, 
1885-89. In 1890, he transferred to the N.C. Synod. He was 
Professor of Latin and Greek at N.C. College, 1889-92; 
Principal, Mont Amoena Seminary, 1892-97; Vice-presi- 
dent, Elizabeth College, Charlotte, 1897-1904. Churches 
served; with the Rev. J.D. Shirey Holy Trinity, Mt. Pleas- 
ant, 1890-92; Luthers, Rowan Co., 1903; supplied 6 months, 
Mt. Zion, Richfield, 1904; Holy Trinity-Mt. Gilead, Mt. 
Pleasant, 1923-25; again supplied, Holy Trinity, Mt. Pleas- 
ant, 1926. While in educational work and after retiring in 
1926, his pastoral service was on a supply basis. He died 10 
March 1936 and is buried at Lynchburg, Va. (Sketches 
1966, 65) 

900. fp.523, Wed. Nov. 26, 1890] Samuel Rothrock spent 
his 81st birthday at the home of his niece Ellen Arey Kesler 

Grupy where he performed the marriage ceremony of her 
twenty-two year old daughter, Sophia Kesler, to Benjamin 
Edward Sumner. Ellen Grupy was the daughter of Milas 
Arey and his first wife, Mary Sophia Barringer Hartman 
Arey. (Davidson 1983, 184-87) 

See endnote #4JJ, Jacob Grupy, i8yo Census. 

901. fp.523, Wed. Nov. 26, 1890] Benjamin Edward Sumner 
was born in Lincoln Co., N.C, in 1869 and died 9 January 
1936. He was the son of Edwin Everett Sumner and Eliz- 
abeth Shannonhouse. He is buried in Asheville, N.C. 
Sophie Kesler and Benjamin Edward Sumner had two chil- 
dren who survived infancy. (Davidson 1983, 184-87) 

902. fp.523, Wed. Nov. 26, 1890] Sophia Kesler was the 
daughter of Ellen Jane Arey Kesler Grupy by her first mar- 
riage to William A. Kesler. Sophia was born 10 June 1868, 
Rowan Co., N.C, and died 26 August 1910. Her father was 
the son of Isaac and Matilda Kesler and her grandfathers 
were Isaac Kesler and Milas Arey. Sophia was a great-niece 
of Samuel and Amelia Rothrock. (Davidson 1983, 183-84) 

See endnotes #4JJ, Ellen Jane Arey Kesler Grupy, and #108, 
Isaac Kesler, 1850 Census. 


903. fp.525, Frid. Jan. 15, 1891] Samuel Rothrock did not 
make note of it in his diary, but a son was born to Lottie 
Coleman Hambley and E. B.C. Hambley on ^January 1891. 
The child died shortly after birth and was buried at Union 
Lutheran Church Cemetery: 

Infant son of E.B. 8c Lottie C. Hambley 
B &D Jan 15 1891 

(Agner 1967, 22) 

904. fp.525, Sund. Feb. 15, 1891] Joseph A. Basinger, 1880 
Census Rowan Co., N.C,; Morgan Twp.; #159: 

Basinger, J.W. W M 45 Farmer 

Juliana V. W F 40 wife - Keeping House 

Laura J. W F 16 daughter 

Joseph A. W M 14 son 

Fisher, Lillie E. W F 5 niece 

(Census'8o, 217) 

905. fp.525, Sund. Feb. 15, 1891] Minnie Stikeleather was 
seven years old in the 1880 Census. She was therefore about 
eighteen when she married Joseph A. Basinger. 

See endnote #j8j, Minnie E. Stikeleather, 1880 Census. 

906. fp.526, Sat. March 21, 1891] In 1882 Lewis H. Rothrock 
was teaching at Mont Amoena Seminary in Mt. Pleasant 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

and he felt that there was a need for a school which would 
provide a broader education than local schools were 
offering. He therefore proposed to the patrons of the old 
Ribelin school district that if they would construct a suitable 
building, he would start such a school. Prof. Rothrock had 
a fine reputation as an educator and his proposal was ac- 
cepted. Bethany Academy was the outgrowth of this early 
school and it became known as an outstanding educational 
institution. Although the school was established primarily 
for the boys and girls of the area, it offered its services to 
all wishing to attend. A number of students came to the 
school from other communities because of the advantages 
it offered. In the early 1930s, Rowan Co. adopted an edu- 
cation program which led to the consolidation of small 
schools and the establishment of large and modern type 
schools. Bethany Academy was absorbed by the schools of 
Rockwell. Its building was sold and later torn down. Article; 
Salisbury Sunday Post, 1935. 

907. fp.527, Thurs. April 2, 1891] Thomas R. Sheets, 1880 
Census Rowan Co., N.C.; Gold Hill Twp.; #248: 

Sheets, Mary A. W F 45 Keeping House 
Thomas R. W M 15 son - Laborer 

(Census'8o, 124) 

908. tp.527, Wed. April 8, 1891] In 1880, Margaret Ribelin 
was seventy years old and lived in Gold Hill in the house- 
hold of her son-in-law, Calvin L. Brown. This would make 
her about eighty-one years old at the time of her death. 

See endnote #j82, Margaret Ribelin, 1880 Census. 

909. tp.527, Thurs. April 30, 1891] The 88th Meeting of the 
North Carolina Synod convened on 1 May 1891 at St. 
Enoch's Church, Rowan Co., N.C. The pastor of St. 
Enoch's was the Rev. Wm. A. Lutz, husband of Samuel 
Rothrock's niece, Esther Carolina Peeler Stafford Lutz. 

910. tp.529, Sund. June 7, 1891] George Bame, 1880 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C; Morgan Twp.; #166: 

Bame, George W M 67 Farmer 

Elizabeth W F 55 wife - Keeping House 

Samuel W M 22 son - Works on Farm 

Laura Jane W F 21 daughter-in-law - At Home 

Joseph A. W M 19 son 

Amanda W F 14 daughter 

(Census'8o, 218), Sund. June 14, 1891] Esther Carolina Peeler 
Stafford Lutz accompanied Samuel Rothrock on what 
would be his last visit to the Friedberg community and the 
graves of his parents in God's Acre at the Moravian Church. 
She was his niece, the daughter of his sister Salome Roth- 

rock Peeler, and the wife of the Rev. Wm. A. Lutz. 

See endnote #618, Esther Carolina Peeler Stafford Lutz. 

912. tp.529, Sund. June 14, 1891] The Rev. J.E. Hall was the 
pastor of Friedberg Moravian Church from 1881-1901. 

See e?idnote Friedberg Moravian Church. 

913. tp.529, Mond. June 15, 1891] Caleb Peeler Nifong was 
the great-nephew of Samuel Rothrock, the grandson of 
Caleb and Salome Peeler, and the nephew of Esther Caro- 
lina Peeler Stafford Lutz. His mother was Hasteltine Vir- 
ginia Peeler who was born 1 November 1849 and who mar- 
ried P.I. Nifong. (Arnold 1984, 394) 

914. tp.530, Sat. July 18, 1891] This diary entry is an example 
of how supporting Samuel Rothrock's family continued to 
be in his endeavors. His sister-in-law, Jane Coleman took 
him to the home of another sister-in-law, Nancy Ann Arey 
Shemwell, and dinner was provided at the home of his niece, 
Catherine Eugenia Barringer Pool (Mrs. Calvin). He had 
a preaching engagement at Union the next day and he spent 
the night with the Shemwell's who lived close to the church. 

915. tp.530, Thurs. July 23, 1891] Adam Holshouser, 1880 
Census Rowan Co., N.C; Morgan Twp.; #209: 

Holshouser, Adam W M 30 Farmer 

Lydia W F 30 wife- Keeping House 

Mary L. W F 9 daughter 

Martha W F 8 daughter 

Otha W M 5 son 

George W. W M 3 son 

Adolphus W M 1 son 

(Census'8o, 223) 

916. tp.531, Sund. Sept. 13, 1891] Calvin C. Lyerly, son of 
Solomon and Delilah (Williams) Lyerly, was born in 
Montgomery Co., 111. He was licensed in 1881 and ordained 
in 1886 by the Southern Illinois Synod. Presumably he 
served churches in Illinois, 1881-1890, prior to transferring 
to the N.C. Synod in 1890. He served churches in N.C. 
1890-97; New Bethel, Stanly Co.; Luther's, Rowan Co.; 
organized and built church, Mt. Zion, Richfield, 1895-97. 
In 1897 he transferred back to the So. 111. Synod and served 
churches in 111. and Mo., his last charge being Sargent's 
Chapel and Sedgewickville in Sedgewickville, Mo. He re- 
tired to Texas with one of his children and died in 1928. He 
was buried at Sargent's Chapel Church, Sedgewickville, 
Mo. (Sketches 1966, 126) 

917. tp.531, Sund. Sept. 13, 1891] David C. Parker was fifty- 
five years old in the 1880 Census and lived in Morgan Town- 
ship. He was about sixty-six years old when he died. 

See endnote #810, David C. Parker, 1880 Census. 

Annotations & Commentary (1891) 


918.fp.531> Tues. Sept. 15, 1891] Joseph W. Kesler was the 
son of Wilson Kesler who was involved in the financing of 
N.C. College. Rothrock went to see Joseph W. Kesler con- 
cerning loans made to the school by his father, Wilson 
Kesler, now deceased. 

See Diary entry ij August 1891. 

On Oct. 12, 1891, Rothrock again visited Joseph W. Kesler 
and "...turned over a check from Jonas Cook, Treasur- 
er.. .N.C. College." Joseph W. Kesler is shown in the 1880 
Census of Rowan Co.; Morgan Twp. as the head of house- 
hold #154, next to Wilson Kesler who was enumerated at 

Kesler, Joseph W. W M 31 Farmer 

Caroline W F 38 wife - Keeping House 

Laura L. W F 8 daughter 

Samuel J. W M 6 son 

JohnW. W M 4 son 

MaryA.E. WF 2 daughter 

(Census'8o, 217) 
See endnote #658, Wilson Kesler, 1880 Census. 

919. [p. 531, Tues. Sept. 15, 1891] "...old lady Peeler." refers to 
Catharine Fisher Peeler, widow of Paul Peeler. She was the 
daughter of George Fisher and was born 22 January 1806. 
Paul and Catherine Fisher Peeler had two children: So- 
lomon Peeler and Lovina Sophia Peeler. Lovina Sophia 
Peeler married Milas A. Holshouser. Catharine Peeler was 
enumerated in the Holshouser household in the i860 cen- 
sus. (Arnold 1984, 366-68) 

See endnote #368, Milas A. Holshouser, i860 Census. 

"Old lady Peeler," Catharine Fisher Peeler, should not be 
confused with "Widow Peeler," Elizabeth Miller Peeler, 
who died 23 March 1843. She was the widow of John Peeler 
and Rothrock made many references to her in the earlier 
years of the Diary before her death on 23 March 1843. 

920. [p. 531, Tues. Sept. 22, to Tues. Sept. 29, 1891] Samuel 
Rothrock spent this week traveling to and from and preach- 
ing at Nazareth Church in Forsyth Co., N.C, near Rural 
Hall. The Rev. Henry Maxwell Brown was the pastor of 
Nazareth Church, 1888-92. 

See endnotes #2ji, Nazareth Church, and #5/5, Henry 
Maxwell Brown. 

921. [p. 532, Sat. Oct. 10, 1891] Mary Catherine ("Kate") 
Brown Heilig Quantz was the forty-one year old daughter 
of Phebe Brown and niece of Samuel and Amelia Rothrock. 
During October 1891, Rothrock mentions taking "Kate" to 
St. Peter's Church, to Lewis Rothrock's, and to the home 
of her cousin, Catherine Eugenia Barringer Pool. An itin- 
erary such as this leads one to believe that "Kate" resided 

elsewhere and was visiting. 

See endnotes #605, Mary Catherine ("Kate") Brown 
Heilig, #605, Mrs. John Jacob Quantz, and #591, John 
Calvin Poole. 

922. fp.532, Frid. Oct. 30, 1891] Margaret Trexler, 1880 Cen- 
sus Rowan Co., N.C; Providence Twp.; #58: 

Trexler, Margaret W F 61 Keeping House 
CharlottJ. W F 20 dau - At Home 

(Census'8o, 272) 

923. fp.533, Mond. Nov. 9, 1891] Peter Miller, 1880 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C; Gold Hill Twp.; #186: 

Miller, Peter W M 74 Farmer 
Mary M. W F 64 wife - Keeping House 
Alike W F 24 dau - At Home 

Esta E. B. W F 18 dau - At Home 

(Census'8o, 117) 

924. [p. 533, Thurs. Nov. 26, 1891] This is the last time Ro- 
throck mentions his birthday in the extant diaries. On this 
occasion, his 82nd birthday, the Coleman-Hambley family 
relatives were his guests for dinner [noontime meal] and 
his son Lewis and family came for supper [evening meal]. 

925. [p.534, Tues. Dec. 8,1891] E. B. C. Hambley's farm was 
well known, "...he [E.B.C Hambley] was also extensively 
engaged in farming and had at Rockwell, Rowan County, 
one of the most valuable herds of Jersey cattle in America;..." 
Sketch written by John S. Henderson, 1904. 


926. fp.535, Frid. April 29, 1892] Julia A. Heilig, 1880 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C; Litaker Twp.; #191: 

Heilig, Julia A. W F 45 Keeping House 
Maria J. W F 18 dau - At Home 

George W M 16 son 

Ellen W F 14 dau - At Home 


927. fp.535, Sat. April 30, 1892] The 89th Meeting of the 
N.C. Synod convened at St. Paul's Church, Rowan Co., 
N.C. This church was known as Holshouser's Church in 
its early days. 

See endnotes #8, Holshouser's Church, and St. Paul's 
Church, Rowan Co.. 

928. fp.536, Sund. May 1, 1892] Solomon Yost, 1880 Census 
Rowan Co., N.C; Litaker Twp.; #130: 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 


Yost, Solomon M. W M 40 Farmer 

Mary W F 42 wife - Keeping House 

Eddleman, Mary W F 12 servant 

- House Keeping 

929. fp.537, Mond. June 13, 1892) "Carrie" was Samuel Ro- 
throck's twenty year old granddaughter, Carrie Davidson 

See endnotes #511, Carrie Davidson Rothrock. 

930. fp.537, Frid. July 31, 1892] Delia and Jacob Holshouser, 
1880 Census Rowan Co., N.C.; Morgan Twp.; #52: 

Holshouser, Jacob W M 67 Farmer 
Delia W F 65 wife - Keeping House 

Jos. W. W M 23 son - Works on Farm 

Mary J. W F 14 granddaughter 

(Census'8o, 206) 

Samuel Rothrock "Attended to the burial of Jacob 
Holshouser at St. Peter's ch." on 22 March 1893. 

931. fp.539, Thurs. Sept. 1, 1892] Margaret E. Crowell, 1880 
Census Rowan Co., N.C.; Gold Hill Twp.; #44: 

Crowell, James F. W M 23 Farmer 
Margaret E. W F 19 wife - Keeping House 

Charles A. W M 1 son 

Miller, Chlotilda W F 48 mother-in-law 

-at home 

(Census'8o, 104) 

932. fp.539, Sund. Sept. 25, 1892] Peter Earnhart, 1880 Cen- 
sus Rowan Co., N.C.; Providence Twp.; #267: 

Earnhart, Peter W M 66 Farm Laborer 
Susann W F 66 wife - Keeping House 

(Census'8o, 294) 

933. fp.540, Tues. Nov. 9, 1892] Grover Cleveland, the 22nd 
(1885— 1889) and the 24th (1893-1897) President of the United 
States, was the only President to serve a second term after 
having been defeated for re-election at the end of his first 
term. He was defeated by Benjamin Harrison in 1888, but 
was elected again in 1892, after defeating Harrison. 


934. fp.540, Sund. Feb. 19, 1893] William Peter Huddle, 
born 20 February 1862 in Wythe Co., Va., was the son of 
Peter and Sallie (Staley) Huddle. Educated: Roanoke Col- 
lege, A.B. 1882; Gettysburg Seminary, 1 year; also studied 

theology under the Revs. J.J. Scherer, Sr., andJ.B. Greiner. 
He was licensed, 1885, and ordained, 1888, by the S.W. Vir- 
ginia Synod. He served churches in Virginia, 1885-93, and 
in N.C. he served St. Matthew-St. Peter, Rowan Co., 1893- 
97. In 1897 he transferred to the Virginia Synod and served 
Madison Parish, 1897-1921, and Churchville Parish, 1921- 
28. In addition to his pastoral duties, he was a board member 
of Lowman Home and wrote, The History of Hebron Luth- 
eran Church, Madison, Va., ijiy-iyoy. He died 29 August 
1939 and is buried in Thornrose Cemetery, Staunton, Va. 
(Sketches 1966, 97) 

935. fp.540, Tues. Feb. 21, 1893] Solomon Peeler was enu- 
merated in household #216 in the 1880 Census Rowan Co., 
N.C; Morgan Township and Samuel Rothrock was listed 
in household #215. The Peelers were neighbors and this 
entry in the diary tells us that they lived within walking 
distance of their venerable neighbor, the Rev. Samuel Ro- 
throck, D.D. 

936. fp.541, May 2, 1893] The 90th Meeting of the North 
Carolina Synod convened on 2 May 1893 at Lutheran Chap- 
el in China Grove, Rowan Co., N.C. The officers were: the 
Rev. George H. Cox, D.D., president, Rev. Charles Banks 
King, secretary, and I.F Patterson, treasurer. This was the 
last time Samuel Rothrock noted in his diary that he at- 
tended the annual meeting of the North Carolina Synod. 
He now was eighty-four years old. During his long and 
distinguished career he served ten terms as president of the 
Synod, five terms as secretary and five terms as treasurer. 
(Bernheim and Cox 1902, 188-89) 

See endnote #22, Savitz's Church; Luther's Chapel. 

937. fp.541, Sund. May 21, 1893] Frederick Charles Lester 
was the husband of Phebe and Tobias Brown's daughter, 
Margaret Ophelia ("Maggie") Brown Lester who was born 
6 August 1861, Iredell Co. and died 9 January 1896. Frederick 
Charles Lester was born 3 June 1862 in New York City. His 
parents came from England and how long they had lived 
in New York City before his birth is not known. When he 
was about twelve years old his parents moved back to En- 
gland and after he attained maturity he returned to the 
United States by himself. Frederick Charles Lester was a 
printer and before his retirement he was employed by 
Brown-Morrison Printing Co. in Lynchburg, Va. He died 
17 May 1937 and was buried in the Old Presbyterian Cem- 
etery, Lynchburg, Va. Margaret Ophelia ("Maggie") Brown 
Lester is buried in the Old Lutheran Cemetery in Salisbury, 
N.C. The couple had two children: William Tobias Lester 
(1891-1973) and Phoebe Amelia Lester (1893-1964). Dfugal] 
Lfindsay] Arey and "Maggie" Brown Lester were cousins, 
and nephew and niece of Samuel and Amelia Rothrock. 
(Davidson 1873, 243,246) 

938. fp.541, Frid. May 26, 1893] Lawson G. Holshouser and 

Annotations & Commentary (1893) 

I2 9 

Milas A. Holshouser witnessed the signing of Samuel Ro- 
throck's will on 24 May 1893. On 13 December 1894, five 
weeks after Samuel Rothrock's death, these two witnesses 
appeared before Superior Court Clerk, W.G. Watson, and 
swore, "...the said Samuel Rothrock was of sound mind and 
memory, of full age to execute a will and was not under any 

See Appendix, Samuel Rothrock Will. 

939. fp.541, Mond. June 12 to Frid. June 16, 1893.] The aged 
Samuel Rothrock probably went to Misenheimer Springs 
hoping that the spring waters, known for their sulphur and 
mineral content, would be beneficial to his health. 

See endnote #684, Misenheimer Springs. 

940. fp.541, Sund. July 2, 1893] Samuel Rothrock made this 
last extant entry in his Diary on 2 July 1894, one year and 
four months before he died on 2 November 1894. 

I 3° 


Samuel Rothrock died on 2 November 1894, less than a 
month before his eighty-fifth birthday. His page one obit- 
uary in the 9 November 1894 issue of the Salisbury Daily 
Herald states: "He had not been seriously ill. No fell disease 
played upon him, but while in his usual state of health death 
claimed him as his own. As he lived, so he died in peace." 

Shortly after Samuel Rothrock's death his son, Lewis Ha- 
zelius Rothrock, penned this note and sent it by messenger 
to his cousin, Paul Melville Barringer (1846-1926): 

At Home 
Nov. 3 1894. 

Cousin Paul: 

Father died yesterday between 12 and 1 o'clock. Will 
bury him at Union church Sunday at 11 o'clock. I have 
no one to arrange to have his grave dug. Will you please 
look up some grave diggers for me. Have it dug by the 
side of Mother if you can, but if not, you make any 
selection that may suit. Yours in distress, 

L.H. Rothrock 

Samuel Rothrock had discussed his funeral obsequies with 
the Rev. William Alonzo Lutz, then pastor of Augsburg 
Church in Winston-Salem and the husband of his niece 
Esther C. Peeler Stafford Lutz. In so doing he made the 
request, "When I die let no one eulogize me beyond what 
I deserve; tell my weaknesses as well as my virtues. If I 
possess any say, There lies a sinner saved by grace." 

Thus, even at his funeral and almost four centuries after 
Martin Luther posted the Ninety-Five Theses on the door 
of the church in Wittenberg, Rothrock was still sounding 
the central theme of the Reformation. 

"For by Grace are ye saved through faith; and that not 
of yourselves, it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest 
any man should boast." 

St. Paul's Letter to the Ephesians, 2:8 

The Rev. William Alonzo Lutz, fellow clergyman and kins- 
man by marriage, preached Samuel Rothrock's funeral on 
Sunday, 4 November 1894 at Union Church. He was buried 
in Union churchyard beside his wife, Amelia Arey Roth- 

Tombstone of Samuel 
Rothrock, D.D. in 
Union Lutheran Church 
churchyard. In June 
1888, the University of 
North Carolina con- 
ferred the honorary de- 
gree of D.D. upon Sam- 
uel Rothrock. This 
modest man made no 
mention of this honor in 
his Diary. He kept a busy 
schedule throughout that 
month and evidently did 
not attend the com- 
mencement exercises. 

Lewis Hazelius Rothrock inherited his father's Gold Hill 
residence. He and his wife, Joan Hearne Rothrock, lived 
there until 1908 when he sold the farm containing one hun- 
dred thirty four-acres. Lewis Rothrock died 28 June 1923. 
His wife Joan died 20 October 1935. Both are buried in 
Chestnut Hill Cemetery, Salisbury, N.C. 

Joan Luckey Hearne 
Rothrock and Lewis 
Hazelius Rothrock with 
one of their fourteen 


Monument at Union Lutheran Church, Rowan Co., N.C. 
Each of the four sides bears a different inscription: 



N.C. SYNOD IN 1803 




This historical marker was erected in the churchyard of Un ion Evan- 
gelical Lutheran Church on Bringle Ferry Road in Rowan County, 
North Carolina in /97c?. 

The graves of Samuel Rothrock and family are located about ninety- 
five feet southeast of the obelisk. 

z 3 2 

Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

The Will of Samuel Rothrock 

In the name of Almighty God, Amen. 

I Samuel Rothrock, of Rowan County and State of North 
Carolina, being of disposing mind and memory, and con- 
sidering the uncertainty of life, do make and publish this 
my last will and testament in manner following, that is to 

1. 1 bequeath my body to the earth to be decently buried. 

2. I commend my soul into the hands of a merciful God. 

3. 1 direct all my just and burial expenses to be paid out of 
my estate. Among my just debts I include the following: 
One note of hand to Emma Peters for one hundred dollars 
bearing date May 15, 1890. One note of hand to Bettie 
Thomas for one hundred dollars bearing date of May 15, 
1890. Said notes to be paid according to their true intent 
and meaning. 

4. I give and bequeath my library, including all my books, 
pamphlets, and periodicals, to pass into the possession, im- 
mediately after my death, to my son, Lewis H. Rothrock. 

5. I have already given to Emma Peters and to Bettie Th- 
omas, to each of them, one bureau, one bed, and furniture 
as their absolute property. 

6. Whereas Emma Peters and Bettie Thomas have, for a 
long time, lived in my family as members of the same, were 
kind and good to my wife during her life, are good and kind 
to me in my declining years, now if the said Emma Peters 
and Bettie Thomas shall continue with me as heretofore, 

then and in that case, I devise and bequest to them jointly 
my dwelling house and house furniture, my kitchen and 
utensils, necessary out buildings, all the provisions and 
poultry on hand, my sow, horse and garden to have and to 
hold the same without molestation, for the term of six 
months, next succeeding my death. My reason for making 
the foregoing bequest is to provide for the said Emma Peters 
and Bettie Thomas a home and comfortable support for 
the term specified, and to give them ample time to arrange 
for their future homes thereafter. The said Emma Peters 
and Bettie Thomas may at their option and for consider- 
ation satisfactory to them, transfer any or all of the foregoing 
bequest to my son Lewis H. Rothrock but not transfer or 
aliene to any other person. 

All the residue of my estate, real and personal after the 
expiration of six months next succeeding my death, to pass 
into the hands of my son, L. H. Rothrock executor of this 
my last will and testament to execute the same according 
to the true intent and meaning thereof. 

In testimony whereof I herewith & set my hand and seal, 
this 24th day of May, 1893. 

Samuel Rothrock {Seal} 

Signed as witnesses at the } 
request of the testator, and } 
in his presence. 

Lawson G. Holshouser 

Milas A. Holshouser 

Rowan Co.NC Wills, WB-3/71 

The Will of Samuel Rothrock 

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Annie 81 

George 81 

M[elinda]. F. 81 

Mary 81 

Jane 32 
Aery [Arey] 
. Peter 29 
Affray 34 
Agender [Agner] 

Elizabeth 17 

Henry 17 
Agener [Agner] 

Daniel 17 

Daniel 17 

Henry, Jr. 17 

Isaac 17, 25 

John Franklin 17 

Laura Jane 3 

Martha Withers 18 

Nancy E. 17, 61 

Rosa 17 

Rosa S. 17 

Rosina Basinger 17 

Terry Wayne, Rev. 17 

William Alexander Adolphus 
("Dolph") 17 
Ague 4 

Nicodemus, Rev. 60, 83 
Alpha Synod 99, 107, 120, 123 

Jacob Brown, Rev. 26, 27, 31 
Area [Arey] 

Abraham (d. ca. 1846) 53 

Catharine [Clingerman] 53 

Henry A. 53 

Margaret M. 53 

Mary Elizabeth] 53 

W.F. 53 

J. Gottfried, Rev. 2, 6 


son of John Arey 83 

Abraham (1757-1844) 1, 2, 21, 25 

slaves 27 

son of Petter Ihrig 4 

Union Church pledge Abram 
[sic] 26 

son of John 19 
Albert (see Area) 53 
Albert Burton, Sr. 56, 66, 82, 105 
Amelia Rosetta 2, 8, 13 
Any [Annie] 119 

Benjamin Casper ("Cass") 56, 66, 

92, 123, 125 
Benjamin, Rev. 2, 4, 12, 14, 15, 23, 

29. 35> 43> 48, 5°. 7°> 77- 7 8 > 95 
homeplace 75 

widower 96 
Charlotte 3, 21, 37 
Dugal Lindsay 56, 66, 121, 129 
Edwin Ethelbert ("Ed") 77, 118 
Elizabeth 2, 9, 46, 70 

m. Charles Barringer 38 

m. Wiley Canup 38 
Ellen Catherine Elizabeth 96 
Ellen Jane 32, 56 
Ernest C. 121 
Gabriel Henry 113 
Gabriel Whitson (" Whitt") 119 
Gabriel Whitson, Jr. 119 
H[arriet]. N[ewell]. M. 50 
Harriett Melinda Peeler 83 
Henry James 112 
Jacob Calvin 119 
Jane 3, 21, 34, 38 

wedding 43 
John (1789-1854) 19, 83 
John Armstrong 19 
Joice 19 

Laura Augusta 44 
Lottie Raynor 119 
Margaret Lorelia ("Lola") 119 
Maria 19 

Maria Phebe Raynor 77, 78 

wartime privation 58 
Mary 83 

Mary Ellen 2, 3, 24 
Mary Jane 77 

Mary Sophia Barringer Hartman 

30, 67, 76 
obituary 30 

Milas 2, 14, 21, 22, 24, 25, 30, 32, 
38, 56, 66, 67, 80, 92, 97, 126 
death 57 
Milas, Jr. 80 
Moses 19 

Mrs. Arey, deed., widow of 

Abram 27 
Nancy Ann Smith 56, 57, 66, 67, 


m. Shemwell 81 
Nancy Holmes 19, 83 
Nannie L. [Shemwell] 121 
Peter (1783-1841) 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 19, 
20, 23, 83 
grave 39 

welfare of slaves 23 
Phebe Thomas (1788-1845) 2, 3, 8, 
19, 20, 22, 25, 29, 41, 125 

estate sale 30 

grave 39 

obituary 29 

widow 20 
Priscilla Ann 119 
Richard A. 119 
S.R. [Sarah Roxanna] 92 
Sarah 19 
Sarah A. 119 
Sarah, dau. of John 83 
Theophilus 14 

William Pleasant 56, 66, 69, 97 
Wm. Thomas 119 

William A., Rev. 16 

E D. 33 
Mary 94 
Susan 65 



Augustus, Rev. 10 

Catharine 109 

Hubbard 109 

Mary Ina 97 

Amanda 127 

Anna 15 

Elizabeth 127 

George 127 

Joseph A. 127 

Laura Jane 127 

Michael 15 

Samuel 15, 127 

Samuel Rothrock Diaries 


Andrew 82 
Anna 40 
Catherine 102 
Charles J.C. 106 
Daniel 40 

wife of Moses 112 

wife of Andrew 82 
Elizabeth S. 

wife of Jacob 106 
Ellen L. 112 

Ester, m. John S. Long 40 

Francis L. 112 

Henry L. 106 

Ida J. 106 

Jacob 106 

John 40, 42, 73, 83 

John C. 106 

John N. 113 

Junnie I. 112 

Leah 40, 73, 83 

Leah D. 112 

Lou 81 

Madie E. 112 

Maggie 81 

Maggie E. 106 

Margaret 40 

Monroe 40, 73, 81 

Moses 112 

Oily G.B. 112 

Paul 40 

Paul C.J. 82 

Paulie 81 

Peter 42 

Sally 40 

Sarah C. 113 

Thomas JA. 82 

J.C. 55 

Caleb J. 68 

George H. 69 

Laura C. 69 

Mary L. 69 

Richard 69 
Barouche n 

Abigail U.C. 70 

Agustus 99 

Caleb Cicero 35, 70, 76 
Clarence G. 76 
D. Buchanan 70 

D. Monroe 70 
Daniel 99 
Daniel M. 51 
David D. 99 
Dora M. 76 
Edgar Tobias 76 
Emma 99 
F. Jeremiah 70 
J. M. DeWill 70 
Jane R. 99 
Laura 71 
Laura J. 99 
Lawson W. 99 
M. Gertrude 76 
Margaret 99 
Margt. 99 
Mary A. 99 
Mary J. 71 
Mathias 45 
Moses 35 
Moses Worth 76 
Peggy 36 
Phebe R. 76 
Robert Lee 70 
Sarah 70 
Sarah Ann 70 
Sarah E. 99 

Alexander, Jr. 115 
Alice Octavia 65, 72 
Amelia 24 
Anna Margarete 8 
Anna Mary 1 
Calvin B. 104 
Catherine Eugenia 87, 90 
Charles (1800-1875) 2, 9, 23, 46, 
64, 70 

Charles (1804-1850) 8, 28, 34, 46 
Charles (1836-1854) 45 
Charles Rufus 45 
Charlotte A. 9 
Christena 28 
Christiana 34 
Christiana Fisher 34 
Christina Louise 8 
Christina Peeler 34 
David 3, 24, 47 

David (1813-1895) 2, 3, 14, 21, 22, 
24, 25, 26, 47, 50, 68, 69, 76, 79, 

1870 Census 65 

guardian, Arey children 57, 61 
matrimonial semi-centennial 

David (1891-1912) 3 
Elizabeth Arey 64, 70 

death 75 
Elizabeth M. J. 115 
Ellen E.M. 104 
Ellen Phebe 24 
Eugenia 65 
Eve Elizabeth 8, 28 
George 9 
George Henry 9 
George WA. 104 
Harriet A. 9 
Henry J. 42 
Hughes A.M. 115 
Jane Elizabeth ("Jennie") 9, 69, 76 
Jeremiah 2, 51 
John 8 
John H. 104 
John P. M. 

killed at Seven Pines 57 
John Peter 1, 3, 8, 21, 22, 24, 68, 76 
Joicy Charlotte 3 
Joseph 49 
Joseph A. 28 

Katharine Trexler 1, 2, 21, 22, 24, 

25, 46, 68, 76 
Lucy Reid 3, 65, 90 
Lundy 28 
Luther J. 104 
Margaret 1, 9, 64 
Martha 49 
Mary 2, 65 
Mary Anna 2, 76, 113 
Mary C. 47, 85 

Mary Ellen ("Polly") Arey 14, 15, 
21, 22, 24, 50, 69, 77, 79, 108 
obituary 120 
Mary Margaret 8 
Mary Redwine 28, 34 
Mary S. 115 
Mary Sally 2 
Mary Sophia 2, 19, 22 
Matthias 9 
Michael 8 
Moses 8, 25, 28, 85 
Moses, miller 47 
Nicholas 8, 28, 34 
Nicholas R[edwine] 28 
P. M. 65 
PL. 25, 30 
Paul 1, 8 

Paul Melville 69, 131 
Paul, Rev. in 
Peter 1, 8 

Index to Volume II 


Peter James 22 

Peter Laurence 2, 21, 64, 76, 92 
Pinkney Calhoun 22 
Pleasant Edwin 15, 22 
Polly 28 

Rose Ann Miller 64 
Sarah A. 51 

Sarah Roxanna ("Roxie") 92 

Thornton 50 

Amanda G. 102 

Augustus M. 103 

Barham Parker 115 

Caleb A. 103 

Catharine H. 103 

Catherine (Earnhardt) 116 

Elizabeth 103 

Ellen L. 103 

Emma J. 103 

Howell M. 115 

J.I. 116 

J.W. 126 

James Milo 48 

Jas. T. 115 

Jerry J. 102 

John 48 

John L. 115 

Joseph A. 126 

Juliana V. 126 

Juliann 115 

Laah T. 102 

Laura J. 126 

Mary 115, 122 

Nancy 48 

Robbert 109 

Rosina 17 

Sarah Jane 115, 122 

William A. 103 

Willie E. 115 
Battles, Civil War 

Antietam Creek, Sharpsburg, 
Md. 59 

Fredericksburg, Va. 59 

Seven Pines, Va. 57 

Christina 16 

John Lewis 3, 16, 122 

John, Capt. 59 

John, Jr. 3 

John, Sr. 3 

Lewis 16 

Mr. 1 

Alice E. 90, 102 

Anny 38, 72 
Calvin A. 90, 102 
Caroline 38 
Carson A.B. 90, 102 
Catharine L. 49 
Catherine E. 39, 86 
Charles W. 39, 51 
Crissie D. 88 
Daywalt 38, 86, 102, 113 
Delila 39 
Delily 104 
Eli DA. 102, 113 
Elias 48, 51, 103 
Ella Marie 88 
Eve C. 39 
Eve L. 38 
Hannie C. 88 
Henry A. 38 
Jane S. 39, 104 
Jesse 49 
John P. 51 
John S. 110 
Joseph 38 
Lydia 37 
Martha 38, 102 
Martha Catharine 49 
Massa L. 39 
Matilda 37 
Paul 86, 104 
Paul, tailer [sic] 39 
Peter 37 
Rachel 48 
Rums 39 
Samuel 37, 52 
Susan 102 
Susanna 103 
Susannah 51 
Tobias 37 
William 88 
William E. 88 

Diane Margaret 91 


Amanda 74 

John Knox 77 

Margaret Ann 26 

Charles Herman, Rev. 68, 92 

Gotthard Dellman, Rev. 47, 66, 
68, 80, 92, 106 

John Herman, Rev. 47 

Lisette (Dellman) 47 

Berriner [sic]. See Barringer, Charles 

(1804-1850) 28, 46 

Milly E. 78 
Bethany Academy 127 

Rachel 74 

Barbara (Fichte) 63, 81 

Christian Emmanuel 63, 81 

Louis Albert, Rev. 63, 81 

Louisa A. 81 

Lula K. 81 

Philip Melanchthon, Rev. 63, 81 
Sarah A. 81 

Daniel Howard, Rev. 52, 66 

Susan Bigelow 66 

Lindsay 96 

Alexander W., Pvt. 
killed 58 

Jacob 100 

Catharine 108 

James 7 

Caswell 103 

Adolphus M. 102 

Daniel 26 

David 25 

Ellen Virginia 17 

Rachael 64 

Wm. 103 

Sarah Elizabeth ("Sallie Lee") 113 
Thaddeus Street, Rev. 113 

Edwin Abiel, Rev. 68 


Allison 109 
Brandy Jonathan 52 
Calvin H. 71 
Caroline 71 
Catharine (Miller) 117 
Catherine 38 
Catherine Emeline 72 

eulogy 86 
Charles E. 72, 116 
Chrissie C. 116 
Crissie E. 88 

Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

David A. 52 
Ellen E. 71 
Ellen M. 88 
George 38 

George A. 72, 97, 114 
H.L. 116 
Ira Harris 116 
Jacob W. 73, 117 
John M.W. 73, 116 
John W. 98 
Lusetta 72 
Luther W.S. 88 
M. A. 71 

Margaret E.E. 109 
Margareth D. 72 
Margt. 99 
Martha A. 71 
Martha CA. 109 
Mary C. 109 
Minnie W. 109 
Moses A. 38 
Nancy 38 
Rosanna 99 

Ruben W. 38, 72, 86, 116 
Rufus G. 51 

Sarah E. A. Fisher 97, 114 

Sarah EA. 109 

Sophia L. 52 

Susan L. 72, 116 

Camilla C. 27 

Catharine 77 

Charles D. 109 

Cora L. 104 

Fanny S. 104 

Henry A. 109 

Jacob A. 104 

John 27 

John M., Pvt. 
died 59 

Lawrence J. 27 

Margaret D. 27 

Mary L. 104 

Michael 77 

Polly E. 27 

Robert A. 111 

Rosena 109 

Sarah J. 77 

Sena E. 104 

Tempe in 
Bostian's school-house 73 

Adam 16 


John D., Rev. 75, 84 

Ann Swepson 43 

Jake 73 

Laura 73 

Sarah 73 

Barbara 114 

Calvin M. 114 

David 51 

John 114 

Mary L. 114 

Moses G. 114 

Sarah 64, 114 

Sarah S. 114 

Alex. W. 33 

Margareta 5, 23 

Michael 5, 23 

Christian 14 

Catherine 17 

Abraham 20, 25, 41 

Alexander ("Sandy") 25, 26, 41, 43, 
65, 70, 71, 102 

Allen 15 

Amy 89 

Amy Miller 61, 72, 78 
Annamary 17 
Arthur 84 

Bachanan [sic] Bachman 71 
Bachman Samuel, Rev. 25, 41, 102 
Bachman Storch, Rev. 25, 41, 102 
Caleb H. 49 
Calvin L. in, 114 
Carson A. 95 
Catherine 25 

Catherine Roseman 8, 26 
Charley 84 

Charlotte Lucetta Jane ("Lottie") 

35, 41, 70, 76 
Christopher 6 
Cora Ann 17 
David S. 61 
Dovie D. in 
Eliza Maria 20 

deed. 41 
Eliza Rothrock 21 
Elizabeth 25, 53 

Elizabeth E. 5 

Elizabeth, wife of Allen 15 

Ellen Augusta in, 114 

George F. 89 

George H. 41 

George Henry, Rev. 25, 26 

seminarian 21 
George L.L. 111 
Henry 49, 95 

Henry Maxwell, Rev. 72, 78 
JM 26 

Jacob, Jr. 21, 25 

Jacob, Sr. 8, 20, 25, 26, 28, 41, 85 

tombstone 25 

widow 25 
James 5, 70 
Jeremiah 25, 50 
John D. 122 
John K. 61 
John L.C. in 
Joseph 120 
Laura M. 41 
Levi L.H. 61 

Lewis Tobias 2, 20, 21, 25, 30, 35, 
41, 70, 89, 98, 107, 113 
death 65 

Tobias Brown Mill. 75 
Lewis Tobias, Jr. ("Tobie") 113 
Leyder 71 

Lillian Luetta 98, 107 

m. Samuel T. Hallman 100 
Luther 84 
Luther H. 89 
M[argaret] O. B. 98 
Magdalene 49, 95 
Malinda Ribelin 114 
Margaret C. 95 
Maria 25, 84 
Martha 71 
Martha E. 41 
Martha J. 89 
Martha Regina 41, 75 
Mary C. 75 

Mary Catherine 8, 28, 85 
Mary Catherine ("Kate") 41 
Mary Kistler (Mrs. Alexander) 

20, 41, 71, 102 
Mary L. 89 
Mary L.R. 61 
Matecia in 
Maxwell M. 61 
Mrs., in Salsbury 72 
Nancy 25 
Nancy E. 61 

Index to Volume II 


Nathan 17, 89 

Phebe Arey 20, 35, 41, 43, 65, 72, 
75, 76, 89, 98, 107, 113 
house in Salisbury 83 
Pleasant 71 

Pleasant David ("P.D."), Rev. 17 
Pleasant David, Rev. 72, 78 
Pleasant M. 41, 84 
Polly 50 
Rachel 25 

Richard L., Rev. 17, 61, 72, 78, 108 

Robert 70, 76 

Robert L. 41, 71 

Samuel Augustus 9, 69, 70, 76 

Sarah 82 

Sarah (Hudson) 120 
Sarah Houston 64 
Solomon 61, 72, 78, 97 
Stephen A. 41 
Susan Amelia 41, 70 
Thomas 25 

Thomas Shannon, Rev. 120 

William Roedel, Rev. 116, 123 

Margaret ("Peggy") 21 

Elizabeth 49 

Edward 73 
Buller [Peeler] 

Johannes 3 

Catharine 24 

Catherine n 

J. S. 11 

Jacob 11 

John 11 

Mr. , Sr. 11 
Butler's schoolhouse, Franklin Co., Pa. 


Camilla 69 
David 25 
Elizabeth 9 
John Henry 69, 98 
Mary Belle 69, 97 
Robertson 69 



S.J. 109 
Calaubria Post Office 73 

Mary Ann 52 

David 102 

Annie Gertrude 91 

Samuel 58 

Charlotte A. 38 

Christena 109 

Elin A.J. 38 

Elisabeth 38 

George A. 80 

Linda 109 

Mary C. [Morgan] 80 

Samuel 109 

Triplet 80 

Wiley 38 

John Grant 107 

Adam 4, 26 

Adeline 49 

Alexander 37 

Anna 49 

Catharine 111 

Catherine Morgan 119 

Conrad 49 

Levi 119 

Levi A. 49 

Levi W. in 

Louisa 37 

Nancy 111 

Nancy Elizabeth 119 

Peter 26 

Rachel 49 

Mary Eve 123 

Jane 26 

Margaret 26 

Julius A. 123 

William 40 

Adolphus W. 115 

Ann 50 

CaryJ. 115 

Catharine 26 
Fannie I. 115 
George 25 
Henry 25 
Henry W. 114 
Isabella 114 
Jinne L. 115 
John 26 
John A. 114 
John, Junr. 26 
Josephene 114 
Laurah A. 115 
Lewis I. 114 

Lucretia ("Crissy") Hartman 17 

Mary J. 114 

Mary N.C. 115 

Moses A. 114 

Peter 25 

Pinkney 115 

William 114 

William A. 114 

John 65 
Centenary Fund 21, 23 

C.C. 120 
Christmas Tree 

Elm Grove Schoolhouse 101 

St. John's, Salisbury 76 

St. Peter's 76 

Bear Creek, Stanly Co. 22, 85 

Bethany, Iredell Co. 
[Presbyterian] 44 

Bethel, Franklin Twp., Rowan 
Co. 45, 62 

Bethesda [Presbyterian], Amity 
Hill, Iredell Co. 75 

Center Grove, Kannapolis, 
Cabarrus Co. 94 

Cherry Hill, Davie Co. 79 

Christiana, Rowan Co. 72 

Coldwater, Cabarrus Co. 16, 100 

Dutch Buffalo Creek, Cabarrus 
Co. 7 

Dutch Pine Meeting House 
[Union], Rowan Co. 2 

Dutchman's Creek, Davie Co. 59, 
78, 106 

Ebenezer, Rowan Co. 73, 114 
Emmanuel, now Immanuel, 

P.owan Co. 87 
Evangelical Lutheran Church, 

Greencastle, Pa. 12 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

First Lutheran Church, 

Savages, Rowan Co. 6 

John Worth 52, 76 

Chambersburg, Pa. io, 12 

Savitz's, Rowan Co. 6, 77 

Clark family 

Fnedberg [Moravian] 5, 7, 29, 77 

Schumakers, Guilford Co. [early 

deaths from lead poisoning 76 

Frieden's, Guilford Co. 40 

name for Friedens] 40 


Fullenwider s, Rowan Co. 30, 47 

Shepherd s Cross Roads, Iredell 

A/Tir-t-it-| Ar 

ivianiii os 

Grace Evangelical and Reformed, 

Co., preaching site 41 


[Lowerstone] , Rowan Co. 6 

oniJon [lvietnodistj, Cold rlill 

W.A., buggy maker 83 

Graves [early St. Pauls], 

[ 11 rt~\ l< <~\t iron 1 /~\ Q A 
1WU., IVOVVall V^O. OO 

V-,lcVlb 125 

Alamance Co. 74 

Shiloh, [Lutheran], Forsyth Co. 


Grossmans, Franklin Co., Pa. 11 


A fr'KiKo In ttt 

/vicniuaiu 111 

Heidelberg Church, Davie Co. 59> 

Solomons, Franklin Co., Pa. 10 

I 1 , 1 ( r ( 1 111 

rietty v^. 111 

7 8 

St. Enochs, Rowan Co. 17, 85, 118, 

lua ivi. in 

Hickory [early name of 


James E. 111 

Fullenwider s] 30 

oi. jamcs , v^oncorci, v^auarrus 

John D. in 

micKory [cany name 01 

V^U. IO, 1UU 

1 1 ltl/11 TTT 

LUIlUd 111 

Lowerstone] 6 

oi. junns, v^auarrus v^o. v, 123 

JVlartin L. 111 

Holshouser's, Rowan Co. 3, 14, 75 

St. Johns, Salisbury 76, 108, 123 

A/T^*-Tr A TTT 

iviary rv. 111 

Hopewell [Moravian] 17 

St. Johns Lutheran, Mercersburg, 

Mary Carolina Cruse 114 

Jersey [Baptist], Davidson Co. 28 

ra. 12 

1 — 1 1 • 


Jerusalem, Davie Co. 59 

St. Luke s, Bear Poplar, Rowan 

Alexander 53 

Krauth Memorial Lutheran, 

Co. 74 

Catharine 53 

Rowan Co. 30, 47 

St. Lukes, Davidson Co. 79 


Leonard's, Davidson Co. 7 

St. Luke s, Rowan Co. 71 

Thomas R. 77 

Lowerstone [Grace Evangelical &c 

Q*- 1\/T n *-+lr our f Mr,, r I C^* r\ Qr 

at. iviartnews, uavie v^o. 05 


Reformed], Rowan Co. 6 

St. Matthew's, Rowan Co. 15, 104, 

T I I Per 

J. H., Kev. 33 

Luther Union Churches 118 



Luther s Chapel, China Grove, 

ot. iviicnaeis, ireueu v^o. 0, 75 

Sarah 69 

Rowan Co. 6, 77 

St. Pauls, Alamance Co. 74 


1_/ULI1CI S, rvOWdll v^O. Jl, 1U7, 12j 

01. iduio, iviLv^oiiiicnsuurt, rd. n 

Alexander 88 

1 iit"npfan ( honpl ( hnrpn ( hinn 
J—/U.L11C1 dll V_IldL/Cl V^llUlCll, V_^IlIIld 

M r i 1 1 1 c k murin I c\ o t /( *?r 
OL. ± dUlo, IvUWall v_ \) . j, 14., /S 


Grove, Rowan Co. 6, yy 

ot. raui s, Wilmington, in.v^. oo 

Charlotte Clarke ("Lottie ') 65, 73* 

Memorial Lutheran Church, 

ot. rauis, Vvytne bounty, va. 5 

74, 85, 87, 117 

Shippensburg, Pa. n 

St. Peter's, Rowan Co. 47, 106, 108 

governess 74 

]VIt. Carmel, Cabarrus Co. 118 

St. Stephens, Cabarrus Co. 15, 93» 

wedding 117 

Mt. Monah, China Grove, 


rLlizaDetn A. 50 

XvtJWd.Il V^U. UJ 

oi. 1 iiouids, rrdiiKim v_-u., id. 10 

Jane 65, 77 

-f- ( lliyp ( niiT"r"n ( Q niffiic I r\ 
IViL. V-/11VC V^llU.1 V~ll, V-^'d.Ud.11 Llo V_^U. 

OWlCCtiUUU. , l^dVltlbOIl V_^U. 22, /U 

Julias A., miner 56 


Trinity, Cabarrus Co. 62 

Littleton Hardin 43 

l^dAdlClll, JTUloVlll V^U. JOj 120 


Liirueron vviuiam, ur. 3> 43> D 5> °7 

New Bethel, Stanly Co. 22, 85 

parsonage 8 

Colloquy 115 

New Jerusalem, Davie Co. 59* 7^ 

schoolhouse 17 


Organ [Zion], Rowan Co. 6, 27? 

Union, Rowan Co. 2, 85, 96 

Charley 08 


White Church, Franklin Co., Pa. 

James 68 

r 11^1 1111, J^/dVlUbOil V-^O. 7, jl 


JU11US uo 

.T1I1C [vJIHOIlJ, IvOWdll V_-0. 2 

Church raising 106 

Leah J. 67 

rnicy LUiiiunj, ivUWd.ll v-.o. 2 

iviarrna v^. 00 

Pleasant Grove, Davidson Co. 99 

Albert Percy 41, 52, 76 

Martin 67 

Providence [IVIethodist], 

Alexander 9 

Mary L,. by 

L 1UV1LICI1L.C 1WU., XvUWdll V--U. /< 

v^ndiioiic xTxey 35» 43> 5^ 

raui 0. 07 

rvcioi iiidiiuii, j-/dvic v^(_>. /M, 04 

Charlotte Lucetta Jane 35 

O. D. 07 

Salem Lutheran, Franklin Co., 

T^mps IT 11 

Pa. 11 

homeplace 52 

Company G, Sixth North Carolina 

Salem, Rowan Co. 42, 67 

John II 3, 37, 39, 41, 43 

State Troops 57 

Sandy Creek, Davidson Co. 22, 79 

death 52 

Concord Presbyterian Female College 

Index to Volume II 



Irenaeus, Rev. 61 
Philip 61 

Sophia (Byrum) 61 

Barbara A. 61 

Cornelia C. [Miller] 61, 82 

Shirly Z. 61 

William H., Rev. 61, 82 

Frank P., Rev. 88 

Treasurer, N.C. College 66, 
97, 128 

Mary Magdalene (Costner) 88 

Matthew 88 
Coon [Koon] 

Alexander 75 

Alice 75 

Amanda 75 

Catharine 75 

Jacob M. 75 

Alexander 26 

Moses 26 

Sarah Basinger 26 

Alice Elizabeth 78 

Jesse R. 78 

Jemina R. 48 

Jemina Sophia 48 

Philip 48 

George 77 

Emma Renner 91 

Mart 70 


George Henry, Rev. 121 

Lemuel 121 

Mary (Trask) 121 

Jesse 68 

Mary 68 

Frank 67 

A.R. 105 

Agnes 105 

CD 105 

C.I. 105 

Carrie 69 


Charlie 69 
Margaret J. 69, 105 
Robert 69 
W. Reed 69, 105 
W.H. 105 
William H. 

member legislature 69 


Absalom 104 
Annie L. 104 
Clary A. 104 
Francis M. 71 
Larua E. 104 
Leah T. 104 
Monroe 104 
Susan A. 104 

Susannah, Mrs. Paul Cruse 28, 93 

Theadore M. 104 

Jacob, Rev. 16 

Catharine 80 
C rowel 

Mary 70 
Crowe 11 

Charles A. 129 

James F 129 

Margaret E. 129 

Ann 67 

Sharlott F. 71 

Adam M. 28 

Albert 99 


died in prison 60 

Anderson Alexander 100, 112 

Andrew (1763-1857) 28 

Andrew, Jr. (1799-1879) 50 
blacksmith 60 
death 96 

Caleb 112 

Catharine 50 

Catharine L. 60 

Catherine 31 

Charles no 

Christina L. 60 

Elisabeth 60 

Eliz. S. no 

Ellen S. 100 

Geo. E. no 

John 28, no 

Joseph A. 48, 112 

Josephine no 

Leah 60 

Mac M. no 

Margaret Alice in 

Margaret Catharine 49 

Mary no 

Mary A. 49 

Mary Long in 

Monroe 60 

Moses 28 

Orlin 102 

Paul 28, 93, in, 112 

Peter 49, no, 118 

Philip 49 

Phillip 31 

Rachel Beaver 48, 100, 112 

Sarah 60, no 

Sarah A. 100 

Sarah M. 60 

Solomon 60 

Susannah Cress 112 

Tobias 52 

Daniel 38 

Dasie L. 115 

Florance K. 115 

George W. 115 

James A. 115 

John T.C. 115 

Martha J. 115 

Minnie Houston 91 

Robert E. 115 

William C. 115 

William J. 115 

Elizabeth 74 

Hariet R. 23 

Hugh 23, 74 

Margaret C. 23 

Rebecca Wood 23 

Rue R. 23 

William O. 23 

Beersheab 33 

Elisabeth 33 

Joseph T 33 

Margaret A. 33 

Martha J. 33 

Phebe 33 

Rebecca 33 

Sarah 33 

Samuel Rothrock Diaries 



Ann W. 34 
Dolpin A. 33, 34 
Jane 34 

Jefferson, Pres. 57 

John B., Rev. 82 

John R. 34 

Louisa M. 34 

Mary B. 34 

Mary E.H. 34 

William 34 
Dearborn 13 
Diet no, 116 
Dinglehoff, Mr. 

m. Lila Stafford 92 
Dodd's schoolhouse 74 

Mary (Swan) 84 

Thomas William 84 

Thomas William Luther, Rev. 84 

Florance 105 

Martha J. 105 

Wade 105 

Daniel Isaiah, Rev. 47, 85 

Jeremiah 47 

Lydia 47 

Martha Ann K. Heilig 85 
Dropsy 99 

Charles W. 58 
Christena 58 
James 58 

Sophia Heilig 28, no 
Thomas 28 



Ann 48 

Annette Camilla 97 
Caroline 98 
Catherine N. 45 
Charity L. 98 
Charlotte 40 
Charlotte S. 40 
Daniel E. 98 
Daniel M. 40 

David 40, 97 

Elisabeth 42 

Elizabeth 51 

George 45 

George A. 48 

George W. 40 

John P. 45 

John, carpenter 40 

Joseph Augustus 48 

Lettie M. 98 

Louisa A. 45 

Margaret B. 45 

Maria 40 

Mary E.S. 45 

Moses 98 

Moses J. 45 

Peter 51 

Sarah 45, 97 

Sophia 40 

William A. 40 

Eli, Pvt. 
died 58 

George 54 

Jacob 54 

Moselle 122 

Veronica 54 

CW. 121 

Edward 25 

Elizabeth 121 

Peter 129 

Susann 129 

W.N. 121 

Calvin, Pvt. 
died 59 

Camilla C. no 

Catherina 71 

Isaac 51 

Jerry H., wagon-maker 121, 125 

Julia Ann 51 

Margaret 71 

Rebecca 51 

Thomas 26 
Earry [Arey] 

Peter 4, 8 
Eary [Arey] 

Peter 4 
Ebenezer Academy 44 

Lewis Hazelius Rothrock, 
boarding student 44 

Professor Hugh R. Hall 44 


Alexander 42 
Ambrose 8, 28 
Betsey 37 
Calvin A. 97 
Caroline 93 
Daniel 74 

millwright 40 
Daniel L. 74 
David 56 
David L. 56 
Elisabeth 40, 74 
Elizabeth 35, 56 
Ellen 74 

Henry Albert 97 

Jacob A., Pvt. 
killed 58 

Jane R. 56, 74 

Jeremiah A. 40, 56, 97 

John L. 97 

John M. 41 

Laura, K.P. 8 

Louisa M. 40, 56 

Mary 97, 129 

Peter 8 

Phillip 41 

Sarah 41, 46 

William C. 40, 56 

Philip 6 

Kate 67 

Adam, Rev. 40, 92 

Catherine Louise Miller 

Daniel, Rev. 40, 92 

JA. 92 

Jacob Killian, Rev. 92 
Martin 40 
Mary (Coble) 40 

Anna S. 99 
Conrad 26 
David 26 
Isaac 26 
James M. 99 
Licette 99 
Lousetta J. 

dead 99 
Margaret C. 

dead 99 
Michael 106 
Michl. 30 
Molinda 106 

Index to Volume II 

Wesley 105 

Samuel Legrand 109 
Elm Grove Schoolhouse 86, 101 
Erry [Arey] 

Elizabeth 17 

Richard Franklin 96 

Thomas Gibson ("Gyp"), M.D. 

Erysipelas 63 



Esther 32 

A.C. 103 

J.M. 103 

James R. 103 

John W. 103 

Mary E. 103 

Baxter N. 76 

Cynthia 72 

Hany A. 100 

Jennie M.E. 100 

John 48 

Joseph Hamilton, Rev. 72, 122 
Luther L.M. 100 
Mary A. 100 
Maxwell L. 100 
Michael 72 

Moses Alexander 48, 100 
Sophia (Ritchie) 48 

Angeline 100 
Charlie 100 
John 100 
Mollie 100 
Nevin 100 
Pendleton 100 
Susan 100 
Thomas 100 
Wm. W. 100 


Augustus A. 46 
Elizabeth 37 
Jacob 15, 37 
Margaret 37 
Mary J. 46 

Sarah 46 
Tobias 46 

William H., Rev. 30 

Anna B. 96 
Antoinett 67 
Camella 67 

Camilla Elizabeth (Brown) 126 
Carl Hilbert, Rev. 17 
Catherine 44, 103, in 
Charles in, 116, 117 
Charles Frederick, Col. 6th N.C. 

Regiment 16, 57 
Charles Lee Thornton, Rev. 126 
Christiana 37 
Christiana C. 37 
Clodora 37 
Earle Hugh, Rev. 17 
Elizabeth Caroline 57 
Elizabeth Louise 116 
Emma 105 
Emma W. 105 
Florance R. 105 
Florence I. 96 
Frances I. 67 
Frederick 16 
George 44, 128 
George A. 96 
George M. 105 
Henry M.C. 105 
Herman George, Rev. 17 
Hudum 67 
Irvina 37 
Jacob 8, 37 
Jacob A. 96 
Jacob R. 37 
Jacob R.C. 105 
John B. 96 
John Valentine 61 
John W. 48 
Joseph 67 
Joseph F 67 
Lavinia 37 
Lawson A. 37 
Leah L. 51, 111 
Lewis E. 96 
Lillie E. 126 
Lucetta in 
Lucetta Jane 78 
Luther Vastine, Rev. 17 
Margaret A. 96 
Margt. in 
Martha 67 

Martha G.M. 105 
Mary C. 96 
Moses in 

Peter Alexander 126 
Rachel 67 

Ray Richard, Rev. 17 
Robert M. 96 
Rosa in 

Roscoe Brown, Rev. 17 
Sallie E. 61 
Sarah ("Sally") 60, 96 
Sarah Cruse 57, ra, 116 

widow 117 
Solomon 51, 61 
Tampa 111 


Henry T. 32 

Florence Amelia Rothrock 
Hoffner 35 


Alexander 85 
Alice E. 99 
Amellia 85 
Catherine 99 
Edmund 99 
Eliza H. 85 
John H. 99 
Lawson 99 
Mary J. 99 
Moses A. 99 
Thos. A. 85 
Warren 99 

John 51 
Sophia L. 51 


Alfred J., Rev. 112 

Junius Bost, Rev. 112 

L. A., Rev. 112 

Lydia Bost 112 

Margret 17 

Benjamin F. 15, 41, 56, 69, 93 

seeks personal pardon 59 

tailor 15 
Cameron E. 15 
David 26, 38 

postmaster 20 

postmistress 38 
Hiram 38 
Jane E. 28 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

Jane P. 15, 56, 69 
Jane U. 15 

L.F.93 ' 

Martha 123 

Roxanna O. 15 

Roxey D. 56 

Sophia 42 

Susanna M. 38 

Thomas B. 28 

W.C. 123 

W.P. 69 

Wilborn C. 123 

William R. 28 

William W. 28 

Amanda C. 117 

Andrew 15 

Catharine J. 89 

CrissaJ.E. 117 

Daniel C. 117 

James A. 117 

Joseph Alexander 55 

Julius 89 

Levi C. 89 

Loeb 105 

Mary L. 89 

Milas C. 117 

Millie Ritchie 112 

Moses 89, 125 

Paul L. 117 

Polly Ann 89 
Friedberg Moravian Church 

Centennial Celebration 77 

Amanda 78 

Cladora 78 

John 78 

Phillip 78 

Polly 78 

Julia 69, 98 

Adam 50 

Alfred B. 50 

Camilla 50 

Eliza 50 

Eve 50 

Jacob 50 

John 50 

Monroe 50 

Polly 50 

Samuel 55 


Claude Demetrius 91 

Frances Houston 91 

Jacob 47 
Furnace, Franklin Co., Pa. 12 

Elizabeth 90 
RW. 94 



Joseph 55 

Thomas J. 

buggy trimmer 83 


Catherine 54 

William, Rev. 46 
German skeleton 12 
Gettysburg College 13 
Gettysburg Gymnasium 13 
Gettysburg Theological Seminary 7 

S. Rothrock elected a director 6, 

Fannie H. 84 

Hampton A. 

harness maker 84 

Margaret 84 

Martha A. 84 

Thomas 84 

William DA. 84 


George F. 101 

James A. 101 

Jane S. 101 

John M. 101 

LaurahJ. 101 

Laurah L.J. 101 

Mary A. 101 

Varina C. 101 

William A. 101 

Adam A. 118 

Eliza Jane 118 

Oliver 119 

Rebecca 118, 119 

Richard 118 

Sarah 19 
Gold Hill Post Office 73 
Gold mining, Rowan and Cabarrus 

Cos. 23 

Golden Wedding Celebration 119 
Albert 99 

Alice Maria Arey 96 
Catharine L. 51 
Daniel 51, 99 
Elizabeth 32, 33 
Elizabeth Josey 63 
Francis 99 
George 63 
Henry, Rev. 32 
J. A. 56 
Jacob 99 
Jacob P. 50 
John Turner 96 
Julius 99 
Julius V. 33, 63 
Michael 32, 49, 51 
Montfort M. 33, 63 
Moses 33 

Moses A. 63, 64, 99 

Nancy 99 

Rose A. 33 

Sarah Ann E.B. 51 

Tobias 96 

Florence 69 

Lilla 69 


Sophie 74 

Alice E. 94 

Alius U. 55 

Anna E.M. 25 

Anna M.B. 
widow 24 

Anna Maria 51 

Augustus Franklin 35, 38, 55, 94 

Charles L. 94 

Charlie H. 101 

Cora M. 94 

Elizabeth 88 

Elizabeth E. 52 

Ellen Cordelia 52 

Fannie M. 94 

Harvey A. 94 

Henry T. 101 

Henry, Rev. 6, 7, 15, 35, 38, 49, 5 


deed. 25 
Jeremiah L. 35, 52, 88 
John F 55, 94 

Index to Volume II 

John L. 101 
John M. 25 
Laura E. 101 
Louisa R.H. 25 
Maggie C. 101 
Maggie J. 88 
Margaret N. 55 
Margaret S. 94 
Maria C. 94 
Mary A. 94 
Mary L. 55 
Mary S. F. 51 

Mary Salome Florentine 25 

Minnie B. 94 

Sarah A. 49 

Albert 77 

Adolphus 105 

A.L. 103 


lawyer 103 

M. 103 

W.F 103 

John T. 77 

Samuel 82 

Elisabeth 49 

Mary C. 49 

Rachel 49 

Thomas 49 

John 43 

Levi C., Rev. 43 

Mary Snavely 43 

Jacob 11 

Ellen Jane Arey Kesler 67, 76, 79, 
85, no, 126 
plantation no 
Jacob 67, 79, no 
Guano 64 



Jesse 32 


Widow (custodian Dutchman's 
Creek Church-book) 106 


Lunda M. 27 


Bryant C, Rev. 47 
Hugh R. 44 

J.E., Rev. [Moravian] 127 

James 44 

Annis Kirton 100 

David 100 

Lillie Belle 107 

Milledge Solomon 100 

Samuel Thomas, Rev. 100, 107 

Catherine Rusten ("Poppy") 120 

Egbert Barry Cornwall 117 
farm 128 

Elizabeth Montgomery Suckley 

Ellen Read 117 
Gilbert Foster 124 
James 117 

Littleton Coleman Fleming 120, 

Lottie Coleman 101, 124 
infant son 126 

Margaret Beekman ("Rollie") 120 

Robert Bowne Suckley 120 

Cornela A. 87 

Dora G. 87 

Levi I. 58 

Mary J. 87 

Obidiah W. 87 

William C. 87 

Catherine 54, 65 

Christopher 49 

Clementine 49 

Daniel 49 

Henry 54, 65 

John 8, 49, 69 

Josephine 99 

Maria 49 

Mary A. 69 

Mary Ann 49 

Mary Melker 54 

Paul R. 65 

Rachel 49 

Sarah 8 

Simeon W. 8 


Jeremiah, Rev. 12 

Clay 97 

Lula 97 

George 28 

Margaret (Platts) 28 

William George, Rev. 28 

Charles 2, 19, 22 
deed. 24 

Christena L. 48 

Eliza 20 

Elizabeth 17 

Elizabeth Cathey 1, 20, 22 
JA. 30 
Jacob 58 

John 1, 15, 20, 22, 25 
John Alexander 22, 25, 29 
John D. 25 
Margaret 58 
Mary 41 
Mary Ann no 
Mary C. 53 
Mary L. 25 

Mary Sophia Barringer 2, 22 
m. Milas Arey 24 

Rosannah 108 

Susanna 109 

Viney 58 

William 25, 58 
Hartman-Linn House 1, 20, 34 

Lucy Ann 43 

William, Gov. 43 

Roswell 67 

Ernest Lewis, Dr. 13 

Rev. Dr. E. L. 21 

Davidson 62, 77 

Geraldine 62 

Jeraldine P. 62 

Joan L. 62 

Leah Melchor 62, 101 

widow 62 
Lucy J. 62 
Thomas C. 62 

Albert Sidney 65, 98 
Allen H. 48 
Amanda J. 48 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

Amelia Miller 49, 65, 98 
Augustus 54, 80, 89 
Caleb 46, 52, 54, 80, 89, in 
Caleb A., son of Luther 85 
Catherine 28, no 
Charles H. 48 
Ellen 128 
George 55, 128 
George A. 46, 54 
George Michael 28, no 
George Michael, Jr. 42, 54 
George S. 48 
Harvey Augustus 49 
James H. 48 
Jimmie D. 65 
John 39, 54 
John G. 65 
John Samuel, Rev. 39 
Julia A. 128 
Luther A. 54, 85, in 
Margaret K. 48 
Maria J. 128 
Martha A.C. 46, 54 
Mary A. 

dau. Michael 48 

wife of Caleb 46, 54, 80, 85, 
89, in, 115 
Mary Catherine ("Kate") Brown 

Michael 48 

Paul Nathaniel 42, 49, 54, 65, 98, 

Richard A. 48, 51 
Rosa Sarah Caroline 55 
Sallie 65 
Sally 48 

Sarah E. 46, 48, 54 

Sarah Furr 42, 54, 55 

Talula L. 85 

S., (step-dau., B.F. Fraley) 93 

Lucinda 75 

Achaball 109 

Archibald 34 

E.B. 109 

Francis Marion 34 
John Steele 109 
Pleasant, Dr. 16, 34 

Burrell 42 
Eve C. 42 
John W. 42 

Rachal L. 42 
Sophia 42 
Washington 42 

Ambrose L., prop. Henkel Press 

Catharine (Heyle/Hoyle) 93 
Charles, Rev. 79 

David Melanchthon, Rev. 79, 83 

David, Rev. 8, 93 

Elon O., prop. Henkel Press 94 

Heleah Anna Maria 79 

Mary C. 79 

Paul, Rev. 79, 93 

Philip, Rev. 8 

Polycarp Cyprian, Rev. 61, 93 
Socrates, Rev. 93 
Solomon 79 

Simeon 25 


Abigail I. 48 

Abram 3, 48 

Jane Clark 52, 76 

John 52, 76 

Lydia Carolyn 2, 3 

Lydia Morgan 48 

Mary J. 48 

Rufus 31 

Sarah E. 48 
Hinklehite 8 

Robt. 62 


James M. 116 

Jane Alice (Basinger) 116 

Philpena 117 

Anna 16 

John N., Rev. 10, 12 

Maria Phoebe 4 

Catherine Lavina 39 

Florence Amelia Rothrock 35 

Col. John 6 

Conrad 3, 10 

Jacob 10 

John 3 

Mary 3, 11 

Susan 123 


John 56 

AH. 94 

Anna H. 70 

C.H. 94 

Carrie W. 70, 94 
Charles H. 55, 70, 123 
E[rnest].L[ee]. 94 
Jennie A. 70, 94 
Jesse 19 
Moses L. 38 
Nancy 19 
Nellie 70, 94 

Reuben Jesse 38, 55, 70, 94, 123 
Rosanah S.C. 55, 70, 94 
Sarah Ada 55, 70 
Adam 127 
Adolphus 127 
Andrew 3, 52, 67 
Catherine Lavina 61 
Charles 67 
Charlott J. 93 
David [1795-1859] 39 
David C. 112, 114 
Delia 72, 129 
Eli 82 

Elihu 34, 51, 52 
Elizabeth (Kluttz) 67 
Ellen E.L. 102, 123 
Emeline 107 
Eva A. 104 
George W. 127 
Hannah 39 
Harvey A. in 
Jacob 25, 38, 39, 72, 129 
Jacob H. 102, in 
John 51 
John A. 104 
John R.A. 82 
Jos. W. 129 
Joseph 72 

Lawson G. 24, 104, 129 
Leah 93 

Leah [Wagoner] 82 
Lotta 116 
Lydia 127 
Margaret 116 
Martha 67, 127 
Martha C. 116 
Martha E. 104 
Martha F. 82 
Mary 51, 72 

Index to Volume II 

Mary C. ("Polly") 43 
Mary E. 112 
Mary J. 129 
Mary L. 72, 127 

Milas A. 44, 57, 102, no, 123, 128, 

Osborne Monroe 67, 116 

Otha 127 

Otho 54 

Paul 39 

Peggy 33 

Safiah L. 102 

Sallie J.C. 104 

Sarah 104 

Sarah ("Sally") 125 

Sophia 52 

Sophia L [Peeler] 58 

Alexander 37 

Anna Beaver 37, 38 

Crawford H. 37 

Jacob 37 

Lawson G. 37 

Margaret C. 37 

Rufus J.J. 37 

Salome 37 

Burrell N., Rev. 42 

Alfred 41 

Eli 41 

Hulda Julia 42 

Margaret 42 

William A. 
teacher 42 


Thomas 25, 56 

Martha Virginia 125 

Jane 37 

Sam 37 

Sarah 70 

William E. 

professor 73 


Peter 129 

Sallie (Staley) 129 

William Peter, Rev. 129 

Margaret 39 


David S. 96 

Cammie 77 

Joan Hearne 77 

Kay Elizabeth Louise 77 

Thomas C. 77 


Ihrig [Arey] 

Petter 2, 4 
Infare 28 

William H. 91 

George 65 
Intermittent fever 103 
Iredell County land 23, 34 

Danl. 30 



Michael, Dr. 
professor 12 


Eliza 83 

Daniel 7 

James H. 

huckster 102 

John 112 
Jersey Settlement 28, 32 

George H. 25 

Anna L. 42 

Elizabeth 33 

Jackson R. 42 

Louvina 96 

Mary 42, 96 


death 96 


D.R. 74 
Lula 92 
Mary A.R 55 
William 53 

William Alexander, Rev. 53, 92, 



Richard 26 



William 65 

Polly 35 

Aaron C. 124 

Eliza E. 124 

Samuel L., Rev 123 

Amelia 24 

Cornelia E. 24 

Hugh 24 

Rebecca E. 24 

Lewis 62 

John 106 

Jas. E. 33 

Alexander 25 

Anna C. 108 

Augustus 33 

Caroline 128 

Christian 24 

Cornelius 108 

Eliza Hartman Linn 33, 39, 51 
died 50 

division of lands 50 

grave 50 
Elizabeth 24 
Henry A. 108 

Isaac 25, 33, 34, 50, 51, 67, 126 

funeral 50 
James H. 33 
John W. 128 
Joky A. 33 
Joseph W. 128 
Laura L. 128 
Lewis A. 108 
Margaret 97 
Mary A.E. 128 
Matilda 50, 67, 126 
Samuel J. 128 
Sophia 67, no, 118, 126 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

Tobias 26 

Susanna L. 41* 5 U 

Rosain 51 

vv lLLiam i\. 33 ' u 7> 

OU.od.IlIla.ll 49 

lwoC A. < / 

Wilson 97> 

Theobold 49 

ivuius 3/ 



^orcin r 1 ttt 
O di dl 1 1 v . 111 

All f*f* T> 

Si 1 c;ci n n 9 /t S 

us a.1 111a. j. 1 

ivestier i^ivistier^ 

ivini Dai 1 

Wellington in 

1 — lorifir 

jmciiiy 2 

1 -a r n onnp (( c> 1 1 rs 1 p ) nn 
V_-dLlldllllC \\_-dLlUlC y UU 


1 VI U. L L 


I <" ~i I v' f 1 1" A/"v 

v_^u ) iyci uw 

Alnprt Sr 


Catharine 54 

Whitson, Rev. 60 

/TJJlCU 1I7 

r>aiy .rv. 54 


Amid ividiic rccicr 20, 4° 

Franey C. 54 

vvm. iv. 35 

Annie Ellen Lucetta 117 

Solomon 54 


l oli^r^ A TT*7 
V^dlCU A. 11/ 

Susan S. 54 

William 51 

Caleb Lawrence 114 

Ke tchie 


Caroline 4^ 

Adam L. 99 

Eliza Jane [Ludwick] 81 

v^dLiidriiic ^iviiiicry Dusi 117 

David A. 99 

n/ve Ann 01 

Catherine 28 

r 1 licar^fn ( nn 

Tda T ee Rt 

( ci thpri np ( rn<;p u 

O. L11C1 11 It. V^lUot. <L 

Kve Jane 99 

Thomas H. 81 

Chas. 26 

William Rufus, Rev. yz 

rvisier lsilj ^rvisuer,) 

Christina 39 

ivc iciiy 

Marv R /<t 

-ivj.o.1 y 1_> . ZL1 

1 iTnip TT 

1^/O.illtA \1 

Anna 7o 


J_-/dvlU 20 

1 — 1 pni'v o r 
1 1C111 y ZS 

\_-- d L 1 1 d 1 1 1 1 1- 

r H rnnnn r m m dniif 1 ! Ton 

l_/tllllUl 1L1 1_/1 1 11 1 LAI 1 L1C1 1UU 

1 icm y .r. /o 

iH <"\t 1 — lent*'!/' ^ n 
w Riu \y kji 1 iciii y d.u 

J-jll, 1 VI. \*J 

Tonp T "78 
JdllC !_/ . /o 

\_xdll 1C1 11 It. UO, / / 

F*li7 T li-MQhprl ttA 

ll 1_>.|^1 lOlltAJ 11VJ 

JOX1I1 25, /o 

Hpnrv riS 
1 ±ci 11 y uo 

r 1 1 17Q r\f*Tn 1C\ A$K T(~i*7 
l_jilZ,o.UC 111 dO, 1 W / 

Tnhn Allen -78 

It/llll i VI1L11 /O 

Qrnn T7 

jdcou 3/ 

T^li^oKpfn fPprLr^ An 

hanged 78 

John 41 

Elizabeth C. Fisher 116 

Tnsenh M "78 

JUoCL/ll J. VI. /O 

1 11 r*v I AS *7*7 
IjULV J . uo, / / 

n VQnn AmcinnQ ttA tt*7 

IjVdlill JVllldlltla. 11(J, 

J_/eWlb D. 7o 

iviary 2$, qi y 00, 77 

Eve Elizabeth 43 

iviary iv. 70 

Paul, Rev. 20 

Eve Trexler 117 

Samuel R. 78 

Theophilus J.H. 46 

George 43 

Solomon 54 

Virginia 1VI.C. 46 

Hannah Levina Holshouser 


\A/p»1inrrtrin T ^A Aft -7"? 

v vciiiiy ion 4^> oOj // 



( ■at'ncirinf 1 tht 
dllldl 11 1C 1U1 

1 VI U L L 

1 — Icinncin SitTArn ttA 
1 Idlllldil Olllt/ltl 11U 

S _• 1 1 /. <U 'L 1 1 1 1 U ) , 1 wZL 

A iPYinnpr t*7 "7,1 
iLLCAallUCl < 1 y / 

1 — irript ttA 
1 Idl 1 1C L 11U 

1 T PH r()"(' A T 
VJCJliiC Z(-l 

M m m nQ r 1 t t A 
JVllldlllU-d 1_> . llU 

H q rvpv ttA 
1 ldl VC y 11U 

1 ~t t * ( ~\ ri r < 1 IV/] i P, rA 
vjrctjitic ivi. 1^ 


iiciiiy zo, 39> 4° 

Ida 101 

I 1 1 vi n *)*7 

V_^dl V 111 < i 

I O i~An A TT A 
\a.\-\J\J A. 11/L 

John 51 

Caroline 39 

Jacob L. 117 

nnn ( \n n a 8 

l nnctpriQ A /i 

V^lllloLClld U/L 

Inninn lo/^r^n 1 1 1 ir\ oft a 8 
J U>1 Idlll 1 I dLUU 111 ZU, ZO, d.O 

nnn \A/ a r\ 

J Willi V V . 

V-'Ul d JJ. 9/ 

l/~\nn r*7 ttA 

J \ /, no 

1 *a 1 1 rci nR 

1— / a. LI 1 a. 

1 JOfll f 1 ! T T 
.L/dlllCl <1 

1 Ann 1 o Kri n r*7 ttA 
|U)11I1 V^dlVlll S/, lit) 

1 /liirn f A 

j_/aura ivi. 50 

Edmond E. 97 

Joseph 93 

\/l ci frrQ r/^f" /(ft r"A 
lVld.liia.lCL 4-0, SU 



Lawrence 117 

^/I '1 rci rpt" ( fA 

lVla.1 ti a.1 C L v_ . SU 

m 1 1 1 \\tv\ <t r~\ f ^ r^i 
111111 Wl ItillL 4-W 

1 PO rl I A/PfllT' A*7 

1_/Cdll l_/yCliy 0/ 

ividi y a. 101 

1L11Z. v^. Ill 

Leonard 26 

^/I a rv 1 /t t r A 
iviaiy i—j. 4-1) St/ 

Ullz,dUCLll zo 

\/l O 1 1 C C O T T*7 

IVldlloba 11/ 

Monroe M 8c ttt 

1VJ.U111 t/V^ IVX. OS, 111 

vjeorge 37 

IVldltldXCL V^dlUllllC 1/ 1U1 d U9 

Mnspf; A Cn n8 

IVlUotO il. SU^ tJO 

1 — 1 fn r\r a 8 
1 iciii y a.0 

ividiy^dicL rccici 31 

N^nrv o ttt 

l^a.llL.V ZLW , 111 

1 1C111 y 1. 9/ 

\ /I ortno I othprinp A*7 
IVldl Llld v^dLllCIlllC O/ 

Nancy A.C. 40 

Tp re mi an 71 

TVlartin c>n "3T 

Peter 40 

Jesse A. 37 

Mary A. 48 

Sarah J. 56 

Mollie 74 

Mary Anna 26 

Susan 101 

Nancy 37 

Mary Ellen 93 

Index to Volume II 

Milas W. 117 
Milk 53 

Moses [1815-1901] 67, 95, 116, 117 
Moses, Jr. 114 
Myrtle E. 116 
Paul 1, 117 

Paul Jeremiah no, m 

Paul W. 117 

Sarah 116 

Sarah Alice 95 

Sarah E. 116 

Sophia 26 

Tobias 69, in 

Tobias, Pvt. 
killed 59 

Wellington Columbus 116 

Wenclle 25 

Moses 26 

Peter 15 

Alexander 64 

Nelson 64 
Knup [sic] Canup 

Wila [sic] Wiley 38 

David James, Rev. 99 

Elizabeth 107 

Fred W. 107 



Mamie 91 
Lawson 33 

Christopher 9 

Aaron G. 22 

Abraham 105 

Abram 22 

Adam W. 68 

Agusta 68 

Albert S. 88 

Alford 35 

Caleb A. 38 

Caleb, Rev. 49 

Carson D.L. 89 

Catharine 105 

Clotilda I.R. 89 

Cranford 68 

Crawford 88 
Crissa A.C. 38 
David 39, 68 
Dawalt 21 
Edmund D. 22 
Elenora 39 
Eli C. 38 
Elizabeth 89, 115 
Elizabeth (Beaver) 39 
Evaline 68 
Evelina 38 
Frances 91, 92 
George A. 89 
Hannah C. 22 
Harriet C. 89 
Henry 49 
John C. 38 
John D. 

cabinetmaker 38 
John T. 89, 115 
John, Rev. 3 

org. Holshouser's Ch. 88 
Joice 35 
Joicy E.B. 68 
Joseph 88, 105 
Joseph C. 22 
Julia A. 35 
Laura 68 
Laura C. 88 
Laura M. 38 
Linda M. 68 
Lutitia 35 
Margaret A. 49 

Margaret Ann Bernhardt Linn 

widow of R.W. 94 
Margaret Hartline 97 
Margaret M. 22 
Mary A. 88 
Mary S. 22 
Mary S.J. 38 
Mathias M. 39 
Milla E. 89 
Peter 39, 49, 97 

tailor 35 
Peter J. 88 
Polly 35 
R. W. 73, 82 
Robert 35 
Rose 35 
Rufus W. 22 
Samuel R. 68 
Sarah 22, 97 
Sarah Jane 22 
Susanna 23 

Victor C. 88 

W.A. 68 

Will H.C. 68 

Wm. W. 51 

John H. 51 

Louisa M. H. 51 

Frederick Charles 129 

Margaret Ophelia ("Maggie") 
Brown 129 

Phoebe Amelia 129 

William Tobias 129 
Lexington Seminary 21 

Edmund 62, 101 

J.A, Sr. 62 

John A. 62, 101 

Leah C. 62 

Mary 62, 101 

Mary. 62 

Thos. 94 

C. 30 

Catharine 19 

Cornelius 19 

David 19 

Delia 19 

John 19 

Lucy Ann 19 

Sally 19 
2 William F. 19 


Albert L. 104, 105 

Ana L. 104, 105 

Anna 34 

David M.T 98 

Elisabeth 34 

Elizabeth 34, 87 
death 97 

Eveann 98 

James B. 98 

John 4, 34, 98 

John L. 98 

Laurence 34, 87 

Littleton W. 109 
son of John 98 
son of Moses 104 

Louisa 34 

Margaret A. 104 

Martha T 104 

Martin L. 104 

Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

Mary I. 98 

Moses 104, 105, 106 

Paul A. 98 

Richard L. 98 

Thomas R. 104 


blacksmith 45 


blacksmith 45 

John H. 45 

Margaret A. 45 

Mary A. 45 

Phillipene 45 

Flora A. no 

IsaacJ.W.B. no 

Isaac S. no 

Laura M. no, 122 

Phebe no 

Williamson M. no 

Adam 82 

Alice F. Nunamaker 94, 96 
Catharine 57 

Charles Adolphus, Rev. 27, 80 
Charlotte Margaret 20 
David 76 

David (ca.1796-1842). 50 

David R. 20, 22, 39 

Eliza Hartman 1, 20, 22, 29, 33, 34, 


Elizabeth Cathey 20, 33 

grave 39 
Elizabeth Wormington 102 
Elizabeth, wife of Moses 57, 67, 

Elizabeth, wife of Samuel 20, 26, 
3 1 

H.C. 27 
Harriet Jane 76 
Harriett 65 
Hubert Miller 80 
Ida C. 67 
J.C. 113 

James F. 57, 67 
John 26, 113 
John F. 31 

John Kenneth, Rev. 27, 80 
John T.S. 55 

Joicy Catherine Redwine 76, 113 
Joicy Redwine 76 
Joseph A., Rev. 20, 26, 31, 47, 55, 
73. 8o, 94 

Joseph A., son of Moses 67, 73 
Josephus Adolphus, Rev. 20, 27, 

80, 82, 92, 94 
Juliann 82 

Justin Arthur, Rev. 27, 80 
Laura Clementine 20, 33, 67 
Leroy 67 

Margaret Ann Bernhardt 31, 55, 


m. R.W. Lentz 73 
Margaret J. 57 
Margaret Leonard 20 
Mary Eliza 76, 113 
Moses 57, 67, 89, 101 
Pleasant David 76, 113 
Robert 20 

Robert John 20, 33, 50, 76 
Samuel G. 26, 31 

lumber mill 47 

miller 20 
Thomas Calvin 76 
Thomas Calvin. 113 

Calvin A. 108 
Elizabeth 108 
Jennie 108 
Leah 108 
Sally 22 

Dora 102 

Melissa Lorretta 117 

Sarah Elizabeth 120 

Jacob L. 51 

Emma 81 

Margaret (Kelley) 83 

Anna 106 

Charley L. 106 

Edwin Leonidas 119 

Esther 73 

Fannie F. 106 

John 37 

John H. 106 

John Joseph 119 

John S. 37 

Letha 91 

Margaret 37 

Margaret A. 37 

Mariah 105 

R. John 106 


Catherine 69 

Milly 69 

Tena 105 

James 67 
Lutheran Observer 21 

Esther Carolina Peeler Stafford 95 
Harriet Mahaffey 88 
Jacob 88 

William Alonzo, Rev. 16, 88, 92, 
125, 127, 131 

marriage to S. Rothrock's 

niece 93 
preached Rothrock's funeral 

William Alonzo, Rev. 95 

Albert L. 122 
Alexander 51, 105 
C. 30 

Calvin C, Rev. 127 
Catherine Barger 26 
Charles 26 
Charlott C. 95 
Christopher 25 
Daniel 36 
David 95 

Delilah (Williams) 127 

Elizabeth 82 

Esther E. 82 

George 25 

Henry 36 

Jacob 26 

Jane E. 105 

Jesse 42, 82 

Joseph 36 

Julia A. 82 

Leah 26, 67 

Linda 82 

Lotty V. 105 

Margaret 36 

Minty 105 

Moses 122 

Nancy 36 

Otha T. 105 

Polly 36 

Rachael 64 

Reader 82 

Samuel 36 

Sarah 105 

Solomon 127 

Index to Volume II 

Zachariah 64, 102 

Elizabeth 69 



Sarah Ann 52 

Christian 26 

Frank 77 

Josephine 77 

Louise 77 

Pinkney 77 

Ruth 77 

Adolphus C. 71 

Eliza. J. 71 

Epraim 71 

Georgia EC. 71 

Mary M. V. 71 

Tallula L. 71 

Jess 25 

John, Senr. 25 

Lucett 68 

Maxwell 68 

Chas. 73 

Grace 91 

John, Rev. 11 

Mollie 70 

Mary F. 54 

James 64 

Jane 74 

Junius 74 

Betty 51 

Camella 106 

Catherine 106 

Eve E. 106 

John 106 

Joseph, Esq. 52 

Martha 106 

Mary C. 52 

Paul 51 

Ruben 106 

Rufus 106 

Monro 35 

Christopher 62, 101 

Eliza 62, 101 

Nancy 101 

John H., Rev. 53 

Mary A. 69 

Daniel 79, 108 

Elizabeth 108 

Harriet 79 

Jacob 79 

Jacob Jr. 79 

James F. 79 

Jane 109 

John Frederick 79 

shoemaker 108 
Joseph M. ("Red") 79 
Margaret 79, 109 
Mary 108 
Nancy 79 

Rosannah Hartman 79 

Sarah J. 108 

Lillie 115 

Margaret A. 38 

Diana 125 

Anna Catherine 28 

Adolphus A. 103, 113 

Albert S. 117 

Albert Willington 51 

Alexander M. 51 

Mice 128 

Amelia 42 

Anna 119 

Bessie 96 

Boyden A.K. 92 

C.A. 98 

Cal, sheriff 74 

Calvin L. 106 

Calvin L., Pvt. killed 58 

Camilla C. 51 

Carrie 98 

Cary R. 92 

Charles 42, 52 

Charles Alexander 84, 85 

deed. in 
Charles B., Rev. 80 
Chlotilda 129 
Clotilda 51 
Conrad 23, 115 
Cora E. 98 
Cornelia C. 61 
Crawford A. 106 
Daniel 119 
David 9 

David Alexander 9 
Edgar H. 98 
Elizabeth (Sifford) 43 
Elizabeth C. 9 
Elizabeth R. 123 
Ellen Eve Ann Barringer 84, 85, 

Esta E.B. 128 
Eva 62 
Eve E. 51 
Floyd B. 98 
Francis B. 92 
George 5, 9, 14, 25 
George Alexander 5 
H.G. 98 

Henderson Neiffer 84 
Henry 2, 9, 14, 21, 47, 85 
Henry M. 5 
Ida G. 98 
Idy 96 

Jacob 3, 22, 23 
Jacob J. 51 
Jacob Schum 119 
James Allen 5 
Jerry 104 
Jesse 93, 103 
John 43, 51, 89 
John A. 51 
John C. 2, 114 
John D. 51 
John David 43 
John F. 98 
John H. 51 
John J. 50 
John Jacob 118 
John L.C. 92 
John Nathaniel 9 
John Rufus 5 
Joseph 104 
Joseph W. 115 

Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

Laura Clementine 5 
Lavina 8 

Lawson Alexander 51 

Luther S. 85 

M. Ida 96 

Margaret 93, 103 

Margaret A. 106 

Margaret M. 51 

Martha R. 103, 113 

Martin E. 93, 103 

Martin, teacher 104 

Mary 119 

Mary A. 92 

Mary Ann Lavina 5 

Mary Cordelia 80 

Mary L. 93, 103 

Mary Louise 84 

MaryM. 106, 128 

Maryan [Barringer Redwine] 113 

Matthias 78 

May 98 

Moses 104 

Oily C. 2 

Paul 5, 51, in 

Peter 2, 51, 128 

Peter, postmaster 55 

Rosanna 2, 92 

Rose Ann 21 

Ruffina Regina 51 

Safiah L. 89 

Sarah L. 51 

Sophia 2 

Susanna Lentz 23, 115 

Uriah E. 89, 112 

Vanci B. 84 

Virginia A. 89 

Wendel 5, 9, 14, 21, 22 

William 117 

Willie H. 98 

George W. 49 
Misenheimer Springs 100 

Martha Hardaway 27 
Mitchell College 87 
Mont Amoena Seminary 66 

Capitola 74 

John F. 74 

Maggie C. 74 

Maggie F. 74 

Amanda 64 

Lydia 3 


Dovie 77 

Adam David Luther, Rev. 118 
Jacob, Rev. 118 
Peggy Counts 118 

Christiana Barringer 34 

Edward 34 

Delia 72 

Julia F 55, 63 

Samuel 63 

William 63 

Elisabeth C. 39 

George, shoemaker 39 
Mt. Pleasant Collegiate Institute 21 

Christena 17 

John 26 

Thomas, Sr. 7, 9 

Washington, Rev. 21 

Mr. 1 

Maria 69 



Nellie 65 

Cathrine Barbara Grabenstein 68 
Christian 68 

Jacob Grabenstein, Rev. 68, 76, 84 

Emma Glover 119 

Caleb Peeler 127 

Hasteltine Virginia Peeler 127 

P.I. 16, 127 

Laura R. 71 

Lunda 71 

Edward, physician 42 
North Carolina College 84 


Rev. Charles Herman, pres. 


Bernheim, Rev. Gotthard 

Dellman, pres. 106 
Bittle, Rev. D.H., first pres. 52 
closed, 1861 61 

Cook, Jonas, treasurer 97, 128 

est. 1859 21 

Kesler, Wilson 
loans 128 


Rev. Whitson, financial 
agentl 61 

Lutz, Rev. Alonzo, pres. 88 

Rev. John B. Davis, president 8 

Wilson Kesler 
financing 97 

Alice F. 80 

Nancy 27 

Sarah 35 

Adam Monroe 93 

Caleb Lawson 69 

Margaret (Trexler) 69, 93 

Solomon 16, 69, 93 

Adolph, Rev. 6, 7, 9, 38, 74 

Elizabeth Rintelmann 9 

Margaret Dorcas 9 

Margaret V. 28 



Caty 88 

Hampton 85 

Jacob 85 

Philip 17, 85 

Adolphus 69 

Catharine 69 

Margaret 69 

Nancy 19 

Tobias 19 

Index to Volume II 



George Henry Calvin, Rev. 97 
Jesse F. 97 
Jesse Franklin 97 
Karl M., Rev. 97 
Margret J.[Trexler] 97 
Nancy C. 97 
Noah C. 97 
William Alexander 97 

Beneter C. 114 
Clara Ann 114 
David C. 114, 127 
Drew 75 

Emmanuel P., Rev. 75 

Eve O.C. 114 

Jacob C. 114 

Joicy 51 

Juliet 114 

Lizia, E. 114 

Margaret A. 114 

Mary 70 

Mary Harris 113 

Paul D.B. 114 

Priscilla ("Prissy") 113 

Richard 113 

Susanna C. 114 

Geo. A. 114 

Hannah 114 

Sarah C. 114 

Wincey A. 114 

Erik James 91 

Robert James 91 

Sara Frances 91 

Sydney James 91 

Dolly 66 

Franklin 66 

Mary E. 66 

Margaret 107 

Noah 93 

Samuel Rothrock 

Bethel Church, Rowan Co. 

Ebenezer Church, Rowan 

Co. 73, 114 
Frieden's Church, Guilford 

Co. 40 
Luther's Church 123 
Luther's Church, Rowan Co. 


Lutheran Chapel, Rowan Co. 

New Bethel, Stanly Co. 22, 85 
Organ Church [Zion], 

Rowan Co. 114 
Salem Church, Rowan Co. 


St. John's, Salisbury 123 
St. Luke's, Rowan Co. 71, 74 
St. Matthews, Rowan Co. 15 
St. Paul's, Alamance Co. 74 
St. Paul's, Rowan Co. 14, 75 
St. Peter's, Rowan Co. 47 
St. Stephen's, Cabarrus Co. 15 
Union Church, Rowan Co. 2 

Arthur L. 107 

Cora L. 107 

G.W. 120 

I. Frank 107 

Jane Elizabeth 96 

Katie E. 107 

M. Lou 107 

Margt. 120 

Mary L. 107 

Richard S., Rev. 102 

Robert L. 107 

Sallie T. 107 

Green C. 41 

Jacob W. 41 

Mary L. 41 

Milla 41 

Elizabeth 111 

John 15, 16, in 

Joshua 73 

"Old lady" 128 

"Widow" 128 

Adam S. 105 

Alexander 53, 122 

Amanda C. 63 

Amelia Mary 45 

America L. Smith 32, 67 

Anthony 3, 25, 83 

Caleb 4, 5, 16, 19, 32, 38, 77, 88 

Catharine Fisher 

widow of Paul 58, 128 

Catherine [m. Johnson] 4 

Christina 8 
Crawford 105 
David 45, 53, 122 
Elizabeth 25 
Elizabeth Brown 24 
Elizabeth Miller 3, 5, 16, 32 

tombstone 23 

widow of John 128 
Emaline Holshouser 107 
Esther Carolina 16 
Francis L.A. 122 
George 25, 53, 122 
George D. 122 
George H. 84 
Harriett Melinda 82 
Hasteline Virginia 16 
Henry 84 
Jacob 4 
Jesse 26, 83 
John 107 

John (1790-ca. 1834) 3, 5, 16, 32 

John (b. 1800) 107 

John A. 58 

John A.M. 107 

John A[lbert]. 103 

John C. 63 

John L.R. 105 

John W. 84 

Laura 83 

Laura F. 84 

Leah B. 4 

Lenora H.S. 84 

Lotta A.R. 122 

Lovina Sophia 44, 128 

Lucinda Smith 32 

Margaret 4, 31 

Margaret Redwine 3, 8 

Margaret Salena 23 

Mary 4, 5 

Mary E. 84, 105 

Mary Jane 103, no 

Mary L. 84 

Michael 8 

Michael (1796-1858) 24, 53 

Michael (ca. 1763-1827) 24 

Michael 1740-1807) 3 

Michael L. 26 

Milas 83 

Milla Kluttz 45 

Monroe 107 

Moses 4 

Noah 25 

Nosa C.V. 122 

Paul 44, 53, 103 

Samuel Rothrock Di 

Peter 51 
Rosa Ann 16 
Rosina S. 51 

S. J., Justice of the Peace 108 
Sally 83 

Salome 38, 77, 88 
Salome Rothrock 16, 32 
Samuel 25, 83 
Sarah Ann E. 53, 122 
Sarah Clementine 45 
Sarah Talullah Alice 84 
Simeon D. 4 

postmaster 32, 73 
Solomon (1823-1908) 103 
Solomon J. (1813-1886) 4, 25, 26, 

3°> 3 2 > 33> 5h 57' 5 8 > 6 7> io 3> IIO > 

postmaster 32, 73 
Sophia 4, 19 
Sophia Trexler 84 
Susanna Beaver 58, 103, no 
Theodore L. 32 
Tobias 84 

Vina Elizabeth Cook 83 

Ferdinand William Elias, Rev. 
107, 120 


Emma 63, 71, 79, 97 

Robert William, Rev. 86, 101 

Cynthia 68 

Francis 53 

James D. 68 

Margaret 53, 68 

Samuel C, Rev. 68 
Phebe 8 

W.P, Rev. 99 

Alexander, Rev. 54 

John 54 

Mollie (Wisley) 54 

Bob Lee 124 
Carl Fred 3, 124 
Clarence Eugene 124 
David Barringer 90, 124 
Homer Franklin 124 
Jesse 24 

Joshua II, Dr. 90 
Lola Jane 124 

Lucy Reid Barringer 90, 98, 124 
Index to Volume II 

Luther A. 49 

Mary Ellen 124 

Oscar Hugh 124 

Paul Melville 124 

Paul Monroe 3, 90, 98, 124 

Polly 49 

Garrett 2 

Edward L. 122 

Christiana E. 52 

Harriet L. 37 

Henry 37 

Henry J. 37 

Jacob 8, 52 

Jacob I. 37 

John LA. 37 

Sarah 37 

Uriah M. 37 


Catherine Eugenia Barringer 87, 

90, 123, 124 
Chalmers M., M.D. 113 
Clarissa 109 
Edward 109 
Eltha G. 113 
Francis W. 113 
Gideon M. 113 
Irvin A. 113 
John 108 

John Calvin 87, 124 
Lucretia (Lentz) 113 
Ludaria 113 
Otha V. 113 
Susan 109 

See also Poole; Van Poole 

Arthur Lee 3 

See also Pool; Van Poole 

Kimble 77 

Ada A. no 

Ann M. no 

Camilla J. 109 

Eli 65 

Hanah R. no 
John 109 
John W. 65 
Joseph A. 109 
Lillie R. no 
Margaret 65 
Margaret A. 109 

Martha E. 109 

Mary C. 109 

Mary V. no 

Sarah A. 109 

Amy 51 

Henry 51 

John 51 

Chalmus 89 

Jennie 89 

Lawson 104 

Lucetta 89 

Wesley 89 
Protracted Meeting 23 



Henry 89 
John Jacob 89 
John Samuel 89 
Louisa 89 

Mary Catherine ("Kate") Brown 
Heilig 128 



Cletus 92 
Eliza 92 

Sheppard Seneca, Rev. 92 
Railroad celebration, 1855 


Claudius C. 109 

James Graham 109 

Lydia C. 109 

Robt. L. 109 

Sarah J. 109 

William C, Rev. 34 

Charles, letter to Lewis Rothrock, 

prisoner 60 
Maria Phebe Hoffman 2, 12 
Nathan 4 

Abraham, Rev. n 
John B., Rev. 11 




Zwingle W. 102 

Jacob 34 

Lucille 91 


Joicy Catherine 20 

Samuel Augustus 91 

Elinor Elizabeth Baker 91 

Mary 8, 28 


Joel Baker, M.D. 91 

Mary (Polly) 28, 46 

Catherine L. 44, 52 


Mary A. 30 

David A. 44 

Adam 5, 6, 19, 23, 119 

Mary M. 34 

Jacob W. 44 

Amelia Arey 2, 19, 29, 3s, 43> 63, 

Pleasant 2, 25, 76, 113 

John 44 

71, 77 

Redwine [Reithweill] 

Mary C. 45 

i860 Census 55 

Lewis 3 

Samuel M. 45 

65th birthday 89 


Sophia 44 

77th birthday 124 

Mary 115 

Sophia M. 45 

broke leg 90 



grave 125 

Joel 34 

Christopher 9 

gravestone 12s 



quilt made by 3? 

Susanne 48 

Henry 17 

Anna Christina 29 



Anne A. 24 

Andrew H.R. 24 

Christina 38 

Carrie Davidson 77, 79, 88, 129 

Catherine J. 24 

Martin 29 

Catherina Mueller 5, 33 

David Atwell 8 


Charlotte Lucetta Jane 35 

Eliza 24 

George M., millwright 40 

grave 39 

George 24 

John R. 119 

Christina 19 

Jacob A. 8 

Rockwell, N.C. 

Eliza J. 21 

John 25 

post office 55 

Elizabeth Whitlow 23 

Lawson 24 


Esther Ziegler 6, 29 

Robert 24 

Alice 94 

Helen Amelia 35, 91, 92 



Jacob (1771-1848) s, 7, 29 

Stephan A., Rev. 74 

Franklin Delano 120 

grave 34 



Jacob (1808-1835) 5, 11 

Nancy 79 

Allen 35 

James L. 24 

Sarah B. 79 

Ann Kathern (Rodgers) 102 

Joan L. 62, 75 


Charles Alexander, Rev. 102 

Johann Jonas 5 

Annette E. 21 

Elisabeth 35 

Joseph 33 

Asa 21 

John A. 35 

Josie Hearne 101 

Jane E. 21 

Margaret A. 35 

Lewis Hazelius 20, 35, 62, 131 

Lewis I. 21 

Mary L. 3s 

i860 Census 55 

Margaret 111, 127 

Rufus A. 35 

21 years old 56 

Partha L. 21 

Sarah E. 35 

age 16 47 

Susan 21 

W.A. 102 

Bethany Academy 126 


William C. 35 

boarding student at Ebenezer 

John M. 73 


Academy 44 

Josephine 73 

R.M. 33 

born 15 

Leroy 73 


enlists in Confederate Army 

Sallie 73 

Catherine 20, 25, 28, 41, 85 



David 123 

family 79, 87 

Amanda 85 

David C. 102 

Lt., taken prisoner C9 

Caleb 85 

Eliza 24 

Lt., takes Oath of Allegiance 

Edward A. 61 

Fanny E. 122 


Eliz. in 

George, Sr. 2K 

marriage announcement 62 

Elizabeth 61, 85 

Hark no 

president, Mont Amoena 

Jacob H. 61 

Margaret A. 102 

Seminary 87, 90 

Phillip 61, 85 

Mary L. 122 

principal, Mont Amoena 

Sarah R. 61 

Milo A.J.Jr. 122 

Seminary 66 

Timothy M. 61 

Milo A.J., physician 122 

residing in Franklin Twp. 73 

z 56 Samuel Rothrock Diaries 

residing in Lexington, N.C. 


Lewis P. 24 

Ludwig [Lewis], brother of 

Samuel 5, 24 
Margaret D. 24 
Maria Magdalena 5 
Martin 21 
Mary Hoke 3, 6 

obituary 12 
Milas Luther 19 

grave 39 

tombstone 22 
Peter 5, 33 
Rebecca 24 
Reuben 63 
Salome 4, 5, 19 
Samuel ("Sammy") 35 

four years old 73, 75 

grandson 124 
Samuel, Rev. 5, 62 

i860 Census 55 

1870 Census 63 

1880 Census 63, 71 

67th birthday 87 

81st birthday 126 

82nd birthday 128 

84 years old 129 

attends Synod last time 129 

Christmastime, 1880 101 

common schools 33 

grave 2 

gravestone 125 
guardian returns 67 
guardian, Arey children 57, 
61, 66 

guardian, Elizabeth Thomas 
87 . 

guardian, Wm. Pleasant Arey 
97 _ 

last diary entry 130 
last sermon in German 120 
last visit to Friedberg 127 
marriage to Amelia Arey 14 
marriage to Mary Hoke 3 
officer of Synod 129 
Organ Church pastorates 60 
Pres. N.C. Synod 80, 83, 99 
presented with gold-headed 

cane 80 
receives Christmas gift 93 
signs Will 130 
slave owner 17 
surveyor 105 

takes amnesty oath 59 

to Misenheimer Springs 130 

voted first time 16 

writing style 79 
Susan A. 24 
Thomas 99 

baptized 84 
Wallace H. 24 

Peter 25 

Gilbert H., Dr. 3 
James 97 
Moses 97 
Sarah 97 

Rebecca 5, 24 

Amanda 91 
Amelia Ann 91 
Annie 77 

Archibald Caldwell 35, 91 

Archibald Caldwell III 91 

Archibald Caldwell, Jr. 91 

Bruce Ross 91 

Clementine 77 

Donald Lee 91 

Edward 25, 90, 91 

Elizabeth 90, 91 

Frances Mary 91 

Francis Donald 91 

Franklin 77 

George 64 

Henry Edward 91 

Henry Edward ("Ed"), Jr. 91 

Henry Edward III 91 

Henry Edward, Sr. 35, 91, 92 

James Rufus 91, 92 

Jane 77 

Joe Hearne 91 

John 91 

Julia A. 91 

Laurah T. 91 

Lewis Rothrock 91 

Lewis Rothrock ("Bill") 91 

LillieJ. 91 

Margret 77 

Mary C. F[rances]. 91 
Milas 91 
Milton 91 
Minnie A. 91 
Roxannah 91 
Ruth Gretchen 91 
Thomas 91 

Thomas Beck 91 

Thomas Donald 91 

Wiley 25, 77 

James 79 

Jennie 79 

Jethro, Rev. 6, 79 

Malinda 79 

Watson 79 

John Charles Francis, Rev. 

Alfred W. 74 

Bettie R. 75 

David L. 75 

George 26 

Jacob A. 75 

John L. 51 

Mallisia C. 75 

Martha J. 75 

Milas 48 

John, Sr., Rev. 12 

Rufus 64 



Margaret 50 

Philip 50 
S afrit 

George 61 
Salem College 34 

family 6 

George 6 

George Francis, Rev. 107 

Casper 120 

Christiana 120 

John George, Rev. 120 

J. D., Rev. 16 

Michael 7 

Daniel, Rev. 6, 30, 31 

Elizabeth 35, 39 

Gideon, Rev. 6, 35, 39 

Jacob, Rev. 6, 30, 35, 39 

Index to Volume II 

John, Rev. 6 

Simeon, Rev. 6, 35, 39 

Samuel Simon, Rev. 11 

Gottlieb, Rev. 17 

William 33 

Rufus C. 66 

Abraham 5 

Calvin 63 

Calvin W. 26 

Catharine L. 38, 51 

Daniel A. 63 

Eli, Pvt., killed 59 

Elizabeth 63 

Harriet E. 63 

Jeremiah 26 

John 51 

John M. 26 

Louisa M. 26 

Margaret 26 

Margaret (Lenz) 5 

Margaret P. 26 

Mary A. 51 

Mary L. 26 

Miles H. 26 

Moses A. 26 

Paul A. 26, 33, 52, 56, 94 

Samuel 51, 63 

Sarah 83 

Sarah E. 26, 52 

Sarah M. 51 

Simon 51 

Solomon 4, 5 

Susan 48 

Susanna 37, 49 
Seaford See also Sifferd; Sifford 

Drucilla 117 

Abner 33 

Alpheus 15, 43 


Elizabeth 87 

E. T., Rev. [Moravian] 29, 34 

Caleb 82 
death 83 

Rachel 82 


Romulus 67 

Elizabeth 126 



Dovie J. 77 

Arthur 83 

Emeline 77 

C. Francis 115 

J.H.C. 77 

Eli 4 


G. H., butcher 83 

Sophia 45 

George 83 


John E. 115 

Tno 2<; 

Ljaura]. R. 83 

John, Jr. 79 

Leah 115 


Leah Jane 115 

Andrew 98 

N.H. 83 

Charles P. 98 


Elisabeth C. 44 

Mary A. 127 

J 1 

Flora 44 

Thomas R. 127 

Jessee 98 


Maria 44 

Alexander 81, 97, 116, 121 

Mary 98 

Catherine 81, 121 

Michael 44 

Ida M. 97 

Moses A. 44 

Nancy Ann Smith Arey 85, 92, 97, 

Polly L. 98 

123, 125 


Nancy Lugenia 121 

Daniel S. 52 

William A. 97 

Tames M. 4s 


John D 45 

Lucy Elvira 76 

Levi 45 


Moses S. 45 

Ellen 112 

Nelson 45 

Lillie D. 112 

Ruben A. 45 

Rufus A., physician 112 

Sarah 45 



Christina 42 

Calvin Wright, Rev. 83, 94 

John 42 

John M., death 56 

Martha R. 42 

Margaret Peeler 83, 94, 99 

Rosanah J. 42 

Mary 81 


Mary Rebecca Henkel 83 

Margaret 107 

Paul A., physician 83, 94, 99 

S., blacksmith 83 

Sifferd See also Seaford; Sifford 

Samuel J. 107 



Calvin Wright, Rev. 56, 125 

Christina 35, 66 

Daniel 79 

John 35, 66 

Edmond Monroe 109 

Martha 66 

Edmund 108 

Martha R. 35 

Elizabeth 109 

Mary Ann « 

George 48 

Mary J. 66 

Jennie 109 

Rosana J. 35 

Jeramiah L. 56 


John M. 56 

John Daniel, Rev. 108 

Legrand Walter 109 


Louisa M. 56 

Barbara A. 61 

Margaret 56 


Mary L. 56 

Alexander 67 

Nancy 37 

Elizabeth 67 

Paul A. 56 

Samuel Rothrock Di 

Samuel Turner 109 
Sophia 48 
Susan 48 

Vastine Stickley 109 

Wylie Lee 109 
Sifford See also Seaford; Sifferd 

Alice 73 
Caroline 73 

Edward, Dr., druggist 73 

Charles Newton 75, 81 
Kate 81 

Martha Regina Brown 81 

William Henderson 75 

Jesse 52 
Slave auction/sale 

"Black boy Henderson" 34 

Abraham Arey 27 

Cabarrus Co., i860 42 

Dan 17 

Eliza, purchased by Rothrock 27 
Rose 39 

Rothrock, owner 17 

Rosanna 32 

A.K. 98 

A[lice].B. 98 
Adam 28 

America Lucinda 4, 32 
Casper, Col. 32, 123 

drowned 32 
Daniel 25 
David 28 
Elisha 38 

physician 47 
Gasper 28 
George 28 
George W. 25 
Jane Haden 32 
Joeanna 102 
L. 64 

Mary Ann 29 
Mathew 103 
Nancy Ann 2, 29, 32 

m. Milas Arey 32 
Nancy Holmes 83 
Sarah 5 
Sarah E. 46 
Susan J. 32 
William H., Col. 19 

buggy maker 83 

William Jacob, Rev. 95, 98 

pastor St. John's, Salisbury 98 

Eviann 24 

George 26 

George W. 65 

Harry T. 65 

John 24, 26, 65, 79 

John L., Rev. 54, 79 

Luther A. 65 

Mary Jane 65 

Polly 65, 79 

Wm. Columbus 65 
Southern General Synod 58 

Convention in Salisbury 58 
South-money 9 
Spring house 17 

Esther Carolina Peeler 88, 92, 93 

John M. 16, 92 

Lila 92 

Mary S. 92 

Annie 76 

Lucy 4 

Pleasant Spencer 72 

Samuel 69, 105 

Vastine Rinker, Rev. 88 

Agusta F. 112 

Augusta 121 

Christena 115 

Clarah M. 112 

James 112 

John WA. 112 

Laruah EA. 112 

Lula Joana 112, 114 

Mathias W. 112 

Minnie W. 112, 126 

Rachel L. 112 

Caroline 94 

Frederic 94 

Johannes, organmaker 27 
Stone House 23 
S torch 

Anna 122 

Carl August Gottlieb, Rev. 14, 122 
Christine Beard 122 
Georg Frederich 122 

Theophilus, Rev. 122 
Storch See also Stork 

Rev. Theophilus 14 

Theophilus, Rev. 122 


Storch See also Storch 

William, Rev. 112 
S trickier 

James 121 

James William, Rev. 121 
Luther Warren II, Rev. 121 
Luther Warren, Rev. 121 


John, Capt. 14 
Mary Grace Beard 14 
Philip A., Rev. 14, 17 


Nicholas J., Rev. 10, 11 

Thomas Hamlin, Rev. 31, 103 

Margaret ("Daisy") 120 

Benjamin Edward 126 

Edwin Everett 126 

Adam 22 

John, Rev. 46 

Mary Cathron 22 

Lethia, governess 74 


Temperance Sermons 8 
Tennessee Synod 8 

Albert 70 

Elizabeth [Bettie] 63, 70, 71, 79, 
87, 88, 97 

Jacob, Sr. 2 

Levi 25, 70 

Mary 70 

Phebe 2 

Rosanna 70 

Sarah 70 

Margaret M. 78 

John 105 

Index to Volume II 

Trading Ford Post Office 73 

To Roanoke, Va. 116 

Trip from N.C. to Pa., 1835 9 

Trip from Pa. to N.C, 1836 13 

Trip to and from Giles Co., Va., 
1846 31 

Trip to Forsythe Co. 38 

Alexander 33 

Alfred 33 

Anna 121 

Ava E. 87 

Caleb 112 

Charley 89 

Charlott J. 128 

Deberry C. 87 

Elizabeth Levina (Lyerly) 112 
Ellen D. in 

Eltha Geva Van Poole 121 
Eve 49, 95 
Eve C. in 

Eve Elizabeth 87, 108 
Francis R. in 
Harry A. 87 
Henry 25 

Henry Alexander, Rev. 112, 120, 

Jacob 45, 69 
Jacob, Junr. 25 
John 25 
John David 112 
John, Senr. 33 
Julia [Butner] 69 
Katharine 1, 3 
Laurence 1 
Lavinia 33 
Lawson A. 33, 87 
Lottie S. in 
Lucetta 89 
Lucy B.L. 87 
Luther R.C. 121 
Margaret 33, 128 
Mary Lundy 49 
Miles 33 

Moses 25, 49, in 
Peter 9, 26, 45 
Polly 33 
Rose A. 33 
Rufus 33 
Sarah C. in 
Sidney 89 
Theophilus 89 
Willey O. in 


Caleb M. 106 
Caleb Monroe 95 
Caroline 95 
Catherine 28 
Clarissa 106 
Edwin Nosker, Rev. 9 
Elen 106 
Elizabeth 87 
Esta A. 98 
Eugenia 87 
Eve 87 

George 48, 95, 106 
Georgie E. 98 
Gerald Stevenson, Rev. 9 
Henry C. 87 
James R. 106 
Jno. A. 87 
John 98 
John A. 87 
Laura C. 106 
Lawson 106 
Lou J. 85 
Margaret 48 
Monroe 49 
Pleasant M. 106 
Rufus 98 
Samuel 51 
Sidney 75 
Sophia 106 
Sophia M. 106 
William F. 98 
Wm. C. 106 

Elizabeth 108 
Ellen 96 
Sarah 79 


Universalism 12 
John 7 



Elijah 64 
Van Poole 

Chalmers Melancthon, Dr. 76 

Eltha Geva 120 

Lucretia (Lentz) 76 

Otho 76 
Van Poole See also Pool; Poole 

William 108 

George 15 

George, gunsmith 43 
Mary 15, 43 
Mr. 1 



Edward 26 

Isaac 31 

J. M., Rev. 50 

William Townes, Rev. 119 

Chas. 26 

George Rozier 124 

Margaret 69 

Ann D. 64 

Catherine 65 

Charlotte 65 

Elizabeth, Wid. Sr. 26 

Emanuel 65 

Jacob 25, 26 

James 64 

Jesse, Esq. 49 

Lorenzo W., deputy sheriff 64 

Lucinda 64 

Malinda 64 

Martha 65 

Martin Luther 49 

Mrs., widow of JWW 26 

William K. 65 

William, sheriff 63 

Amelia C. 51 

Margaret 106 

Mary A. 106 

Peter 51 

David 78 

Reuben B., Rev. 12 


Samuel Rothrock Diaries 


Caroline (Derrick) 125 

J.H.W., Rev. 125 

Joseph Quincy, Rev. 88, 125 

Martha Virginia Houseal 88, 125 
Western Carolina Male Academy 

Board meeting 42 

Board of Directors, 1853 43 

cornerstone laying 45 

est. 1852 21 

First principal, Rev. Wm. 

Gerhardt 46 
Lewis Rothrock, a student 48 
Rothrock elected to first Board of 

Directors 41 


James Alanson ("Lance") 9, 64, 87 

John A. 64 

John Witherspoon 77 

Lansing 70 

Margaret Barringer 87 

John W., physician 86 

Marcellus, physician 86 

Richard W. 86 

V.G. 86 
Elizabeth 5 

Sophia, (Mrs. Henry) 37 

Amanda M. 105 

Gracy 105 

Henry 105 

Joseph 25 

Lovelas L. 105 

Mattie Mfelona] 105 

Ruben A. 105 

Samuel B. 31 

Henry Rowan, Rev. 12 

John J. 35 

Ester 53 

Ida 53 

John 53 

Maria 53 

Matilda 53 

Ransom 53 

Sarah Jane 100 

Catharine 108 

Edward 108 

Jno, Junr. 25 

Mary A. 108 

Matilda 108 

Frances Willie Lee 91 

James Thomas 91 

Margaret A. 23 

Eve 98 

Elisabeth 50 

Delila 38 

Eve A. 105 



Aaron 88 
Adaline 102 
Anna R. 102 
Jas. B.S. 102 
Lundy M. 102 
Mary 88, 129 
Polly Elizabeth 27 
Solomon M. 129 

Barbara Beaver 18 

Catharine L. [Crouse] 80 

Chaney H. 80 

David Neil 18 

Eda F. 80 

Ellen M. 80 

John L. 80 

Laura S. 80 

Robert Glenn, Rev. 18 



Esther 5 

Index to Volume II 

Illustration Credits 

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Ellen Arey Kesler Grupy p.126, courtesy of Pearl Arey 

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Illustration Credits 




North Carolina Churches Served by Samuel Rothrock 


During his long career, Samuel Rothrock served twelve churches in Rowan County and four 
in neighboring counties. This map illustrates the approximate location of the churches he 
served in Rowan County and the dates of his pastorates. 



1. Bethel Church, 1872-1873 

2. Ebenezer Church, 1879-1885 

3. Luther's Church, 1841-1845, 1888-1889 

4. Lutheran Chapel Church, 1854-1855 

5. Organ Church, 1844-1866, 1867-1869, 1876-1888 

6. Salem Church, 1869-1875 

7. St. John's Church, Salisbury, 1833-1835, 1836-1839, supply 1844-1845 

8. St. Luke's Church, 1869-1875 

9. St. Matthew's Church, 1867 

10. St. Paul's Church, 1835-1843 

11. St. Peter's Church, 1855-1868, supply 1885-1886 
70 12. Union Church, 1833-1835, 1837-1842, 1844 



Churches served in other North Carolina counties: 

Frieden's Church, Guilford Co., supply 1867-1868 

New Bethel Church, Stanly Co., 1878-1879 

St. Paul's Church, Alamance Co., supply 1867-1868 

St. Stephen's Church, Cabarrus Co., 1844-1855, 1876-1879